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Generation and use of electricity in vedic era
Posted By Sarin on Jun 27, 2015     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Since the beginning of the British Empire, it has become habitual of foreign authors to distort and falsify Hindu scriptures by presenting the twisted and fabricated verses to mock Indian culture and traditions. Many Indian authors under the influence of wealth, comforts and pleasures assisted such western historians in erroneous translations of Hindu scriptures. One of the most significant Hindu text is Vedas which is believed to be the divine wisdom of Supreme Consciousness itself."Vedas" in Sanskrit translates to "sacred or pure knowledge".However, self-claimed historians and Sanskrit scholars like max Muller along with corrupted pseudo Indian historians claimed Vedas to be some useless bunch of ritualistic hymns that was chanted by superstitious tribals.
In this article, we will go through one of most exciting topic of atharvedai.e electricity and its military and non-military applications. After reading this article, it will be very apparent that ancient sages were fully aware of theory of electricity and its practical technological applications. In fact, Vedic sages knew more on electricity than modern scientists. In addition to below verses, you can also go through other verses on electricity in my previous articles on vimanas(Airplanes).
Usage of electricity during ancient era
According to the descriptions found in Atharvaveda, electrical energy is mentioned to be utilized for many useful applications such as powerful engines, illuminating lights, manufacturing plants, hydroelectric power plants, agricultural machinery, biomedical engineering, extraction of medicines, etc. Therefore, electricity was being used to greatly enhance the standard of livings of ancient era.
Some of the hymns on electricity in atharveda are:-
Verse:  NavYoNavatiPurobibhedbahvotjasaa
Ahi Cha vritrahaavadheet- (Chapter 1, Hymn VII, verse 2)
Translation: -Electricity, which breaks, by the energy of its arms the 99 cities, destroys the cloud, which covers the rays of the sun, the source of all energy and power.
Here, "arms of electricity" is the allegory for positive and negative currents. 99 cities are 99 elements of periodic table that existed during the era when the verse was composed. In Vedic terminology, these essential 99 elements are called as "Bhogas".
Generation and use of electricity in vedic era
Urudhaarevdohate- (Chapter 1, Hymn VII, verse 3)
Translation: -That very electric power may be our peaceful friend, providing us with the horse-power to drive our machines, light to light up our houses, and power to produce grains in the fields. Let it bring on prosperity and well-being for us by flowing into numerous currents.
In above verse, you can easily see the reference to different applications of electricity. “Machines driven by horse power” clearly refers to electrically powered vehicles like automobile, aircrafts, industrial applications etc. Though the modern scientists are still unable to create a successful electric car, electric cars were the reality of Vedic era. It took decades for modern researchers to realize the harmful effects of perishable gasoline fuel on health and environment but our ancient rishis were aware of such dangerous fuels and promoted the use of eco-friendly electric engines in cars, vimanas and other mechanical devices.  Also, there is a clear mention of electricity being used to light houses, factories and palaces. Additionally, there is a reference to agricultural machines powered by electricity for irrigation, watering, and processing of crops in fields. Some of such agricultural machines may be tractors, water motors, grain filters etc.
Verse:  IndraKratuvidangsutangsomangharyapurushtut
Pibavrishaswataatripim- (Chapter 1, Hymn VII, verse 4)
Translation: -Let electricity, so highly spoken of by many learned people, help extract the essence of medicines, thus produced by those, who are well-versed in manufacturing things. Let it keep safe and shower, on us the rain, satisfying all.
As we all know today, electronics machines like refrigerators are being used to create and preserve medicinal products, our ancient rishis also used such machines or even more advanced machines for the preservation of medicinal preservatives. The last sentence indirectly refers to the crucial function of electricity, which in the form of lightning, is instrumental in showering rain on the entire planet. Above verse reflects the existence of an extremely advanced civilization that has invented magnificent machines using superlative technologies, yet maintained enormous respect, care and reverence for the environment and natural ecosystem. Unlike modern scientists who are materialistically influenced, ancient rishis were spiritually influenced and saw the divinity in all natural sources like rivers, lightning, mountains, wind, fire, rains etc.  
Generation and use of electricity in vedic era
Worshipping the sun on banks of river(nature) during the occasion of chath puja

