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History Facts and how to reach Aazhimala Shiva temple-Kerala Tallest Lord Shiva statue
Posted By Sarin on Jan 06, 2021     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Situated 20 Kms from Trivandrum city, Aazhimala is known for three things, its beach, its Ayurvedic resorts and the most obvious Siva Temple.  
'Aazhi' translates to Sea and 'Mala' means Hill. So,as the name suggests, the temple sits on a top of a hill near the golden shore of the Arabian sea on a slightly elevated platform.  

Content of this Article is explained graphically in the below video.

History Facts and how to reach Aazhimala Shiva temple-Kerala Tallest Lord Shiva statue
Main attraction of this temple
Big attraction of this temple is a huge sculpture of Lord Siva looking west towards the sea with his hair flowing in the wind and Mother Ganga on his head.This 58 feet tall sculpture was created by 29-year-old PS Devadathan, who started at the age of 23 and kept working along with his graduation in fine arts.
This idol rests on a rock at an altitude of 20-ft from the sea. Beneath the statue, there is a 3,500-sq-ft chamber with many more sculptures, depicting the history of Aazhimala Shiva temple and the various stories of lord Shiva.  
History Facts and how to reach Aazhimala Shiva temple-Kerala Tallest Lord Shiva statue

Pristine beach and golden shores
Apart of its religious importance, Aazhimala Siva Temple has attracted many visitors due to its pristine blue waters and its glittering golden shores.
Since Aazhimala Siva Temple is located on an elevated platform, the temple provides a panoramic and mind-blowing view of the mesmerizing melodious waves of the Arabian Sea and the eternal golden shore of the beautiful Aazhimala Beach.
History Facts and how to reach Aazhimala Shiva temple-Kerala Tallest Lord Shiva statue
Backdrop of the Arabian Sea provides a good spiritual atmosphere to this temple. One should not miss the splendid beauty of the sunset that will give you the feeling of seeing the paradise on earth. Beach is directly accessible from behind the temple and it is a great experience to sit relax and spend peaceful time with family after performing the pujas and offerings at the temple. Beach is exceptionally clean but lighting is very bad at night. So it is not advisable to visit the beach after 7 PM.
As there are many resorts around the temple, domestic Tourists from across the country & Foreign Tourists from across the world can also be seen in the temple.
History Facts and how to reach Aazhimala Shiva temple-Kerala Tallest Lord Shiva statue
Ayurvedic resort

Types of Pooja
'Naranga Vilakku' is the annual festival held between January and February where thousands of devotees come together to offer an oil lamp that is lit on a lemon. It’s a delightful experience to watch hundreds of lit oil lamps on the seashore that looks like “sparkling stars have fallen on the sea
Pradosham Puja is essentially a puja conducted to nullify your sins. This puja is conducted approximately 1.5 hours twice a month- 13th day after the New Moon and after the Full Moon.
Uma Maheshwari Puja is conducted for couples who pray for a long and happy married life. As Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva are considered the ideal wife and husband, This Puja is conducted here to resolve differences in a married life
Divasa Poojas Puja conducted throughout the day for the general well-being of the devotee. This puja is believed to create positive vibrations that cleanses the body and purifies the soul, thereby improving the physical and mental health of the devotee.

How to Reach ?
The Aazhimala Siva Temple is closely tucked between Trivandrum and Kovalam. The closest railhead is the Trivandrum central Railway Station at a distance of approximately 20 kms from the temple. Cabs and autos lined up right outside the station will take you directly to the temple at affordable rices. You can reach the temple by the state-run KSRTC buses from Trivandrum East Fort bus stand but such Public transport buses are very limited. So, Private transport should be preferred mode of transport. The temple has ample of parking space.  
History Facts and how to reach Aazhimala Shiva temple-Kerala Tallest Lord Shiva statue
Aazhimala Siva Temple is just 7 km from the most popular beach KOVALAM, and 15 km from the Trivandrum International airport.  

Timings of Aazhimala Shiva temple
The temple opens at 5 A.M. and closes by 9 A.M. and reopens at 5 P.M. and closes for the night at 8 P.M. Temple gates leading to the beach is closed by 6.30. So, Best time to visit is early morning before sunrise or early evening before sunset.
Since Monday is considered to be an auspicious day by Shiva's devotees, this temple is flooded with disciples of lord Shiva on Monday.

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