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Bhagavad gita quote against caste system
Posted By Sarin on May 12, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Already, I have written many articles on caste system to depict the need of caste system in ancient india. We also discussed on the merit of caste system and the division of people according to the need of the society. However, there has been serious adulteration in the original caste system and what we see today i no way close to vedic caste system. Earlier, we saw the Vedas quotes against present caste system. In this article, we will see the quotes of lord krishna against present discriminative caste system through the verses of holy bhagavad gita. Let us see what lord krishna says about the present caste system.
If You haven’t read my earlier post, then please read Part-1  ,  Part-2   and part-3  on caste system before you read this post

Bhagavad gita, chapter 5, verse 29
Krishna Said  “ I am the friend of all creatures” (suhridam sarva bhutanam)  
He doesn’t differentiate between Brahmin, Kshatriya, vaishya or Shudra. Anyone has the right to worship lord krishna and so, brahmins stopping Lower castes and untouchables from visiting the temples cannot be justified anyway.
Bhagavad gita, chapter 6, verse 41
“The unsuccessful yogi, after many, many years of enjoyment on the planets of the pious living entities, is born into a family of righteous people, or into a family of rich aristocracy.” (Bhagavad-gita 6.41)
I.e. one gets birth to a good family based on his good karma in previous life. One needs to be a good karmic yogi to be born in a respectable family of rich aristocracy.
Bhagavad gita, chapter 9, verse 29
Krishna Said “I have the same affection for all creatures, and whosoever remembers the Lord, resides in the Lord, and the Lord resides in him.”

Lord krishna in heart of all living creatures.
Again, He doesn’t differentiate between Brahmin, Kshatriya, vaishya or Shudra. God treats everyone equal and the only way to attain him is good karma. Above image shows lord residing in every heart in form of soul(Atma). One needs to enlighten this soul through meditation, yoga and good karma. On enlightenment, This soul merges with Parmatma(Supreme god) thus attaining moksha(Salvation).
Bhagavad gita, chapter 18, verse 61
Krishna Said “God resides in every heart” (ishwar sarva bhutanam hrudyeshe Arjun tishthti).
Again, He doesn’t mention Brahmin, Kshatriya, vaishya or Shudra
Similarly, Remaining verses are self-explanatory.
Bhagavad gita, chapter 4, verse 13
As a part of God's creation (work), the four vocations are subgrouped according to people's guna (skills) and karma (assignments). Know that all work is for Him, even though He is beyond work, in Eternity
  i.e. Here, lord krishna advises people of all caste to do their activities thinking that the god has assigned that activity to him. One should not diffrentiate any task as cheap or decent. Even the high preist or brahmins sweeps the floor of the temple.

Bhagavad gita, chapter 5, verse 4
Ignorant men, but not the wise, say that Sankhya (variously as: Jnana Yoga , Sanyasa or Surrender, Path of Vision or Wisdom) and Yoga (variously as: Karma Yoga, Tyaga or Renunciation, Path of Action, Bhakti or devotional service, Japaa or Silence, Dhayana or Contemplation / Meditation, Brahamcharya or Austerity, Vaanprastha or Hermitlike) are different paths; but he who gives his self (soul) to one reaches the end of two.  
Bhagavad gita, chapter 9, verse 30
Even if the greatest sinner worships God with all his soul, he must be considered righteous because of his righteous will.  
i.e Even the lowest of all castes or the criminals, crooks,murderers who is ready to undertake hard penance for his sins can worship god.  
Bhagavad gita, chapter 9, verse 31
And he shall soon become pure and reach everlasting peace. For this is His covenant that he who adores Him is not lost.  
  i.e Soul of any person can become pure through meditation and yoga irrespective of the caste he belong to.
Bhagavad gita, chapter 9, verse 31
God is one in all, but it seems as if he were many; He (as Vishnu / preserver) supports all beings: from Him (as Rudra / destroyer) ensues end, and from Him (as Brahma / creator) ensues beginning.  
  i.e God is in everyone.

Krishna in everone soul.
The Only diffrence between humans and god is enlightenment.

