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How chanting AUM or mantra changes your DNA
Posted By Sarin on Mar 19, 2014     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Till few years ago, all scientists used to think 90% of the DNA code as useless as it plays no role in manufacturing proteins. They even named 90% of DNA code as junk DNA. They believed so because they were able to see the functioning of only 2% DNA in their laboratory experiments.  Role of the remaining 98% DNA were unknown to them. Shouldn’t we call scientist as very superstitious as they believe in only what they see and blindly ignores the facts that remains unknown or not discovered yet. Can’t imagine how they believed that role of DNA is only to manufacture proteins as if the god came in their dream and said “Dear blah blah, pay heed to this revelation from me. I created DNA only to manufacture proteins. Publish this in your research papers and consider my revelation as the absolute truth.”
DNA reacts to sound and light waves
According to Vedas, Our body is hugely affected by sounds waves and light waves. Syntax and semantics of human genes is not only similar to human languages but also react to precisely directed vibration sounds and light patterns. This means that human DNA communicates with the outside world in some coded language which our senses are unable to perceive and understand. Scientists in their latest experiments observed that DNA responds to sound vibrations only of a certain frequency and then perform some task depending upon the information exchanged with sound waves. This confirms that concepts like intuition, light aura, yoga, and telepathy can no longer be considered as a mythical belief as the science has validated the possibility of such existence.  
Experimental proof of DNA reacting to sound waves
Many experiments were conducted worldwide to prove that DNA reacts to sound waves.  
Conversion of frog embryo to salamander embryo
Out of the many experiments Russian scientists conducted, one experiment involved the projection of DNA genetic patterns of salamander embryo into DNA of frog embryos. Through these genetic patterns, they instructed the frog DNA to convert its embryo into salamander embryo. And then what they observed was absolutely staggering. They saw that the frog converted its embryo into salamander embryo. Without performing any surgical operations or sophisticated procedures, scientists were able to transform embryo of frog into salamander embryo just by beaming some coded genetic patterns.
How chanting AUM or mantra changes your DNA
Frog and salamander used in experiment

Photons changing DNA forms
Physicist Fritz-Albert Popp did extensive research on effects of photon on human DNA. From his experiments, he concluded “man is essentially a being of light.” His experiment demonstrated the communication of DNA with photons, matters and even minuscule or bigger life-forms.
How chanting AUM or mantra changes your DNA

Russian scientists performed experiments to study the effect of light and sound on DNA. For EX: A Russian scientists projected the beam of photons to a strand of DNA and observed that beam of photons lined up to take spiral shape of the DNA. Even after removing the strand of DNA, photons didn’t lose their original spiral form. This means that DNA can permanently change the form of the surrounding object on keeping it exposed to rays of light at a certain frequency
DNA reacts to electromagnetic fields
In one of the experiments, they took two test tubes - one having only water and other containing fragments of donor DNA. Both test tubes were subjected to earth electromagnetic field and enclosed with copper coil to avoid the effect of electromagnetic field. Few hours later, both test tubes were passed through polymerase chain reactions to identify remnants of DNA. What they observed was absolutely shocking. They were surprised to see the copy of DNA fragments in test tube that originally contained only water. They concluded that DNA emits electromagnetic signals that imprint its structure on surrounding molecules like water, sand etc.
This means that if DNA can copy itself then copy of the whole body is also possible as it is said in ancient Indian scriptures. This reveals the possibility of teleportation of not only objects but also humans and animals.  
DNA reacts to emotions
Another experiment was conducted on peoples specially trained to express different emotions. Their DNA were relaxed and lengthened on receiving favorable emotions like love, appreciation, pride, compassion etc while it contracted and spiraled further on receiving negative emotions like rage, anger, hatred etc.
How chanting AUM or mantra changes your DNA
DNA reacts even when it is kept outside your body
In an experiment conducted by US military, they took a sample of DNA from a donor and kept it under observation in a separate chamber to study electrical changes. After connecting donor with medicinal equipments that displays electrical reactions, Donor was asked to watch several emotional videos that would create different emotions in donor like crying, laughing, pity, anger etc. Scientists observed that both DNA(kept in sample far away) and DNA in donor body recorded same reactions. DNA reacted identically with the donor in the same way at the same time. This same behavior was observed even when the DNA was taken 50 miles away from the donor.
Above experiment validates the Hinduism definition of god
They concluded that living cell communicates with some invisible form of energy that is unaffected by time and distance. This energy is omnipotent, omnipresent and all-pervading. Isn’t this energy called as Brahman (God) in Hinduism?  
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How chanting AUM or mantra changes your DNA
DNA represents level of consciousness
Dr. Konstantin Meyl discovered that hydrogen electrons in DNA conduct electricity. He also showed that electrons in DNA create scalar waves. Thus DNA acts as an antenna that sends and receives scalar longitudinal waves. Dr. Meyl research shows that humans possess potent power within itself that one cannot even think of. We have the power of Wellness, power of oneness and power of wholeness.
Each ray (Vibration) of light with a specific wavelength defines its color. Each vibration of sound produces certain musical notes in our conscious mind. Similarly, certain kind of vibration represents certain level of consciousness.  
Our DNA can be reprogrammed by sound vibrations
Scientists have proved that DNA can be reprogrammed by only sound vibrations without removing any existing genes or adding new genes. As per Russian scientists, structural and semantic study of DNA very closely resembles human languages especially Sanskrit.  
The way words are arranged in human languages is followed by the genetic code of DNA. Similar to human languages, alkaline of DNA have set rules that follow a grammatical pattern. In fact, similarity of Sanskrit with DNA is because the former is the creation of the latter. I mean human languages are the creation of our brain which itself gets coded by DNA.
How chanting AUM or mantra changes your DNA

