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Why arvind kejriwal and aam aadmi party may fail in future
Posted By Sarin on Dec 10, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

After the 2013 assembly elections were announced yesterday, I have been hearing AAP, AAP, AAP and only AAP magic in all the leading new channels. Everyone is saying that AAP has created history and is the only party that can shape the future of India. Is it so? Is AAP the most honest party? Is AAP the most secular party? Is AAP the best party to rule Delhi? I am quite hesitant to say “YES”.If I judge accurately the events that occurred over the last few months, I come to the conclusion that AAP is no different than any other political party and their magic wave will end if they don’t put a full stop to their deceptive tactics of cheating the public. Now the AAP supporter may come very hard on me but in this article, I will give out many facts that may compel the AAP supporter to light up their brain. I am neither a BJP supporter nor the representative of any political party; I am just a patriotic AAM AADMI (Common man) who does not want my fellow Indian brothers to get fooled by a person who claims of having a magic wand that will create wonders in India. In fact, I want AAP party to annihilate some of their past mistakes to have a clear cut majority in Delhi.
Without wasting any time, I will directly come to the points that has driven me away from the AAP party?
AAP is doing everything for vote bank politics
When kejriwal founded his party, corruption, inflation and bad governance were the core issues surrounding the nation. To capture the mood of Indians and attract the attention of Delhi citizens, kejiriwal had to prove that his party is different from BJP and congress. So, he came out with the well-planned strategy to show that his party is focused toward the development of the country and will take all the steps to combat corruption, inflation and other social evils in the system. Some of the plans in his manifesto were lokpal bill, reducing electricity rates, improving water supply system etc etc etc.
Why i am not so optimistic of arvind kejriwal and aam aadmi party
Such sort of statements is made by every other party. Nothing is wrong here but what he did later was purely vote bank politics.

Kejriwal Wooed Muslims for votes and got a notice from EC  
Attracting Hindus is very easy but to woo Muslims, one has to influence their mind and get the support of Muslims religious leaders.  So, Kejriwal looked for every opportunity to seek Muslim votes. He joined hands with controversial Muslim leader “Mualana Raza Saheb” who is accused of raising a fatwa against Bangladeshi writer “Taslima Nasreen”. Kejriwal appealed all Muslims to vote for him in assembly election as all others parties are corrupt and communal. He said "We appeal to Muslim voters of Delhi to back our endeavors for clean politics and not fall into the trap in which they have been falling for the past 65 years."
Because of this communal statement, he was issued a notice by election commission of India for an alleged violation of election Code of Conduct “Sub para 3 of Para 1” which states that "There shall be no appeal to caste or communal feelings for securing votes.”

This is not just one incident of AAP party wooing Muslims community. To woo Muslims, AAP party called terrorists killed in batla house encounter a fake encounter and insulted “Mohan chand Sharma”, a Jawan killed by terrorists in batla house encounter.  
If this is not enough then listen to the speech of Prashant bhushan where he calls for an independent Jammu and Kashmir Country. Even the Indian Muslims don’t think this way. 99% of the Indian Muslims call Jammu and Kashmir as an integral part of India. One may also suspect that AAP is receiving funds from gulf countries which are forcing him to make an appeal to all Muslims to vote against BJP thus again dividing india on communal lines. AAP was the party that joined hands with pro-maoist and anti-hindu nationalists like Medha patkar,arundhati roy and Aruna roy to seek votes. Seeing Kejriwal tactics of votebank politics,V.N Singh,Kiran Bedi and Anna hazare backed out of the AAP party.

Is Kejriwal lying and supporting his corrupt members?
I am not a kejriwal critic. Once I was a fan of kejriwal, but later I didn’t like the way he behaved or spoke arrogantly in over-confidence. For example, he said very bluntly that other parties are thief, and only his party members are honest. Compare him to modi, who just congratulated all his party members for winning 70% of the seats but was not seen running places taking fake credit and boasting about his capabilities and administrative skills.  
Why i am not so optimistic of arvind kejriwal and aam aadmi party
Hero of AAP party, Arvind Kejriwal, appealing Delhites to vote for broom, voting symbol of AAP party  