Before doing the research and in-depth analysis of all natural energies, they prayed to deities of five elements thus perfectly comprehending the best way to utilize them.
Verse:TaaVajrinamMandinamStomyam mad indramrathevahatoharyataaharee
Purunyasmaysavanaaniharyataindraayasomaaharayodadhanwire- (Chapter 3, Hymn XXXI, verse 1)
Translation: -Those two speedily moving forces of attraction and repulsion propel the electric current, powerful like the thunderbolt, pleasant and praiseworthy, in this pleasant plane or car. Manifold are the generating powers for the refulgent electricity borne by speedy moving Somas (liquid fuels)
As you read above, you can clearly apprehend that negative and positive currents were used to generate electricity, as powerful as lightning and thunder. Further, there is a short mention on how the electricity is generated. Different types of liquid fuels are moved speedily using some mechanical devices to produce energy enough to generate electricity.
ArvadbhiyorHaribhijorshameeyate so asyakaamamharivantamaanashe- (Chapter 3, Hymn XXXI, verse 2)
Translation: -The above mentioned speedy forces of two kinds set in motion strong currents, capable of maintaining steady progress in the attainment of one’s objective in plenty. Whatever complex is attained by these fast moving horsepowers, is enough to achieve the beautiful objective of his, the manufacturer.
In this verse, principle and application of electromagnetic force is being discussed. High speed and intense electrical power was being generated using liquid fuels to power number of machines like exceptionally fast vehicles and efficient manufacturing devices. Combination of speed and power were being used to increase the efficiency of manufacturing machines. For example, high-speed centrifugal force is used to create genetic materials in healthcare laboratories.
Yatparvatenasamasheetaharyataindrasyavajrahshnathitahiranyayah- (Chapter 3, Hymn XXXI, verse 2)
Translation: -Just as all productive works of the manufacturer depend upon waters flowing down with speed, so do all the desired objects of him depend upon you (Electricity), as its powerful striking force cannot be obstructed by any cloud, or mountain in the way. It smashes all impediments, with its radiant energy.

This single verse alone indicates how knowledgeable and intelligent the Vedic rishis were in understanding the intense energy and applications of electricity. First line on ‘productive works depending on waters flowing with speed’ without any doubt refers to hydroelectric technique of generating electricity.
Generation and use of electricity in vedic era
Hydroelectric power generation at srisailam dam on Krishna River

Verse:AsmayBheemaayanamasaasamadhwaraushonashubhra aa bharaapaneeyase
Yasyadhaamshravasenaamendriyamjyotirkaariharitonaayase- (Chapter 3, Hymn XXXI, verse 3)
Translation: - O well-versed engineer make use of this terrible electric power fit to be utilized for useful purposes by controlling it, for non-violent, brilliant light like the dawn. It has the potentiality to help hearing, control energy and spread light in all quarters.
This verse again confirms that Vedic rishis has explored electricity and its uses in great detail. Many devices and utilities were invented by skilled electrical engineers to harness and utilize electric power. Electricity was primarily used for illumination and lighting. Along with other electronic applications, they invented electronic devices used as hearing aids and sound magnifiers. Combination of electronic panels and devices were used to convert one forms of energy into another.  

EMP effect
After going through non-military applications of electricity, let us go through some ancient military applications of electricity and electricity being utilized as a combat weapon. Till recently, modern scientists are not fully aware of devastating effect of electricity and its usage as a destructive weapon. However, millenniums ago, ancient scientists invented electrical bombs to create massive damage and destruction of all vital equipment’s/devices of enemies.
Generation and use of electricity in vedic era
Named after brahmastra(most powerful ancient weapon), brahmos is India’s one of the most powerful nuclear weapon

Vedic sages made potential use of ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) to destroy all electrical equipment, communication systems, signal control system and other military applications of enemies. Modern scientists are still exploring EMP. Below is the brief summary of what they have explored till now:
EMP effect is characterized by the production of extremely intense electromagnetic pulse within a relatively short period (100 nanoseconds). This causes electromagnetic pulse to propagate away from its source in all directions at an extremely high speed. As the time passes, the intensity of speed decreases in accordance to the theory of electromagnetism. A powerful electromagnetic field is produced within the vicinity of impact to produce transient voltages up to 1000 KV, which is huge enough to cause irreversible damage to all electrical and electronics equipment’s like radio, radar, computers etc. Such effect in our modern era can be seen only in the case of nuclear weapons or strike of lightning.
Vedic rishis knew about the above EMP effect and their understanding can be comprehended from the below verses.
Avaasrijonivritaahsatarvaaapahsatraavishwamdadhishekevalamsahah- (Chapter 2, Hymn XV, verse 6)
Translation: -Just as the thundering electricity reduces the vast cloud to nothing by its thunderbolt, so do you, O King, equipped with piercing weapons like the thunderbolt, smash into pieces the vast armies of the enemy, consisting of various units, by your striking power like the thunderbolt. Just as the waters of the cloud released by the electricity, fall down and flow over the earth, similarly the well-equipped armies of the enemy; being subdued by the might of the king are duly regulated by him. Truly do you alone, O King, hold all the power to subdue the foes?

