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Navagraha mantras for planets
Posted By Sarin on May 26, 2014     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

In the last few articles, we have been discussing on mantras and numerous positive effects of chanting AUM. Kindly go through the below links for all articles on AUM

In the preceding few articles, we have been discussing on the significance of AUM. If you haven’t read those articles, kindly go through the below links
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In this article, we will go through some of the mantras recited for appeasement of navagrahas.   
Sanskrit word mantra is formed by combining two words- man, meaning "to think / mind" and tra - "tools". Thus, Mantra basically means the combination of words that should be chantedmi before the start of any task so as to make the mind active and focused towards the completion of that task. As each acts of ours is controlled directly through mind, mantras were powerful enough to make the person fly, invisible, teleport etc. All such Indian mantras are Vedic in origin. Since the Vedas are considered eternal and divine, the exact date of Indian mantras is unknown.  
Navagraha mantras
Thousands of mantras can be found in various remedial books written by different authors across the globe. Out of all the mantras that are found in Indian astrological books, the most important ones that outline all other mantras are the Navagraha Mantras. Humans, who strive for materialistic comforts and pleasures, chant Navagraha mantras to ward off the evil influence of planets and imbibe success and prosperity for the successful completion of their important daily life activities. Before starting any special work or embarking on a long journey, Navagraha mantras are chanted according to the astrological position of the planets in his/her birth chart (Kundli).  
Navagraha mantras for planets
If the position of the planet is not suitable for a specific task then special mantras are chanted to propitiate the associated deity in addition to wearing auspicious gemstones or sacred rosaries related to the afflicted planet.  
Mantras of each planet
Planetary position of only nine planets (or celestial objects) are said to influence the daily life of the individual. Planetary position of the remaining planets is of no significance to humans. Mantras of all the nine planets along with details can be found below:
Surya (Sun) Mantra
Planetary position of the sun reflects health, financial and career problems. Recite the following surya mantras at sunrise and sunset to ward off the negative effects due to the incompatible position of sun in your horoscope.  
Navagraha mantras for planets
Deity surya with Kunti, Mother of karna

Aum Japaa Kusum Sankaasham Kaashya-peyam Mahaa-dyutim
Tamorim Sarva-paapaghnam Pranatosmin Divaakaram
Aum suryaaya namah
My salutations to the Sun,
Who is like the flower of meditation,
Who belongs to the clan of Kashyapa,
Who is of greatest brilliance,
Who is the destroyer of darkness,
And who is the destroyer of all sins.
Om, I bow to the Sun.
Chant the following Sun’s moola mantra 6000 times in 40 days (250 times daily):
“Om Hraam Hreem Hroum Sah Suryaay Namah

Wear rosary made of Ruby Gemstone to avert all the negative effects resulting from the planetary position of sun. Fast on Sunday and donate wheat, rice and sugar to the needy. Facing sun, performing Surya Namaskara every day in various postures is the best way to propitiate Lord Surya. One must offer water to lord surya before starting surya namaskar yogasana.
Chandra (Moon) Mantra  
Planetary position of the moon controls functionality of mind and so, is the cause of many diseases. Bad position of the moon in your horoscope can result in several health issues like urinary infection, bronchitis, dropsy, varicose, colitis, veins and abdominal problems.  
Navagraha mantras for planets
Sure shot remedy of all such health issues is the chant of following mantra in addition to ayurvedic medicines prescribed by genuine medicinal practitioners.
AUM Dadhi-shankh Tushaarabham Ksheeror-daarnava Sambhavam
Namami Shashinaam Somam Shambhor-mukuta-bhooshanam
AUM candraaya namah
My salutations to the moon,
Who is white like the curds and conch,
Who was born from the ocean of milk,
Who is adorned by a rabbot in him,
And who is the ornament of the head of Lord Shiva.
Om, I bow to the Moon.
Wear rosary comprised of Pearl Gemstone to turn away all the negative effects resulting from the planetary position of moon. Fast or do “Maun Vrat” (No speaking for whole day) on Monday and Worship Deity gouri. Donate white cloth, rice or cow milk to the impoverished every Monday.

