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Is ramayana or hanuman linked to Bermuda traingle
Posted By Sarin on Jul 26, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

You may be wondering what Ramayana (Read Legend of Ramayana across the world) has to do with Bermuda triangle. How can there be the relation between the two? IS the author moron? And blah!blah!blah!!! Well the relation between the two is Lord Hanuman and the demons he fought with in his Endeavour of searching sita in sri lanka. The monkey god Hanuman is very famous all across the globe for his strength, valor, courage and devotion.  
Read why hanuman is the only savior of this kaliyuga
There are huge followers of lord hanuman in US (West coast of Bermuda triangle) and West Indies (east coast of Bermuda triangle) excluding the retarded racists of western world. If you don’t believe then check the westerners dancing to the tunes of lord hanuman in US in the below videos

Do you like monkey god Hanuman?
Some racist orthodox retards don’t like the idea of worshipping demigod that lookalike monkey. They forget the notion that technically, we are very close to monkeys and hence are thought to be the descendants of monkey race (Theory of evolution). Like or dislike is a personal opinion but the person or any entity (Deity in this case) should be judged and revered for his karma and good work and in the case of hanuman, his devotion, courage, strength and spiritual knowledge is unmatched and is also known as the biggest devotee of all times. Even our Hollywood actor ‘Don cheadle’ look like a monkey. Still, he has many followers and fans that are undoubtedly impressed by his acting. They don’t care how he looks; they are only interested in watching his acting, hearing his dialogues, ways of expression, posture, gesture etc.
Is ramayana or hanuman linked to Bermuda traingle
Don cheadle
Monkey!! Monkey!! Monkey!! Enough of this racist shit!! Okay Now, Let us come back to the topic. Before I come to the exact topic, let me digress to brief you on the mystery of Bermuda triangle.
Why Bermuda triangle is known as the haunted place?
Bermuda triangle, also known as Devil triangle, continues to be the hot topic of conversation for the unexplained disappearance of ships/planes and the precious lives that has been lost over the last few centuries. This demoniac area that lies between south east USA and West Indies, has been blamed for the loss of thousands of ships and planes, the reasons for which are still a mystery.
Is ramayana or hanuman linked to Bermuda traingle
Many believes Bermuda triangle to be haunted by demons whose cheap nasty acts are the cause for thousands of paranormal incidents.
Recorded disappearance of ships and planes
Below are some of the recorded disappearance of ships and planes. Point to be noted here is that most of these tragedies happened in broad sunlight and serene weather, not in raging storm with thunder/lightning/earthquakes like it happens in typical Hollywood/Bollywood fictional stories.
1872: Mary Celeste disappeared but was later unmanned 400 miles away from the eastern coast of Africa. Ship was in perfect condition with no sign of any theft or attack but the missing log entry and missing crew members  left many question unanswered.  
March 1918: USS Cyclops disappeared in Bermuda triangle during WW1. This incident was not recorded as haunted as it was thought to be the possible casualty of war or the possible attack by enemies.  
December 1945: Five US navy torpedo bomber aircrafts along with 14 crewmen vanished after signaling out the distress message to the base camp. Aircraft that was sent out for rescue operations also vanished from the same spot.
Is ramayana or hanuman linked to Bermuda traingle
1945: Tudor IV airplane with all 31 passengers disappeared.
1948:  DC-3 airplane carrying 27 passengers vanished.
1951:  All 53 passengers travelling in C-124 Globe disappeared
1952: British plane along with all 33 onboard passengers disappeared
1953: American fighter plane SS Sandra sunk into the ocean.
1954: Lockheed Constellation aero plane with 42 members disappeared.
1956: US Navy seaplane disappeared
1963: Marine ship carrying sulfur and other chemicals vanished along with 39 crew members,
1968: Submarine Scorpion equipped with nuclear weapon vanished along with 99 crew members.
1970: French freighter with 10 crew members disappeared.
1972: German freighter ‘Anita’ with 32 crew members disappeared without a trace.
After so many incidents, no ship, captain or any crew member dare to go at this devil triangle.
Theories on disappearance of ships/Planes
There are many theories on the disappearance of so many ships and planes. Scientists believe Bermuda triangle to be the centre of earth with magnetic fields and holes that can attract any material while historians believed it to be the lost city of Atlantis or some kind of passage to the outer world (Aliens), passage to another dimension etc. Radio disturbances and radio waves recorded at this place sounds like some kind of alien language.
Is ramayana or hanuman linked to Bermuda traingle
Bermuda triangle-center of earth magnetic fields
Questions raised on scientific theories
Geochemist Richard McIver formulated his theory of methane gas erupting from the water surface due to huge landslides in the continental shelf. Methane gas disturbs the density of air and water, thus causing the ships to sink rapidly. Though the theory of Richard McIver sounds quite convincing, he fails to explain the disappearance of planes flying way above the sea surface. Also, why this eruption of Methane gas happens only at Bermuda triangle and not at any other place? Why Bermuda triangle should be considered as the center of earth? Why the compass at Bermuda triangle always points at true north direction?
Enough of scientific and historical bullies!! Let us see what Ramayana has to say about Bermuda triangle.
Dirty Demon ‘Simhika’- the shadow grasper
In Ramayana, there is a story of demoness  who was bestowed the boon of grasping objects by Lord Brahma. She was also known as ‘Chhayagrahi’ because she had the magical power of attracting any object/entity just by glancing at the shadow of the object. She was a giant with the ability of swallowing anything that comes to her. Due to this, nobody dared to travel passing her. When jambavan guided hanuman to cross Indian Ocean then lord hanuman started flying (How hanuman flew at the speed of 660 km per hr) over the Hindu Maha Samudra (Indian Ocean) in his task of searching sita Mata, he felt his speed is getting diminished. Exact verse recorded in the Ramayana (Proof of lord rama) gives the example of sinking ship
Sundara kanda, Verse 5-1-185
samaakshipto.asmi tarasaa pajnuukritaparaakramah |
pratilomena vaatena mahaanauriva saagare ||  
Translation: While the shadow was being grasped, Hanuman thought "Like a great boat in the ocean with opposing winds, I am being pulled back forcefully, with disabled power."
Is ramayana or hanuman linked to Bermuda traingle
Lord hanuman-the powerful one

