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How chanting AUM controls blood pressure and heart diseases
Posted By Sarin on Jun 20, 2014     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

In our ancient scriptures, it is often written that Indian warriors and sages were very healthy and powerful. So, what was the secret behind their prowess? What made them so powerful? Why they were the best of all worldly warriors? In this article, we will go through one of these reasons.
The reason is nitric oxide. Never heard of it? Well, Nitric oxide is a molecule formed by ‘Nitrogen’ and ‘oxygen’, both of which constitutes 99% of the earth atmosphere. Importance of nitric oxide can be understood from the fact that it was named as “Molecule of the Year” in 1992 by science magazine and subsequently, was the reason behind the Nobel Prize awarded to three American scientists (Lewis Ignarro, Robert Furchgott, and Ferid Murad) who discovered nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system.

No life without nitric oxide
Nitrogen which constitutes 78% of the earth atmosphere is a vital constituent of all living cells.  Without nitrogen, no living beings survive because it represents a major portion of DNA. This also means that Nitrogen defines the genetic code of living beings. Production of nitric oxide is highest in the body during the age of puberty (25-30 years).

  As you grow older (40+), Level of nitric oxide declines slowly in the body and later becomes the cause of old age death.
How chanting AUM controls blood pressure and heart diseases
Production of nitric oxide in natural world
In the 90’s, Nitric Oxide (NO) was known better as an environmental pollutant as it was the gas that was produced during the combustion process of engines, power plants and smoking of cigarettes.
In the natural world, Nitric oxide in air quickly converts to nitrogen dioxide.
2 NO + O2  2 NO2
Similarly, nitric oxide in water reacts with oxygen to form nitrous acid.
4 NO + O2 + 2 H2O  4 HNO2
How chanting AUM controls blood pressure and heart diseases
It was quite natural that its importance to the human body was not recognized before as it was found very harmful for the environment due to its crucial role in the depletion of ozone layer. Moreover, nitric acid is harmful for health though it is an important source of nutrition for plants. To reduce the amount of nitric oxide in air, Catalytic converters are placed in cars to minimize the combustion of nitric oxide in the air. Such converters convert the combusted nitric oxide back to oxygen. Note that the nitric oxide is not produced only in the human body and combustion of engines, but also naturally in the rainy season during lightning and thunderstorms.  
Steroids stimulates nitric oxide
Many of the drugs or supplements used by weightlifters either contain nitric oxide or stimulate the production of nitric oxide inside the body. Nitric oxide is the secret behind muscular body of bodybuilders, athletes and gymnasts. Body builders or workers who perform severe physical activities needs higher levels of nitric oxide as it stimulates the blood flow near the muscular areas that are strained during physical activities. How do actors like Aamir khan and sharukh khan build up their body within few weeks? There is no rocket science behind this, they use steroid supplements that increases the flow of nitric oxide near the muscles (Strain) area.  
Supplements like L-citrulline and L-arginine is dominantly used to increase the flow of oxygen and blood in the muscular area that demands strength. Lactic acid that is produced by workouts is removed by such supplements. Arginine levels are considerably increased to facilitate better recovery and faster workouts.
How chanting AUM controls blood pressure and heart diseases

Nitric oxide increases flow of blood and controls blood pressure
Nitric oxide controls blood pressure by controlling the flow of blood in the body. If there is sufficient production of nitric oxide in the body, blood vessels remain relaxed thus keeping the blood pressure low. On the contrary, Blood pressure shoots up when the blood vessels contracts due to low levels of nitric oxide.  
Endothelial lining of our blood vessels acts as a Teflon to avoid sticking of food or body articles to the vessel wall. This lining uses nitric oxide to relax all the surrounding muscles thus causing increased blood flow in the body.
Nitric oxide avoids heart diseases
Most of the coronary heart disease is due to lack of nitric oxide or inaction by produced nitric oxide. Limited supply of nitric oxide causes vascular inflammation and endothelial dysfunction. Such a vascular damage because of decreased blood flow can cause diabetic patient to suffer non-healing ulcers, amputated limbs and Neuropathy.  
How chanting AUM controls blood pressure and heart diseases
As nitric oxide works as a vasodilator, it regulates the blood flow and pressure throughout the body.  
It signals the blood vessels to relax or widen thus increasing or decreasing blood flow and nutrients to different parts of the body and bringing back deoxygenated blood to heart. In absence of such signaling mechanism, blood vessels would have contracted and expanded randomly thus causing low blood pressure and high blood pressure respectively and hence, heart attack and other coronary diseases. Thus, Nitric oxide therapy is used for the treatment of various vascular diseases and keeps the blood vessels young, elastic and healthy.
It naturally treats cardiovascular impairment by preventing heart attacks and heart strokes. Nitric oxide also avoids hardening of arteries. Heart diseases due to angina pain and hardening of arteries are quite common among old patients whose body does not produce required amount of nitric oxide. Nitrite derivatives treat heart disease by stimulating the blood vessels surrounding the heart thus causing decreased arterial pressure during the activity of pumping out the blood from the heart.
How chanting AUM controls blood pressure and heart diseases

