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Aum-The sacred syllable and sound of God
Posted By Sarin on Apr 06, 2014     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

In the preceding few articles, we have been discussing on the significance of AUM. If you haven’t read those articles, kindly go through the below links
AUM-The most sacred sound of the universe
AUM- the primordial sound that creates this universe
How chanting AUM or mantra changes your DNA How to change body forms by chanting AUM or mantra
In this article, we will go through the spiritual significance of AUM. How AUM represents universal Brahman? How AUM represents both personal and impersonal god? Why AUM is called as sound of god? How chanting AUM subsides negative feelings and enlightens the soul?

AUM is the most sacred syllable in Hinduism. It stands for both, personal as well as impersonal aspect of the universal Brahman (God). Aum, being venerated as the sound of the supreme Brahman, is hailed as the first sound of the universe. AUM is said to be continuously played in the background while the god created this materialistic universe. This word is still considered to be the sound that emanates this universe in ultra-high frequencies which is inaudible to the human ears.  AUM is hence known as the buzzing song of the god.

AUM signifies the unseen form of god
According to scriptures, first manifested form of the ever-pervading, omnipotent, divine god was the vibrating sound AUM. Before the beginning of creation, there was only Shunyâkâsha, meaning emptiness or void. AUM is said to be "Adi Anadi", i.e the only absolute reality that encompasses all universal existence and is without any beginning or end and embracing all that exists.  

Aum-The sacred syllable and sound of God
AUM represents both impersonal and personal God
God is invisible and so, we need a symbol or object to realize the supreme. The sacred word AUM represents both the impersonal and personal aspect of the Supreme Brahman. Anyone meditating on the sacred word ‘OM’ visualizes both the Nirguna(unmanifested) and saguna(unmanifested) form of the lord. AUM is therefore called as pranava, meaning the one that permeates our life and runs through our breath. AUM is the force that converts the unmanifested force into manifested force and vice versa.  
AUM thus symbolizes
-Vibration of God
-Absolute truth
-Humming sound of the universe.

AUM represents the trinity gods
and ‘M’ signifies beginning and end of the universe respectively while U signifies the time period between the creation and destruction of universe. Thus, AUM is the symbol that signifies the creation, preservation and destruction aspect of the God i.e the trinity forms of god (viz. Brahmaa (creator), Vishnu (Preserver) and Shiva (destructor).  AUM therefore represents the three important triads:
Three worlds - earth, atmosphere, and heaven
Three major Hindu gods - Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva
Three sacred Vedic scriptures - Rig, Yajur, and Sama
Aum-The sacred syllable and sound of God
Scriptures also says “AUM is sound of God”
1)    Even lord Krishna expressed sacredness of AUM in BG, verse 25 of chapter 10 as "Among words, I am the one syllable AUM"
2)    "AUM word, is this entire universe. All that is past, present and future is indeed, AUM. And whatever else there is, beyond the three fold division of time,- that too verily is AUM (OM)."- Mandukya Upanishad, verse 1
3)    Sanskrit verse “Om Tat Sat” is used to express absolute supremacy and reality of the supreme Brahman.
        Bhagavad gita, verse 17.23
o tat sad iti nirdeœo brahmanòas tri-vidhahò smròtahò 
brâhmanòâs tena ved āś ca yajñāś ca vihitâhò purâ    

