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Why homosexuality is dangerous for Indian society
Posted By Sarin on Dec 14, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

After the Supreme Court ruled homosexuality a criminal offence, All the NGO’s and few profitable organizations who receive funds from Bollywood gays and other LBGT groups are doing hoo-baa- hoo across streets of India. Such unconstituional organizations want supreme court to remove section 377 as it violates the basic freedom rights of homosexuals. Such organizations who don’t know ABC of “right to freedom” nor understand the basic ethics of humanity are taking such an insane step to demoralize Indian society. In this article, I will present several facts on why homosexuality is a grave danger to Indian society and why it should be banned in all countries especially India. To make my point more clear, I have added vulgarity in this article. This article is only for 18+ and kids are advised to not read this post.
Homosexuality is not natural
To those who say homosexuality is natural, I would like to exclaim that homosexuality is unnatural. Their sexual desires have made them homosexual. I will come up a separate article on why homosexuality is not natural and I will give abundant facts to prove my point of view valid. In this article, I shall focus on only why homosexuality is dangerous for Indian society? It will be easy for me to explain the effect of homosexuality on society through examples
Let us assume that section 377 is removed and homosexuality is no longer a criminal offence in India. Now let us consider some of the situations that may happen in future.
Scenario 1:
Son (18 yr old):
Mama!!! Mama, I am still a virgin. Now that I have grown up, I feel like doing sex these days but no girl is interested in me.
Mother : OHHH!!! Don’t worry beta (Son), I will teach you how to do sex. Come, let’s go to bed.
Son: What????? You and me...Isn’t this illegal and immoral?
Why homosexuality is dangerous for Indian society
Mom: What illegal beta?...If gays and lesbian can do it, then why can’t we? If they are accepted in society, then why can’t we? Rahul Gandhi said “These are matters of personal freedom".If anyone in the society screams against us then we will file a petition in court that it is our family matter and incest sex should be legalized. Nobody should invade in our privacy as it is against our right to freedom. We are doing this by mutual consent. Why should the society interfere? If we have desires for each other, then it is natural. What’s our fault?
Son: Yeah Mom...That sounds wonderful...Your are absolutely right ...Come let’s go to bed....OOH....AAH........OOH....AAH

Above Video is forbidden and only for 18+
Scenario 2
Human (Male or female): (To doggy)
Hey Tommy did you watch that kiss scene. I am feeling like doing sex. Will you join me?
Doggy: Shows his tongue wide open and says bow bow...
Human (Male or female): Ok Doggy...Let’s start. (They do sex for some time and both are enjoying it)
Why homosexuality is dangerous for Indian society
just a small glimpse on what will happen in future

Friend (Who sees them after a while): YAKKKKKKKKK. What you are doing? How wrong you are?
Human (Male or female): What wrong? If gays and lesbians are not wrong then why I am wrong? Don’t animal have right to freedom or I have freedom to do anything? We are doing this by mutual consent... See my doggy...He is enjoying it...Why do you interfere? If I got the desire for my dog, then it must be natural. What’s my fault? I will file a petition in Supreme Court and get animal sex legalized. You get lost and let me have sex with my doggy....OOH....AAH........OOH....AAH
Glimpse of Dog Lady Sex

Scenario 3
Friend 1 (Who meets his friend after a long time along with his wife):
Hey Buddy, How are you?...After a brief chat, he says “Your wife is very hot and beautiful”. (Wife of both smiles)
Friend 2: Thanks...Your wife is bold and beautiful too. ((Wife of both smiles again)
Friend 1:  Hey...You know, homosexuality got legalized. So, I feel swapping of wives or husband should also be legalized if it is done by mutual consent.  
Friend 2: Wow...You stole my words...Even I was thinking the same...
Friend 1:  Why shouldn’t we try this and see if we can enjoy each other wives.
Wife 1 (interrupts):  But only homosexuality is legalized. Swapping of wives is not legalized.
Wife 2:  Yeah but we can get the support all those who think like us and then we shall file a petition in court and get swapping of wives legalized. It is matter of our personal freedom right?  
Friend 1: That would take some time...How do I satisfy my desire now? I am tired of doing sex with my wife.
Friend 2: We can try homosexuality now...Our act of this would not be against law... Let our wives play lesbian-lesbian and let us both play gay-gay...After this; we shall go to court tomorrow to get swapping of wives legalized.
All of them agrees and shouts “Homosexuality ki jai Ho”....OOH....AAH....OOH....AAH
Why homosexuality is dangerous for Indian society
Foursome...Age restricted and only for 18+

Scenario 4:
Caretaker of mortuary who lives there for months or years get bored of his daily life and now have the  intense desire of having sex but he don’t have anyone in the mortuary to do sex and satisfy his sexual desires.  Then he remembers a very beautiful girl that was buried in the mortuary today. He dugs out her grave and start having sex with the dead body.
Why homosexuality is dangerous for Indian society
Sexual attraction to dead bodies is called necrophilia