Bhagavad Gita, chapter 18, verse 40
"There is no being on earth, or again in heaven among the gods, that is liberated from the three qualities born of Nature."
Bhagavad gita, chapter 18, verse 41
The duties involving Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra are grouped according to people's abilities and skills. (Ch. 18 - verse 41)  
i.e.People are grouped according to their abilities and depending upon how they enhance their skills and abilities, their caste changes accordingly. A meditating khsatriya becomes a brahmin Ex: gautama buddha, whereas a brahmin fighting in battlefield becomes a Kshatriya Ex: parshuram. Actually, as per vedic system, every person has two caste, one by birth and one by deeds, with the latter overriding the former.  
Bhagavad gita, chapter 18, verse 42
The skills for a Brahmin involve serenity, self-harmony, austerity and purity, loving-forgiveness and righteousness; vision, wisdom and faith. (Ch. 18 - verse 42)  
  i.e This is what brahmins are supposed to do. Unfortunately, Even 1 percent of the present brahmins doesn't do this task. Hence as per the vedic verses, such namesake brahmins are infact sudras.
Bhagavad gita, chapter 18, verse 43
The qualities needed according to Kshatriya are: a heroic mind, splendor or inner fire, constancy, resourcefulness, courage in battle, generosity and noble leadership. (Ch. 18 - verse 43)  
   this is what kshatriya are supposed to do. Even if 10% of the indian kshatriya would have done their activity perfectly, then indians wouldn't have become slaves of mughals and british.
Bhagavad gita, chapter 18, verse 44
Trade, agriculture and rearing of cattle may be tackled by Vaishya; and the background (tenure) of a Shudra is also suited to providing support (Ch. 18 - verse 44)  
Bhagavad gita, chapter 18, verse 45
People attain perfection when they find joy in their work. Hear how a person attains perfection and finds joy in his work.  
Bhagavad gita, chapter 18, verse 46
A person achieves perfection when his work is - performed with pure feeling of - worship of God, from whom all things come and who is in all.  
Bhagavad gita, chapter 18, verse 47
"Better is one`s own duty (though) destitute of merits, than the duty of another well performed. He who does the duty ordained by his own nature incurs no sin."
  i.e Here, lord krishna clearly says that one should follow his own duty instead of doing another unless well performed which means one can do the duty of another caste if he has the ability and skills to do that task perfectly.
Bhagavad gita, chapter 18, verse 48
"One should not abandon, O Arjuna, the duty to which one is born, though faulty; for, all undertakings are enveloped by evil, as fire by smoke."
  i.e.Lord krishna says one shouldn't abandon his task even when he is not happy with his task becaue the unhappiness comes from faulty thinking, wordly desires and wrong undertakings.
Bhagavad gita, chapter 18, verse 63
The words of vision and wisdom have been conveyed. Ponder them in the silence of your soul, and then in freedom do your will.  
  i.e. At the end, lord krishna says that i have given you wisdom and knowledge. Now it's up to you whether you wanna take it or not. It's upto you whether you wanna do the activity assigned to you by god or you wannna do activity assigned to you by your materialistic mind, thus tarpping yourself in continous cycle of death and rebirth.

Cycle of birth and death.
Swami Sivananda (The Divine Life Society, Rishikesh) , in his commentary on Gita,Ch.18, verses 41,and 45 says:
"Mankind is organised into the four castes and each man`s life is divided into four stages, according to the nature of the Gunas and the degree of growth or evolution. This is the division of labour for which each caste is fitted according to its own nature. The duty prescribed is your sole support, each devoted to his own duty in accordance with his own nature or caste, and the highest service you can render to the Supreme is to carry it out whole-heartedly, without expectation of fruits, with the attitude of dedication to the Lord.
The caste system is, indeed, a splendid thing. It is quite flawless. But the defect came in from somewhere else. The classes gradually neglected their duties. The test of ability and character slowly vanished. Birth became the chief consideration in determining castes. All castes fell from their ideals and forgot all about their duties." Persons got trapped in materialistic desires. Persons bewildered in lust looks for pleasures and recreation in every activity and forget their rightful duty assigned by the lord. Guys, Seek for the ultimate truth, do meditation and yoga to enlighten your soul, preach others the true message of the god, stop fighting on silly issue regarding caste and religion, Seek peace in churches/Temples/Mosques, sing glories of the gods, dance to the divine music and most of all, dedicate all your activities to god.
  Jai Shree krishna
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