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How chanting AUM or mantras heals diseases
Posted By Sarin on May 04, 2014     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

In the last eight articles, we have been discussing the significance of AUM, the sacred syllable that represents Brahman-the only one who is impersonal, omnipresent, omnipotent and the source of all materialistic existence. AUM is not just a word or sound but the entire cosmos that we feel, touch, hears and enjoy.  

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AUM chanting has been used since generation to cure many diseases. In this article, we will see how AUM, the most sacred symbol on earth, can be used to cure diseases.
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Chanting AUM can cure diseases
Since the beginning of this universe, AUM has been used as the first aid to cure diseases. If you are a believer of science and thinks that there is no way AUM sound can do anything to the soul and body, then think once again? Infrasound and ultrasound frequencies are used in the cure of many diseases.  Ultrasound frequencies above 20 KHZ are used to cure kidney stones and tumors. It is chanted everyday by spiritual aspirants as the daily dose for peaceful mind and body.
How chanting AUM or mantras heals diseases
If you check the below image, you will notice that hearing range of human is inversely proportional to its age. As the age increases, hearing range decreases. According to spiritual science, this is because human in child form is more closer to god as he is free of all bad karmas and materialistic desires. But as his age increases, he is attracted to all forms of comforts and desires and thereby, keep himself focused 24/7 in the attainment of such desires. As a result, his body capability to understand the working of this universe decreases. Only sages and mystics who keep themselves away from such filthy desires and engaged themselves 24/7 engaged in the devotion of the lord is able to increase their hearing range to such an amount that they can hear all the sound frequencies including infrasound and ultrasound frequencies. Not only hear, they also broaden their eye capability to see beyond 3 dimensions and hence, are able to see all the materialistic objects that are invisible to the naked eye.
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How chanting AUM or mantras heals diseases
AUM should be chanted in multiples of 3 to get rid of all pain and sorrows that can be broadly classified into three types.
Adhaymika - Physical and mental pain arising from inner qualities like arrogance, ignorance, passion, hatred, diseases etc
Adhidaivkea - pain or fear originating from living organisms of the outside world, as from animals, enemies etc.
Adhidaivika - Fear of natural events like intense heat, intense cold, excessive rains and distraction of the senses.

Meaning of Good health  
Different individuals have different connotations for Good Health. For some, health is determined physically while others measures health mentally. Even after having a god diet, many individuals lack luster and energy in their body. They suffer from diseases and are under-nourished. This is because one also has to nourish the mind in addition to physical body. Similar to bacteria and viruses attacking the physical body, mind is attacked by external factors like tensions worries, emotions, love, fear and insecurity. Food does not release the required nutrients to deal with these emotional factors. Therefore, it becomes very necessary to protect our mind from the effect of negative thoughts and feelings.

