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Donate To NGO's

Well...Well..Well..When i say donate, I am not asking money for myself. By god's Grace, I have enough money to pay my server cost and maintain my website. Although i am lucky enough to do so, millions of poor indians are not even able to meet their basic needs of life i.e food,clothing and shelter. So, It is my sincere request to all of you to donate money for such millions of indians because their daily livelihood, bread and butter etc. are dependent on the money you donate to various genuine NGO's.

Below are some of the top Indian NGO's which are working for the upliftment and better fostering of poor orphaned childrens. I have listed only NGO's which works for young children because I guess their life is more precious than any old person who have crossed major part of his life.. However, you are free to donate to any NGOs you like.

Leading NGO's that brings smile to thousands of poor childrens
Sponsor food or education for poor childrens of india
NGO that raises funds for the poorest of the poor in India
NGO's that feeds nearly 1.3 million children every day via the funds received
NGO that support various causes of children
NGO's with various initiatives to provide holistic treatment for childrens and integrate them into the main-stream
NGOs working on the issue of Child Labour:

Please donate and make them smile like this...

and like this...

Donate and let them have education like this...

and like this

Donate and let them have joy and happiness like this.

and like this...

Donate and let them have the love of parents like this.

Donate and let them have good quality food like this.

Donate and let them enjoy like this...

Donate and make them patriotic like this...

Donate and enlighten them with a peaceful and spiritual life like this...

So what are you waiting for??please help these poor kids by donating to atleast to one of the NGO's listed above. Even hundred of rupees(which you throw away easily in a single movie, beer, whisky etc) mean a lot to them. Your small donation can stop these kids from going on a wrong path to earn their livelihood and hence, will support Dr.kalam vision of making india one of the best place to live in, by 2020.