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Why Boycott PK, a flawed anti-Hindu Movie
Posted By Sarin on Dec 23, 2014     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Boycott and protests against movie PK by devoted Hindus forced me to watch this movie. Buoyed by desperation, after watching this movie, I wasn’t disappointed at all because this is what I expect from our ignorant bollywood producers. The moment I finished watching this movie, I made up my mind to write an article citing the flaws of this movie.

What hindus should learn from PK movie?
When sir jadeja says anything, then it’s not ignorable.  Below is what sir jadeja said

What Sir jadeja said, is just a drop of an ocean. Below are some of the morals given to all Hindus by PK & team?
  1)    Just to prove a godmen wrong, Indian Hindu shouldn’t hesitate marrying a Pakistani Muslim.
2)    Hindus are idiotic morons to worships idols
3)    Lock your slippers at gates of temples because Hindu are thieves who rob slippers.
4)    Most of the Hindu rituals are crazy and idiotic
5)    Devotional Hindus are intolerant, blind and lunatic.  
6)    Don’t feed your mother (cow) or take blessings from mother.  
        Why Boycott PK, a flawed anti-Hindu Movie
PK says “Lord Krishna was wrong to feed cows”
  7)    Biggest problem of India is not terrorism or corruption but seeking of donations by hindu godmens for building temples.
8)    Only scared Hindus go to temples.
9)    Hindus don’t worship gods. They worship fear.
10)    Aamir khan gives the solution “Believe in only one god who created us and not others whom we created”. Very intelligently, PK and his team said “As Hindus have more than one god, all Hindu gods are creation of godmen and therefore, all Hindu gods are sham and Hinduism is a false religion.”
11)    Hindus are idiotic as they travel 2000 kilometers to visit some religious shrine (Amarnath yatra) on the foot of Himalayas but aamir khan is very wise as he travelled 2500 kilometers to visit his religious shrine (haj).
12)    Only Hindu saints are fraud. Other missionaries like Zakir naik are very honest.
13)    1 minutes of insult to other religions is equivalent to 100 minutes of insult to Hinduism.
14)    PK(Aamir khan) is the first secular alien of mother earth and mother India.  
15)    The most important one: Hindus waste food and energy in useless rituals.
        Why Boycott PK, a flawed anti-Hindu Movie
Why lord Ram, Lakshman and hanuman wasted milk on shiv linga? They should have feeded poor Lankan citizens. Hece PK says “All hindu gods are wrong and false”
Flaws and anti-Hindu contents of movie PK
It would take more than five articles for me to point out all the flaws and anti-hindu content of this movie and I don’t have that much time to waste writing about this movie. I will give my views in short on all the flaws and anti-Hindu statements of this movie.
Why belief of feeding cow is not wrong?
Feeding cow is all about karma. If you do good deeds, good things will happen to you. This is the universal law of all religions. For all Indian Hindus, cow is third mother, first and second being your biological mother and country (Bharat Mata) respectively. So, here is my list of questions to whole PK Team,
  1)    Is feeding cow not equivalent to invoking blessings of mother?  
2)    Shouldn’t son take blessings of mother before going to interviews?  
3)    Even if someone is a non-Hindu and don’t consider cow as mother shouldn’t he think like “Feeding cow may not solve my problems but at least doing so would satisfy her hunger.”  
4)    Isn’t feeding grass to cow better than feeding expensive foods to imported dogs/cats as it is done by eminent bollywood personalities.
5)    Is feeding cow (Hindus) a good deed or killing & eating cow (Christain/Muslims) a good deed especially when it is done on a huge scale in religious festivals? How many liters of water are wasted in washing off the blood of cows?
    Why Boycott PK, a flawed anti-Hindu Movie
According to movie PK, Lord Krishna is false god because he supported the practice of feeding cows

How come Mr. Perfectionist did not thought about all this and chose to mock beliefs of all Hindus?  

Do only Hindus get scared?
Aamir khan says “Jo dar gaya woh mandir gaya”, which means “On being scared, one goes to temple”. Seriously!!! Primary purpose of Hindus going to temple is peace of mind and body, in addition to thanking god for everything gifted to them.  
Just imagine, what kind of impression would kids get from above statement? They would hesitate visiting temples with parents, thus detaching themselves from their ancient roots and rich cultural heritage.
Why Boycott PK, a flawed anti-Hindu Movie
100+ millions devotees visit sabarimala shrine every year. PK says “These devotees visit not because of love towards lord ayyapa, but because of fear of Lord ayyappa.
Why aamir didn’t use Masjid, gurudwara, church or any other place instead of temple? What was aamir khan scared of when he went to haj two year ago? What sins did he commit that he couldn’t resist going to haj?