AUM, tat and sat has been declared as the triple appellation of Brahman who is Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. They were uttered by brâhmanòas while chanting Vedic hymns and during sacrifices for the satisfaction of the Supreme."
  4)    AUM is the Great God Who is omnipresent (like ether)." YAJUR VEDA 40: 17
5)    "He alone, whose name is  AUM, Who is Immortal, is worthy of our adoration and none other." CHHANDOGYA UPANISHAD
6)    "All the  Vedas  and the  Shastraas  declare  AUM  as the primary and natural name of God. All others are His secondary names." MANDUK UPANISHAD 1:1.
7)    "He Whom all the  Vedas  declare worthy of homage, Whom all devotion and righteous actions lead to, and for Whose realization, the life of  Brahmacharya(chastity) is led, is called  AUM. KATH UPANISHAD 7:15.
8)    Aum is the foremost vibration that gives rise to all other forms of vibrations like light, waves etc. Yoga-sutra designates AUM to purusha, the divine personality who created this universe. Thus, AUM is not the name of the god but the god himself.
9)    Aum is the supreme of all nada (inner sounds) and so, is rightly known as Anahata-Nada. Rest of the Nada’s is said to be derived from AUM. Names like Indra, brahma, shiva etc do not signify different divine beings but different forms of the same universal supreme god.
Aum-The sacred syllable and sound of God
AUM is the source of all universal existence
According to ancient spiritual science, this creation is because of primordial sound vibrations of various frequencies. AUM is the sound that created matter and holds together all the atoms and molecules of this universe.  
"By His utterance came the universe." (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1.2.4).  
This reminds me of the Einstein equation “E = mc2” which indicates every matter as the form of energy.  
Reality-an illusion
All the Buddhists and Hindus in china, Japan, sri lanka, India etc. knows the spiritual significance of the primordial sound “AUM”
Below verse from Upanishad states the significance of AUM
The essence of all beings is earth,
the essence of earth is water,
the essence of water are plants,
the essence of plants is man,
the essence of man is speech,
the essence of speech is sacred knowledge,
the essence of sacred knowledge is word and sound,
The essence of word and sound is Om.  
AUM is the source of light. In scientific terms, AUM can be expressed as the source of photon, atoms, electrons and all molecules.  
"The goal, which all Vedas declare, which all austerities aim at, and which humans desire when they live a life of conscience, I will tell you briefly it is aum"-Katha upanishad"
AUM has been attributed the highest spiritual efficacy due to the three kara (sound) it produces a (a-kara), u (u-kara), m (m kara). A-kara means all visible entities like trees, earth, or any other object. U-kâra means formless or shapeless like water, air or fire. Ma- kara means neither shape nor shapeless (but still exists) like the dark energy content of the Universe. When we combine all three syllables we get AUM which is a combination of  A- kara,  U- kara, and  Ma- kara.[2] <>
Aum-The sacred syllable and sound of God

Energies of AUM symbol or Logo  
According to spiritual science, energy exists around the word, form, smell etc. This means where the symbol or statue of god is present, energy exist around it. This is why AUM or cross symbol is used to ward away evil and negative energies. Only those who have meditated on AUM can extol the power of this simple yet powerful symbol. Energy has been experienced by the person who engraves AUM symbol on their T-shirt or body.
Interpretation of AUM symbol
AUM is allegorically interpreted in many ways:
For EX: AUM is the arrow, soul is the bow and Brahman is the target. Concentrated meditation with a peaceful mind, Soul (Bow) must release arrow (chant AUM) continuously to invoke the Brahman (Target). 

Everything in the universe is AUM
There are many words that are used to represent God but none of them is as divine, perfect and symbolic as AUM.
In Sanskrit, first letter is A and last letter is M. Thus ‘AUM’ represents everything from A to Z. Sound of the snow cladded Himalayas, sound of the slowing ganga river, sound in the bustling city, sound of the running engine, sound of rain, sound of thunder etc is the manifestation of AUM. AUM is the symbol of God. AUM is the river and meditation is the boat that can take you on a journey of eternal bliss.
Chanting on AUM is better than worshipping the images of gods and goddesses.
AUM music of sun
Omkaaram Bindu-Samyuktam Nityam Dhyaayanti Yoginah |
Kaamadam Mokssadam Caiva Omkaaraaya Namo Namah ||1||
Om, which is united with the Source,
On which the Yogis ever dwell,
Which grants desires and liberation,
I salute the Omkar.

