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Universe is a video game,God-the creator of video game and Humans-Character of video game
Posted By Sarin on Mar 24, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

illusioni In this article, we will see how our life is similar to the character of a video game.

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Many times, we are often asked or we often search for reasons behind our existence and also the truth behind the unresolved mysteries of science, life, earth, universe, god etc. Sometimes, we suggest, sometimes we predict, sometimes we debate, sometimes we fight, and sometimes we even kill each other in the name of religion, nation, dignity, caste etc. Many times, we often ask the whole reason of our existence and existence of different entities (animals,plants,minerals etc) across the world. Atheists look in science for their answers whereas theist researches their religion to find out the truth while agnostic are totally clueless of how to find out the absolute truth of our existence. Science does explain how these materialistic entities exist but not why? Scientific experiments and tools does explain what happens with different materialistic entities but do not explain why it happens in that particular way.
But Hinduism religious scriptures and saints do answer all these questions. It also answers many other mysteries of life which even science were not able to-do or are totally skeptical of it truth. Let us see what the Hinduism religious scriptures suggest:
According to Hinduism religious scriptures, we are nothing but the characters of the video game. We have been put on earth in a controlled environment and governed by the laws of nature and karma. Now you may ask, if we are the character of video game, then who is the creator of video game and who is the player of video game. Well, according to Hinduism, the creator is lord brahma and the only player of video game is lord Vishnu. This is why in bhagavad gita, lord Krishna says �I am the supreme enjoyer�.According to Puranic texts, lord Vishnu created lord brahma and lord Shiva and gave them the specific task of creating the world and destroying the world so that he can play(enjoy) with their creation. So, every night, lord brahma in his dreams create universe in his own way and the next morning when he wakes up, this created universe is destroyed by lord shiva. So, our present life is nothing but just an imagination of lord brahma and we are nothing but the characters of his dreams.

Trinity of Lord Shiva (left), lord Vishnu (center) and lord Brahma(right), accepted as supreme god by most of Hindus albeit the conception differs from region to region.  
Now you may ask, if this universe is created in lord brahma dreams, then how this earth is more than a billion year old. Well the science itself answers these questions.
Science itself has proved that dream of any living being last only for few seconds but sometimes, we dream of doing activities of many years in just one dream. Now, if we can do activities of many years in just one small dream, then why lord brahma dream cannot be more than earth’s billion years. Recently released English movie ‘Inception’ is also based on these concept. Let’s see what the religious scriptures have to say about lord brahma dreams and earth time-span
  Lord Brahma one dream (night) is equivalent to 4.32 billion earth years. This also means that the earth is destroyed every 4.32 billion Years and then, for the next 4.32 billion years when the lord brahma is awake, earth faces destruction and remains in destroyed state. Thus, one full day of lord brahma equals 8.64 billion earth years.  

Lord Brahma dream
At the end of each cycle when this universe is destroyed by shiva and later re-created by brahma, lord Vishnu rests in the coils of Ananta (Shesh nag), the great seperent of infinity.
4.32 billion Earth year is called ‘kalpa’. In other words, mahayuga(consisting of four yuga, Satya yuga, Treta yuga, Dvapara yuga, and Kali yuga) is repeated thousand times,a unit of time equivalent to 4.32 billion human years equaling Brahma single day, doubling which we get a period of Brahma day and night of 8.64 billion years. Same was later validated by Aryabhata in the 6th century independently. This universe follows the cyclic pattern of expansion followed by contraction, a cosmos without end. Modern physicists and astronomers do not deny this possibility. 
Brahma full day and night cycle corresponds to 8.64 billion solar years that equals to about half the age of the universe as per modern science. Ancient hindus believed that single day and night of Brahma(Kalpa) lasts for 4.32 billion years. 72,000 kalpas continues for 311,040 billion human years, equivalent to brahma century.
A single day of demigods equals six months of planet earth while their single year corresponds to 360 human years, whereas just a single blink of lord vishnu eye equals 12,000 years of demigods. 

Hinduism Life cycle or Evolution as per Hinduism
Hinduism is the only religion to believe that the Cosmos also undergoes deaths and rebirth infinite numbers of times. Hinduism - the only religion with time scales matching exactly to modern cosmic science. Its cycles repeat for 8.64 billion years with our ordinary day followed by ordinary night to form a single day & night of brahma. This time scale is longer than the age of Sun or Earth and nearly half the time scale since the Big Bang and still, much longer time scales Exists.
Above timespan can be verified in bhagavad gita as well, where lord Krishna says the following verse to Arjuna:
"All the planets of this universe from Brahma dreams are periodic. O Arjuna”
Those who understand day and night, knows that Brahma day and night both are thousand yugas long.
From the unmanifested, all manifest creation begins on the advent of day(of Brahma). On the arrival of night, all these creation is destroyed again to form the unmanifested. “
"All planets of brahma world, from most evolved to the most degraded, all are places of pain and suffering where daily millions of death and birth takes place. But the soul that attains me, O son of Kunti, achieves moksha (Liberation) and there is no more birth. Single day of Brahma is euals to thousand of yuga(Eons) known to humankind; same is for each night."  

Above image shows Lord Brahma major creations who are also worshipped as demigods in Hinduism (demigods with directions depicted below)

Pictorial depiction of brahma with all demigods
In this article, we saw how the universe is created by god and how all humans are just a character of video game. Just like humans create their video game and enjoy playing it, god has created its own video game and enjoys playing it. In the next article, we will learn the purpose of our life and how to liberate from this materialistic world. How to escape from this maya or illusion of the god? How to live your life etc?
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