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Proof of Lord krishna existence-1
Posted By Sarin on Apr 12, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Situated on the West Coast of Gujarat, ancient city of Dwaraka has a very important place in the religious and cultural history of India. Tourists from different corners of this world are attracted to the magnificent architecture of the excavated Dwaraka city. Because of dwaraka association to epic Mahabharata, Dwaraka still attracts not only historians and archeologists but also scientists and religious philosophers.  
Dwaraka is the living proof of the existence of lord Krishna and the rich cultural history of India.

All the reasons have been explain beautifully in hindi and english in the below videos on youtube.

Proof of Lord krishna existence-1

Why Lord Krishna ran from Mathura to Dwaraka?
After killing the King Kansa (Krishna maternal uncle), Ugrasena (krishna maternal grandfather) was made the king of Mathura. Powerful king of magadha, Jarasandha (kamsa father-in law) was very angry with kansa death. He made a truce with arab king Kalyavan to attack Mathura and kill lord Krishna. King jarasandha attacked Mathura 17 times but was defeated every time by lord Krishna and his army. However, seeing the massive death of his people in the war, Lord Krishna suggested to move out of Mathura to dwaraka for the safety of his people.

Who built Dwaraka & how?
Lord Krishna summoned vishwakarma(deity of construction) to build a beautiful city at the western coast of Saurashtra. Visvakarma asked lord krishna to request 12 yojanas of land from Samundra dev(Diety of sea) for the construction of a magnificent city. Lord Krishna did as vishwakarma suggested after which vishwakarma constructed city of Dwaraka embedded with gold, diamonds, rubies and precious metals. During the reign of lord Krishna, Dwaraka was said to be very beautiful with charming ponds, enchanting gardens, deep moats and architectural palaces.
Proof of Lord krishna existence-1

Why Dwaraka submerged into sea?
In the Mahabharata war, queen of hastinapur 'Gandhari' lost her 100 sons. She held lord Krishna responsible for the war and cursed him that his clan will face complete destruction in the same way her clan died. Lord Krishna accepted this curse as he also wanted the destruction of yadava clan, who had become arrogant of their powers. Due to gandhari curse, Great War took place between the two yadavas group, after which lord Krishna left Dwaraka for meditation into the jungle.
Before leaving, lord Krishna said to arjuna; No one will be able to save you or this city after my leave.' Same is also repeated by arjun in the Mahabharat as : "The sea waves, hitting the shores till now, suddenly overtook his natural boundary. Sea water rushed into the beautiful city streets covering up the entire city within seconds. Within few moments, all the magnificient palaces submerged in the sea waves. No trace was left for this beautiful city and Dwaraka became just a name; just a memory."

Finding Dwaraka?
Most of the location associated with Mahabharata like kurukshetra (Present Haryana), mathura(Present UP), hastinapur (Present Haryana) etc was already known to historians. But the exact location of dwaraka city was still unknown. So, City of Dwaraka has been the major research topic of historians since the inception of 20th century. Historians knew the city should be somewhere close to Dwaraka temple. Historians dug up literary texts like Mahabharata and harivamsa to estimate the precise location of dwaraka.

Discovery of Dwaraka
ASI(Archaeological Survey of India) under the co-ordination of NIO (National Institute of Oceanography) and MAU (Marine Archaeology Unit) decided to explore the areas around the Dwarka Temple, situated near the western coast of Gujarat.
Great marine archaeologist, Dr. Rao guided a team consisting of archaeologists, trained diver-photographers and expert underwater explorers to explore the sea-waters around dwaraka temple. They used modern scientific technique of geophysical survey along with underwater metal detectors, mud-penetrators, echo-sounders and sub-bottom profilers. After years of search operation, they were finally able to discover the submerged Dwaraka.
Proof of Lord krishna existence-1

Proof of submerged city being Dwaraka
Articles and antiquities recovered by the team in their excavation between 1983 to 1992 was sent to Laboratory for research. By using carbon dating, thermo-luminescence and similar modern techniques, this artifacts were dated to 15th century B.C. In his article "Lost City of Dwaraka", Dr. Rao has described all details of his underwater marine research with evidences and various recovered artifacts. One such detail is on discovery of well-fortified town Dwaraka, covering an area of half mile from the sea shore. Dwaraka City's walls erected on huge boulders is the proof that the city was built after reclaiming the land from the sea. General layout of dwaraka specified in ancient texts matches exactly with the submerged city researched by the MAU.
Based on the excavated artifacts, researchers concluded Dwaraka as an ancient prosperous kingdom, destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. Because of the hardwork of great excavators like M.S. Mate and Z.D. Ansari, many temples of 9th A.D. to 1st A.D. were found buried deep inside the sea.

Age of Dwaraka city
Conclusions derived from the marine archaeological explorations validates the dates of Mahabharata and its events as mentioned in the ancient texts. Research also proved Dwaraka as a prosperous port town, that existed for barely 60-70 years (1500 B.C) before being submerged under the sea in 1443 B.C. Though carbon dating of city walls dates Dwaraka to 1443 B.C, ancient Vedic sages, historians and religious leaders states that lord krishna disappeared just before the advent of kaliYuga in 3102 B.C. Therefore, Dwaraka is said to be at least 5,000 years old.

More proof hidden in sea-waters
Rao said that if government allocate a fraction of funds for marine archeology instead of land archeology, more Proof can be dug out. Historically, dwaraka holds more significance as it describes the second level of urbanization after the Indus Valley civilization. Discovery of dwaraka mock the Western historians claims of no civilization in the Indian subcontinent between Indus Valley civiization (1500 B.C) and advent of Buddhism (550 B.C.).
Proof of Lord krishna existence-1

Proof of excavated dwaraka being the city of lord krishna
One of the artifacts that validates the dwaraka's involvement with epic Mahabharata, is a seal stamped with three headed animal. In mahabharata, there is a description of such a seal given to citizens of Dwaraka as their identity to protect the city from king Jarasandha of Magadha kingdom (now Bihar). Also Pottery carbon dated to 3000 B.C has triangular three-holed anchors & iron stakes all of which has been mentioned in Mahabharata.
All these archeological evidence blast the claims of non-historicity of the Mahabharata but western historians still calls Mahabharata as a myth as the Vatican pays them to uphold Christianity as the first religion of the world.

Lord krishna existed
S.R. Rao stated "There is no doubt that lord krishna existed." And submergence of Dwaraka is the first-recorded tsunami in the world. Mahabharat says about dwaraka completely submerged under sea and arjuna carrying Lord Krishna's grandsons to his kingdom Hastinapur.
Proof of Lord krishna existence-1

Discovery of legendary city dwaraka was a significant achievement in defining the history of India. Thus, Evidences recovered from excavation of dwaraka proves the existence of lord Krishna and Mahabharata war. It also proves that much advanced pre-harrappan civilized existed in India. True historians will not deny the historicity of Mahabharata and will imply that India was a civilized country since the Vedic age"
Anyone looking for spiritual enlightenment or devotional service is recommended to stay in any one of following three cities: Vrindavana, Mathura or Dwaraka. It is said, devotional service done at this three places gets magnified and those who follows all the religious principles mentioned in ancient scriptures surely achieve the blessing and liberation from lord Krishna.

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