AUM parbat(mountain)-Abode of lord shiva
Devotees throng to see the AUM parbat near Nabhi Dhang on the borders of Nepal and India during the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra.  
Aum-The sacred syllable and sound of God
Chanting AUM is the way to enlightenment or self-realization
Aum is the only sacred word that connects the mediator directly with the divine. After a brief interval of time, the mediator no longer chants AUM, instead his inner spirit hears the divine AUM sound vibrating in his body. Not only hear, he also feels the vibrations flowing through the body. Hence, one who becomes inwardly divine hears the transcendental sound of AUM.  
AUM can be generalized as
A-Aspiration to conceive god  
U- Union with God.
M- Manifestation of God in our heart and all around us
When the seeker hears the cosmic AUM sound, his heart become serene and controlled free of all fear and sufferings. In this exalted state of consciousness, one can see the glow in his body. In this stage of enlightenment, one unites with the god and attains absolute liberation. Only prolonged meditation and self-realization can transform your charge less body to a cosmic radio or television that receives the natural vibrations of AUM sound.
Blowing Conch produces AUM sound
Since AUM is the basis of this materialistic universe and preceded all other things, it is used in prayers to invoke gods. This is why conch is blown before all religious ceremonies and rituals. As Conch resonate the AUM sound, it is placed on all temples and blew in all religious ceremonies be it marriage, sacrifice, house warming etc. When Lord Krishna blew his conch before the start of Mahabharata war, the whole world trembled in fear as they listened to the thundering sound emanating from the conch.  
Small joke on blowing conch
A man was hired in a temple especially for the purpose of blowing conch. He went home and told his mother "mom! I got a blow job".
Aum-The sacred syllable and sound of God
Aum is chanted not for materialistic gain but for liberation
This is the oldest divine hymn that is not chanted for monetary or materialistic gain, but for the purity and liberation of the soul.
Generally, desires are external and internal. Selfish materialistic humans strives for external desires like sex, money, pleasures, fame etc while karmic human beings strives for the self-realization of the soul. Aum can help you in achieving your internal aspirations.

Meditating on AUM conquers negative thoughts and attachments
According to Tantric science, Each of the 50 Sanskrit letters represents one of the virtues or emotions of human life like fear, anger, hope, love, hate etc. That’s why Sanskrit is a language that vibrates our chakras with the vibrations of the cosmos. This can be better understood by an example of a just born crying baby. First evidence of life when a new baby is born is it crying sound. Science says this crying of baby as the survival instinct to drive the lungs but Vedic sages connects it with the hunger of the soul to go back to the spiritual world and its denial to accept the materialistic body. This cry is very similar to the cry of ambitious human beings that strives for comforts and materialistic pleasures. When the baby is born, he is free of religion, sect, education, sex, money etc but slowly and gradually, it’s get attached to sex, Pride, arrogance, anger and qualities that directs us to sin and darkness. Meditating on AUM is the way to conquer these negative attachments and reach a stage of enlightenment and self-realization.
HOW chanting AUM connects us to god?
Some positive energy exists around the idol which is experienced by the devotees continuously. When we chant, sound vibrations that are produced by our concentrated mind react with this positive energy and create a divine current. This current instills some of the positive energy within our body thus bringing internal peace to the mind. This effect is very similar to the magnetic effect instilled in an iron rod that was rubbed by the magnet for few minutes. We are just a small fraction of the sum total created by god. Sometimes, the mantras are chanted with yantras(instrument) which may include musical instruments like flute, sitar, bells etc. This is done to produce extremely powerful sound vibrations that can cure illness by the constant flow of positive divine energy. It is said chanting produces certain lighting figures of deities in the mind which become brighter and brighter as we advances in the various stages of self-realization. Sri Yantra is the image that one sees in his mind when he continuously chants chanting AUM.
Aum-The sacred syllable and sound of God
Thus, we saw how AUM represents both personal and impersonal aspect of god. Therefore, AUM is the most sacred symbol of Hinduism and logo of Hinduism. AUM is the sacred syllable that represents Brahman-the only one who is impersonal, omnipresent, omnipotent and the source of all materialistic existence. Both AUM sound and form symbolizes the ever-pervading Brahman that transcends the entire universe. As AUM is the symbol that symbolizes god and is also the mantra to meditate on, it is found in all nooks and comers of the country. In next article, we will apprehend how mystics communicate with god by chanting AUM.
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