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How homosexuality is unnatural
Posted By Sarin on Jan 02, 2015     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Since decades, Foreign Trojan horses have been trying very hard to destroy Indian culture like they have been doing before the pre-independence era. Millions of dollars are injected every year to support conversion, homosexuality, degrade Indian history etc. Few months ago, I wrote a post on “How homosexuality is dangerous for Indian society”. Replying to that, I received an argument from one of the visitors, perhaps a practicing homosexual, who claimed that homosexuality, is natural, safe, moral...blah...blah...He pointed out many arguments to support his cause. So, this post is to refute the claims of homosexuals who have been fooling others to accept their immoral sexual preferences by giving false evidences and statements on “Homosexuality is natural”.

This article is only for 18+. Kids are advised to not read this post.
Indian Views to homosexuality
There are two views to homosexuality in Indian society which is more or less the same in other countries/cultures too. Some believe homosexuality as an orientation and mental disorder, while others believe it as a natural variant, determined much before birth, during the initial stages of pregnancy. Out of these two views, Gay communities have been actively promoting their acceptance by citing the latter view which states homosexuality as "normal" and natural by birth.  
What is the truth then? Is it true that homosexuality is a normal variation to human condition or is it a mental disorder/organ dysfunction that can be cured by yoga, ayurveda, or personal counseling?

Biological Evidences of homosexuality not natural
To answer this, let us first consider the biological evidences. Biological structure of male and females clearly suggests that they have been made for each other. Senses & shapes of Male sex organs (Ex. Penis) and Female sex organs (EX. vagina) complements each other and therefore, one can undoubtedly say that sexual organs were naturally designed for male-female intercourse noting the fact that such an intercourse usually have an outcome i.e child.  
How homosexuality is unnatural
Extending this fact, Homosexuality represents an inclination of using your body organs for purposes other than for which those were naturally designed. When a man copulates with other man, then the ejaculated fluid gets wasted. Similarly, when a female mates with other female, her chances of once a month egg-formation gets wasted.  On sex, bible states that “Be fruitful and multiply” and since two males or two females cannot multiply, homosexuality represents an orientation that is fundamentally against nature.
Hands are biologically designed to do your daily chores but if you use your hands to kill other humans, then that indicate mental illness, both by constitutional law and laws of nature. You can’t say that hands have been naturally designed to kill others.

Scientific Evidences of homosexuality not natural
I can’t understand How come some scientists talk about genes of homosexuality? Even if we suppose that there was any gene for homosexuality, it would eventually be eliminated by theory of natural selection. How? To understand this, you need to first know about scientific theory of natural selection.
Normally, any genetic traits that reduces the chance of reproduction gets eliminated after few generations. Moreover, in most likelihood, only heterosexual genes are likely to be passed onto child (New born) as homosexual intercourse do not produce child. Even if somehow the homosexual genes are passed on to some child then according to theory of natural selection, it would eventually be eliminated after few generations. This is perhaps the reason why no major gene for homosexuality has been found despite thousands of paid research’s done to find such a genetic connection.  
How homosexuality is unnatural
Hence, all these talks of homosexual genes by paid scientists are the way of fooling peoples to accept homosexuality. No wonder the incidence of fraud in gay 'research' has been widely reported. Honest researchers will openly admit that there is no scientific evidence to prove homosexuality as natural.  
Why Homosexuality is not normal
How do you define normalcy? What is normal? What is the limit of normalcy? According to me, if something is normal, then it should be abundantly available in nature.
Any arguments that states homosexuality as natural and normal, has been deliberately created by funded missionaries, to create a false impression that homosexuality is widespread and exists everywhere in nature.  

Homosexuality is natural because animals do it
Yes, this is the No.1 argument raised by homosexuals even when they are fully aware that their argument is seriously flawed.
Firstly, how can any sane human take morality lessons from animals? Animals are at the lowest level of consciousness while humans are at the highest level of consciousness. If homosexuals seek their consciousness in animals then only god can help them. No lecture on morality or personal counseling is going to help such homosexuals.
Why humans must not follow animals?
Animals are not fully conscious living beings and therefore, do many activities that are no way normal. For Ex:  
  1)    Some animals eat their child on birth to derive strength and satisfy their hunger. Should eating kids be considered normal or natural?
        How homosexuality is unnatural
  2)    Many animals let their partner have sex with other males/females. Applying this to humans, should trading wife or partner be considered normal or natural?  
3)    Many species of animals, usually in cat kingdom, kills their male counterpart to have sex with his partner. Should we legalize killing of husband and having sex with his wife and kids? Is this normal or natural?
Yeah, some of the above acts may seem normal in western countries and for homosexuals; such immoral acts are perfectly natural...huh!!!!I think, homosexuals should first learn the meaning of ‘natural’ before they give examples on what is natural or unnatural.
Homosexuality in animals is a behavioral pattern
Homosexual behavior of animals is an orientation or behavioral tool and not necessarily natural. Homosexual behavior in animal kingdom is mostly due to unavailability of opposite sex partners.  
  1)    Male damselflies spends so much time with other males that eventually, they end up partnering males than females.  
2)    Domesticated cows, separated from bulls for a very long time, are found to mount partner cow so as to satisfy her sexual thirst and desires.  
3)    Many domesticated dogs are seen to have sex with humans, cats or anything it finds suitable, due to unavailability of partners. You can find such videos on YouTube.
        How homosexuality is unnatural
Is this natural?