Passer by: BLOODY SHITT!!!!!!. What you are doing man? How can you do this immoral act?
Caretaker: “What is immoral here? She is already dead? I am not bringing harm to anyone”...Our leader Omar Abdullah says”Questions of morality or religion are not the issue. How can a lifestyle choice be illegal?”... This is my life style... Why are you invading my privacy? I am enjoying it...If I am getting attracted to dead body then it must be natural. Isn’t it?
Passer by: Yeah...But How can enjoy this? I cannot even think of this...
Caretaker: You come and try....If you don’t enjoy doing sex with this dead body, then I will also stop having sex with dead bodies.
Passer by: Is it? Is having sex with dead bodies so good? Let me try
Caretaker: Sure...Come and enjoy...
Passer by starts having sex with dead body and surprisingly, he enjoys this sexual intercourse very much...Next day, he brings all his friends out of which few of them also enjoy doing sex with dead bodies. Very soon, there are thousands of them and they decide to get the sexual intercourse with dead body legalized by filing a petition in Supreme Court...
Pastor murders girl to have sex with a dead body

Homosexuals misuse their right to freedom
I am sure that you are wise enough to find many more such scenarios. If homosexuality gets legalized, then the above scenarios should also get legalized as there is not much difference between all of them. If freedom is everything that humans care for and morality is not taken into consideration, then the parliament should legalize the above right to personal freedom too?  
We tend to forget the real meaning of “right to freedom”. We are misusing our right to freedom. Notice the two important words, Right and freedom in “Right to Freedom”.  “Right to freedom” actually means the freedom to do right acts, not the freedom to do wrong acts. Homosexuals are removing the word “Right” and are talking only about freedom and privacy. If you remove the word “Right” and you care only about freedom, then you must have the freedom to do Rape, murder, theft and all other social evils.  
Why homosexuality is dangerous for Indian society
Do you want such posters in India?

Few questions to all humans
Now I would like to ask few vital questions to normal humans
  1)    Do we want all this to happen in the society just for the sake of few shameless retards?
2)    Should the majority suffer because of the illegitimate thinking of homosexuals?  
3)    Where will the normal humans of society go if all such inhuman acts get legalized?
4)    Will humanity exist if all such indecent acts becomes the norm of the society?

    What about the rights of normal citizens?
For those, who say that section 377 deprives homosexuals of their basic right to freedom, I would like to ask them  
  1)    What about the rights of norml humans?  
2)    What about the fundamental rights of those who don’t want such immoral acts to happen in society?  
3)    What about the parental and maternal rights of parents who don’t want their child to become gay or lesbian?  
4)    What about the rights of religious organizations who is against such immoral acts?  
        Why homosexuality is dangerous for Indian society
Protesters with banners against homosexuality

  5)    What about the rights of institutions who want to protect Indian society from the influence of such degraded humans?
It is very sad that actors like aamir khan who boasts loudly on social evils in television show “Satyamev jayate”, is now encouraging all Indians to accept this social evil of homosexuality in the society. Perhaps, he and other actors are trying best to support their gay friends in bollywood.
Why don’t minority homosexual change and accepts us?
  1)    Instead of homosexuals asking the majority to change their stand, why don’t the homosexual change their stand and stop doing the acts which is unnatural and against society?  
2)    Instead of homosexuals asking us to accept them, why don’t they accept us and do the things the way normal citizens of Indian society do?
3)    Why the majority should suffers because of some immoral retards in minority LBGT groups?  
4)    Why the minorities are not willing to change for the good cause of the society?  
5)    Why don’t the homosexual cure their unnatural desires instead of forcing the constitution to decriminalize article 377?
    Why homosexuality is dangerous for Indian society
Homosexuals and supporters would be born as chakka in next life.
To those who think homosexuality as natural, I would like to warn them that they would be born as a chakka(Eunuch) in  their next life. Chakka are living beings with third sex. I mean they are born with both male and female sexual organs. They are born with penis, boobs and vagina among some other sexual organs.  Since homosexuals and their supporters have the desire to support or do what they have not been gifted naturally, nature will give them a third sex body in their next life through which they can satisfy all their homosexual desires in next life. I will explain this in detail in my next article.
Why homosexuality is dangerous for Indian society
Eunuch community of india born with third sex
Why we should not support this cause of homosexuality?
We should not become narrow-minded to support the homosexual cause that is not in the interest of the society. Like Lord Ram who abandoned his wife to give a high moral message of kingship and true leadership to the society, we need to abandon such immoral rights of homosexuals for the sustainment and betterment of the society. This is the age of Kaliyuga. Before the end of kaliyuga, such immoral acts are going to increase in society day by day but this is our moral responsibility and duty to make sure that such shameful behaviour is not encouraged in our multi-cultural society. India is the land of spirituality and so, when it comes to homosexuality, India should give a strong message to the world by encouraging the constitution criminalizes homosexuality.  

Nature has gifted us a perfect body and intelligent brain but if we don’t use our brain wisely and let the desires overtake our mind and body, then the degradation and destruction of humanity is not far away. I am damn sure that all such immoral acts would get legalized in coming times but I can only hope that this legalization gets postponed as long as possible. My sincere request to all Indians including homosexuals to take all required steps to discourage such anti-social elements to rise in the society
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