Is aamir khan scared of Capt Ajit?
At least, followers of Capt ajit claim so. To those who don’t know, Capt Ajit accused Aamir khan of siphoning funds from his show “Satyamev Jayate” to some western Islamic organization.  
Instead of giving an explanation on his allegations, aamir khan got this blogger arrested. However, in absence of any solid case against ajit and solid support from followers, captain got released on bail immediately.
Aamir khan was my favorite hero and I never expected that if anyone speaks against him, he would get that man arrested. In between, Captain Ajit has intensified his allegations against aamir khan and defames him regularly in his posts. Below is the latest one
Is pouring of milk over shivlinga a waste ritual?
According to PK and team, milk should be given to poor child instead of pouring it over shivling. Pouring milk (white) over shivlinga(Black) is a very auspicious deed which I will explain scientifically in a separate post. There is no wastage of milk in this ritual. Read below post to understand
Here, I have a counter question to PK and team:  
Why they thought of poor people’s only in the ritual of pouring milk? In northern India, hundreds of peoples die every year from cold. Why he didn’t protest against the ritual of gifting bedcover (Chadar) in mosques?
Why Boycott PK, a flawed anti-Hindu Movie
Bihar ex-Chief minister “Nitish kumar” donating chadar in mosque

Insult of lord shiva
Person wearing Costume of Lord shiva is locked inside the toilet and the lady presents him on stage as “The Dance of Shiva, the fearless”. The moment she says “Fearless”, he (Lord Shiva) comes out saying “Bachao”. This is a direct insult to Lord shiva and punishable under Indian law. Insulting scenes of lord Shiva went on for more than 10 minutes. Rightly, a case has been lodged against Mr. Hirani and PK team.
Why Boycott PK, a flawed anti-Hindu Movie  
Is idol worship wrong?
One more bollywood movie to mock idol worship. Which world does PK and its team lives in? All Hindus knows that they worship both forms of god, sakar(form) and nirakar(formless).  To those who are ignorant about idol worship, Read below post to understand idol worship
Why Boycott PK, a flawed anti-Hindu Movie
Movie objects donation of money for temple construction
Doesn’t ordinary man have the right to decide where his money should go? Even if he decides to give his hard earned money to some fraud guru, what right do you have to stop him? Building temples is hundred times better than throwing millions of bucks in useless bollywood parties. Devotees has the right to invest his money anywhere as long as it does not violate the laws of the land.

Can PK team answer these questions?
Can PK team including Aamir Khan and Mr. Hirani answer these questions?
  1)    Why only Hindu gods in PK missing list of gods? Are you trying to say that all Hindu gods are false and only gods of other religions exist, perhaps the reason why aamir went to Haj in 2012?
        Why Boycott PK, a flawed anti-Hindu Movie
Image courtesy: 
  2)    Why only hindu godmen are found fraud and not Muslim or Christian fanatics like zakir naik, who converts innocent Hindus live on TV by citing false statements from Hindu scriptures?
  3)    Quite opposite to Hollywood movies where the aliens are always shown in bad taste, how come the aliens in bollywood movies (Koi mil gaya, PK etc) are always shown as sweet, innocent and good?
4)    How pathetic is the idea of a planet where both male and female lives nude, showing off her genital organs? I wonder about the rape incidents and quality of life in such planets. Still, the alien PK suggests that his planet is highly advanced compared to earth. Isn’t this a cheap publicity gimmick by PK & Team to show off aamir khan nude in movie trailers?
Why only Hindus are only targeted?
Though there are few jokes and digs against other religions, the target of PK was undoubtedly Hindus. In a world where hundreds of innocent humans are killed every other day by Pakistani terrorists, our intelligent Bollywood producers are busy making anti-Hindu and pro-Pakistani movie that is well supported by foreign funded media channels with five star ratings.  
I heard many saying that PK is a fair movie that has targeted all religions equally. Really??? 1 Minutes of bashing other religions is equivalent to 100 minutes of bashing Hinduism. In reality, PK and team did not have the guts to target all religions equally.
Why Hindus are right to blame aamir khan for this anti-hindu movie?
As aamir khan is involved in every aspect of film making, it would not be wrong to blame him for all the religious discrimination shown in this movie. “Oh my god” movie was slightly better than PK because though “OH my god” showed some rituals wrongly, still it was consistent with Hindu philosophy.
Aamir khan should do justice to himself and his ancestors. This kind of anti-Hindu and pro-Pakistani film is not expected from grandson of Freedom fighter “Abdul gaffer khan”, who along with Mahatma Gandhi tried his best to avoid partition of Hindustan (Land of Hindus).
Why Boycott PK, a flawed anti-Hindu Movie
Freedom fighter “abdul ghaffar khan”, grandfather of aamir khan, with mahatma Gandhi

Why directors don’t hesitate making anti-hindu movie?
Condemn none: if you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If you cannot, fold your hands, bless your brothers, and let them go their own way.
- Swami Vivekananda
Hindus are suffering because they have taken the ideals of swami vivekanda very seriously. Few section of internet Hindus are no longer willing to do so as they are fed up with daily nuisance.
Being born in a Pakistani refugee family, Mr. Hirani is a greedy sindhi who would do anything to earn some money. Business and money is what matters to him. Mr. Hirani did not hesitate to come up with this anti-hindu movie because he knows very well that no Hindu is intolerant and courageous enough to put a trishul in his buttocks.

