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Resolution to follow this Diwali and new year
Posted By Sarin on Oct 21, 2014     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

How do you spend normal day of your life? Sneezing/sleeping even after the alarm clock keeps crying for minutes, going late to office, surfing facebook, checking mails, watching movies, reading some boring novels etc. All these activities have become the norms of our daily life. But shouldn’t we try something different and new this year? Shouldn’t we do something that we haven’t did till now? Shouldn’t we experience something that we haven’t experienced till now? Shouldn’t we live a life thinking that there is no tomorrow? Shouldn’t we commit on something to define the goals of our life? Now that the Hindu New Year (diwali) is coming in few days, I would be listing out all resolutions (along with my New Year resolutions) which everyone should follow in their daily life starting from this year.
Eat healthy, sleep healthy, stay healthy
One of the pre-requisite for living a happy life is to stay healthy. Without sound mind and body, you can’t do daily tasks or achieve the goals of your life. Staying healthy doesn’t mean following a diet that build your physique like a body builder, instead it means following a vigorous diet that keeps you healthy enough to do all the daily work and household chores. Having a healthy mind is more important than having a healthy body. Moreover as a staunch converted vegetarian, I would advise you to follow a vegetarian diet. Order your servant to bring fresh vegetables and fruits every day. Additionally, try to do physical activity as much as possible. Ex: Take stairs rather than going by lift or elevator
Resolution to follow this Diwali and new year
Use social networking websites for social issues and personal goals
Generally, social websites are meant to remain attached to your friends or stay updated to the latest activities of your friends, colleagues, relatives, family members etc. However, I rarely use my social account for these purposes; instead I use it for the promotion of my articles that aims for the betterment of the society and achievements of my personal goals.
Quit smoking and other such unhealthy habits
Few bad habits are very difficult to break but there are many ways to do it. All you need is strong willpower and dedication. After all, quitting bad habits have a positive effect and foster better relationship with your colleagues, friends, family etc. It’s not that difficult to quit, I have myself quit non-vegetarian food and devoted myself to follow a vegetarian diet though I sometimes misses the taste of non-vegetarian food. Quitting some habits is better than breaking relationships, commitments, promises, personal ethics etc. Meditation, acupuncture therapy and eating chocolates are some of the startup ways that would help you in quit smoking
Resolution to follow this Diwali and new year
Call out to your close family members
Call your mother and father at least once every week. If you are busy in your business or are short of time then find out some time to call while traveling to business locations. If you are travelling in public mode of transport, try texting messages as you may not feel comfortable talking publicly  

Start a business
If you are innovative and have desired talent, experience, knowledge and leadership skills, then don’t be afraid to start a business. Start from you home and expand as the business prospers. Don’t be afraid of failures. Some of my earlier articles, especially the bhagavd gita ones may help you.

Donate some money for social causes
If you are wealthy enough, then become a philanthropist and donate to institutions that spend millions of bucks in building hospitals, education centers, toilets, houses etc for the poor’s. Make sure that your money is sent to the right organization and not to the organization that does money laundering in the name of charity.
Resolution to follow this Diwali and new year
Learn something new everyday
This is the most important thing to do in our daily life. Explore new article, read news, subscribe to fact-specific websites, FB pages or twitter accounts. However, do confirm the facts written on such pages or articles before believing it as true. Some money-hungry and broad-minded individuals/channel often post false or paid news for monetary benefits. If you are a homemaker, try cooking new recipes every other day.

Have a personal goal if you don’t have one
Having a personal goal is very crucial for leading an ambitious life. Personal goals give your life direction and willpower to achieve something that you and your generation shall be proud of till eternity. Give some time to plan for your goal. Don’t try for a big leap; take small and small steps toward a realistic goal. Never get frustrated if you fail at any steps toward the goal. Reward yourself for the successful completion of your smaller goals. Ensure that the goals and expectations are realistic. Don’t have too many goals. More the number of goals, less is the likelihood of achieving them.  
Don’t spend money unnecessarily and save money for your future
This resolution is not for experienced professionals as they follow this point cautiously. This tip is for young professionals who have just passed their age of puberty and spend lot of bucks in attracting GF’s, discoing, drinking etc. Setup an automatic monthly transfer from your salary account to a saving account that you have set aside for your goals and never use for leisure activities. Taking such a step would bring financial stability during the tough times of recession or emergency.
Resolution to follow this Diwali and new year
Admit and rectify your mistakes
There should be no shame and guilt in accepting your mistakes. No shame is bigger than doing the same mistake again and again. Mistakes are the critical part of the success. Never be ashamed of your mistakes, forgive yourself, stand up and face the results of your mistakes. Thinking of your mistakes for a long time will end up in many more mistakes. To rectify your mistakes, seek support and suggestions from friends, family members, relatives, gurus, relatives etc.  
Stay positive but also pay equal attention to negative thoughts
You might frequently hear from your mentor of living a life with a positive mindset. It’s true but sometimes you should also think negatively to realize and prepare for the difficult circumstances that may arise in future. Think negatively with the aim of fighting against unforeseen situations.

