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How scientists and Darwinists are wrong on Darwin theory of evolution
Posted By Sarin on Dec 12, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

According to Darwin theory of evolution, all life is related and has a common source of origin. That is, all complex creatures we see today were evolved from less complex ancestors that themselves were evolved from subsequently less complex ancestors, going up in the hierarchy to the simplest of ancestors.
No single evidence to prove theory of evolution
The problem with all the exciting theories of Darwin is that there is a not even a single evidence that can prove his theories. Darwin theory of evolution is nothing but a scientific fictional story, highly motivated by intelligent thinking and devoted but delusional scientists, who are dedicated to Darwinism, and have decided to keep the belief alive that science is not wrong and have the answers to all the earthly existence.

Fossils of the same species is cleverly linked to prove evolution
Archeologists and scientists of all countries have been digging the earth for the last 150+ years in search of a single uninterrupted sequence of fossils that can demonstrate evolution of one species from another inferior species. When they didn’t find any evidences, they linked the isolated fossils of the same species but of different ages to claim that they are inter-related and one is the superior species of the other. They simply did so because they were short of any other logical explanations. Neanderthal man, Stone Age man, Homo sapiens etc does not demonstrate evolution; instead it depicts the different species of humans similar to different breeds of dogs.

All the arguments/experiments of Darwin that were based on his observation in Patagonia and Galapagos Islands later turned out to be false. For Ex: Darwin's arguments on 13 different species of finch turned out to be the 13 different breeds of the same species. Similarly, his theory of fossil horses from eohippus to MesoHippus was completely bogus.
Below you will get the glimpse of how the evolution theory was cooked up...
How scientists and Darwinists are wrong on Darwin theory of evolution
Bones became fin, Gills lost, tail reduced, blah blah blah. Who cooked this shit man? Do evolutionists believe in magic?

What Darwin observed was not evolution but adaptation of species?
Darwin various experiments simply demonstrated adaptations of animals; no way was it close to evolution. For ex, Darwin said about an arboreal ape with long hands and highly curved feet as an intermediary species between humans and apes. It was later found out that this arboreal ape has adapted their long feet’s and hands for swinging through the trees and not for walking or hunting as Darwin said. Even the 5 year old kid would understand that the survival is not of the fittest, but of the most "adaptable to change".  
If you carefully observe all creatures, you will see that each one of them has some ability to change the body features according to the changes in the environment.  
For Ex: Skin of a white Caucasian person when exposed to ultraviolet rays turns brown so as to protect the cells of the body from the deadly reaction of ultraviolet rays
What does following examples indicates? Evolution or adaptation
Change is the law of the universe and all living beings including humans have learnt to adapt to this ever-changing environment. Environmental changes on earth are triggered by the action-reaction effect of the expanding universe. Subsequently, different living species adapts to this changes in environment
  1)    Would you call a white bear an evolved species of black bear? After the last ice age, due to climatic changes, some of the brown bears were cut off from the forest and migrated to Polar Regions in search of food. To adapt themselves in the cold snowy climate, black bears developed thick white furs to endure coldness. Is this adaptation or evolution?
2)    Plants first appeared in the sea but due to the change in climatic conditions (may be change in poles), the land that was once covered by sea became devoid of water. Many of the plant species died but some of the plant species adapted to the new environment and survived without water. Is this adaptation or evolution?
    How scientists and Darwinists are wrong on Darwin theory of evolution
  3)    Similarly body of man composed of five elements continuously adapts to the ever-changing environment imposed on us by the expanding universe. Such universal laws are not visible to us but are necessary for him(creator) to foster a life that is always changing to take a form that is stronger, taller and healthier than the earlier ones.
     Evidences were carefully interpolated to suit theory of evolution
Darwinists took up some similar looking species in a sequential order and claimed that one evolved from the other. They simply lined up several gradual humanoid species to make us believe that we evolved from monkeys. Humans became the most promising example as there existed many human-like monkey species. Such nonsensical picture with gradual humanoid species is published in all educational books, mostly of kids section as it is very easy to brainwash the kids with such idiocy. Though this falsified theory suited humans as there were many extinct apes and monkeys, Darwinists should better focus on explaining why this theory was not applied to giraffe, rhinos, elephants etc.  
For some species, no fossils were found in a certain time span. They then came with the logic that no evolution took place in this time period and when for some other time span, lots of fossils were found, they came with the logic that evolution happened very fast in this time period. If tomorrow if some more fossils of the missing time span is found, this theory would again be deceitfully updated to suit the evidences. You must have understood that conspirators can stoop to any level.
Also we don’t have any fossils that show the intermediate stages of evolution i.e there is no species that is in some stage of evolutionary completion or "under construction". Furthermore, Similarity of fossils should not be foolishly linked to evolution. Just like the various paintings of the same painter would have many similarities, various creations (species) of the creator (God) are bound to have many similarities?  
How scientists and Darwinists are wrong on Darwin theory of evolution

