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Interstellar travel and aerial flying chariots-Part 2
Posted By Sarin on May 31, 2015     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Aerial Assembly Houses of the Devas  
Almost all Indian scriptures have a mention on flying city of lord Indra and other devas (Gods).
In Mahabharata, just like the Daityashad flying Cities such as Hiranyapura, the Devas had flying assembly houses thatwere used as centers for their administrative activities.
Assembly of Lord Indra
Below is the passage that states about the flying assembly hall of Indra or Sakra, the king of the gods. Indra’s assembly hall was measures in ancient unit of length ‘yojana’, which in modern unit converts to 5 to 8 miles.
"Sakra's celestial and splendid hall, which he won with his feats, was built by himself, Kaurava, with the resplendence of fire. It is a hundred yojana wide and a hundred and fifty long, aerial, freely moving, and five yojanahigh. Dispelling old age, grief, and fatigue, free from diseases, benign, beautiful, filled with chambers and seats, lovely and embellished with celestial trees is that hall where, O Partha, the lord of the Gods sits with Saci...."  
Assembly of Lord Yama  
In another passage, yama’shall, built by lord vishwakarma, is described as brilliantly glowing and fiery.
"This fair hall, which can move at will, is never crowded. Visvakarma built it after accumulating over a long time the power of austerities, and it is luminous as though on fire with its own radiance, Bharata. To it go ascetics of dread austerities, of good vows and truthful words, who are tranquil, renouncing, successful, purified by their holy acts, all wearing effulgent bodies and spotless robes; . . . and so go great spirited Gandharvas and hosts of Apsaras by the hundreds.... A hundred hundred of thousands of law abiding persons of wisdom attend in bodily form on the lord of the creatures."
Yama hall is assembled by beings of different celestial planets. In addition to Gandharvas, Apsaras, and different kinds of ascetics, there are siddhas, pitas and men of evil deeds. Yama is the Vedic lord of death, who supervises the process of transmigration of souls.
Interstellar travel and aerial flying chariots-Part 2
Lord yama, punishing sinful soul, in his assembly.

Another interesting point is that it never gets crowded. So, no matter how many beings enter into it, yama’s hall is transformed to accommodate all of them. This Vedic process of accommodation are called as mahima and anima which allows an object to greatly expand or contract in size, while retaining its proportions and internal structure.

Assembly of Brahma Hall
Lord Brahma assembly hall is even more dazzling and stupendous as it provides another example of transformations of space that is no way possible under ordinary circumstances. When narada muni visited brahma hall, he found that he could not express the architectural layout of assembly hall in words.
 Below is what he said
"Thereupon the blessed and mighty lord Sun took me and went to the faultless hall of Brahma, which knows of no fatigue. It is not possible to describe it as it really is, king of the people, for from instant to instant it has another indescribable appearance. I know neither its size nor its structure, Bharata, and never before have I seen such beauty. The hall is very comfortable, king, neither too cold nor too hot; when one enters it, one no longer is hungry, thirsty, or weary. It is as though it is made up of many different shapes, all very colorful and luminous. No pillars support it. It is eternal and knows of no decay. It is self-luminous beyond the moon and the sun and the flame-crested fire; on the roof beam of heaven it blazes as though to light up the sun. In it sits the blessed lord, O king, the grandfather of the worlds who, alone, constantly creates the worlds with his divine wizardry." 
Interstellar travel and aerial flying chariots-Part 2
Assembly hall of lord brahma

