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Darwin theory of evolution is false
Posted By Sarin on Mar 26, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Please read part 1  and part 2  of living in the illusionist world to get better understanding before you read this post.
Darwin predicated his theory based on the anthropological evidence he found and with some scientific experiment. But being a science believer, he did not explore enough on so called mythological evidence and other similar evidences. Let me explain how Darwin theory of evolution is false.
    Darwin said that man evolve through monkey and the various stages were stone age, neantherdal stage and so on...But according to Hinduism religious scripture, humans were the supreme creation of god and always existed since the creation of this universe and what we call as Stone Age man, Neanderthal man is nothing but different species of man. Lord hanuman is one example of Neanderthal man and Stone Age man is believed to belong to demon race and so, they had biologically inhumane faces. So, according to Hinduism, there was no evolution but extinction of other races due to supremacy of humans, the condition which is called as survival of the fittest.
When the scientist gets any inhumane dead body having biologically different face than human, then they carry out detail analysis to find out its exact age and the period it belonged to but when the same scientist gets any dead body inside earth having structure similar to humans, then they do not do any study to find out its age and the period it belonged to..This is the prime reason why there is no evidence of human existence in the early Stone Age or Neanderthal age and if there are any, then they are calling it mythology. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Let us see various stages (ages) according to Hinduism.
Various stages (Ages) of lord Vishnu Maya (Illusions)
For those who don’t know Mayans civilization is the civilization of the demons.. Note that it is situated exactly opposite to India, known as paatal lok(demon country) in Hinduism. Since demons have power of illusion, their civilization was named as Mayans
..I will come with the detailed blog and evidence on this later.
  My hand and mind is too limited to explain all illusion of lord Vishnu.The major Yuga(eons) of lord Vishnu Maya is grouped as
  1)    In Kali Yuga,  
        Kali yuga, which started 5000 years ago,is worst of all times because its the time of deceit and quarrel. The level of spirituality and morality is decreased greatly and the maximum life span of anyone is only 150 years. Humans will be less attracted towards spiritual knowledge and absolute truth and would be more trapped in the materialistic pleasure of science, love, greed, technology etc . Mode of entertainment here for lord Vishnu is seeing the humans fighting among themselves, trapped under his illusions of intense love, desire, greed etc. This is the most degraded yuga of all times where the humans will do cheap and immoral acts.  This iron age of quarrel and hypocrisy lasted for 432,000 years.Before the beginning of this Yuga, Lord Krsna was seen in his trancendental original form. It is futher predicted that people will hardly live for 20 years by the end of kaliyuga and their only food will be meat and there will be no spiritually and theist left.  
  2)    In Dwapara Yuga,
        This was the yuga(Age) before the start of kali yuga. In previous yuga (Dvapara Yuga), life was better compared to the current one. The lifetime of a human being in Dvapara Yuga was as much as 1000 years. Humans stood as tall as 12 feet and animals & trees were bigger as well. Mode of entertainment here for lord Vishnu here was seeing the humans trapped under his illusions of love, desire, greed etc. This Bronze Age continued for 864,000 years and the path of spituality was the deity worship within temples
  3)    In Treta Yuga,  
        Treta yuga was better than dwapar yuga and people of this yuga has a life span of 10,000 years. In this stage, humans and deities had to perform severe penances to see god. God descending to earth were less common. Mode of entertainment here for lord Vishnu was the fight between demons, humans and  dieties.This silver age stays for 1,296,000 years and the path of spiritual enlightenment is conductingopulent yajnas(sacrifices).
  4)    In Satya Yuga,  
        Spirituality was even higher, and finally, in the best of times, the Satya Yuga the life of a human being could be up to 100,000 years
In this stage, it is said that all mortals had direct connectivity with the supreme god. They can communicate and raise questions with gods directly. God coming to earth and blessing their devotees, giving them powerful weapons were very common. The only mode of entertainment for lord here was the fight between demons and deities. This golden age spanned across 1,728,000 years. The process of self-realization in this yuga was meditation on Vishnu.  