  4)    Immature kids of animal often indulge in sexual practices with friends, relatives and sometimes, even brother and sister.  
5)    Some animals use homosexual’s behavior to display dominance and such a sex happens rarely, may be once in a month. For Ex: A leading lion often display his dominance by having sex with all other lions in his group. Only dominant lion shows this behavior and the homosexual behavior is never both ways.  
    All these animal instincts happen very rarely and depict a behavioral pattern that is no way natural.
Illogical arguments of homosexuals to promote their cause of same sex marriage
Two of their arguments like homosexuality in animals and scientific evidences are already discussed. Now let us go through some of the other arguments raised frequently by wicked homosexuals.
About ten percent of the world is gay.
Wow!!!Which organization did this survey? Which organization roamed across the world to come out with this figure? Nobody ever asked me or my friends if we were homosexuals. So, from where did the magic figure of 10% comes from? Answer is, it came from those magazines, newspapers and organizations that were paid to publish this report. However, many fools do believe in this figure exaggerated by homophiles.  
Homosexuality has always existed and was accepted in all cultures
This statement is partially true. Homosexuality do existed in many cultures but that does not mean they were accepted in society. For Example, Let us consider two of the world oldest cultures, Greek and India. In India, homosexuals were out casted from the society or were treated below third class citizens.Ex. Shudras/untouchables. Many homosexuals deliberately misquote Hindu scriptures to depict Hindu deities as homosexuals. I will write a whole article on this later.  
How homosexuality is unnatural
In Greek culture, Homosexuality was a crime and offenders were given tough punishment, sometimes even death.If you ask about homosexuality to Africans, then you may find it surprising to hear that they never heard about homosexuality until the westerner arrived.
If I feel good, than it must be natural?
I read one argument from homosexuals that, “If I feel good in doing something, than it’s natural to me. What problem do you have?” Huh!!!!According to this logic, Drunkenness, Rape, pornography, violence and many other similar acts produces good feelings in criminals and therefore, must be natural to them. Should all crimes be legalized then?
What problem do society have if two grownups do anything by mutual consent?
Homosexuality is full of problems. Many problems are already listed in this article.  Some more are listed in below article.
And I can list 10+ more problems in another article.
If you are doing my mutual consent, then do it privately. If no one comes to know about your illegitimate activities, then there is no question of punishment. But asking for a law to support your immoral behavior publicly is a way too much!!!

If Homosexuality is not natural, then why many organizations do supports it?
Not many, only some funded organizations support it. All religious organizations are against homosexuality and since 90% of the human population is associated with at least one of such organizations, I can say more than 95 %( including at least 50% atheist) of world’s population are against homosexuality.  
How homosexuality is unnatural
Ignore the damn paid surveys like above. Why they ignored India?

Most of the psychiatrist/doctors, unless they are paid to say otherwise, agree that homosexuality is the consequence of improper upbringing of child. To understand better, read the below interesting conversation between a lawyer and Psychiatrist.
Lawyer: "Why won't psychiatrists reclassify racism as a mental illness?" 
Psychiatrist: "Because there is no scientific evidence indicating that we should do so." 
Lawyer: "But there is no scientific evidence indicating that homosexuality wasn't a mental illness, yet you reclassified that! Why?" 
Psychiatrist: "True; that was a reaction to a changing social environment and consensus." 

Can homosexuality be cured?

As pointed out by many Psychiatrists, homosexuality is not a mutation, but a personal choice typically accepted by a disturbed mind due to his improper/immoral upbringing during the initial stages of his life. Hence, it can be definitely cured by personal counseling. Swami ramdev openly challenged homosexuals of curing their disease through yoga and spiritual guidance.  

Shiv kumar, a yoga expert, who guided shilpa shetty in her yoga DVD, says that “homosexuality is a ‘vikrut’ (abnormality) stemmed from depression and frustration” and therefore, can be cured by yoga and personal guidance. When asked on any patient approaching him for cure of homosexuality, he replied that “If you are having fun doing something, would you have a problem with that? Would you like to avoid having fun?” He blamed insensitivity of WHO and other western organization for the rising trends of homosexuality.
How homosexuality is unnatural
This is lust, not love; it just shows how much the so called homosexuals can degrade themselves to satisfy your lust.

Without any doubt, homosexuality is a learned behavior and should better be called as a sexual preference/orientation and an outcome of mental instability (Chemical locha). Advocates of homosexuality are putting in a great effort in convincing the world that homosexuality is both normal and natural but fails to provide any solid evidences or facts to support their claim. By manipulating some facts from here and there, they have been quite successful till now in promoting their immoral agenda of spreading this dangerous disease. Only people with brains would understand the naked truth of homosexuality and would take much needed initiatives to prevent this social disaster.
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How homosexuality is unnatural

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