Above verse clearly refers to weapons powered by electricity. Only electrical surges of extremely high voltage such as lightning has the power of "Piercing weapons like the thunderbolt". Lethal electric weapons were used to counterattack different units of army. Thus as we see, electricity was used as the primary weapons in military combat for a large number of targets ranging from computers to communication systems.
IndrovajriHiranyah- (Chapter 4, Hymn XXXVIII, verse 5)
Translation: -Electricity is well mixed up with Prana and Apana, the 2 horsepowers, yoked to power of speech. Electric power has the striking power of a deadly weapon and is full of brilliance.
Here, electricity is explicitly stated of having the power similar to a deadly weapon. It also states that in human body, electricity is present in the form of Prana and Apana. Prana means “breath” whereas “Apana” is the prana that exist in the region below the navel. Apana is charged with positive ions whereas Prana is charged with negative ions. When prana enters through the central canal, the resulting fusion of negative and positive ions create such an immense energy that it awakens the kundalini which lies at the base of the spine.  
Awakening of kundalini destroys the ignorance of the mind and results in complete enlightenment.  
Generation and use of electricity in vedic era
This flow of electricity within the body is also validated by science. As we all know today, our cerebrospinal system has a fantastic network of interconnected nerves that sends electrical signals to communicate with each other. Cerebrum keeps on providing electrical energies through fine nerves to the whole body. This electrical energy is consistently supplied to the body thus acting as a vital life force.
Verse:Pratemahevidatheshansishamharipratevanvevanushoharyatam madam
Dhritamnayoharibhishcharusechat aa tvavishantuharivparsanggirah(Chapter3, Hymn XXX, verse 1)
Translation: -O electricity, I fully praise thy two forces of protection and destruction in this great universe, which is a great sacrificial place or battlefield of life. I highly cherish your beautiful exhilaration, destroying the evil forces of the enemy. You shower various forms of fortunes through your blessing powers of speedy action, like waters from the clouds. Let all praises find their abode in you of charming splendor.
Dual nature of electricity is mentioned in above verse. As in the case of EMP effect, it can acts as a destructive force against enemies or can be as protective as with the case of cerebrospinal system.

Verse: So asyavajroharitoyaaaysoharinirkaamohariragabhastyoh
Dhumnisushiproharimanyusayakaindreniroopaharitamimikshire- (Chapter3, Hymn XXX, verse 2)
Translation: Here is the blue-green colored thunderbolt of iron of the king. There is also the beautiful horse of iron of high speed. Here is also the horsepower of the rays of electricity. There is also the shining arrow, capable of destroying the pride of the enemy and having a very high speed. In short many kinds of weapons have been made through electric power for the king.

This verse seems to be referring to different types of electrical weapons. The phrase "beautiful horse of iron of high speed" is an allegory for some type of metallic aircrafts that can run at extremely high speeds. Similarly, "shining arrow" is an allegory for some electric warhead similar to an exceptionally superfast ballistic missile with an extremely vast firing range. Such missiles were one of the prime weapons directed to target the central command and control center of enemies.
Verse: Divinaketuradhidhaayiharyatovivayachadvajroharitonaranghaya
Tudadahiharishiproyaaayasahsahastrashokaaabhavadharibharah(Chapter 3, Hymn XXX, verse 4)
Translation:- Like a radiant spot, it is well placed in the heavens, then with a high speed, the terribly destructive missile, made of iron, possessing speed of electric power, crushing the serpent natured enemy, becomes lit up with thousands of lights and loaded with destructive ray of various kinds.
Above verse is the continuation of the previous verse where the missile is described to generate immense amount of power and is said to be exceptionally catastrophic. It might be possible that such weapons may be more powerful and lethal than the modern nuclear weapons. Before the ground soldiers embark to war, the military commander must be initiating electronic combat operations to destroy the enemy communication and defense system, after which destroying the enemy would be much easier as there would be little or no communication between the control center and ground soldiers.  
Generation and use of electricity in vedic era
Impact of nuclear weapon

Namyayadindrasakhyaparaavatinibrahyonamuchinaammaayinam(Chapter 3, Hymn XXI, verse 7)
Translation: -O mighty King, you can easily get at the striking power of the enemy by your overwhelming striking force. Being well-entrenched in your sheltered place of defense, you can thoroughly break the defenses of the enemy to smithereens. Completely crush the deceitful enemy, unfit to be left alive, through your faithful ally, although stationed at a distance.