Mathematical explanation of yuga

In scientific term

Acording to English calendar
.! The Mahabharataand Puranas are full of tales from diffrent yugas, with characters living as long as thousands of years.for example, sage Vishwamitra meditated for 60,000 years in water before beautiful Menaka disrupted his meditation. Their copulation gave birth to famous Damayanti, the lead character of many famous ancient stories. Similarly, in many of the Puranas, lord Vishnu ten avatars are said to appear repeatedly following the yuga. Rama always incarnate in Treta Yuga, Krishna take birth at the end of Dvapara yuga, and Kalki appears at the end of KaliYuga to destroy all creation tehryby laying down the path for next satya Yuga.
How everything came into existence?
Our creation was the figment of imagination of lord brahma. Our desires are the desire of lord brahma of how he wanted humans to be.  
Contrary to other belief, Hinduism ancient scriptures says that non-existence can never be the source of creation.
Srishti(Universe) does not mean creating something from nothing or existence from non-existence. Creation implies non-existence becoming existence or something arising from nothing. Therefore, this universe should be considered as the projection of the Supreme god instead of a creation.  
The following hymns from rigveda confirmed this
Hymn 109 says: "Neither firmament existed nor atmosphere, neither Being nor non-Being existed, nor there was anything above it. no one else except this existed then.
In the beginning there was nothing but darkness: all was nothing but unmanifested water. Whatever that exists today was hidden in darkness before & was created by extreme heat.  
At the beginning, there existed nothing but desires and feelings in the mind of the creator. His Wise thinking created the Beings in Not-Being . . ."    (Rig Veda translation by Ralph Griffith).
In this verse, creator refers to god Brahma, his desire and breath created this world. Before this, there existed nothing or void which cannot be taken paradox, being or Not-Being.
Why the four yuga(ages) of life?
Do we play the same video games our whole life? We always looks for something different, something new, something more amusing in the games we play. Same applies to our lord as well. When the lord gets bored with the current age, he introduces some changes and creates a new age, and then he enjoy with his characters by enforcing them in different illusions in this new age.
Although for us, each age span up to thousands of year but for lord Vishnu, each age last only for few hours.
Why and when the earth is destroyed?
When the lord brahma is about to awake or lord Vishnu tired of playing and wants to rest which is periodic, he directs lord Shiva to destroy this universe
. Lord Shiva, through his cosmic dance destroys this world and then lord brahma recreate it again in his another dream but this time in a different way so that his creator (Lord Vishnu) can again enjoy with his creation, without feeling like playing the same game again..

Lord shiva cosmic dance
While the world destructs and then recreates, Lord Vishnu rests on the coils of Ananta(great serpent of Infinity), till the universe is recreated again by brahma.

Lord Vishnu resting on serpent of infinity
In this Age (Kaliyuga), humans will be less attracted towards spiritual knowledge and absolute truth and would be more trapped in the materialistic pleasure of science, love, greed, technology etc. So, it’s very obvious that humans easily ignore all the facts written by great saints, thousands of years ago, still persevered across various Indian libraries and temples.
For example, an atheist can easily make mockery of the Vedic verses as shown below:  
Famous british astronomer, Patrick Moore mocked vedas as "The Vedic sages of India believed this universe to be supported on twelve gigantic pillars. Initially, there was darkness,underneath the Sun passed, amazingly managing to find a way through the pillars without hitting them. According to hinduism, Earth stands on four massive elephants who rest on the top of a huge tortoise who in turn is balanced by a floating serpent in a vast limitless ocean. oh the poor serpent."
Now, a knowledgeable and a theist person can easily descrypt the above verse as:
Twelve gigantic pillars refers to twelve months. The four elephants supporting Earth refers to Dikarin, sentinels of four directions (East, west, north, south).The tortoise supporting the four elephants symbolizes the fact of Earth being supported in space around the Sun orbit. Lastly, the coiled serpent symbolises rotation of earth around the sun.

Explanatory example of Hindu cosmology
Thus I would like to conclude that unless we recognize the fact that the Vedic hymns and the Puranic story of Vedic origin are deliberate allegory and camouflage - a code very tough to decode, interpret and understand. To do otherwise would give us some kind of absurd conclusion like in the cae of patrick Moore.
The following quote says the same.
"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley (1894-1963).  
"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." - Dr Carl Sagan (1034- 1996)  
Don't let your minds be cluttered up with the prevailing doctrine." - Alexander Fleming (1881-1955

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