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Use of swastika in American manufacturing industry
Posted By Sarin on Jan 06, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

As shown in my preceding articles, swastika was widely used as a good luck symbol in buildings, monuments, architectural designs etc. Today swastika is considered as the evil symbol in the United States, although the First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects most uses of it. To protect many such ancient sites and their ancient heritage, many buildings with swastika designs are included in the National Register of Historic Places. However, even after this amendment, Swastika designs are often removed from ancient American buildings and monuments citing their false association with Nazism. As a continuous attempt to revive the deep ancestral spiritual significance of swastika, in this article, we will see the use of swastika in American manufacturing industry.
Use of swastika by Krit Company
Krit is derived from name Kenneth Crittenden, who previously worked with regal and ford. He designed and financed the initial car model in 1909. Later from 1906 to 1916, Cars named ‘krit’ were manufactured extensively in Detroit.  To make their car model a huge success, a good luck symbol swastika was used as the company emblem and logo.

Left image shows ‘Krit’ mini bus with a capacity of 15 passengers while right image shows the use of swastika in Kirt cars.  
This American car company was the first car company to use swastika before the German and other Europeans car companies including Volkswagen. Krit also manufactured mini buses and mini trucks that could carry up to 15 peoples.  Due to financial problems, Krit Company was sold to Walter S Russel of the Russel Wheel and Foundry Company. Many conventional 4-cylinder cars were exported to Australia and Europe. Six cylinder models were introduced in 1913, designs changes were made to streamline the body, many advertisements were made in leading newspapers but all this was unable to avoid the bankruptcy of this little car company in 1916 owing to the outbreak of the World War 1. Interestingly, good luck symbol ‘Swastika’ wasn’t lucky for this company.
Krit Advertisment at the beginning of the 20th century
More about this company can be found at

Use of swastika by Wheatley Pottery
In 1920, Wheatley Pottery Company of Cincinnati Ohio released a catalogue with Swastika tiles. Another catalogue was released in 1920 by the Cambridge-Wheatley Company of Covington, Kentucky, and in 1930 by the Franklin Pottery Company of Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Wheatley Pottery was established in 1903 by T.J. Wheatley. Wheatley Pottery produced arts and crafts style pottery of a similar style to Grueby Pottery. Wheatley Pottery is characterized by forms, decorated in relief, and covered in thick matte green, blue, and yellow glazes. It is believed that the production of art pottery at Wheatley ceased by 1910. Wheatley continued in existence until 1927 when the Cambridge Tile Manufacturing Company acquired Wheatley Pottery. The pottery's production in the later years consisted of faience tile, garden ware, and jardineres.  

Above image shows a 5 “square tile with wonderful glazes of turquoise, gray and mottled pale gold.  
Use of swastika by Mueller tiles
In 1930, an article in the newspaper “The Press of Atlantic City” mentions the use of swastika in the statehouse tiles manufactured by the Mueller Mosaic Company. Led by Herman Carl Mueller, this firm used an innovative technique of combining deep carving and glazing to create a photographic-like sense of depth. The tiles were used throughout United States & Canada and were also exported to European countries. These tiles with swastika designs can be seen in the catalogue released by this company in 1930. This catalogue can be found at the California based non-profitable Tile Heritage Foundation website.
Use of swastika by Allentown Portland Cement Company 
Founded in 1906, Allentown Portland Cement Company started manufacturing cements from its first plant in Evansville, Pennsylvania in 1910. This company  was a manufacturer of  mortar and Portland cement. Valley Forge Cement Company acquired this company in 1953 which itself got acquired by  National Gypsum Company in 1960.

Allentown Portland Cement Company, Allentown, PA
Use of Swastika by American Sears catalogue
In 1908, hatpins and pendants in shape of swastika were kept on sale by the American Sears catalogue.
Use of swastika by Allentown Deep Creek mining company
Deep Creek mining company was one of the mining companies engaged in digging copper mines in Salt Lake City of Utah. This company used right-facing swastika in all its certificates including the transactional ones. Below image shows the use of swastika in certificate recording issuance of shares.

Deep Creek mining company certificate
Use of swastika by swastika mining and milling company 
This is supposed to be the shares certificate of swastika mining and milling company based in Ontario, Canada. In my preceding article, I described about the prosperous town ‘swastika’ and the establishment of various companies named after this town. Swastika mining and milling company is one of such companies. Below certificate is 103 years old and can be seen in museum of northern history in Ontario district of Canada. This certificate has two right facing swastikas, a house in the hills, man and covered horse wagon. This shares certificate of the promotion stock has the signature of company secretary and president.

Stock certificate of Swastika Mining and Milling Company
Use of swastika by Good luck rubbers 
Good luck rubbers were specialized in manufacturing rubber rings. These rubber rings were used in plastic or steel jars to block the air from going inside. These rubber rings were flexible enough to be used in any standard jars so as to keep the fruit/food intact and fresh. This company was situated in boston and was closed down after the invention of advanced preservation machines like refrigerators. Good luck Rubbers Company used both right and left-facing swastikas in all its products and advertisements as shown in the image below

On left is the 1915 advertisement of good luck Rubber Company in “good housekeeping” magazine and on the right is the banner of the company on their products.  
Use of swastika by Baird-North Company
Based at Broad Street, Rhode Island, baird-north Company was founded in 1905 by William G Hussey. After his death, his son George hussey took over the charge of the company in 1907 and made it the top ranked mail order company of America. This company manufactured gold and silver items, jewelry, pipes, cases, scissors, thimbles, fans, purses, gifts, fountain pens, match cases etc. In addition to gold and silver products, they also manufactured elaborate glassware, flatware and decorative bronze items. This company regarded swastika as a good luck symbol and used it in all its products, banners and advertisements.