Shelter street dogs or cats instead of buying from shops

If you are an animal lover and love to have pets, then take the initiative of adopting street animals instead of buying expensive breeds from veterinary shops. This will not only save your money but would also feed uncared street animals.
Resolution to follow this Diwali and new year
American army adopts street dog

Manage stress more effectively
Take a break from your hectic work. To remove stress, play some outdoor games or go on a walk/drive. If you don’t have anyone to play with then play online or buy a PlayStation or XBOX to play games that also give you some physical exercise. I prefer playing XBOX and indoor games with my family members to take a break from my work. Listening to music is another way of relaxation. I often listen to music while typing articles.
Don’t judge others by what you hear
Be less judgmental of others. Many times, you will get the wrong feedback of others from the one who is jealous of his progress and prosperity. Try to confirm the facts before believing in the words of your friends blindly.
Spend time with your children
If you have kids then do find some time to spend with them. Narrate some fascinating stories with morals to encourage them in following the right path of honesty and self-esteem. This would strengthen the bond of love, togetherness, and belongingness. Make sure your child read enough stories to improve his/her language building and critical analytical skills.
Resolution to follow this Diwali and new year
Communicate with relatives and facilitate truce with your enemies
New Year means a new beginning. Hence, you must take all much needed steps to ensure that past mistakes and bitter experiences does not result in permanent enmity. You must negotiate with your enemies, apologize to them and offer to start a fresh life forgetting revenge and all previous bad experiences. Chat with your old friends if you haven’t done it for a long time
Have sex regularly with your wife/husband
In Hinduism, sex is one of the goals of human life and one of the ways to invoke divine consciousness. Perfect sex is the way to enter the soul of your partner.Sex fosters the bond of love and belongingness between the couple and helps them in maintaining their relationship for a long time. Of course, I am talking about legitimate sex and not western culture where you have illegitimate sex on every other day with unknown strangers, relatives, animals etc.  
Overcome your fears
Fighting with fear is the real battle of human life. Businessman has fear of loss, politicians have fear of losing constitutional position, rich has fear of losing money, some have fears of ghosts and so on. Easiest way to overcome fear is to get more and more exposed to fearful situations. Once you get accustomed to such circumstances, it does not have a negative impact on you as your mind has developed an ability to face any fearful situation

Learn self-defense and survival instinct
In this tough age of competition and treachery, learn to defend against the dangers from enemies, criminals and opportunists. Stay away from namesake friends who might plot against you for their own good. One must learn basic kalaripayattu and other martial arts to protect ourselves from criminal, thieves, enemies etc. This is more applicable to women as they strive daily to escape the rising attacks from rapists.
Resolution to follow this Diwali and new year
Martial art of kalaripayattu

My eleven New Year resolutions:
  Why 11? Because number 11 is auspicous in hinduism.
1)    I shall continue posting articles on Hinduism/social causes for the next 25-30 years.
2)    I shall continue to stay firm on my ethics, honesty and personal ideologies.
3)    I shall continue to limit my interactions with friends/relatives to avoid diversion from my work and goals.
4)    I shall continue to remove namesake friends from social networking account so that I stay updated to events of only those devotees/gurus that matters most to me and with whom, i have something to learn and share. i.e account would be more professional and less personal
5)    I shall stay away from unhealthy habits and remain focused towards my goals.
6)    I shall continue to remain fearless of all situations and enjoy each moments of my life.
7)    I shall add more spiritual contents and sections on my site.
8)    I shall bring more perfection and direction in my writing skills.
9)    Currently ranked 891,506, i shall strive to move my site in the top 1,00,000.
10)    I shall add 10 Kgs of weight next yearJ
11)    I shall think of marrying next year(Family pressure). J
Resolution to follow this Diwali and new year
In this New Year, let us commit ourselves of building the new improved image of self that keeps itself attached to firm goals, bold decisions, and tough actions that changes the course of destiny. Give yourself a new brand image that reflects good intentions, ideas and purposes to serve the society

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