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Why Lord krishna had more than 16000 wives
Posted By Sarin on Mar 30, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

According to srimad bhagavatam, Krishna had 16,108 wives, including the chief ones- Rukmini, Jambavati and Satyabhama. Now in some forums, you may find derogatory comments where Krishna is cited as a sex addict or a playboy by giving false explanation of his 16,108 wives. Instead of finding out the real truth, some stupid guys enjoys making false assumptions about gods of other religions. So, in this article, i will be telling you why and how Lord krishna had 16, 108 wives.
All the reasons have been explain beautifully in hindi and english in the below videos.

Krishna Eight Principal Wives
Krishna had 8 principles wives combiningly called as (Ashta-Bharyas). They are:
1)Rukmani Devi: Compared to other wives, Krishna loved Rukmini the most since she was his main consort and first wife(called a Patrani).
Father of rukmini Bhishmaka, also King of Vidarbha, did not wanted to Krishna marry his daughter because of the alliance with arch rival of lord krishna,Prince Shishupala of Chedi. Bhishmaka forcefully was in the process of marrying rukmani with Shishupal. Since Rukmini was in deep love with Krishna, she requested Krishna to rescue her or she will commit suicide. On her wedding day, Krishna kidnapped rukmini with her consent and got married to her in Dwaraka.

Krishna kidnapping rukmini with her consent.

2)Satyabhama: Through severe meditation and penance, satyabhama sought shelter in Vaikuntha(Lord vishnu abode)." Impressed by satayabhma extreme devotion, affection, love and care, lord vishnu granted her the boon of becoming his wife in his next human incarnation.
Krishna (Incarnation of lord vishnu fullfilled all her demands, wishes and always kept her happy. In one such incident, krishna is said to ahve gone beyond his limit of fulfilling her wife selfish desire. Story go like this; Once, Indra(god of heaven) came on Earth to visit dwaraka. While his stay in dwaraka, he appreciated Rukmini's beauty and gave her precious Parijata flower. Out of jealousy, Satyabhama forced krishna to get the whole Parijata tree for her.
Although lord krishna did not like her selfish desires, he was in love with her strong fighting spirit. Satyabhama was skilled in war fare and was good in arguing and these qualities entertained him.
3)Jambavati: sinc jamabavati was a devoted disciple of lord ram, She was gifted to krishna by her father jambavan (companion of lord rama) post which lord krishna married her.
4)Kalindi: Daughter of the Diety Sun(Surya). She was the well-keeper of River Yamuna. She was very much obsessed in the thought of marrying lord vishnu. to fulfill her desire, she went into a deep trance. Seeing her perseverance, true devotion, and restlessness, Krishna married her.
5)Mitravrinda: Sister of Kings of Avantipura kingdom.
6)Nagnajiti: Princess of Kosala kingdom.
7)Bhadra: Relationship wise, she was a cousin but married lord krishna by choosing him as his husband in a Swayamvar Ceremony.
8) Lakshana: To marry her, Krishna competed with many various including his good friend arjuna and rival duryodhana in an archery competition.

In this way, Krishna married his eight principal wives( Rukmini,Satyabhama,Mitrabinda, and others) through great deeds and war fare.

Krishna and his 16000 wives
Demon Narakasura Captured 16000 women on defeating their kings. To rescue them, Krishna came to the palace of narakasura. On seeing the handsome face of supreme personality of godhead, all princess became captivated by his divine beauty and made a promise to themselves of marrying him or committing suicide (on denial by krishna) if he rescue them by defeating narakasura. With true devotion and Sincere devotional attitude, they choose to offer their entire life on the lotus feet of Krishna.