Mangal(Mars) Mantra
Planet Mangal reflects strength and power. It controls the muscular and circulatory system of the body. Blood clot, typhoid, jaundice, lungs inflammation, brain tumor etc are some of the health problems faced due to bad position of moon.  
Navagraha mantras for planets
Apart from ayurvedic medication, one must chant the following mantra every Tuesday to avert the bad effects of red planet.
Aum Dharanee-garbha-sampootam Vidyut-kaanti Sama-prabham
Kumaaram Shakti-hastam Tam Mangalam Pranamaamyaham
Aum mangalaaya namah
Salutations to the mars,
Who is born to the earth,
Whose shine is equal to lightning,
Who is a young man,
And who carries the Shakthi
Om, I bow down to Mars.
In addition to health, Mangal planet also influences wealth and money. Mars is the bestower of wealth and the remover of all debts. Those who are looking for success in business or want to end the persisting effect of past business failures should invoke the following mantra to propitiate Planet Mars.
Angarakoyamaschaiva sarvarogaapahaarakah
Nrishtekargaacha hartaacha sarvadevascha poojitah.
Lohito Lohitaakshascha samagaana Kripaakarah
Dharmatmajah Kujobhoumou bhumido bhuminam
Rakta maalyambaradharam shulashakti gadaadharah
Charbhujo yeshagato varadamcha dharaasutah
Mangalo bhumiputrascha runahartaa dhanapradah
Sthiraasano mahaakaayo sarvakaama phalapradam

Wear rosary made up of Coral Gemstone to ward of the negative effects due to the harmful position of planet Mars in your horoscope. Worship Lord shiva or Lord ‘Kartikeya’ and ‘Shiva’ every Tuesday and chant the following mantra 200 times daily for 40 days. Fast every Tuesday and perform Kartikeya pooja or Rudrabhishekha in the nearby temple. Donate pulses especially Masoor dal( red lentils) to the needy.

Budh(Mercury) Mantra
The planet Budh or Mercury controls the nervous system and so, is propitiated for any nervous system disorders. associated with air, nerves, cells, breath and tongue. Some of the disorders afflicted with unsuitable position of mercury in your horoscope can cause cell or nerve disorders like stammering, nasal disorders, asthma, brain fever, bronchitis, delirium, breathing difficulties and paralysis.  
Navagraha mantras for planets
To minimize the evil influence of Mercury in your life, recite the following Budh Mantra every Wednesday apart from taking regular medication.
AUM Priyangu-kalikaa-shyamam Roopenaa-pratimaam-budham
Sowmyam-sowmya Gunopetam Tam Budham Pranamamyaham
AUM budhaaya namah
My salutations to Budha,
Who is black like the bud of millet,
Whose beauty has no equal,
Who is gentle by nature,
And who is positive.
Om, I bow down to Mercury.
Wear rosary made up of emerald Gemstone to divert of the negative effects due to the harmful position of planet Mars in your horoscope. Donate Urad dal every Wednesday and Propitiate lord Vishnu by chanting Vishnu sahasranama stotra. Fast on Wednesdays and chant the following beeja mantra 400 times daily for 40 days
AUM Braam Breem Broum Sah Budhaaye Namah.

Jupiter (Guru) Mantra  
Thursday, known as Brihaspativaar is Sanskrit is the day dedicated to Navgraha Guru. Thursday is regarded as a very auspicious day to kick off any journey or ceremony.
Navagraha mantras for planets
  One must chant the following mantra to gain from the positive influence of this planet.
Aum Devanaam Cha Rishinaam Cha Gurum Kanchana Sannibham
Budhi-bhootam Trilokesham Tam Namaami Brihaspatim
Om, I bow down to Jupiter
My salutations to Jupiter,
Who is teacher of devas and sages,
Who is equal in shine to gold,
Whose soul is intellect,
And who is the lord of all three worlds.
Wear rosary made of Pearl Gemstone. Fasting on Thursday, sit on a banana leaf and chant the following beej mantra 400 times daily to propitiate deity guru.
Om Gram Grim Graum Sah Brihaspatye Namah
Worship lord Shiva by reciting Shri Rudram and Rudrabhishekam. In addition to chanting, donate Saffron, Turmeric or sugar to the poor.

