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Spiritual and scientific significance of ringing bell in temples
Posted By Sarin on Dec 16, 2020     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

In all Hindu temples, you will see metal bells of varying sizes at the entrance or inside the temple. Before entering the temple or during aarti, these bells are rung but many of the devotees think it as just a traditional practice and don’t know the spiritual and scientific reasons behind ringing of bells.
Content of this Article is explained graphically in the below video.

So, in this article, we will go through the various reasons why bells are rung in temples and in home during Pooja or aarti
Spiritual and scientific significance of ringing bell in temples

Spiritual Significance of Ringing Bells
  1)    Announcing your arrival:
In Temples, bells are usually hung at the temple dome in front of the sanctum. Hindu temples have at least one metal bell hanging at the entrance and devotees ring the bell while entering the temple. It is said that by ringing the bell, the devotee informs the meditating deity of his/her arrival. It is similar to guests ringing the bell before entering your house. Temple is God's home and so, devotees must ring the bell before entering God’s home.  
2)    Dispel negative thoughts and increase divinity of mind: The sound of the bell is considered auspicious, that induces the divinity in mind and dispel evil thoughts. Human brain handle many streams of thoughts simultaneously. Thoughts will be running all around and it’s very difficult to focus on a single thought. Ancient practices like yoga & meditation, helps in controlling the mind. But everyone don’t do meditation and Yoga. Ringing bells helps such peoples as Sound waves of certain frequencies generated by the bell creates such an effect on mind that all the negative thoughts are removed and the mind is focused only on experiencing the god within self.
3)    Creates sound of universal creation: It is stated that the sound of the bell (if made of proper elements) replicate the "fundamental sound" AUM, which is believed to be the sound of creation of this universe. All of our enlightened sages including Lord Buddha have said that AUM is the sound of the universe. Now, it can be validated by this audio recording of sun by NASA If you hear it properly, then you will find that it closely resembles the sound of AUM. When the bell dongs, the sound originates, sound exists for few seconds and then, slowly vanishes to the eternity. IT symbolizes the three stages of evolution i.e Creation (Lord Brahma), preservation (Lord Vishnu) and destruction (Lord Shiva).
4)    Awaken the sleeping Soul: Divine Sound vibrations are supposed to be the most powerful tool to awaken the soul. Just like a sleeping human is awakened by a ringing alarm, a sleeping soul is awakened by ringing bells.
5)    Enlightens the seven Chakras: Bells are usually made of five metals that are cadmium, copper, zinc, magnesium and nickel. If designed accurately by mixing these metals in appropriate proportions as mentioned in the Agama shastras, this bell produces a sound that lasts seven seconds or more, which is enough to touch the seven healing chakras in your body.
6)    Spreads spirituality in the atmosphere: The aura created by the vibrating sound of the bells, occasionally accompanied by the auspicious sounds of the conch and other musical instruments diffuses spirituality into the atmosphere thereby relieving stress, calming the mind, increasing the concentration of mind & rejuvenating the whole body  
7)    Announce start of Aarti: Bells are rung to announce the start of the Puja, so that all the devotees gather at the sacred sanctum for daily prayers.
      Spiritual and scientific significance of ringing bell in temples
    Scriptural references to Ringing Bells
Aagamaarthamtu devaanaam
gamanaarthamtu rakshasaam
Kurve ghantaaravam tatra
devataahvaahna lakshanam    Agama Shastra.
I ring this bell indicating the invocation of divinity,
So that virtuous and noble forces enter (my home and heart);
and the demonic and evil forces from within and without, depart.

Uthsatanam pisasatheh preenanam sahareh param
sannithana mamarthyanam ghantaayachalanath baveth .. Agama Sastra
“The bell is used to give sound for keeping evil forces away and the ring of the bell is pleasant to God.”
Scientific benefits of Ringing Bells
Calms the mind and give relief from stress, pain, depression and insomnia
Nikola Tesla, who is known as one of the greatest scientists of all times once said that “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” After few decades of his saying, it was scientifically proved that music and certain sound vibrations calms the mind and helps in controlling anger and aggression.
Dr. Kanimozhi, who is also a professor of yoga, have treated many patients from alimentary diseases like pain, insomnia, stress, speech disorder by training them on meditation under the atmosphere of AUM(Bell) sound. There are many similar scientific studies in the western world on the effects of music and sound vibrations on the body. Ringing of the bells eliminates all the negative energy and opens doors for a more positive and brighter future for you.
Cures many deadly diseases
In Ayurveda, chanting AUM along with meditation in the atmosphere of bell sounds has been used to cure many diseases. This is also backed by science as infrasound and ultrasound devices have been used in the cure of many diseases. Ultrasound frequencies above 20 KHZ are used to cure kidney stones, tumors and cancer.
Spiritual and scientific significance of ringing bell in temples

Kills insects and purifies the atmosphere
IT is also proven scientifically that certain sound vibrations mostly the ultrasound ones kills the harmful insects and microorganisms including bacteria & viruses. Ringing bells creates such sound vibrations that protect the body from dangerous diseases by cleansing the surrounding atmosphere
Keeps the body young, fit and healthy
By killing viruses, bell sound protects your body from dangerous diseases. Additionally, many scientific studies have reveal that certain sound vibrations like Humming AUMMMM sound increases the production of nitric oxide and resonate your pineal gland and stimulates the electrons within each of trillions internal cells & also stimulate the hormonal glands, thereby keeping the body young, fit and healthy. Such sound vibrations repair DNA and prevent ageing and strengthens the immune system.  
Therefore, we have seen that the practice of ringing bells is pretty logical and scientific. All rituals/ customs followed in temples have a meaning to it in carving our lifestyle and that's the reason Hinduism is called ‘A way of life' than simply a religion. So next time you enter the temple, don't hesitate to ring the bell of outer temple to invoke the inner temple within you. Let the soothing sound of bells connect your inner temple (i.e soul) with the outer temple (i.e God)

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