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How divine weapons of celestial gods works
Posted By Sarin on Dec 27, 2015     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

War of Mahabharata lasted for 18 days and more than 1.8 million soldiers lost their life in 18 days. With the use of simple arrows, bows and swords, it is not possible to kill 1.8 million soldiers in 18 days. So, now the question arises, what were the advanced weapons used by ancient warriors to kill so many soldiers? Did warriors possess any specialized weapon that would kill thousands of soldiers in a single strike? Were these weapons similar to the nuclear weapons? How did they acquire such weapons? How did they fire these weapons? In this article, we will go through all such questions on specialized weapons used in the war of Mahabharata.
Divine powerful weapons of deities
Most of such weapons were divine in nature created by celestial demigods. Puranas are filled with references of demigods fighting against demons in the sky on their airborne vimana. Their Vimanas were equipped with powerful weapons that can wipe out thousands of soldiers in a single strike. One of the most dreaded weapon is the Brahmastra. Effect of this weapon is similar to the modern nuclear weapon.
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How divine weapons of celestial gods works
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Then, there are also innumerable references to other destructive weapons emitting powerful rays.  Some of the weapons used by Hindu deities were Brahmastra, Chakra, Agneyastra, Sudarshana Chakra,  Garudastra, Kaumodaki, Pashupatastra, Shiva Dhanush, Narayanastra,  Trishul, Varunastra, Vaishnavastra and Vayavastra;  
Ancient sites of Indus valley civilization shows signs of being destroyed by such powerful divine weapons. High nuclear radiations is still being observed in Mohenjodara and Harappa ruins
How divine weapons of celestial gods works
3000+ year old skeleton found at radioactive site of harrappa

When gods fighted against demons in sky on their airborne vehicles, humans watching them may have interpreted them of being seated on a humongous bird because to them, only birds have the ability to fly. This is why, most of the gods are depicted with different animals as their carrier. Animals were chosen such that they represented the qualities and features of the god.

Ancient warriors-The masters of parapsychology
Ancient Indians were scholars in many military and parapsychlogical techniques. Parapsychology in layman terms means the study of strange phenomenon’s that are inexplicable by science. Parapsychology includes unbelievable phenomenon like psychic phenomenon, telepathy, paranormal activity, Clairvoyance or precognition, psychical science and telekinesis. Vedic sages were masters in Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Telekinesis.  
How divine weapons of celestial gods works
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How divine weapons of celestial gods works
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Ability to communicate information across vast distances through mind power is called telepathy. Telekinesis means the ability to move any object using your mind power i.e ability to move the object by just concentrating on the object. Ability to predict future events that have not actually happened is called clairvoyance or precognition. Parapsychology also includes the technique of communicating with dead spirits. Such parapsychology power is gained through eons of meditation. Vedic sages activated their chakras to learn these techniques.
Celestial weapons that worked by mind power- parapsychology
Many weapons that worked by mind-power were created by different deities for the destruction of enemies. Some of them are Agneyastra, Chakra, Garudastra, Brahmastra, Narayanastra, Pashupatastra, Kaumodaki, Trishul, Shiva Dhanush, Sudarshana Chakra, Varunastra, Vaishnavastra, and Vayavastra.
Most of the celestial weapons used in Ramayana and Mahabharata were based on above parapsychology techniques. Using mind power, weapons were forced to take any shape or form on will. Some of the most powerful celestial weapons that worked on parapsychology techniques are  
  1)    Danda Weapon: The Destroyer of Creatures, Dharma Weapon Scarcely less fatal than Kala Weapon.
2)    Kala Weapon: These weapons includes the Divine Disc Of Vishnu, ferocious disc belonging to Indra and the irresistible Vajra (Thunder Bolt)
3)    Siva's spear
4)    Brahmasira Weapon (Brahma Astra):This most powerful weapon can be invoked only once but has the power to destroy the entire earth.

  5)    Varunapasa
6)     Sosana (dries up water):- Used to counter attack Varsana, this weapon when fired would neutralize the effect of varsana by drying out rain like elements. 
7)    Narayanastra varsana:-As the name suggests, this weapon when fired showered heavy rains (Varsa) over the large area of influence.
  8)    Vayavyastra
9)    agneyastra  
10)    Vajra: Effect of this weapon is similar to Zeus’ thunderbolt or Thor’s Hammer.
    How divine weapons of celestial gods works
Indra with vajra astra

How deities created these celestial weapons?
All divine weapons are energized with chants of specific mantras. Usually, the type of mantras chanted depends upon the type of weapon, its effects and deity of the weapon.
A regular arrow when energized with 1, 00,00,00,00,000 chants of gayatri mantra in reverse order becomes the powerful Brahmastra that will destroy all enemies.
Similar, arrow energized with 2, 00,000 chants of gayatri mantra in reverse order with pravana at beginning and “amuka shatrum hana hana hum phat” at the end becomes Brahmadanda.  
Similarly, all other weapons were created by repetitive chants of mantras.

