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How sages and mystics communicates with god
Posted By Sarin on Apr 19, 2014     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

In our scriptures and ancient stories, you may have heard of all sages and mystics meditating and communicating with gods. You may have heard of yogis changing their body forms or invoking gods by chanting some sacred mantras. Is it possible? Are mantras so powerful that they can change body forms or invoke heavenly deities? If you ask me then yeah it’s possible but very difficult in this kaliyuga.  In this article, we will try to apprehend how the ancient mystics communicated with god through chant of sacred mantras
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In this article, we will discuss on how mystics communicates with god or invoke god by chanting AUM or sacred mantras
How sages communicated with demi-gods
Chanting and invoking god is a very old phenomenon. When hundreds of Vedic sages come together and organizes a yagna that involved lilting of fires and chanting sacred mantras in unison, they were actually creating a powerful biological channel that would communicate with the DNA of highly enlightened gurus or demi-gods to create a favorable positive environment on earth.  
How sages and mystics communicates with god
Yagna on the banks of river ganga
This combination of light and sound energies sends signals to demi-gods or enlightened gurus to help them in their cause. Furthermore, Chanting of mantras alters the flow of electrons inside the body atoms in such a way that there is the natural flow of energy inside the body because of which our body does not need food or water to produce energy. All yogis and mystics transform their two stranded DNA into twelve stranded DNA by chanting mantras during yoga or meditation. Twelve stranded DNA facilitates the communication with the external world directly through our third eye. With Twelve stranded DNA, we can not only view the functioning of the whole universe directly but can also communicate with the creator and send or receive information from the creator.
How mystics transform their two stranded DNA to twelve stranded DNA?
Each of our body organs are constructed because of such morphogenetic consciousness field (M fields). Development of small sperm into developed body parts like eyes, ears, hands, nose etc is because of the scientific process called Morphogenesis. Morphogenesis in scientific term means the intelligent formation of tissues, cells, organs and developed body parts from minute life forming particles. In our body system, several atoms combine together as molecules by conscious morphogenetic field to create DNA, cells, tissues, body organs and finally our gross body structure. Just like the spider creates the web field, our internal consciousness creates morphogenetic field to produce proteins, juice, food etc to nurture our cell, tissues, brain, and internal body system. Morphogenetic field is the field of consciousness just like gravitational field and electromagnetic field is the field of gravitation and electromagnetism respectively.  
Seven spiraling Chakras that represent the various stages of enlightenment are because of enlightened conscious morphogenetic fields.  
During the stage of enlightenment, conscious morphogenetic field changes the flow of electrons in such a way that our two stranded DNA becomes twelve stranded DNA. This twelve stranded DNA make our body independent of the universe. Our body system is no longer affected to the outer happening of the universe. With twelve stranded DNA, Our body system remains unaffected to cold, heat, wind, fire etc.  
How sages and mystics communicates with god  
How mystics communicate with all living beings of the universe?
Everything in this universe is pure energy. It is important to realize that even matter is energy at a sub-atomic level. All matter of this universe and whatever you see vibrates at a certain frequency.
  They vibrate at a frequency different than ours and so, we feel ourselves separated from the matter lying around. We are living in the network of energy where all matter is connected to each other. This is scientifically known as unified field. Through meditation and yoga, mystics controls their speed of vibration due to which they can communicate with objects like trees, animals etc. Lowering the vibration would help them in communicating with lower dimensional objects and speeding up the vibration helps them in communicating with higher dimensional objects. When the vibration reaches the highest level possible, they are connected to the source of all vibration (God). Such a divine connection facilitates the communication with god and heavenly deities.

How ancient sages and demigods were able to change their body forms?
As mystics can vibrate their DNA at exceptionally high frequency through their thoughts and subtle chants, they have the power to direct their energies at a certain point thus demonstrating magical events like telepathy and changing body forms. Such magical events can be found in all ancient scriptures like Upanishads, puranas, Vedas etc
Science has proved the possibility of large distance communication
Ancient Vedic texts speak on communication between peoples located thousands of kilometers from each other. Hundred of instances can be found in Indian scriptures that speak on sages located thousands of kilometers apart, yet communicating effectively with each other.
How sages and mystics communicates with god
Some Scientists even believes this kind of communication unscientific but those who have brief knowledge on quantum mechanics knows the fundamental universal theory of non-locality or instantaneous communication. According to this theory, particles that are located light years away can communicate with each other. Instantaneous communication has been proved in quantum mechanics but they have are not discussed in details as scientists have not been able to find out how it works.  