Dating of different fossils is disputed and unreliable  
Dating of Neanderthal and Homo sapiens is also incorrect. Ages of Homo sapiens, Neanderthal and other species is highly fabricated and interpolated to suit Darwin theory of evolution. Science has not become so advanced that it can date any material or object. There is no technology/experiment to date sedimentary rocks, only volcanic rocks can be dated and that too with no accuracy. Such dating techniques make use of decay rate constant. Since decay rate is directly affected by  
Light constant c, if c is changed because of environmental changes, then the rate of decay would also increase or decrease accordingly. This is why radiometric dating of volcanic rocks is highly unreliable and can result in an error of +- millions years.  
Even the experiment used to determine the age of earth is highly disputed. Uranium- lead/helium method that was used to decide the age of the earth, gave an estimate of 4.5 billion years in laboratory but when the same method was tested in earth atmosphere, it gave the estimate of 175,000 years only.  
Despite of such unrealistic dating of fossils, I don’t know why the hell scientists are fooling the public to believe in highly fabricated crap theories like Darwin theory of evolution.  

Darwin credibility in question
Even the Darwin credibility is in question. He was very weak in studies and took the help of a local botanist in formulating his theories. This botanist was the one who sent him on a vacation in remote inter-connected islands called ‘Patagonia’ and ‘Galapagos’, where Darwin did his evolutionary studies/research. He suffered from sea-sickness and frequently vomited at the sight of blood and dead bodies.
Also he was a racist and quoted against the black peoples, especially native Africans and Australians. For example consider the below quote from his book “The Descent of Man”,  
"At some future period not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace the savage races throughout the world. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes...will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest Allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as the baboon, instead of as now between the Negro or Australian and the gorilla"

Here is one more
"Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the continent of Africa - rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet and yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light.”
How scientists and Darwinists are wrong on Darwin theory of evolution
If you read his book carefully, you will find many more such comments. Don’t know whether he wrote a book on evolution or a book on racism. Not only Darwin, all his believers namely Henry F. Osborne, Edwin Conklin and Thomas Huxley exhorted excessively on white superiority. Darwin theory on evolution was influenced by his racist degraded thinking.

Why Darwin theory of evolution cannot be true
  1)    If Darwin theory of evolution is true, then the earth crust must be abundant in evolving fossil species. If Darwin theory of evolution was true, then it would have been proved by even the school students studying archeology. Failure of the world famous paleontologists and archeologists in finding even a single evolving species is the argument sufficient to discard theory of evolution.
2)    If evolution is true than all the ancestor species should be extinct as they did not adapt to changing environment but we still have many healthy species that have their ancestor species alive today.
3)    If man is evolved from single cellular species then with such advanced technology in hand, science would have created thousands of humanoid species in laboratory by cross-breeding traits of humans across the world. Ex: guerillas, chimpanzees in case of humans
     Evidences that proves evolution wrong
In an extremely well written book of Thomson and Cremo called “Forbidden Archaeology: the Hidden History of the Human Race”, there is wealth of fossil evidences that refutes the theory of evolution but this has been intelligently neglected by Darwinists and scientists to hide the shortcomings of the research they have done for decades. This book covers the footprints of ancient humans in volcanic ash deposited in Laetoli site, Tanzania, 3.6 million years ago. On this finding, researcher R. H. Tuttle of University of Chicago confessed "we are left with somewhat of a mystery. The find clearly indicates that creatures with anatomically modern human bodies to match their anatomically modern human feet existed some 3.6 million years ago in East Africa”. This book also has a mention on fossil of a giant human found at Kanapoi, Kenya, estimated to be 4 million years old
How scientists and Darwinists are wrong on Darwin theory of evolution
Remains of a 4+ million year old fossil found in Kenya
There are many species inter-dependant on each other. For Ex: birds and flowers.  
Birds is responsible for pollination of flowers and hence, they must have coevolved together otherwise they would have been extinct. Evolution theory is against such co-evolution of species. Similarly, there are hundreds of other examples that are unexplainable by evolutionists.