Lord hanuman kills the filthy demon
Very soon, he realized that he is not travelling at all and is steady at the same place. He looked here and there, up and down, to find a large demon floating beneath the sea water surface attracting his shadow and thus making him steady. Seeing her, he remembered the narration of sugriva on many large powerful demons having the ability of grasping shadows along the path to sri lanka. Hanuman being very powerful was not totally attracted to simhika power otherwise he would have been inside the demon stomach and the demon would have belched ‘GRRRRR’. Surprised by hanuman strength and valour, Simhika ordered hanuman to honor the boon given by lord brahma. Lord hanuman went near her and increased her body size like a huge mountain. (Demon simhika might have thought “If you can do it then I can also do it”). She also increased the size of her mouth to eat hanuman. Ramayana says “Simhika roared like a dense cloud”. (A sign of storm and thunder, an usual occurrence in Bermuda triangle).” Then wise lord hanuman in miniature diamond form went inside the demon mouth and destroyed all vital organs of her body.  
Is ramayana or hanuman linked to Bermuda traingle
Lord hanuman inside simhika mouth
Finally, he came out piercing her stomach with speed equal to speed of mind (Note that Ramayana verse talks about human speed of thinking), thus killing her.  
Sundara kanda, Verse 5-1-184
tatastasyaa nakhaistiiknairmarmaanyutkritya vaanarah |
utpapaataatha vegena manah sampaatavikramah || 5-1-194
Translation: Then Hanuma rend her internal organs with His sharp nails and after that flew up with a speed equal to that of thought.
Seeing simhika killed by hanuman, all the vultures, eagles, other birds and creatures roaming in the sky said “You are the best among the vanaras(monkey race. Also read Neanderthal man and hominid species in Ramayana). You have done a great task of killing a huge beast. Perform your task auspiciously. Whoever has four qualities of vision, skill, courage and intellect, such a person like you, will never fail in any task.”
It is said that fearing hanuman, daughter of demon Simhika (Who has inherited the quality of grasping shadows) ran away from Hindu Maha Samudra to some place beyond the mlechhas country. In Indian scriptures, mlechhas refers to continents west to Indian sub continent (Present Arab countries). I think Bermuda triangle is the place where she went and therefore, the place is haunted with demoniac incidents.
Is ramayana or hanuman linked to Bermuda traingle
Lord hanuman-saviour of this kaliyuga
All physical disaster is the act of deities/demons
If you read all puranic stories then you will find that all supernatural events are linked with deities or demons.  There are deities for all kind of natural elements/entity like Sea (samudra deva), fire (Agni), Water (Varuna), Wind (Vayu) etc. They are the caretaker of these elements and the doer of all the physical disaster linked to their respective element. Earthquake/Floods /cyclones etc are the anger of such deities as the punishment for the wrongdoings done by humans or as the part of cyclic destruction followed by new creation.
For example, solar eclipse is linked to demon Rahu and Diety ‘Surya’. The concept of solar eclipse was said in the above story as
Sundara kanda, Verse 5-1-184
aasye tasyaa nimajjantam dadrishuh siddhachaaranaah |
grasyamaanam yathaa chandram puurnam parvani raahunaa || 5-1-193
Siddhas and Charanas saw Hanuma sinking in her mouth, like the full moon on a full moon day being swallowed by Rahu.

What other scriptures says about Bermuda triangle
Greek mythology also talks about the demon ‘Scylla’ and ‘charladies’ which sounds very similar to the above story of Ramayana. According to orthodox Christians, red eyed demons dwell in Bermuda triangle. These demons burn humans into Skeleton by singing sweet songs. Further, they say “Bermuda triangle shows the power of devil that drags the shadow everything that comes to him”. Bermuda triangle is the headquarters of all devil kingdoms, with four or five water kingdoms in neighboring regions ruled by different demons.  If you don’t believe in god, devil or supernatural events then try visiting these places and never come back againJ.  

Limitations of science
If you don’t believe in god then probably, you may not believe in demon also. So, most likely, guess you will ignore this article. Still, some of the modern thinkers and scientists believe Bermuda triangle to be the dwelling place of aliens. Highly magnetic field has been created by aliens to protect their equipment and privacy by gulping in the earthly objects. Many assumptions and theories have been laid but the main point still remains that Science neither answer the mystery of Bermuda triangle nor does the modern scientists dare (who boast themselves of hi fi technology and inventions) to find out the mystery of Bermuda triangle. Science is unable to explain the following two questions based on the mysteries of Bermuda triangle.
  1)    Why the magnetic compass around Devil Sea and Bermuda triangle always point in true north direction?  
    Is ramayana or hanuman linked to Bermuda traingle
Always north!! HMMM!!!Sounds very nasty place
    2)    Why such kind of paranormal incidents happens only in Bermuda triangle?
Time and time again, through my articles, I have tried to show that modern scientists, with their limited vision and materialistic invention, are trying to find out the mysteries of the whole universe. In reality, they have not found even 1% of the various mysteries of this universe. This is because we have only 2 strand DNA’s which limits our power, consciousness and perception. Only sages with 12 strand DNA’s (which no longer exist in this kaliyuga) can see and understand the creation of this massive universe through their meditative power and consciousness, all of which are far beyond the thinking of the common man.

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