It may be a true fact that most of the leaders in other parties are corrupt but still other parties have some honest leaders and hence, calling the entire party as corrupt and totally speaking against them is somewhat wrong. As an instance, consider Shivraj singh chahuan, who won with a record margin for a straight third time in Madhya Pradesh. Even narendra modi cannot be called as corrupt though there is a question mark on his secularism.
On the issue of corruptness, Kejriwal first should look at himself and his own party members before calling other parties as corrupt. 9 of his team members were caught accepting donation through illegal means in sting operations. Without doing rigid investigation of the claims made in the sting operation, Kejriwal gave the clean chit to all his party members. Isn’t this strange that he declared all his party members as innocent within few hours of sting operation? If his party members were innocent, then why one of the accused “Shazia ILmi” offered his resignation immediately after the sting operation was exposed publicly?Is this how his internal lokpal works? if yes, then how is it different from any other party?  
What’s more, to deceive the public, Kejriwal gave the false statement that Election commission has given his party members clean chit on sting operation. (Check below video)
When the election commission was contacted by media authorities, EC refused the AAP claim thereby suggesting that kejriwal lied to the media on sting operation.  
Irrespective of whether the sting operation is true or not, one thing is very clear that kejriwal often lies to protect his party and AAP party members can be manipulated to accept bribe or money. The authenticity of tape is pending in high court and the first plea would be heard on 25 January.  
Kejriwal may not be corrupt but the same cannot be said of his party members
I may have missed many such points which would show that kejriwal is an honest person but he seems to be hungry for power. This hungriness compels him to follow wrong paths for vote bank politics. He is very smart and is hiding his intentions by saying publicly that "I don't want to become PM or CM". This reminds me of sonia gandhi who said the same thing and appointed manmohan singh as prime minister. Kejriwal may be honest but his party members may not be the same. Many sages and saints fall down to materialistic desires, how can he be so sure that his party members would not fall down for money and power?. In this kaliyuga, how can anyone give a honesty character certificate to himself and his party. Leadership is not about honesty, it's about the vision, transparency and perfect execution of well-planned manifesto's. Manmohan singh is also a honest minister, but are all his ministers honest? Was he able to tackle corruption in his party? There is Not much difference between kejriwal and AsaRam as one has given himself a certificate of godman and other has given himself a certificate of honesty. Below are some other questions i got from FB that raises questions against his claims of honesty
1) All honest IAS officers like Ashok Khemka or Durga Shakti are transferred from one state to other. If he was so honest, Why arvind kejriwal and his wife was never transferred out of delhi?
2. What significant did kejriwal did as an IRS Officer? What was his achievements as income tax officer?
3) Why Kejriwal went against his promise of supporting the BJP govt in Uttarakhand when the bJP govt fulfilled their demands of passing the Lokayukta Bill?
4) Why he didn't expose corruption in his department while he was working as income tax officer?
5) Kejriwal has been accused of siphoning extra salary from government. He denied the charges. however, he returned Back the extra salary. If he didn't earn any illegal salary, why he returned money to the government?
6) AAP was demanding investigation on terrorists killed in fake encounters that happened in Gujarat? Why he didn't demand investigation for terrorist killed in other states? Why he chose only Gujarat?.

