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Spiritual politics will win IMK Madurai News Times of India
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

Tuticorin Indu Makkal Katchi IMK will strive hard for the victory of the spiritual politics alliance in all the 234 assembly segments in the state . Read More

Tamil Nadu Indu Makkal Katchi to strive hard for spiritual politics alliance victory Madurai News Times of India
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

Spiritual politics will win. Rajinikanth should win he told reporters in Tuticorin on Sunday after taking part in special prayers for the victory Read More

Pawan Kalyans birthday wishes for Venkatesh A friendship is based on their shared love of books on spirituality religion and the world Telugu Movie News Times of India
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

Venkatesh Daggubati celebrates his birthday today and one of his closest friends from the film industry Pawan Kalyan had special birthday wishes for. Read More

Spiritual guru Sri Ms new book on yoga to hit stands soon Times of India
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

Spiritual teacher and author Sri Ms new book is a goto guide to understand Patanjalis yoga sutras for both quotgodless and godinspiredquot. The book ti Read More

x27Raavanx27 Saif Ali Khan Clarifies x27Adipurushx27 Will be Without Any x27Distortionsx27 Issues Apology
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

After a few statements made by Saif Ali Khan went viral on social media recently the actor issued an apology for the same clarifying his upcoming film x27Adipurushx27 will be without any cultural distortions. Read More

Prakash Jha Bobby Deol Issued Notices for Controversial Depiction of Hindu Saints in Aashram
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

A Jodhpur court on Monday sought stands of filmmaker Prakash Jha and actor Bobby Deol on a plea taking offence to the controversial portrayal of Hindu saints in their recently released web series Aashram. Read More

Netizens Demand Saif Ali Khanx27s Raavan Role in x27Adipurushx27 be Recast Herex27s Why
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

Netizens are demanding x27Adipurushx27 makers to drop Saif Ali Khan from the leading role as he talked about the upcoming movie highlighting the x27humanex27 side of Raavan. Read More

Lawsuit Seeks Restoration of Hindu amp Jain Deities Right to Worship at Alleged Temple Complex in Qutub Minar Site
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

It further sought issuance of mandatory injunction directing the Central Government to create a trust according to Trust Act 1882 and to hand over the management and administration of the temple complex situated within the area of Qutub Complex. Read More

x27Hindus Visiting Church will be Beatenx27 Bajrang Dals Christmas Warning for Assamese in Viral Video
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

Mithu Nath the General Secretary of district unit of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad also said he is x27outragedx27 by the alleged shut down of the Vivekananda Centre in Christianmajority Meghalaya state capital Shillong. Read More

Dust and soil from asteroid Ryugu revealed Unexplained Mysteries
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

Scientists in Japan have unveiled the contents of the Ryugu sample capsule which recently returned to Earth. Read More

Terrestrial relative of pterosaurs discovered Unexplained Mysteries
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

Palaeontologists have shed new light on the evolutionary history of these abundant prehistoric flying reptiles. Read More

Mass extinctions follow 27millionyear cycle Unexplained Mysteries
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

Scientists have determined that mass extinctions have occurred throughout history with striking regularity. Read More

Matter could be made up of energy fragments Unexplained Mysteries
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

Physicists contemplating the nature of matter have come up with a new way of describing what it is made of. Read More

Newtons heretical notes on the apocalypse Unexplained Mysteries
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

Celebrated physicist Sir Isaac Newton had a keen interest in alchemy the pyramids and the end of days. Read More

New sections of tower of skulls discovered Unexplained Mysteries
Posted on Dec 16, 2020

Archaeologists in Mexico have unearthed new sections of a terrifying structure made from human skulls. Read More

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