Highly advanced civilization of earth with futuristic powerful weapons
Reading the ancient Indian scriptures, we find many incredible weapons that were extremely powerful than any of the modern nuclear weapons. Description of these weapons reveals an extremely advanced ancient civilization with ultra-advanced weapon manufacturing units. Weapons used in Mahabharata were the specially designed powerful weapons gifted by the gods, especially the various types of arrows and "Asthras" (missiles).  
Such ancient missiles were far superior to any of the modern missiles as they can be guided to find and kill only one person in contrast to modern missile that kills 1000’s of innocent soldiers in one strike. Such ancient missiles would have killed bin laden and saddam Hussain in a single strike without waging war against their country and killing millions of innocent residents.

  Only evolved humans with 12 stranded DNA had the mystical power to fire such divine weapons.  Arjuna and karna were able to fire such divine weapons as they were sons of demi-gods and were born with 12-strand DNA.  
How divine weapons of celestial gods works
How Astras or divine weapons work?
Astras are supernatural, transcendental weapons created and controlled by a specific Deity. Each weapon was summoned by a specific mantra that arm, direct and disarm the mantra. Generally, astras are invoked into arrows but it is not necessary. Astras can be invoked using any materialistic object. For Ex: Ashwatthama invoked brahmashira weapon using a blade of grass.
The real power behind the working of any astras is the chanted mantras. Aiming the arrow is only symbolic; the real work is done by the mantra. Even if the arrow is not aimed correctly, the chanted mantra makes sure that the arrow hit the target. When the mantra is chanted, arrow is energized and connects to the mind/control unit of the invoker. It reads the mind of invoker to find out the target and then changes its direction on release to hit the target precisely.
Selective targeting by divine weapons was very useful in situations when the enemy has kept itself hidden among the civilians. For Ex: Saddam hussain, Bin Laden etc
Mantras acted as the password to activate the weapon
Astras were invoked by mantras that acted as the password to activate the weapon.  
How divine weapons of celestial gods works
Karna chanting mantras to invoke brahmastra