Nitric oxide cures infected cells
Nitric oxide is very crucial for the optimum functioning of nervous system and immune system. Higher concentration of nitric oxide limits the growth of tumor or infected cell by halting down the bacterial growth. Antibiotics facilitate the creation of nitric oxide that easily reaches the infected area and restores the blood flow to ease out the pain. The same can be done by yoga as some Asanas(postures) stimulate the natural formation of nitric oxide inside the body through breathing and exercising techniques.
Nitric oxide strengthens our defense and immune system
Nitric oxide helps in the transmission of signals between the 100 trillion cells of our body. As you may be knowing, we have a defense system in our body that fights against bacteria, viruses and worms. This defense system is composed of Immune Cells named ‘Macrophages’ which produces Nitric oxide to kill the invading bacteria and viruses. Nitric oxide also facilitate cell division, DNA repair and DNA proliferation
Nitric oxide stimulates penile erection
While nitric oxide avoids hardening of arteries, it facilitates the hardening of the penis. Penile erection is due to increased blood flow and increased nitric oxide in the muscle adjoining the pineal gland. This is how the Viagra works by increasing the enzyme phosphodiesterase PDE5 near the pineal gland muscles.  
Penile erection depends on the release of nitric oxide. Viagra and other drugs like it that reduce erectile dysfunction work on the next step of the nitric oxide pathway.  
How chanting AUM controls blood pressure and heart diseases
Are impotence and atherosclerosis closely related? Absolutely. Any lifestyle that decreases nitric oxide, such as smoking, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels, is the cause of such problems.
Nitric oxide facilitates communication between nerve cells
Nitric oxide also acts as a neurotransmitter to communication between the nerve cells in the body.  Unlike other neurotransmitters that transmit information only between few types of nerve cells, small soluble nitric oxide can diffuse in almost every type of nerve cells. It relaxes the gastrointestinal smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. It also increases the capacity of stomach to store more fluids and food. Also, Nitric oxide is known as a “messenger molecule,” because it helps the cells of the body communicate with one another.  
Our bodies contain 6 trillion endothelial cells, which line 100,000 miles of blood vessels in a single layer. When those endothelial cells are healthy, they release a powerful signaling molecule known as Nitric Oxide, or NO. When NO is released, it penetrates cell membranes and sends messages, or signals, that help regulate cellular activity and instruct the body to perform certain functions. This signaling activity is ten times faster than the modern day high speed internet or emailing system
<> <>
Painkillers produce nitric oxide to heal pain
Deficiency of nitric oxide causes lethargy, weakened immunity, poor blood circulation, fatigue, joint and muscle pain.  
How chanting AUM controls blood pressure and heart diseases
Morphine Drug works as a painkiller through the increased flow of nitric oxide near the injured parts of the body. Amyl Nitrite and Nitroglycerin are the names of the tablets that are given to patients to ease vagina, lung and heart pain.  
All organisms produce and release Nitric oxide  
There is no harmful side effects of increased nitric oxide as it breaks down in a short span of every 10 seconds. Nitric oxide is released as a byproduct by almost all types of organism including bacteria and fungus.
Even our fart is primarily composed of nitrogen and oxygen though it includes other constituents in limited proportion. Farting is a natural process and there is no human or animal that do not farts. Excess of nitric oxide is absorbed by the body as it moves through the capillary bed and combines with hemoglobin. Excess of nitric oxide is released from the body as urine, shit or fart.  
How to increase production of nitric oxide
Diabetic patients have lower nitric oxide than normal humans.  
  1)    To increase the production of nitric oxide in the body, engage in healthy activities. Anything that gives pleasures increases nitric oxide and anything that brings sorrow decreases nitric oxide. This is why nitric oxide production is optimum in devotees. Watching horror movies decreases nitric oxide while watching comedy movies increases.
  2)    Reduce meat consumption and perform yogic exercises during sun rise.
3)    Chanting AUM in yogic posture while the sun is rising is the scientifically proven way to increase nitric oxide.
4)    Breathing in and out through one nostril while bathing in river during sunrise is another recommended way of increasing nitric oxide(Both in Ayurveda and modern science)
5)    Dr. Herbert Benson, President of Harvard Medical School, scientifically proved that meditation and chanting leads to increased levels of nitric oxide.
How chanting AUM controls blood pressure and heart diseases
  6)    Eat lot of leafy vegetables, Lettuce and root vegetables like beetroot, carrot and radish. While eating, nitrate contained in these vegetables is converted into nitrite near the surface of the tongue. When swallowed, this nitrite combines with acids and body fluids to produce large amount of nitric oxide. Similarly, our skin is protected from bacterial infections when nitrate in sweat is converted to nitrite and then to nitric oxide by microorganism on the acidic skin surface.
    Benefits of nitric oxide
There is no harmful side effects of increased nitric oxide as it breaks down in a short span of every 10 seconds. Thus the benefits of nitric oxide can be summarized as
  1)    Nitric oxide sterilizes the food to prevent poisoning of food and maintain gastric blood flow.
  2)    It kills infected cells and viruses, parasites, worms and destroys malignant cells inside the body.
3)    It releases oxygen to hemoglobin.
4)    It strengthens the immune system
5)    Vasodilation of arteries and increased flow of blood and nitric oxide in the body
6)    Secretion of hormones from several glands  
7)    Communication between the nerve cells of the body.
Nitric oxide increases life of plants
Like I said before, nitric oxide is a vital constituent of all living beings. Modern study has concluded that nitric oxide facilitates the production of several proteins and enzymes in plants. Also it is found to be the part of important signaling mechanism in plants. Plants whose dried and cut parts has been treated with nitric oxide grows very healthy and has increased life span (check below link)  
How chanting AUM controls blood pressure and heart diseases
Nitric Oxide in Plants: Metabolism and Role in Stress Physiology
Creation by chance or intelligent design?
Regulation of blood flow and nitric oxide in blood vessels is one more proof that this planet and its living beings did not came by chance as it is consistently maintained by Darwinist scientists. Signaling activity and conscious behavioral functions of our cells depicts the intelligently designed system

Thus in this article, we saw how nitric oxide helps in body building? How it helps in the healthy functioning of our cells and blood vessels and how it is overall regulates the functioning of our entire body system. Our sages and warriors did not go to gym or consumed steroids to make their body healthy, instead they just follow the natural process to make their body and life healthy.
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