Shukra(Venus) Mantra
Son of Sage Bhrigu , Lord shukra was the guru of Asuras(demons). Planet Shukra is the ruler of our inner mind and has absolute control over the working of our body. Planetary position of shukra determines our sensitive, strong, dull, harsh, loving, moralistic or creative behavior. As shukra is the deity of all minerals/wealth found on earth, he is worshipped for materialistic wealth like gold, silver, diamonds etc. Individual with favorable venus position enjoys harmonious relationship with nature.  
Navagraha mantras for planets
Those confronting problems due to ill-placed Venus should adopt the following shukra mantra for stability of mind and professional growth.  
Aum Hima-kunta-mrinaa-laabham Daityaanam-paramam Gurum
Sarva-shaastra Pravaktaaram Bhaargavam Pranamamyaham
Om Shukraaya namah

My salutations to Venus,
Who shines like the snow white jasmine,
Who is the great preceptor of Asuras,
Who is an expert in all sciences,
And who is the son of the sage Bhrigu
Wear any rosary made of copper, silver or diamond. Worship goddess durga by reciting
Devi stuti. Fast on Friday and chant the following Shukra beeja mantra 500 times daily for 40 days.
“Om dram dreem droum sah shukraya namah”  
Donate milk, minerals and clothes to women’s every Friday.
Shani(Saturn) Mantra
Shani dev is the most feared deity in Hindu Religion. As a judge of our soul, he rewards or punishes us for our bad karma. As a slow moving planet, evil effects of shani dev remains for a long time. A good placed Saturn bestows concentration, patience and agility while a bad placed Saturn makes the person lazy, irresponsible, quarreler, alcoholic and escapist. All lingering disease like gout, rheumatism, paralysis, cancer and leprosy etc are under the influence of shani.  
Navagraha mantras for planets
Chant the following shani mantra to propitiate shani dev
AUM Neelaanjan Samaabhasam Ravi-putram Yama-agrajam
Chhaayaa-maartand Sambhootam Tam Namaami Shanaishwaram
AUM Shaanaishcaraaya namah
My salutations to God Saturn,
Who is the colour of blue- black,
Who is the son of Sun God,
Who is the elder brother of Yama,
And who is the offspring of Sun God and his wife Chaya
Wear rosary made up of blue sapphire Gemstone to divert of the negative effects due to the harmful position of planet Mars in your horoscope. As shani dev promised lord hanuman of helping all devotees who worships hanuman, offering oil to hanuman and chanting hanuman chalisa is regarded more beneficial than chanting the above shani mantra. Fast for 51 Saturdays and eat khichdi made of rice and urad dal before sunset. Additionally, chant the following shani mantra or shani stotra 500 times daily for 40 days.
Shani mantra  
Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah
Shani stotra
“Nelanjan samabhasam ravi putram yamagrajamChaaya martand sambhutam tam namami shanaischaram”
Shani Shodasanama stotra
Konassanaischaromandah chhayaahridayanandanah
Maargandaja sudhaasouri neelavastraanjanadyutih
Abrahmanah kroora kroora karmaatangi grahanaayakah
Krishnodharmaanujah shantah shushkodara varapradah