Why Vedic theories of aerial chariots or assembly halls are rejected?
Many scientists, historians and philosophers rejects Vedic theories as they find the stories of horse-drawn chariots as utterly absurd and nonsensical as it makes no sense to have an animal running through outer space. The problem with them is that they regard this materialistic universe as supreme reality, totally unaware of the fact that everything is just illusion and the biased product of our mind. How come the Vedic sages who have written extensively on universe, philosophy, astrology, creation, destruction etc can write such a nonsensical theory on flying chariots and inter-planetary travel? There have be some logic behind these stories. To understand them properly, let us go through some stories written in Vedic literature including the famous travel of arjuna through outer space.
Travel of arjuna into outer space
Below is the passage that describes the travelling experience of arjuna through outer space.
"And on this sunlike, divine, wonder-working chariot the wise scion of Kuru flew joyously upward. While becoming invisible to the mortals who walk on earth, he saw wondrous airborne chariots by the thousands. No sun shone there, or moon, or fire, but they shone with a light of their own acquired by their merits. Those lights that are seen as the stars look tiny like oil flames because of the distance, but they are very large. The Pandava saw them bright and beautiful, burning on their own hearths with a fire of their own. There are the perfected royal seers, the heroes cut down in war, who, having won heaven with their austerities, gather in hundreds of groups. So do thousands of Gandharvas with a glow like the sun's or the fire's, and of Guhyakas and seers and the hosts of Apsaras. Then he saw standing at the gateway the victorious white elephant, four-tusked Airavata, towering like peaked Kailasa. Driving on the roadway of the Siddhas, that most excellent KuruPandava shone forth as of old the great king Mandhatar. The lotus-eyed prince passed by the worlds of the kings, then looked upon Amaravatl, the city of Indra." 
Interstellar travel and aerial flying chariots-Part 2
Pictorial representation of arjuna chariot in cental Jakarta, indonesia

Dark matter and exact pathways to divine planets (Lokas)
A noticeable point in above passage is that Arjuna entered a legion of stars where there was no sunlight, moonlight or fire. This is what the science calls as “dark matter”, which one expects to see when he/she travels in space. Above passage also states that the stars are very huge in size but looks small due to distance from the earth, again totally in agreement with modern science.
It is also written that Arjuna was "driving on the road-way of the Siddhas" and this roadway connected the worldly kings to city of indra. This road is called as "road of the stars" and "path of the gods." Thus it means that arjuna was travelling on some route through outer space. Actual description of this route can be found in Vishnu Purana where it is stated that “roadway to the gods” lies to the north of the sun’s orbit, north of Nagavlthl(Asvim, Bharam, and Krttikanaksatras) and south of the saptarishis(seven divine stars).
Interstellar travel and aerial flying chariots-Part 2

Nakshatras means group of constellations in Sanskrit. Asvim and Bharam are constellations in Aries, north of the ecliptic, and Krttika is the adjacent constellation in Taurus known as the Pleiades. Anyone who has the knowledge of Vedic astrology would visualize from this description that path of the gods extends through the stars in the northern celestial hemisphere.