AAP party leaders and volunteers should prepare well for re-elections
If you check the election manifesto of AAP, then you would find that their unrealistic ideas look very nice on paper but implementing the same ideas effectively would require lot of efforts and political experience which none of them have barring a couple of party members. BJP and congress must give unconditional support to AAP so that they form the government in Delhi. This would perhaps make them realize that "Making Promises is very easy, but fulfilling those very hard". I am damn sure that even if the congress or BJP offers unconditional support to AAP, AAP would decline the proposal to form government as they are afraid of coming true to the sea of promises made to the delhi public. They are playing very safe as the early failure would hamper their expansion in other states.People of Delhi would regret their voting to AAP if AAP declines to accept the offer of forming government with unconditional support from other parties. When Kejriwal is running away from his responsibilities of forming the government in delhi, how he will play a role in national elections? By refusing to form coalition, He is somewhat depicting that he doesn't know anything about coalition politics. As rightly said by someone in FB, Kejriwal is behaving like a dog who runs behind every other cars but when the car stops to see him, he runs away with his tail down. Instead of forming the government with outside support from Congress or BJP, they are behaving as if all other parties are untouchables. Such an arrogant attitude is very dangerous for indian democracy where the coalition government has been the part of politics since 1984. If he runs for national elections, he will split the BJP-congress votes to regional parties which would ensure the rise of third front or fourth front and we will end up having the UP-like Government that would torture India for the next five years. Media is spending a lot of time in projecting kejriwal as a national hero because that's their way to cut BJP or congress votes. If AAP fights at a national level, it might result in a hung government at center since it will not offer support to any other party nor will it take support from any other party. Though India can afford another delhi state elections, it cannot afford national re-elections. So, AAP is going to bring instability as it is doing only negative politics and rather than solving people's problems, it will end up giving more problems to Indian citizens. There is a huge chance that congress would be voted out of power, many countries would like to bring political instability in India rather than letting form a MODI-led government which would be very business-friendly and would bring economic progress and development in the country. It's a big joke that after keeping Delhi in a hung state, he is requesting Ashok Khemka and Durga shakti Nagpal to join his party. When both of them were in trouble, he didn't help them but now for his own benefits of expanding the party, he is calling both of them to join the party. AAP is responsible for leaving the citizens of delhi without any government. Let the kejriwal prove his words in Delhi before he attempts to fight an election in any other state. We Indians are very emotional and get easily fooled by an imposter who calls himself a godman that would solve all your problems. Let MR.Kejriwal prove "ACTION SPEAKS MORE THAN WORDS". I guess within the next six month till the re-election is scheduled, AAP must set their actions right and prepare for both situations, as a responsible opposition that opposes the wrong actions initiated by the ruling government or as a ruling party that implement all the plans listed in their manifesto effectively and efficiently.
Arvind ji should also give some moral lessons to his volunteers because other party leaders would not miss any chance to project AAM AADMI party in a wrong way. For example, check the below face book post where AAP volunteer is caught comparing patriotic “bhagat singh” to terrorist “Afzal guru”
  Why i am not so optimistic of arvind kejriwal and aam aadmi party
Many such posts against AAP are floating in the social media. AAP volunteers should be very careful and must think twice before saying anything.
AAP frequently comes up with many allegations and exposes businessman and other party leaders of corruption. After the general elections, AAP party members have been saying continuously that BJP leaders are trying to buy their leaders but they haven’t come up with names of any BJP leaders. BJP Party on the other hand claims that they will not indulge in buying or horse-trading leaders of other party. Is this one more strategy of AAP to deceive the public that BJP is playing cheap politics by trying to buy some of his leaders? If not, then why they are hiding the name of BJP leaders who contacted them for alliance? Or is this the another sting operation of News channel who are desperately trying to find out if the AAP leaders are ready to sell themselves? We don’t know anything; We don't know everythign that is happening behind the scenes. So, all the voters must think intelligently and should not believe on AAP or arvind kejriwal blindly?
Why I am not so optimistic of AAP?
AAP is a very small party, so kejriwal and other clean leaders of his party can keep a close watch on the activities of each party members as of now but when the party will expand, it would be virtually impossible for him to keep a tap on all his party members. As a result, corruption will creep in and if not handled properly, it will not take much time before AAP becomes another corrupt party. For example, consider the political party(Janata Party) that was fomed in 1977 by honest freedom fighter "Jayaprakash Narayan". This party that came with a difference defeated the congress convincingly and formed the government at centre. But Jayaprakash Narayan was not able to stop the corruption in this party. As a result, This party later failed miserably and is out of the political map of India today. The way arvind kejriwal is doing vote-bank politics, he might also face the same fate as Janata Party. Remember kejriwal is an IITian, So he is smart enough to play good politics which also means that he is smart enough to deceive the public. Despite of shouting and screaming in the streets of delhi and widely spreading their false propaganda of winning 70-80% of the seats, they won only 40% and came second in assembly elections. As responsible citizens of India, we must give atleast one opportunity to AAP but we shouldn’t be expecting some magical performance from AAP. Only when they turn their words into action not only in Delhi but also in other states then only we can say of having an alternative to BJP and congress. But first for having a majority, kejriwal has to change his tactics of lying to the public and playing the dirty game of votebank politics. Politics is a very dirty field but since AAP claims to be party with difference, kejriwal must correct his strategy first before boasting to sweep out the corruption and bad governance from the country. I am not against corruption, but what i see is that he is not the best person to lead against corruption.
Conclusion and message to Delhi voters:
Don’t follow anyone so blindly that you think yourself as following the sun (to reach heaven) but ends up reaching hell. Greed is bad; it can make anyone fall and AAP party members are no exceptions. Don’t be over-optimistic of AAP, it will not take time for any person to fall under the illusions of materialistic pleasures. We can only hope that AAP does not become a corrupt party in future.
Citizens of Delhi!!!Think well, Decide well and don’t let anybody fool you one more big time again.  
All the Best!!!!
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