How yoga and meditation cures diseases?
Below is the scientific explanation on how yoga and meditation cures diseases:-
In our body every passing second, old cell dies and new cell takes its place. Over a period of one year, almost all cells are completely renewed in the body. At the time of formation, each of these renewed cells gathers information from old cells and also adapts itself to the surrounding environment. Old cells share their spiritual experiences with the new cells and the new cells modify itself to the shared information. Yoga and meditation instill energies and powers in each cells of the body to remain unaffected to infected cells. As a result, infected cells are either cured or replaced by new healthy cells. This is how the diseases that are because of infected cells are cured by yoga and meditation.
How chanting AUM or mantras heals diseases
How yogis control their body without eating food or drinking water?
Yogis control their body and formation of new cells by chanting mantras. Studies around the world have revealed that sincere prayer to god heals their diseases and changes attitude towards life. New scientific studies reveal that your way of thinking influences brain cells and changes the functioning of the brain.
Ancient scriptures have long ago mapped the connection of mind with various pressure points of the body and have also described the flow of etheric energy inside the body called ‘Prana’.  Western science hesitates to agree on this point even when therapeutic effects like acupressure and acupuncture has the backing of science.
More on cells, Prana and yoga can be found in below blog post
Sound therapy cures diseases
Treating diseases through sound therapy may be new to science but Vedic saints have been advocating this sound therapy for generations. Sound therapy through chanting of mantras has been used in the cure of many body ailments and diseases.  Sound therapy eliminates the need of complex surgical procedures as the DNA modified through sound waves brings the desired changes inside the body to cure diseases or wounds. How chanting AUM or mantras heals diseases
Chanting AUM and mantras modifies DNA and genes
Chanting mantras and devotional meditation can not only cure infectious diseases but also hereditary diseases as the genes can be reprogrammed using these ancient methods of sound or gene therapy.
Meditation purges mind and heals diseases
Meditation is one of the ways to achieve the calm, peaceful and stable mind. Outer body is just the reflection of our inner body. Hence by perfecting the outer body, we can stabilize our inner body. Meditation when combined with effective natural ayurvedic medicines can cure any diseases. Meditation acts as a catalyst that speeds up the recuperation process of medicines. Pranic energy produced by meditation purges the mind and eliminates all disturbances and negative energies by initiating the recovery process. Meditation, if done properly with enthusiasm and full devotion, rejuvenates the entire body and frees it of all ailments.
How AUM sound therapy heals diseases?
Though chanting of mantras has been conventionally linked only to Hinduism and its offshoot religions like Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, it has the backing of medical science.
Chanting AUM in meditation has received worldwide recognition. More and more yogic followers have now started chanting AUM to remove their tensions and cure alimentary diseases. “Brahmvarchas Shodh Sansthan” is the leading research center on spiritual science that has carried out several experiments to study the healing of diseases by chanting mantras.
Our body is ill because some of the organs are not vibrating in harmony with the other organs or environment. Organs are restored to its original frequency either by the vibrations produced by medicine or by sacred sound coupled with intention. Optimum health is obtained by producing the sound waves that vibrates all organs in sync with each other.
How chanting AUM or mantras heals diseases
Sound therapy is practiced not only by Hindus but also practiced by Turkic race of Mongolia, Lama Race of Tibet and tuva race in South Africa. No musical knowledge is needed to chant AUM. Also, you do not need to be ill to experience the subtle transformational effect of sound therapy.

Why human beings are addicted to bad habits
Every living being likes to enjoy pleasures like dancing, singing, playing etc and when he is not able to do any of his, he starts to look pleasures in wrong activities like smoking, drinking, gambling, visiting brothels etc. This is not new as the ancient kings and minister would also consume alcoholic drink ‘suraa’ or ‘Madira’ and watch mujra(Lady dancers) to gain temporary relief form burdened responsibilities.
Addiction destroys human life
Anything in excess is harmful to the body. Addiction to drinks and cigarettes not only destroys the health of the person but also makes the person impotent thus destroying his family and social life. Almost every smoker and drinker vows multiple times to stop their addictive habits yet they give up their promise to materialistic pleasures. Addiction makes them slaves to drinks and cigarettes even when they don’t desire to live like a slave. In such cases, meditation if implanted properly in the mind helps in getting rid of all bad addictive habits.
Mantras to cure addiction and diseases
Indian scriptures are full of mantras and rituals that can combat dangerous ailments and diseases. Mantras are designed such a way that it produces the required vibration to cure the alimentary disease.  Worship of different deities is advised depending upon the type of disease. Hanuman is the most common deity worshipped to cure disease enforced by evil forces.  
How chanting AUM or mantras heals diseases
Lord hanuman-My favorite deity
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Some mantras require worshipping of Lord shiva, Goddess Kali, lord ganesha etc.

Mantras repair the DNA and prevent aging of the tissues.  
Mantras do repair DNA and prevent ageing. Chanting Mantras release a special enzymes in the body called as DNA polymerase which plays a significant role in the synthesis and reparation the DNA. Modern science has no clue whatsoever on the stimulation of the natural chemicals inside the human body during the invocation of sacred prayers and mantras. Magic of the god is in your DNA. DNA is more complex than any complex machine invented by man.
dna repair
Healing of diseases
Dr. Kanimozhi, who is also a professor of yoga, prescribes AUM to cancer patients. According to him, chant controls the secretion of stress harmones from pitiuitary glands thus acting as a pain reliever. Chanting AUM is scientific as it crreayes a neuro physoclogical on around the body. Not only Hindus, but many christain and Muslims have also gained relief from ailamentary diseases like pain, insomnia, stress, speech disorder etc.  
55-year-old senior army officer “Edwin” healed ankylosing spondylitis within a year just by practising yoga and breathing exercises. His doctor “Dr P. Prabhu” confirmed his healing process and recommends AUM chnting to more and more patients.
Smoking and drinking alcohol must be avoided by in yoga and meditation.
'Aum' is the life saving physician that cure all transmigratory diseases. Mere sound vibrations of AUM can destroy disease-causing germs in your body
How chanting AUM or mantras heals diseases
Chanting AUM fosters healing of the body