Some of the quotes from modern scientists against evolution
1)    Commenting on the book of archeological research written by Niles Eldredge, Oxford zoologist Mark Pagel said “Paleontologist saw in the fossil records rapid bursts of change, new species appearing seemingly out of nowhere and then remaining unchanged for millions of years - patterns hauntingly reminiscent of creation.”
2)    Referring to the conspiracy of Darwinists to hide the fossils that contradicts theory of evolution, Italian scientist G. Sergi said "By means of a despotic scientific prejudice, call it what you will, every discovery of human remains in the Pliocene has been discredited."  
3)    On the finding of the stone tools all over Africa belonging to the Pliocene (2-5 million years ago), and Miocene (5-25 million years ago) era, an English science writer, S. Laing wrote "On the whole, the evidence for these Miocene implements seems to be very conclusive, and the objections to have hardly any other ground than the reluctance to admit the great antiquity of man."  
4)    Commenting on the evidences pointed by Cremo and Thomson in their book, Stephen Gould, the formulator of “theory of punctuated equilibrium” said: “I am a strong advocate of the general argument that "truth" as preached by scientists often turns out to be no more than prejudice inspired by prevailing social and political beliefs.”
     Why scientists are hiding the evidences that prove evolution wrong?
There was enough fossil evidence to prove that the first human walked on earth  
5 million years ago but Darwinists tried to fool everyone by carefully devising a full proof theory of human evolution beginning with AustralopithecusèHomo habilis (2 million years ago)èHomo erectus(1 million years ago) èHomo sapiens (400,000 years ago) èNeanderthal man(100,000 years ago) èHumans(40,000 years ago
How scientists and Darwinists are wrong on Darwin theory of evolution
A very nice try by Darwinists but easily refuted by biologists, molecular scientists and other fossil evidences
We still have many stone tools that dates the antiquity of humans to 55-65 millions year ago, very close to the dates of mass extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago.  
If the above evolutionary statements are valid, then the below statements are also valid
Lord Krishna was born in 3113 BC; I was born in 1985 AD. Hence, I am the descendant of lord Krishna.
President Abraham Lincoln was born in 1832, I was born in 1985. Therefore, I am the descendant of Abraham Lincoln.
Now that I have proved myself a descendant of lord Krishna and President Abraham Lincoln, all of you please stand up and salute me. Huh!!!Only fools will believe in such stupidity
Ancient Indian race
If evolution is true, then why we can’t see dogs, cats, or horses turning into some other species. This reminds me of the world famous question “Who came first, egg or the chicken?” Chicken is born from a fertilized egg but to have an egg first, there has to be a rooster and chicken. This question is still a mystery that science cannot answer easily but if we mix spirituality into it, the answer is very simple. First the creator created rooster and chicken, they then copulated to produce the first fertilized egg.

Scientific theories are not truth but scientific law is truth
The problem with modern students is that they believe evolution as a true fact.  
We must understand that evolution is a theory, a theory which is dead now. Theory in science is not a scientific fact. To understand science, you must first know the differences between theory and law. A law is some action of the natural world that can be seen or felt by everyone. A theory is a hypothesis added to the law on which the scientists are experimenting to prove the theory as true. Law says what happens while the theory tries to explain why it happens. For example, Newton laws states “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. To prove this law, we have various theories on gravitation, force, motion etc. So, Newton laws states what happens while relevant theories attempts to prove why it happens.
How scientists and Darwinists are wrong on Darwin theory of evolution
Similarly, Mendel’s law states on the inheritance of traits from parent to offspring while the molecular and chromosomal theory attempts to explain on why and how the traits are transferred from parents to offspring. Theory does not change into a law as long as there is even single evidence against the theory.  
It is a strange irony that in this modern era of quantum DNA and molecular biology, there are some scientists who still want us to believe in century old dead theories like evolution. They still believe that some miraculous discovery would provide the missing links of evolution. Such peoples of great faith would rather die than surrender to reality. Students are compelled to believe in their fake theories like Genetic mutations, natural selection, ape evolution, Common ancestry etc. I am very sure that before the end of this decade, theory of evolution would be removed as actual fact from the curriculum of all schools and colleges.
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