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Bhagavad gita Chapter1, verse 2, english and hindi poetic translation with teachings
Posted By Sarin on Dec 21, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Bhagavad gita Chapter 1, verse 2
Original Sanskrit verse
ाव्ट्षृद  तु  पाण्डवानीकं  व्यूढं  दुर्योधनस्तदा।
आचार्यमुपसंगम्य  राजा  वचनमब्रवीत्॥१-२॥
English Transliteration
dhristvaa tu paandavaanikam vyoodham duryodhanstadaa |
aachaaryamupasangmaya raaja vachanambraveet || 2 ||
English Translation
Observing that the Pandava army was organized into a military formation, Duryodhana approached his teacher Drona and spoke these words.
Bhagavad gita Chapter 1 verse 1 english and hindi poetic translation with teachings
Word by word meaning
tadaa: during that time
vyoodham: organized into a military formation
paandavaanikam: the Pandava army
dhrishtvaa: observing
tu: and
aachaaryam: Dronacharya - teacher Drona
upasangmaya: approached
raaja: king
duryodhan: Duryodhana
vachanam: words
abraveet: spoke
My English poetic Translation
Glancing over the vast army of Pandu
Organized superbly in the military formation
Scared Duryodhana approached his guru
Spoke the following words to seek suggestion
My Hindi poetic Translation
पांडवो की विशाल सेना देख कर
तुभ्दअ सैन्य व्यवस्था से गया डर
भयभीत दुर्योधन गया गुरु के पास
आगामी शब्द केह्कर किया सुजाव का प्रयास

As you read above, the meaning of this verse is totally dependent upon the next verse. Reading this verse, one kind of get an impression that the next verse would not be any ordinary statement but something more eminent that would reveal Duryodhana strategy or next course of actions.
Learnings from this verse
Aversion creates ego, hatred and enmity, all of which encourages the mind to adopt evil and treachery.
Duryodhana, son of King Dhritarashtra, was a very valorous and skillful leader of the Kaurava army. Even Bhima-the strongest of the Pandava army, was not regarded as powerful as Duryodhana. Since his birth, Duryodhana was frequently tricked by his uncle 'Shakuni' to hate all the Pandava brothers. Under the deceptive guidance of shakuni, a belief was imposed on Duryodhana mind that nobody except him is the rightful heir to the throne of hastinapur. He perceived pandavas as the obstacle between him and the throne of hastinapur. Moreover as he doubted the birth of Pandavas as son of king ‘Pandu’, he has an aversion towards them and so, always sought a strategy to humiliate and defeat them. Therefore this verse teaches us that aversion toward others fills the mind with negative thoughts thus ruining the mind on the path of complete chaos and anarchy
How this point is applicable to software professionals
In software industry, you may develop aversion toward colleagues who are not talented yet comparatively got better appraisal and hike than you. Because of this aversion, you may lose active interest in your work or may not collaborate precisely with colleagues thereby causing the project to go into the state of disorder and instability.
Bhagavad gita Chapter 1 verse 1 english and hindi poetic translation with teachings
Alarmed mind filled with fear seek the refuge of powerful superiors
After seeing the remarkable military formation of pandava army, Duryodhana mind was engulfed with doubt and uneasiness of victory. To devise a strategy to defeat such an impressive formation, duryodhana approached his military strategist ‘Dronacharya’ for active counseling that would annihilate the fear of loss and death from his mind.
How this point is applicable to software professionals
In software industry, when one delivers something wrong which invites client displeasure and resentment, he/she seek a refuge from his/her immediate superiors who can protect him/her from the wrath of senior managers or business management.
Bhagavad gita Chapter 1 verse 1 english and hindi poetic translation with teachings
Discuss your problem freely with your boss

Keep testing the allegiance of your subordinates/companions
Unlike the other senior warriors of the kaurava army like Bhisma Pitamah, Dronacharya -son of Bharadvaja, had no ancestral relation with duryodhana. His relation was that of a guru (teacher) who taught both pandavas and kauravas the skill of war, archery and martial arts. Since Dronacharya was more attached to his favorite student 'Arjuna'-the leader of the pandava army, Duryodhana doubted the allegiance of Drona. To test his honesty and obedience, he reached out to Dronacharya with a question that would assert his loyalty to the Hastinapur kingdom. Complete submission of Dronacharya was very crucial for the victory of the war. So, duryodhana was leaving no stone unhurled to test Dronacharya adherence and fidelity.
How this point is applicable to software professionals
To be a successful manager in a business organization, you need to test the allegiance and fidelity of every employee working under you as they may be seeking interim benefits by joining the rival company or disclosing confidential information to your rival company for some monetary gain.  
Bhagavad gita Chapter 1 verse 1 english and hindi poetic translation with teachings
Edward Snowden- CIA employee who leaked confidential information

Keep the team focused and encouraged on the task of delivering excellent support and defect-free services to the clients/customers.

Inferiors would annoy you for your inability and immorality
Though Duryodhana was a prince, Sanjaya address Duryodhana as ‘King’ for the following reasons:
  1)    He gave the indication to King Dhritarashtra that this whole bloody war is because of his biased verdict in deciding the legitimate king of hastinapur.
2)    He ridiculed the arrogant behavior of Duryodhana.  
    Explanation: Generally, King gives order to his subjects/ministers while student seeks help/suggestion from the teacher with humility and respect. The way duryodhana sought advice from Dronacharya, he did not behave like a respectful student but like an arrogant king demanding explanation from the minister/subject.
      3)    He may be taunting King Dhritarashtra by calling Duryodhana, the king of treachery and cheap politics.
    How this point is applicable to software professionals
Your cheap tactics and unfair/arrogant behavior may earn you a high role in corporate leadership but it would end up having nil respect and zero admiration among employees. Your employees would regularly annoy and ridicule you behind your back.  
Bhagavad gita Chapter 1 verse 1 english and hindi poetic translation with teachings
Image courtesy:
Attachment to materialistic desires pushes you on the path of wrongdoing and immorality  
Dhritarashtra was born blind physically but by closing his inner eye of knowledge and righteousness, he chose to remain blind spiritually by keeping himself firmly attached to the welfare of his evil and vicious sons. Blinded by the throne of the kingdom and attachment to his sons, Dhritarashtra was not able to convince his sons to truce with the pious and benevolent Panòdòavas. Under the influence of the holy place of pilgrimage, Dhritarashtra hoped that his son would compromise with the pandavas by giving back half of the kingdom but sanjaya being righteous and intelligent by nature, realized this naive thinking of Dhritarastra and removed his illusion by assuring him that his sons were not ready for any kind of compromise with the Panòdòavas
How this point is applicable to software professionals
Even the highest and dominant of all managers should sometime compromise with the inferior employees on fair principles instead of pushing yourself on the path of cruelty and treachery.  
Ex: Managers should compromise with employees demanding better work environment and ethical working standards instead of firing the employees who went on strike.
Bhagavad gita Chapter 1 verse 1 english and hindi poetic translation with teachings
Walmart emoloyees strike against management decision to cut working hours

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