Invoker chanting the mantras with deep concentration establishes telepathic communication with the provider of the weapon (Gods) or his control unit. This is similar to remote desktop connection in windows operating system. Once the connection is established with the controller unit of the weapon, control unit takes over and controls the direction of the astras and make sure that the astra hits the target as if the control unit had some kind of highly advanced navigational system or global positioning system (GPS) to control the direction of the astras. It seems the fired arrow had some kind of inbuilt navigational system that interacted with the control unit to change it direction depending upon the change in position of target. Just like every PC has an IP address, every human or target had a biological address that was used by alien technology to map the target of the weapon. Some of the astras were guided by control unit while others depended on the precision of the warrior.  
How divine weapons of celestial gods works
Aswathama firing weapon in the air that would be navigated by control unit of the deity
After hitting the target, depending upon the type of weapon, it would either be destroyed or would return back to the invoker.
Does chanting of mantras work?
Effect of sound vibrations on the mind and body is well known today. Calming of mind, lowering blood pressure, removing diabetes, change of DNA are some of the effects that have been found by regular chanting OM and mantras. Chanting the mantras with names of different gods brings the body of an individual in complete consciousness with the transcendental vibration of the spiritual world. Chanting opens the doors of human mind to perceive higher levels of reality by harmonizing our existence with nature, and realizing the relationship with the Supreme Soul, God.
I have already written many more articles on chanting that can be found below
Astras were handed down to qualified devotees only
Astras were supposed to be invoked in only direful situations as improper use of the weapon was believed to be extremely dangerous. Due to the harmful consequences involved, knowledge of using an astra was passed from guru to qualified disciple verbally. For some astras, presiding deity needs to be pleased for the handing down of the weapon to the requestor directly.
How divine weapons of celestial gods works
Lord shiva presenting pashupatastra to arjuna
Additionally, in ancient texts, there are multiple stories on marriage between celestial gods or divine sages and humans. In some cases, child begotten from their copulation is also referred. In such cases, offspring born inherited the knowledge and divine weapons of his biological father.
How nuclear weapons were launched
Any ancient celestial (nuclear) weapon was launched by warriors using the below process
During Launching:
  1.    Using any physical medium like arrow, grass, mace etc as a weapon
2.    Chanting Key words or mantras to power the weapon with nuclear capabilities
3.    Depending upon the mantras chanted, earth composition or atmospheric conditions would change.  
4.    Additionally, heat/light/thunder/sound waves and massive rays would be released into the air. Cloud of rays and heat may form a thick layer in the sky above the battlefield  
5.    These layers of rays, lightning, thunder, sound waves would then bring destructive blows on the enemy warriors.
During prevention
  1.    Effect of such divine weapon can be stopped before it hit the target by using the counter weapon
2.    Using any physical medium like arrow, grass, mace etc as a weapon
3.    Chanting Key words or mantras to power the weapon with counter effect capabilities
4.    Firing the powered weapon towards the formed thick layers in the atmosphere.  
5.    Layers of heat/light/thunder/sound waves and massive rays would be destroyed in mid-air and disappears before it manages to hit the earth’s surface or target.
How divine weapons of celestial gods works
Thunder and lightning while Karna fires divine astras
Effect of popular celestial weapons
1)    Brahmastra is the most admired and powerful of all weapons. It was used by meghanada, son of Ravana.
2)    A single strike of Brahma-danda would burn down the entire earth and wipe out all the living beings on earth permanently.
3)    SAMMOHANSTRA" was used by arjuna against the kauravas by blowing his conch shell. "SAMMOHANSTRA" is a sound producing missile that hypnotizes the opponent army and makes them unconscious.
4)    Indra’s weapon ‘Vajra’ has the power of killing anyone instantly. It generates 1000 times more energy than the energy generated by a single strike of lightening.
5)    An invincible weapon, ‘Agneya’ is too powerful to be resisted by any of the divine gods.  
6)    Adwattan is the smokeless, sound producing missile that can ruin any cities filled with thousands of palaces and buildings. Three cities of Vrishnis and Andhakas were destroyed by a single strike of Adwattan
Divine human tribes with supernatural powers  
In classic Indian texts like Mahabharata, Ramayana, Vedas and Puranas, there is a mention of numerous exotic tribes with supernatural powers. Some of the tribes were Yakshas, Kinnaras, Gandharvas,  Kimpurushas, Suparnas, Vanaras, Rakshasas, Vidyadharas, Valikilyas, Nagas, Pisachas, Devas (within them Vasus, Adityas, Rudras, Maruts) and Asuras (within them Danavas, Daityas and Kalakeyas.)
How divine weapons of celestial gods works
Yaksha at swarnabhumi international airport, Thailand

    Some of their super natural powers were
  1)    Ability to appear and disappear at will
2)    Ability to fly in air, with or without the use of an airborne vehicle
3)    Ability to change shape or forms at will
4)    Ability to read human minds
5)    Ability to influence natural forces
6)    knowledge of creating, flying and maintaining aircraft (vimana)
7)    Knowledge of other inhabited planets like the Earth

    Ancient humans more advanced than present humans
Many ignorant atheists disregard ancient scriptures as myth as they considered themselves to be superiorly intelligent and dislike the notion of ancient civilization to be more technologically advanced than us.

  Conventional historians and narrow-minded scientists bluff the idea of sophisticated technology to the peoples of antiquity as they strive to prove the notion of ancient humans to be extremely backward, agricultural, meat-eating and forest-dwelling communities. Ancient epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, written thousands of years ago, challenges evolutionary and similar scientific theories as it proves reverse-evolution. I.e. Remote ancestors were not barbarians but nurtured an extremely advanced civilization with a deep spiritual insight to cosmic universe and in-depth understanding of nature and its events.
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We tend to ignore the fact that most of the modern scientific and technological advances have been made over the last couple of centuries.  If modern humans are able to make such tremendous progress in technology within such short span of time, how naïve is the thinking of some scientists and non-believers that such advance technology may have never existed in ancient times. Even modern yogis like swami Vivekananda is regarded as having high IQ than Einstein. If we just ponder upon the intelligence level of ancient yogis, then we would have the realization on the advanced ancient civilization and sophisticated technology that must have existed in those times. Despite of sophisticated technological advancements, Ancient Humans ensured that none of their scientific process pollutes or destroy the atmosphere unlike us who are playing with nature all the time.
Thus, as the scriptures says, during the war of Mahabharata, earthly warriors possessed divine weapons (daivi astras). Each of these divine weapons had enormous devastating consequences and severe after effects. Ancient humans possessed incredible weapons that were extremely powerful than any of the modern nuclear weapons,
There is a thin line between fiction and reality which when broken with an open mind, intelligence and thoughtful thinking, fiction may look like a reality. What may now seem unimaginable was a reality in those times

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