  Above is a 1914 black and white advertisement of Baird-North Company. This advertisement shows their various products along with the product code. Code 205 for ladies watch, 327 for pearl necklace, 341 for diamond ring and so on.
Use of swastika by Herman Wile and company
Herman Wile and company was situated in Minneapolis district of new York. This company was in business since the 1880 under different names before establishing officially in 1897.  On March 1905, this company was sold to Herman Wile who named it as Herman Wile and company and marketed his products under the name “HermanWile guaranteed clothing”. Herman wile used left facing swastika as its trademark on all his products and advertisements.  
Above is the advertisement of HermanWile guaranteed clothing where swastika is officially declared as the clothing trademark of hermanwile clothing 
Use of swastika by Buffum Tool Company 
Buffum Tool Company was founded by Frank Washburn Buffum in the late eighteenth century. He belonged to the well reputed business family.  His father Charles buffum and Grandfather Gustavus Buffum were the chairman and manger of La Crosse lumber company. Frank buffum initially ventured in his father lumbering business before establishing his own company called “buffum Telephone Company” in 1901. Based at Louisiana, Mo, Buffum Tool Company was well known for its top quality tools. His company has good luck symbol swastika as its logo and used the slogan “Buffum Tool Company, High Grade Tools for High Grade Workmen”. He embedded the symbol swastika on all his tools, catalogue, advertisement, product containers and was very proud of his workmanship, town, state and country.  

Left is the advertisement of buffom Tool Company, on right is the company logo followed by their products.
In addition to Ice shaver, Animal traps, chisel, hammer, pluming tools, nails, hooks and wrenches, buffum Tool Company also manufactured airplanes and bayonet parts for World War I.

Use of swastika by Crane steel 
Founded in 1855, Crane steel was started by R.T Crane at Chicago. This company manufactured steam and gas cocks, iron and forged steel screwed fittings, steel and iron valves etc. All their products were marked by a swastika symbol followed by the company name.  After the association of swastika with nazi’s and since most of their goods were exported to European countries, crane steel company discontinued the use of swastika in their goods after the 1930’s. Vintage crane steel catalogs illustrate valves and furnaces of varying sizes and shapes with steel or brass composition embossed with swastika symbol.

On left is the partial image of a branded crane steel valve with swastika emblem while on the right is the handle of 1920’s Crane Furnace.
Parts of this crane steel company can be found in many old companies. The Crane Valve company used swastika as a good luck symbol in almost all its valves. Recently, valve of Crane Company was sighted by an employee of a refinery company in texas during the routine maintenance and replacement of machines older parts.  
As said above, this valve was sighted in a refinery of Texas. Crane steel with swastika symbol can be seen at the middle of this valve.  
Use of swastika in Light Bulb 

Before World War II, swastika light bulbs were quite popular in the 1930’s to 1940’s. When the bulb is turned on, inner swastika spreads radiant light. Though the name of the company manufacturing these swastika light bulbs is still unknown, this light bulb is supposed to be built in USA and not in Germany. This light bulb is an antique item and is normally sold in Ebay for thousands of dollars.

USA made light

Use of swastika in Sun Microsystems
Founded in 1982, Sun Microsystems sold computers, computer peripherals, software, and information technology services. Its java platform and programming language is still the widely used programming language for developing softwares. Based in Santa Clara, California, sun micro system was acquired on April 20, 2004 by oracle for US$7.4 billion.
At first glance, sun micro system logo doesn’t look like a swastika. It seems like a bunch of 4 s. But when you see it carefully after reducing the size of the logo then you will find the logo in the form of swastika. Also, the name of the company (Sun) matches with one of the meanings of swastika (Movement of sun)
Check the below link to find hidden swastika in sun Microsystems logo

This article is intended to reclaim the lost significance and importance of humanity earliest symbol ‘Swastika’. Swastika is derived from the Sanskrit word “svastika”- "su" meaning "good," "asti" meaning "to be," and "ka" as a suffix. Swastika signifies the symbol of good luck, prosperity, peace and fortune. After its association with German nazi’s, this ancient symbol has faced a sad transition from a good luck symbol to symbol of evil and adversity. Swastika is still widely used as a good luck symbol in Asian countries like India, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia etc. This symbol has a great spiritual meaning and significance in Hinduism and its derived religions like Buddhism and Jainism.  
I will end up with a picture of a garden landscaped in the form of a beautiful swastika

Note: Images used on this website are either a production of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust(, Iskcon Foundation or were found in google search under "Free to use and share". If any of the images presented here violates copyright issues or infringes anyone copyright or are not under "Fair use", then please bring it to our notice. Read Disclaimer for more.

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