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Who writes these stuffs?

I write these stuffs. Who am I? Why i write such stuffs?What is my purpose? Why blah....blah...blah??????
I am no saint, sage, mystic or any spiritual guru but
1) A simple common man who likes to learn spiritual concepts and share his spiritual knowledge
2) A simple devotional man who aims for spiritual perfection of mind and body
3) A simple traditional man who likes to connect to his ancient roots
4) A simple cultural man who is very proud of his ancestral heritage
5) A simple dedicated man who likes to spread spiritual awareness
6) A simple software engineer who aims to export spirituality in addition to software products.
7) A simple ambitious man who wants to earn a respectful name in the society
8) A simple courageous man who is known for his intelligence, bravery and honesty
9) A simple generous man who contributes to social causes through motivational, inspirational, ethical and righteous articles
10) A simple creative man who aims this world to be a better place to live for
I can write many more points to describe myself but you don’t have time to read and I don’t have time to write stuffs that is not of spiritual significance

About This Website

Originally, I thought of making a website totally technical based on my technical knowledge and professional experience. Few months later, troubled by unforeseen and difficult circumstances, I surfed the internet for some motivational, moralistic and ethical articles to relax my mind from stress, anxiety and opression. In the process, I came across many spiritual articles that provided me relief and comfort but at the same time, I also came across many derogatory, contradictory and insulting remarks against Sanatana dharma(Hinduism), which i later found those to be completely false and the agenda of some ignorant, greedy fanatics who aims to convert followers of oldest living religion into their religion and thereby, earn money by organizations that funds such conversion activities. To know more, I went through hinduism religious scriptures in detail and after going through it for the last few years, i was amazed with the scientific and value-based knowledge mentioned in hinduism religious scriptures. I also found that most of the discoveries of modern science has been mentioned in vedas and other religious scriptures thousands of years ago. So, I decided to include spiritual stuffs just for spreading awareness and knowledge about our great religion and also to show how some fanatics are intentionally targetting hindus by spreading false information against hindus gods, philosophy, beliefs and literature. Though I Write about hinduism, I respect all religions and assure my visitors that none of the articles would have derogatory remarks against any religion.
Note: This is a non-profitable site and i don't recieve any funds or money from any organization/group/association for posting my stuffs.

About Me

Name : Sarin Mall (Surname 'Mall' doesn't mean Showroom or shopping place, it is english representation of the sanskrit word 'malla' which means wrestler, fighter. This title was honoured to my grandsire father, by the then government, in the early nineteenth century and since then, this title is inherited in our clan). Orginally, my name should be Sarin mahto
Education: B.E(IT) From Mumbai University
Profession: Software Developer
Professional Exp: 8+ Yrs.
Spiritual knowledge: Bhagavad gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads etc
Technical knowledge: ASP.Net MVC,C#, Sql server, mysql, Oracle, HTML, JQuery, Javascript, CSS, Entity framework, linq, Silverlight, Windows forms, SSRS, Web API, Xamarin, angular js, mongodb etc
Technologies: Java(6+ Months)
.Net and Web Technologies(7+ Years)
Hobbies: Playing Xbox, Playing LT, Badminton, TT and other outdoor games, Roaming post midnight, Visting new places etc
Place of Residence : Mumbai (Since 1977)
Birth Place: Munger (A small city near the banks of holy river ganga, also the kingdom of Mahabharata greatest warrior 'Karna')
Faith : Sanatana Dharma (Prime Reason to follow Bhagavad Gita, Vedas and their teachings)
Caste-subcaste: Kshatriya- Maurya, Kushwaha (Main reason of being naturally influenced by Lord Rama,Gautama Buddha and Lord Krishna)
Mother Tongue: Maithili (Also the mother tongue of goddess sita(Lord Rama's Wife))
Other Languages(Speak, Read And Write): Hindi (National Language as per the Population)
English (Educational and professional Language)
Marathi (Local Language of Maharashtra)
Favourite Books and Novels: Vedas , Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Upanishads, Five Point Someone, You Can Win, etc
Favourite Movies: Hindi: Mother India,, Lagaan , 3 Idiotsetc
English: LOTR, Gladiator,Troy , Avatar etc.
Tamil: Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, Santosh Subramaniam, Thalapathi etc
Telugu: Magadheera, Aarya-2, venky etc
Favourite songs: Hindi : Many
English:Backstreet boys, Enrique Iglesias, Akon etc
Tamil: Anbe Enanbe, Munbe Vaa, Vennmegam,Paartha Mudhal etc.
Telugu : Nee Yadalo, Karige Loga, Panchdhaara etc.
Favourite Tv Show: Mahabharata (Longest epic poem of the world), Ramayana (The most sacred epic poem of india
Favourite Actors: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Gufi Paintal, and Irfan Khan
Favourite Cuisine: Indian, Indo-Chinese
Favourite Places: Ooty, Kullu-Manali, Puri and Mumbai
My Favourite Poems: My last day at infosys, That is the way i love, Bhagavad Gita, Personal poem written for friends etc

Contact Me
Email : [email protected]

To know more about me, refer my articles, blogs and poems.