Our mind has the capability to work at speed faster than speed of light
One of the staggering discoveries in quantum physics is the ability to travel at speed faster than speed of light. Information from brain to parts of the body may be travelling at this quantum level. Does the information from your mind reach a centric grid that broadcast the information to several connected points of the body? Science does not need to prove Interaction of DNA. One can understand the interaction of DNA by pondering over the point “how 1 trillion plus DNA strands communicate with each other?  
If they don’t communicate then how come they work in sync to make our body stable and adaptable of change? Einstein theory on unified field was an attempt to describe the flow of information inside the body and universe.
How Chanting AUM can help you visualize this universe and god
When the mind chants AUMMM, our body resonates in unison with the resonating frequency of this universe thus enabling us to view the realities of this materialistic world through our divine eyes (divya drishti).  Even a ten year science student knows that when two systems vibrate in perfect resonance, then there is a rise in amplitude of the resulting wave. Similarly, when our body resonates in sync with the universe, there is a rise in our consciousness level that let us see all the modalities of this materialistic universe. Primordial vibration produced by the AUM sound is hundred times more than the vibration of the 10 kHz transformer. AUM chants vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz which is very close to the frequency of all objects of this universe. So by chanting AUM, we tune ourselves to frequency of nature and try to connect with other living beings of this universe. Chanting AUM connects our DNA with the outer world and facilitates experiences with the external entities like sun, stars, moon etc.
How sages and mystics communicates with god
Continuous chanting increases the consciousness level and brings your brain to a level where there is no room for intuition. Thus, AUM recharges our body by connecting our body with the vibrations of the divine reality.  
Our thinking affects Sound vibrations inside the body
Even science confirms the existence of massive energies in sound vibrations. Singing opera loudly creates such a destructive negative energy that it breaks the thick glass very easily.  
Similarly, mantras were chanted by sages to invoke the deities to shower rain on earth in case of deficient rainfall. Similarly, the words we chant in our mind create positive or negative energies that directly affect our welfare and overall progress. If we think negatively and murmur negative thoughts, it will create negative energy that hampers our growth and progress. Thus, we are responsible for whatever happens to us. What we are today is because of our past actions, whatever that follows from now shall be the affect of your present actions.
How sages and mystics communicates with god

Why one should not be a blind follower of science?
Some scientists are even talking of creating worm holes that can transport humans or any other objects from one place to another via concepts that talks of space time shortcuts. If this is what we call science, then our ancient text should be called super science, and not a myth. Modern science cannot be considered as a true fact as it is a work under progress. Most of the theories that are accepted as true fact today may turn out to be the false theory tomorrow. On the contrary, fact that modern science considers as blind faith today may turn out to be the real science tomorrow. Science is continuously evolving and is prone to errors. Hundreds of questions are still unanswered in field of science. Newton was proved wrong by Einstein and Einstein theory seems to be proven wrong by quantum theory. One should not forget that highly advanced ancient civilization existed long before the modern science was invented. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that scientists are more blind believers than anyone else as they formulate their theories based on existing scientific laws/theories and all of them turn out to be false if the core theory has been proven wrong. Anybody who believes 100% in modern science is no less superstitious than the one who believes 100% in ghosts or paranormal activities.
Chanting and meditation is the only way to invoke god
Ability of the yogi to change their brain cells was first proposed in scientific literature by William James in 1890. We saw how our thoughts influence the changes in our internal body system. As the information from our body can also pass outside at a speed faster than speed of light, it can definitely affect the environment and heavenly planets outside the earth. This is how yogis interacted with the heavenly deities by chanting mantras. This chanting of mantras has been passed down through generations of Indian Brahmins.  
Even the Christian, Jews, Sikhs, Jains and devotees of all religions can be seen singing and chanting prayers to converse with god in their churches/mosque/temple/ synagogue/Gurudwara etc.
How sages and mystics communicates with god
Chanting and dancing by hare Krishna devotees

Modern science is defining ancient Hinduism rituals and traditions in a different way. We are yet to understand the significance and importance of many religious rituals and customs followed in different part of the world. Hope as the science advances day by day, it would unravel the mystery of ancient myths and suspicious historical events.
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