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Science behind Circumambulation parikrama in temples and marriage
Posted By Sarin on Jan 27, 2021     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

In Hinduism, rituals that we practiced daily is not based solely on traditional beliefs but there are many scientific reasons behind each & every rituals.  
One of such ritual is circumambulation which all of us may have done at some point in our life, either around idols of deity in temples, or around Tulsi/banyan tree or around the sacred fire during the marriage ceremony. But did you ever asked yourself why Circumambulation (प्रदक्षिणा) is done? Is there any scientific reason behind the same? What are the benefits of circumambulation? You may have not. So, in this article, we will go through the various reasons and benefits of circumambulation

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How circumambulation around deity effects the body?
In olden days, sites for temples were chosen after inspecting of the magnetic field in the region. Temples were constructed such that it acted like a toroid field while your own body (cirmumabulating the temple) acted like a toroidal flux.
Science behind Circumambulation parikrama in temples and marriage
  As the temple is usually surrounded by Peepal, Neem & various herbal trees, body becomes healthy as it inhales pure, unpolluted air. Inhaling such air helps in the cure of many diseases like infertility. Note that Peepal, Neem, Tulsi, Orchids are the ones among the very few trees that produces oxygen 24 hours a day and so, all these trees are considered sacred and worshiped in Hinduism.  
        With regular chanting of divine mantras & religious songs in the temple premises, especially the areas around the deity, are full of positive energies and vibrations. So, While Circumambulation as the mind is focused on the god and the body continuously absorbs these positive energies, Circumambulation improves the overall health of the body
Circumambulating (प्रदक्षिणा) on bare foot regulates the nervous system, rejuvenates the entire body, improves the sleep and overall functioning of the body
    Science behind Circumambulation parikrama in temples and marriage
Circumambulation means pledging devotion to the god
Circumambulation is a form of expiation and so, it is usually performed by the ones who have pledged their devotion to the deity just like we pledged our devotion to our spouse by circumambulating around the sacred fire seven times during marraige. By circumambulating, you accept the god as the centre, source and essence of our lives. Circumambulation is performed as a mark of respect, obeisance and total surrender to the deity and hence, must be performed devotedly in a meditative mood with complete focus on the deity.

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