While chanting AUM, AUM is seen through eyes, chanted via tongue and listened via ears. Thus all the vital body organs co-ordinates to concentrate on realization of god. Chanting AUM is the traditional way of curing all vocal disorders.
Healing with sound vibrations is the oldest remedy of the world. Below video shows the use of music in the Morristown Memorial Hospital for healing sickness. Same hospital use melodies in intensive care units to intensify the recovery process of patients who have just done their surgery.
Healing with sound

AUM for all religions
50 year old “Abdul khader”, a practicing Muslim from Chennai healed his acute arthritic pain by meditating on AUM daily for 15 minutes in the morning and evening. It has also helped him in doing Namaz 5 times a day. He was advised by his family physician to meditate on AUM for therapeutic gain.

Shankh is used in the cure of diseases
Cosmic vibratory Sound of shankh is still used in the cure of many diseases. One can hear the gentle ocean waves on holding a perfect shaped conch near the ear. This actually signifies the vibration of cosmic energy inside the conch that gets magnified when the air is blown from inside.
Shankha bhasma- Ayurvedic medicine
Ash produced by burning conches is used as an ayurvedic remedy to cure several diseases. This ash called as ‘Shankha bhasma’ is produced by burning the conch shell after soaking it in lime juice for few hours. Since the ash has high amount of minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium, it effectively cures digestive and antacid diseases. Shankha bhasma when mixed in correct proportion with tamarind, ammonium chloride, asafetida, aconite, mercury, pepper, ginger and some other ayurvedic herbs is use in the cure of dyspepsia. This medicine is called as Shankavati in ayurveda.
How chanting AUM or mantras heals diseases
Shankh bhasma of world’s topmost ayurvedic company
Shankh represents dharma (righteousness)-one of the four goals of human life. Water stored in conch is given as Prasadam to the devotees. Conch is worshipped as
Twam puraa saagarot pannaha
Vishnunaa vidhrutahakare
Devaischa poojitha sarvaihi
Panchjanya namostu te

Salutations to Panchajanya
the conch born of the ocean
Held in the hand of Lord Vishnu
and worshipped by all devaas
Healing properties of conch
  1)    Conch is effectively used in the cure of cholera and plague like diseases.
2)    Water stored in conch has high concentration of sulphur and calcium. Person who struggles to speak or has speech disorder must drink conch water regularly.
  3)    Skin diseases are cured by missing conch water in bucket of water used for bathing.
4)    Mix conch water (kept for 8+ hours) with rose water for shining black hair.
5)    Conch water kept for 12+ hours can cure stomach pain and intestinal problems. Make sure your stomach is empty before you drink conch water.
6)    Rub conch surface on face to remove wrinkles, black patches and dark circles. This would additionally instill a glowing face.  
  7)    Cow milk stored in conch is used for the purification of the house.
8)    Conch vibrations act a sterilizer that destroys harmful viruses and bacteria’s in the environment. Effect of conch was proved by Nobel Prize winner Indian scientist ‘Jagdish Chandra Bose’.
9)    Blowing conch regularly frees you from respiratory diseases. It’s a general perception that only men’s blow conches. But this perception is false. Woman can also blow conch to cure their diseases
        How chanting AUM or mantras heals diseases

  10)    Tuberculosis, Asthma, Influenza, Liver, Spleen diseases will be eradicated echoing conch.
11)    Conch vibrations can cure deafness. Cochlea is the inner part of the ear that is shaped like a conch. Sound waves heard by ear bangs the eardrum which then transmit the waves to cochlea. These sound waves are passed onto the brain by cochlea. When conch is blown, generated pressure waves travels though the tube in the shape of the conch to reach cochlea. Conch shaped waves helps in reducing the deafness in the humans.
12)    Inner structure of conch is spiral and curved. And as we know, DNA is also spirally shaped. Conch waves helps in repairing damaged DNA.
Chanting AUM in meditation has received worldwide recognition. More and more yogic followers have now started chanting AUM to remove their tensions and cure alimentary diseases. Aum is added in all mantras so that it would be chanted by all before the start and after the end of any ritual, custom or religious ceremonies for materialistic comforts and spiritual perfection. AUM is thus the sacred word of all mantras, the sacred word that heals diseases and fosters spiritual perfection in the materialistic body.
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