Why modi sarkar should take action against paid media?
Media channels are saying that Hindus are becoming increasingly intolerant to boycott PK? Isn’t this statement an insult to Mahatma Gandhi? Are they saying that Father of our nation “Mahatma gandhi” was the most intolerant person as he introduced the boycott system in India through his “Swadeshi” movement?
Why Boycott PK, a flawed anti-Hindu Movie
Paid Media says “Mahatma Gandhi was wrong to introduce boycott system”
Photo courtesy:
If anyone is offended by any movie then doesn’t he have the right to boycott that movie? Isn’t boycotting the most democratic way to persuade others and express your disapproval over the content of the movie.  
One of the reasons why BJP is losing its Hindu vote bank is that even after six months of power, they have failed to control paid media and censor board that offends the religious feelings of majority. Prime Minister Modi shouldn’t do the same mistakes that atalji did. i.e Losing the loyal Hindu votes with appeasement politics of minorities and leftist intellectuals who are not going to support him even if he delivers 15 lakh black money into their account.  
Why it is so easy to target hindus?
Hindus have become so casual and foolish that they don’t even recognize the mockery of their gods, ancestors, culture, traditions and scared rituals.  
Courtesy of PK, I came to know how easy is to convince Hindus in believing that Hinduism is a very stupid, bigoted and superstitious religion. How ignorant are Hindus that they go to church and dargahs? Only viable solution left for such Hindus is to convert into other religions.  

Why Hindus should speak UP?
Hindus are too foolish to believe in tolerance in this age of kaliyuga. This Kaliyuga began with the war of Mahabharata during which lord Krishna gave the message of fighting against evils, not to tolerate evil. But no one including our kings understood this message of lord Krishna and lost our freedom against the invading mughals and British. Tolerance is the reason why Hindustan got partitioned into Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, India etc.
Why Boycott PK, a flawed anti-Hindu Movie
Speak UP Oh hindus!!!!....Offense, not tolerance, is the best defense. Either offend or get ready to perish under the hands of invaders.  

Was PK movie funded by terrorist organizations?

We all know that censor board is filled with greedy members. Three months ago, Censor board CEO "Rakesh Kumar" was arrested for demanding bribe from bollywood producers. Why Boycott PK, a flawed anti-Hindu Movie
Some News channels alleges that Censor board chairperson 'Leela Samson', who said she won't Cut any Scenes from PeeKay (PK), actually Chopped Off all the "Anti-Christian" Scenes but deliberately allowed all Anti-Hindu/Anti-India Scenes. Leela Samson is a known hindu hater. she removed Ganesha idols from the Kalakshetra campus. Declaring idol worship as superstition, She stopped the prayers offered to the deity.
How can anyone trust a censor board filled with such members? Censor board and paid media is reponsible for the violence by fringe elements like VHP, bajrang dal etc. NDTV is No.1 anti-national channel.
Coming back to the point, Team PK has been accused of receiving funds from terrorist organizations by noted lawyer and BJP leader 'Subramanian Swamy'. Below are some of the tweets on this issue.

Dr Swamy has tweeted he will Launch a Complaint regarding Terror Funding to Peekay (PK) under Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA). Let us see what happens. Even if this is found to be true, I am damn sure that no actions would be taken against PK and team

Whole world is embracing hindu dharma. Slowly and gradually, all westerners are tilting towards yoga. This has baffled western religious organziations and they are spending millions of bucks and recruiting thousands of missionaries to insult hindu dharma and convert poor innocent hindus to abrahamic religions. Even english media groups are funded by such religious organizations and that's the reason why you see biased anti-hindu news in english media channels

I think i have written enough but before ending i would like to ask a question to all desh drohi PK supporter: How come the so called Mr. Perfectionist committed so many mistakes in this movie?

Bashing Hinduism is the easiest way to earn money and this movie has proved it again. Every time I see my faith being mocked by others, my beliefs and bond with Hinduism has increased multi-fold. I feel like posting more and more articles though I am unable to do so due to lack of time. I would try to increase my quota of posting 2 articles/month to 3 articles/month
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