After defeating Narakasura, when Krishna released 16000 princesses, their husbands/ families refused to accept back as they become polluted in company of a demon. ( In Vedic system, if a girl is touched by a man or is in custody of some other man(demon) then nobody should marry that girl.) All 16000 princess reminded krishna of kshatriya dharma which says that if any warrior rescue or win any woman, then that woman belong to that warrior until death. Addressing this, they pleaded Lord Krishna to accept them because nobody else is going to marry them and if he doesn't accept them, then they will commit suicide. Being trapped in dharma, Shri Krishna accepted all princesses as his wives so that they live a honourable life and nobody date to mock them/.Expanding himself in 16,000 forms, he married all those princess in different palaces simultaneously at the same auspicious time. Suddenly, All the palaces of 16,000 princess were covered with green gardens, blossomed flowers, exotic furniture and other paraphernalia, unmatched with other beauties of this world. All these princess are believed to be the expnsion of lord vishnu consort laskhmi

Krishna marriage with 16000 wives was synonymous to raas leela whre he danced with 108 gopis at the same time while each gopi believed he was dancing with her only. Whole life Krishna manifested in 16108 forms to share same love and care to all his wives. So, all krishna wives was living a modest life of love, dignity and respect with joy and happiness.

Krishna 16108 wives were not ordinary women
All these princess who became krishna wives were certainly not ordinary women, because it requires millions of birth, eons of penance and severe meditation to have someone like a lord as a husband. When the supreme god descends on different lokas(planets), He shows his transcendental super natural powers to attract the pure souls to become his eternal devotees, loving parents, true friends and lovers of this material world, where the lord in turn give back his love and generous service

Krishna treated all princesses equally
All wives of krishna loved him equally and seeing their love always present with them, they believed Krishna as a perfect obedient husband who is extremely fond of them. Although all his wives was in deep love with krishna, krishna was not very fond of them and he loved them only for his dharma and good virtue. Since He is atmaram(self-sufficient), no one can be either dear or inimical to him;

All princesses served krishna with love and much enthusiasm
Each of these princesses had thousands of maidservants, yet when their lord came to their palaces, each one of them would personally come to see and welcome their beloved by offering scented sandalwood pulp, oils, aromatics, betel nuts, aromatics and requisite paraphernalia, massaging legs to relieve fatigue, fanning him, washing off his lotus feet, putting garlands on his neck, dressing his hair etc. Inspite of being a princess, they served krishna more than they would serve themselves and thousand times more than their faithful maid servant.

Krishna didn't marry 16,000 wives for sexual pleasure
All princesses of lord Krishna were extremely beautiful, and were attracted to Krishna beautiful dusky face, plesant attractive eyes,long arms,pleasing smile, broad ears, sweet words and humorous talk. Influenced by such attractive features of lord Krishna, each one of them would dress themselves very attractively, with a desire of attracting Krishna through their feminine beauty. Some of the tricks used for attracting were smiling, moving eyebrows, shying, walking styles etc thus directing sharpened arrows of conjugal love towards their beloved. Still, the lord was not aroused by sexual appeal and thereby fullfilled his virtue perfectly by not indulging in any illegitimate relationship with any of this princesses.
Becoming anyone's husband, son or father doesn't matters to him because everyone is under His control and everything belongs to Him. He is atmarama(self-satisfied) and can derive all pleasure by without needing or requesting anyone's help. When the Lord incarnate on earth as a human being then He becomes either as a husband, friend, son or enemy perfectly.

Lord Krishna with his principal wives

Polygamy was allowed in vedic culture with restrictions

According to Vedic culture, polygamy was allowed with the condition that all wives should be treated equally. In other words, one can marrry many women provided that he fullfill their desires and satisfy all of them in all aspects as an ideal householder. Lord krishna can be considered as a teacher who inspie of having no need of a wife went on toexpand into many forms just to fullfill his wives desires and satisfy them. He lived his life like an ideal householder, observing all the regulative rules,principles,and rituals as laid down in the Vedic scriptures within the laws and customs of the civilised society. Although one, the Lord exhibited Himself as 16,108 ideal householders

Krishna is not one of us
From this , there is no need to say that he is not one of us. According to Bhagavatam, Krishna was able to interact and co-ordinate with each of his wives simultaneously and thus satisfy them completely in every possible way. In this kaliyuga, if anyone is able to satisfy his single spouse, he/she is considered extraordinary. So, devotees of lord krishna accept the divine aspect of lord krishna and regard him as the god of supreme consciousness. To conclude, it should be noted that Lord krishna never married anyone forcefully and obly those who were very fond of them or in situations where there was not any other choice left. Also, he lived with each of his wives as an ideal husband and gave them love, care and respectlike an ideal householder.
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