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Various Maya-Illusions of lord krishna
Posted By Sarin on Apr 10, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

In many Blogs, you will find extremely vulgar and wrong information given about the relationship of Lord Krishna with radha and other gopis. So, this article will show the true relationship of Krishna with radha and other gopis and will also refute the claims written by some extremists across many blogs. In addition, I have also mentioned many of his famous Illusions (Maya).

Lord Krishna and Gopis Raas-Leela
One night,in the woodlands adjoining yamuna, Lord Krishna played a melodious tone on his flute which travelling through the air reached the ears of the gopis. His melodious tone was so pleasant that it distracted everything from their normal activity and enchanted them to revel in ecstasy. Even flowers and leaves, shrubs and trees,birds and animals blossommed and expressed happiness in lord divine music through their pleasant smells, cool breeze etc.
Hearing the divine music from lord flute, all gopis were captivated by the symphony of joy emanating from sweet music. All gopis left their work and running towards the source of sweet music came to the spot where krishna was playing his melodious flute. some were serving their husbands, some were milking their cows, while others were busy in their cosmetics, cleaning houses etc. Leaving all their work aside, all rushed towards Krishna to listen to his melodious tone. Their parents, brothers and husbands tried to stop them but of no use. Note that this gopis were rishis in their previous birth and got the boon of love and devotion in their next birth from lord himself.

Krishna Raas-Lela with gopis

Seeing lord Krishna, all Gopis including radha were lured away to divine music so much that they forgot everything else and started dancing with the lord on his flute melody. Since all the gopis would want to go near lord Krishna, they started fighting with each other. Seeing this, lord through his Maya took multiple forms and illumined all gopis in such a way that each one of them felt that lord is dancing with her alone. This Lord illusion is also known as raas-leela (Raas- Music, leela-Game).

Dandiya-Garba celebration for ten days
This game, today, has taken the form of festival in India celebrated for ten days, called as dandiya and garba.
Krishna leela with Gopi
It is a well-known story that lord Krishna enjoyed stealing curd and butter from neigbour's house.
Once, Krishna along with his companions went inside the neigbour house to steal curd. Moment they took down the vessel containing curd, house came in. Now just enjoy the conversation she had with the lord.

"Why did you come in?” she asked
"Mother had a stick in her hand so I ran in here out of fear," Krishna replied.

"Who are these boys?" she asked.
  "I brought them to bear witness to what I say", replied Krishna.

"Why have you placed that vessel between your legs? she asked in feigned anger.
"So that these fellows do not eat of your butter", was the answer.
"Why there is butter in your hands?she asked more angrily.
"While protecting the vessel from my comrades, some fell into my hands", was the answer.
"Why I can see butter near your mouth? she asked.
"Since I stopped my comrades from stealing butter, they intentionally put some butter on my cheek to trap me",
"Why there is less butter in my vessel?she asked.
"They are many and I alone was not able to protect the butter from everyone. So, they ate some of your butter.".
Krishna cannot be trapped. He is sarvavyapi (all pervading present everywhere); He is kind to all devotees (bhaktavatsala).

Lord Krishna stealing butter
Krishna Locked by gopi stealing butter
One day, While krishna wasstealing butter, one of the gopi got hold of him and tied him in one room and rushed towards mother yashoda to say her darling son had been caught red handed stealing butter. But was amazed on seeing Krishna eating in his home. Stunned, she ran back to her home to see Krishna tied up as she had left him. Young krishna once again gave the evidence of his divine form and illusions to handle the situations and relationship playfully. 

Gopis (in background) caught lord Krishna red-handed stealing butter

Krishna caught red-handed eating butter
 This is the well known story of mother Yashoda seeing Krishna stealing butter. Krishna thought that her mother hasn't seen him
. So, he straightly denied stealing butter. Mother yashoda says that I have seen from my own naked eye. Seeing his lies clearly exposed, he sang a song to console her mother. Very angry from the daily taunt of her villagers, she decided to punish krishna by tying him to a mortar But everytime she attempted to tie the knot, the rope became slightly short. Seeing her mom exahusted, krishna finally allowed her to succeed but later crawled out happily dragging the heavy woooden mortar behind him.

Lord Krishna tied up by mother yashoda

Moms should feed their children first
Once asked on why he steals butter he said that Cow herder should first feed their children before selling milk and its products in the market. HE also said that cow milkers should allow calf to fill his stomach and only then if any milk is left, one should take it for themselves.