The phrase “stationed at a distance” is a direct reference to firing electronic weapons using a remote controlled weapon system, situated at a station located far-away from the actual weapon. As the above verse states, such weapons unleashes a tremendously high voltage that has the power of completely breaking the defense system of the enemy
Tvamshatavaddagridasyaabhintpuronaanudahparishutarijishvana(Chapter 3, Hymn XXI, verse 8)
Translation: -O mighty electricity, you kill the violent enemy, equipped with speedy means of communication like cars or airships, a hindrance in the way of people who are worthy of respect, cows or land by your consuming and splendorous power. You shatter the 100 forts of the adversary who obstructs your communications or breaks your regulations and does not pay tribute to you established by straightforward negotiations.
Here, 100 forts refers to 100 periodic elements. Through the power of nuclear fission, Electricity has the potential of breaking through all resistances and obstructions posed by objects made of complex elements and alloys. As electricity has tremendous amount of energy, it has been attributed with respect and admiration in this verse. Railways, airline, road signaling systems and control centers can be easily destroyed by electromagnetic bombs. Electronic ignition systems of most modern automobiles is vulnerable to attack by electromagnetic weapons. Co-ordination and communication is crucial for any warfare and if the devices and systems facilitating such communication are destroyed then winning over the enemy is no more than a child’s play as the directionless soldiers can be easily obliterated by an equipped army guided by a tactical commander.
Generation and use of electricity in vedic era  
Verse: Tvametamjanrajyodwidarshaabandhunasushrvasopajagmushah
Pashishtsahastranavatinavashrutonichakrenarathyadushpadavrinak(Chapter 3, Hymn XXI, verse 9)
Translation: -O electricity, you can by your circular motion like the wheel of a chariot, which is too powerful to be checked, well keep under control all these 20 basic elements, 6099 organic and inorganic bodies, by a single transmitter of high quality, with no other force to help it.
In modern terms, above verse refers to the theory of coupling and polarization. Coupling facilitates the electric connection between two electrical circuits. This coupling is improved by correctly polarizing the emission of electric weapon in a particular direction. If we are unaware of the orientation of coupling apertures and resonances of target equipment, then a linearly polarized emitted weapon may not even destroy the half portion of the target device. However, a circularly polarized emission would cover all coupling possibilities and therefore has the potential of completely destroying the target. Therefore, a single transmitter of superior quality can control the entire emission

Verse: Tvamaavithasushravasamtavotibhistavatraambhirindratuvrayaanam
Tvamasmaykutsamatithigvamaayummaheraagyeyoonearndhanaayah(Chapter 3, Hymn XXI, verse 10)
Translation: -O electricity, you keep in safety this good listening set, by your means of safety and protect the commander, with speedy mobile forces by your strong means of defense. You control the sharp weapons, equipped with the striking power of limitless time and speed for this great, youthful king.

Almost all electronic equipment’s like Receivers, high frequency transistors,diodes,warfare equipment, satellite, microwave,radar, UHF, VHF, HF, low band communications equipment and television equipment are vulnerable to EMP effect. Apparently, this verse refers to a defense mechanism aided by electrical equipment’s that protects both the commander and the entire defense communication system.

Verse: Tvamnibhinirmanodevavitaobhooreenivritraaharyashavahansi
Tvamnidasyumchumuridhunichasvaapyodabhitayesuhantu(Chapter4, Hymn XXXVII, verse 4)
Translation:-O electrical currents of high voltage, safely carried by electric wires, you kill many enemies in the war, waged by learned persons or through the help of natural forces. To keep all the evil forces under control, you, being well-equipped with good means of destruction completely lay down to lasting sleep (death) the evil forces that rob and harass the general public.

Above verse states the usage of electrical wires to transfer electricity of extremely high voltages from one place to another. Only a skilled, experienced person is suited to handle equipment’s and systems designed to work under such high electric currents. Further, electricity is again attributed of having a tremendous amount of energy to destroy any evil forces.  
All above verses are taken from Kanda (Book) XX of the Atharvaveda translated by Devi Chand and published by Mushiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd
Each of the above verses clearly demonstrate that Vedic Society was at ahighly advanced stage of technological advancement and fully utilized Electricity in innumerable practical applications. In addition to these verses, there are some more references to electricity in Rigveda and Atharvaveda. The findings of amazing scientific truths has greatly undermine the assertion that scientific advancement and civilization has advanced in a linear fashion since the beginning of this universe. Therefore, it is necessary for modern scientists, especially Indian scientists who don’t have good infrastructure for their research, to analyze and understand from our invaluable resources, gifted by forefathers, in the form of divine Vedas, Upanishads and other profound literary scripts.
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