Rahu(Invisible celestial object) Mantra
Though not a Planet, It is counted as one of the navagrahas in Indian astrology. Strong Rahu award all the materialistic success, fame and powers while a bad placed rahu pushes us under the miseries of drug, alcohol, black magic and mental illness.  
Chant the following rahu mantra to appease rahu dev
AUM Arth-kaayam Mahaa-veeryam Chandra-aaditya Vimardanam
Sinhikaa-garbha Sambootam Tam Raahum Pranamaamyaham
AUM Raahave namah
My salutations to Rahu,
Who has only half body,
Who is a great hero,
Who hurts the Sun and Moon,
And who is born out of Simhika
Om, I bow down to Rahu.
Worship bhariava form of lord shiva and recite Kalabhairav asthakam stotra or rahu beeja mantra 450 times daily for 40 days. Worshipping goddess durga or any form of goddess durga is also advised. Fast on Saturdays and donate coconut or urad dal to the needy.
Navagraha mantras for planets
Ketu(Invisible celestial object) Mantra:
In Hindu literature, Ketu along with rahu are regarded as shadow planets. In fact, Ketu is not the planet but the invisible node, where the moon trajectory round the earth and earth trajectory round the sun intersects in the south direction. Ketu is always 180 degree apart from ‘Rahu’. This is because Rahu was beheaded by lord Vishnu on the complaints of sun/moon for drinking the immortal nectar deceitfully. The lower part of Rahu beneath the neck is known as ketu and hence, always lie 180 degree apart from rahu. Since then, rahu and ketu have been taking revenge by occasionally eating the moon and sun, the phenomenon known as lunar and solar eclipse respectively. Positive influence of ketu makes the person excel in the field of medicine and astrology. This brings in lot of fame, luxury, wisdom and intuition while an unfavorable influence causes poor concentration, weak eyesight, boundless worries, sufferings, and different ailments which affects brain, like Anemia, leprosy, cancer, paralysis etc. Chant the following Ketu mantra to propitiate deity ketu.
AUM Palaash-pushpa-sankaasham Taarak-graha-mastakam
Raudram-raudratmakam Ghoram tam Ketum Pranamaamyaham
Om Ketave namah
My salutations TO Kethu,
Who has the appearance of a Palashaa flower,
Who has a star on his head,
Who is terrible to look at,
And Who is ugly and the soul of terror.
Om, I bow down to Ketu.
Worship Lord Ganesh by reciting the Shiva Panchakshari Stotra. Fast on first Thursday of waxing moon and Donate colored blankets, brown cow with white spots and black mustard seeds. Perform puja offering mixed flowers and sandalwood within the ascending cycle of the moon. Chant the following Ketu beeja mantra 200 times daily for 40 days.
Om shram shreem shroum sah ketave namah

Gayatri Mantra of planets:
Navagraha mantras for planets
Sun: Om Bhaskaraya Vidmahe Mahadyutikaraya Dhimahi Tanno Aditya Prachodayat
Moon: Om Ksheeraputraya Vidmahe Amruta-tatvaya Dhimahi Tanno
Chandra Prachodayat
Mars: Om Angarakaya Vidmahe Sakti Hastaya Dhimahi Tanno Bhaumah Prachodayat
Saturn: Om Neelanjanaya Vidmahe Chhayamartandaya Dhimahi Tanno
Shani Prachodayat
Planetary remedies from Valmiki Ramayana:
Chanting chapters of Ramayana has been prescribed since generations as a solution to various problems. Reciting the following chapters of ramayana is advised to remove doshas of planets. Daily recitation avoids illness and prolongs your life.
Ravi: Bala kanda, 73rd chapter
Chandra: Sundara kanda, 5th chapter
Kuja: Bala kanda 36th and 37th chapter
Rahu: Yuddha kanda, 75th chapter
Guru: Sundra kanda, 11th chapter
Shani: Bala kanda, 30th chapter
Budha: Sundara kanda, 35th chapter
Ketu: Ayodhya kanda, 50th chapter
Shukra: Sundara kanda, 36th chapter
Do the above mantras work?
Most of the above mantras were composed by Ved vyaas, author of Mahabharata.
As per my research, Indian astrology is very perfect and its accuracy can be proved scientifically. Below mantras are for those who don’t believe in the effects of chanting mantras.  
Iti Vyaas-mukhot-geetam Yah Padet Su-samaahitah
Diva-vaa-yadi-vaa-raatro Vighn-shaantir-bhavishyati
Those who read the song sung by Vyaas, will be joyous, sovereign and powerful, and will succeed in appeasing obstacles, occurring by day or by night.
Nara-naaree-nripaanam Cha Bhavet Duhswapn-naashanam
Aishwarya-maatulaam Tesham Aarogyam Pushti-vardhanam
Bad dreams of men, women and kings alike will be destroyed and they will be endowed with unparalleled riches, good health and enhancing nourishment.

Graha-nakshatraj Peedaa Taskaraagni-samudbhavaha
Taa-sarvaa-prashamam-yaanti Vyaaso-bhrute-na-sanshayah
All the pain, devastation caused by fire, planets and stars will be of the past, so spoke Vyaas, emphatically.
Iti Shree-Vyaas virachitam Navagraha stotram sampoornam.
Thus ends the song of praise of the nine planets composed by Vyaas.  
Written in Sanskrit, all the above mantras/hymns were composed by the Cosmic Mind of enlightened seers and sages after years of strict penance and extreme propitiation. These mantras are the invaluable treasures gifted to us by enlightened seers for the betterment of humanity. Hope these mantras help you in removing the doshas of planets and let you progress on the path of happiness and spiritual success.
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