Yashoda sees universe in krishna mouth:
Once, yashoda caught Krishna eating mud and on his denial, forced him to show his mouth.  
When young Krishna showed his mouth, mother yashoda saw the whole universe with galaxies, stars and Planets, all inanimate and animate things. . She went into a trance and became unconscious but the Lord through his maya made her mother forget on what has happened and started erring and crying claiming innocence before his mother.

Yashoda sees universe in lord mouth
Krishna urging the gopis to come out of the river nude
One day, all the gopis were playing joyfully inside the river with their clothes on the river bank. Krishna taking help of his comrades took all their clothes. Krishna quickly climbed the nearby tree and started playing his melodious flute. Gopis objected his actions and ordered him to return their dress. He replied: 'Slender-waisted ones, all of you come out and take your clothes as you wish. This is no wrong as you have to broken your own vows.' On hearing this, cow maids understood the lord game and were overwhelmed with love, but out of shame kept looking on one another to decide what to do. Embarrassed by Krishna taunts, they sank down further in the icy water and said shiveringly, 'Don't play such a wicked trick. You are our beloved, O govinda, the pride of our village. O dark handsome one, return our clothes as we follow your commands like your slaves, but we can't come outside without wearing clothes. Give us our clothes or we will complain to your father.' The lord then said, 'O brightly smiling ones, If you listen to my commands like slaves, then why don't you come out and take your clothes.' Seeing no truce, all girls shivering in cold, came out hiding their crotches with their hands. Pleased by their actions, Lord placed their clothes on their shoulder and smilingly said, 'Under a vow, all of you swam in this pure water without clothes. This is a direct insult of diety varuna (Diety of water). So, fold your hands and ask for expatiation of your sin after which you can wear your clothes.'After realising their mistakes, they prayed to diety varuna and then bowed down to Krishna thanking him for fulfilling their desires and forgiving their disgraceful and sins. Satisfied by his beloved actions, he returned their their clothes to them.

Krishna teaching gopis a lesson
Though all the gopis were robbed of their modesty when the lord mocked them by forcing them to come out without clothers, yet they were not angry with him and happily rejoiced their lover actions. They wore their clothes and kept staring the lord face with love thralling in their hearts. Before leaving, all gopis bowed down to touch krishna feet to seek blessing from krishna. Satisfied with their love and actions lord said 'Good, all of you worship me in your heart. I rejoice your love and deep respect of your hearts. Go and sleep my loving ones. you are expiated from your sins.  

Krishna shows arjuna the greatness of karna Once Arjun complained to lord Krishna on always appreciating karna too much for his courage and enormous donation. He further said that my brother Yudhisther is the greatest donator. Krishna thought for a moment after which he said you will get your answer tomorrow. Next day, Krishna and arjuna get dressed as a Brahmin and first go to yudhisther court(office). Yudhisther honoured both the Brahmin and asked them "Tell me o pure souls, what can I do for you?" Disguissed krishna and arjuna asked for chandan woods to cook their food. Yudhister aked them to sit down and ordered his soldiers to arrange for woods of chandan soon. Yudhisther soldiers searched the whole market and entire kingdom but didn't find dry chandan woods wet because of the heavy rain last night. Exhausted in their search, soldiers came back empty handed and expressedn their inability to search to their king. Embarrassed yudhister asked brahmins for forgiveness because of not being able to arrange chandan wood. Both Brahmins asked king to arrange the same tomorrow for that there is no problem. Krishna and arjuna then reached the karna court (office). Karna saluted both the brahmins with extreme solitude and respect. He asks the dup for his service. Brahmin said we are hungry and need chandan woods to cook our food. So please arrange for the same please?. Karan said them to take their seats. Then, Karna fired an arrow from his bow to his palace gate built up of chandan wood. Gate was shattered into pieces following which karna asked the brahmins to take wood they need and let him know if they need more. Brahmin used that chandan wood to cook their food and left karna kingdom after blessing him.
Krishna reminding bhisma his sins
In Mahabharat, Bhisma Pitamah resting on his bed of arrows was thinking for the reasons behind his state. He asked Krishna- O lord, I went through all my previous 71 births but I am not able to find any reason for my current state of lying on bed of arrows.
Krishna replies, O pitahmah, you haven't digged up your 72nd Birth where you tormented a helpless animal by poking arrows through his body and rejoicing your actions. It is that sin you are repaying now.
Note: Images used on this website are either a production of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust(, Iskcon Foundation or were found in google search under "Free to use and share". If any of the images presented here violates copyright issues or infringes anyone copyright or are not under "Fair use", then please bring it to our notice. Read Disclaimer for more.

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