Celestial pathway to Pitra-Loka
Another significant celestial roadway is pitryana(Path of the Pitas). Details of this roadway can be found in vishnupurana where it is stated that the roadway lies to south of Ajavlthl(the three nak$atras ‘Purvasadha’, ‘Mula’ and ‘Uttarasadha’) and the north of star Agastya. The abode of the pitas is called as ‘Pitra-loka’ and is said to be the headquarter of yama. Yama is “lord of death”, who punishes sinful souls after death. In bhagavadpurana, Pitra-loka and other hellish planet is said to lie on the southern side of Bhumandala(Earthly planetary system).
The three nakshatras ‘Purvasadha’, ‘Mula’ and ‘Uttarasadha’ are constellations in Scorpio and Sagittarius and Agastya is the southern-hemisphere star called Canopus. As we read these descriptions, we find that such celestial roadways extended up to large distances into the outer space where there is no breathable air. What type of horses would travel on such pathways? To comprehend this question, readthe below passage of Mahabharata where Arjuna is blessed by offerings of Gandharva named Citraratha.
Divine horses gifted to Arjuna
Although Citraratha owned vimanas, he chose to gift mystical horses to Arjuna and other pandavas:
"O best of men, I now wish to offer each of you five brothers’ a hundred horses of the type bred by the Gandharvas. The mounts of the gods and Gandharvas exude a celestial fragrance, and they move at the speed of the mind. Even when their energy is spent, they do not diminish their speed. These Gandharva horses change color at will and fly at the speed they desire. And simply by your desire, they will appear before you, ready to serve. Indeed, these horses will always honor your wishes." 
How interplanetary travel on Horse-Flying chariots is possible?
As you read in above story, you see that these are no ordinary horses. They are indeed divine horses that works according to the laws governing subtle categories of material energy. As the horses were governed according to the laws of subtle energy, the celestial roadways on which they travelled were also governed by laws governing subtle energy. As the roadways and horses were governed by subtle energies and not ordinary gross matter, the horses were able to travel vast distances on such celestial pathways in a relatively short time. Also note the fact that gross human body is able to travel on such celestial pathways only after attainment of mystical siddhis called prapti and mano-java.  
Divinity of celestial horses and chariots that drew such horses can be understood from the below passage
“The chariot had all necessary equipment. It could not be conquered by gods or demons, and it radiated light and reverberated with a deep rumbling sound. Its beauty captivated the minds of all who beheld it. Visvakarma, the lord of design and construction, had created it by the power of his austerities, and its form, like that of the sun, could not be precisely discerned.”
Both Vimanas and flying horse-chariots worked on the subtle principles of higher-dimensional material energy that are unknown to modern science but can be found in the Dev lokas (God Abode). These Vimanas and horse-chariots are divinely designed and constructed by celestial architects. Lord Vishwakarma is the chief architect of all divine lokas.
There are many instance of him creating architectural wonders using his mystical powersthat has the ability to fly into both three dimensions and higher dimensions. As all devas loved horses, most of them preferred to travel in horse-driven chariots instead of mechanically driven vimanas(Airplanes). These mystical horses were blessedwith divine powers to cross walls, travel at speed of wind and appear or disappear at will. These horses travels on celestial roadways that is nothing but a mystical beam of light that connects all worldly planets to abodes (Lokas) of different gods. Below is the passage from Bhagavad purana that describes the travel of mystic along the path of the gods:-
“O King, when such a mystic passes over the Milky Way by the illuminating Susumna to reach the highest planet, Brahmaloka, he goes first to Vaisvanara, the planet of the deity of fire, wherein he becomes completely cleansed of all contaminations, and thereafter he still goes higher, to the circle of gisumara, to relate with Lord Hari, the Personality of Godhead.” 
Celestial pathway or devayana is referred here as the illuminating Susumna.Susumna is one of the principal rays of the sun that illuminates the celestial pathways.

Praising lord Vishnu-the supreme creator
I will end this article by remembering the omnipotent, omnipresent, ever merciful lord Vishnu. All these planets, universes, galaxies, milky way etc are nothing but emanations of shriHari Vishnu. Arjuna got the glimpse of the lord eternal form (ViratRoop) at Kurukshetra when he witnessed the 14 planetary dimensions with numerous suns, stars, planets, galaxies etc. in the divine body of lord Krishna.  
Interstellar travel and aerial flying chariots-Part 2
Supreme form of Lord Krishna(Vishnu)
Interstellar travel and aerial flying chariots-Part 2
  Universes emerging from the pores of Lord Maha-Vishnu's
Thus as explained in previous and this post, I conclude that ancient Vimanas worked mostly on mantric and tantric power than yantric (mechanical) power as it is employed by modern airplanes. Astral and interplanetary travel is only possible through the attainment of siddhis by yoga and meditation. In olden days, all men had same mystical power which they gradually lost as humans lost their inner purity by becoming more and more materialistic in their daily activities. As the yugas advanced, humans lost the technologies and mystical powers to construct and fly machines by mind power.Therefore, May all humans follow the path of austerities and yoga to understand this universe than wasting time in inventions and theories that contradicts itself over a period of time
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