DNA can be changed by yoga and meditation
While Russian experiment of using electronic devices to change DNA is not 100% successful, our ancient sages’ method of changing DNA through devotional yoga and meditation is guaranteed to be successful. You don’t need any complex instruments to change yourself since all the needed changes can be mastered through self control and deep concentration. Technology is good for entertainment but real joy lie within the body.  

Chanting AUM changes your DNA
All the above experiments prove that our DNA can be changed by sound vibrations. This is how mystics and sages were able to change their body forms by chanting some mantras which are nothing but sound waves that changes DNA. In the last two articles, we discussed on how AUM is the most sacred word of the universe and AUM sound creates this universe. Chanting AUM makes your DNA vibrate at the frequency of the universal planets and this is how mystics are able to not only see the outer world but also communicate with them in their deep meditation mode.  
Chanting AUM changes your two stranded DNA to twelve stranded DNA. All mystics and deities have 12 stranded DNA due to which they have absolute control over the universe and can change the materialistic universe as per their will.  
How chanting AUM or mantra changes your DNA
Chant correctly else chanting would have no effect

Unconditional love is the foundation of all universal creation
Unconditional love is the most powerful of all emotions and the only one to induce transcendental behavior in DNA. When one loves all human beings without any condition, he transcends the physical limitations of this materialistic universe. This has also forced the scientists to experiment what the Vedic sages have been saying since ages-i.e if Thoughts and intentions creates reality.
This confirms our ancient scriptures and existence of demons/Devas
If such transformation of DNA is possible, then the changing of body forms by demons/sages through chanting of some sacred mantras is also possible as it is stated precisely in many ancient Indian texts. Why the demon Maricha of World oldest epic ‘Ramayana’ cannot transform itself into a golden deer? Why hanuman cannot change increase or decrease his body forms by chanting some mantras or by chanting ‘Jai shree Ram’?
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How chanting AUM or mantra changes your DNA
Sita attracted to demon Maricha who took the form of a golden deer

Modify life forms on earth by sound vibrations
In Vedas, it is said that supreme Brahman (God) can modify life forms on earth just by reorganizing sound waves or retransmitting modified sound waves in the environment. Though very difficult to verify, latest scientific experiment do hint of such possibility. Since Vedas says that universal Creation by sound waves involves transcendental reality that cannot be understood by our illusionary mundane senses but by spiritual perfection and enlightenment, it is almost impossible to verify the creation of this universe by vibrating sound waves. It should not be surprising that the universal laws of creation is kept inaccessible from normal humans and is revealed to only those who strived hard for spiritual perfection.  
Scientists transmits sound waves to communicate with aliens
Through different satellites and devices, Scientists have been directing different sound vibrations in the universe to communicate with outer living beings. They have failed because they haven’t tried transmitting AUM sound waves at different frequencies. I guess since AUM is the sound of the universe, projecting AUM sound waves can help in communicating with aliens of the outer world.
Why scientists should focus more on wisdom than scientific knowledge?
Many modern scientists boast high of their achievement and scientific knowledge but they fails to acknowledge that wisdom is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is good but wisdom is the highest quality of all. It’s easy to gain knowledge by researching on several topics but the wisdom can be gained only by experience. I have abundance of knowledge in spirituality, programming languages and latest technologies but I haven’t made full use of my wisdom to gain from my ocean of knowledge. From my experience, I would like to say “exploring and understanding the universal creation and situation surrounding you should be the goal of your life”. The more you envision this materialistic world, more is the chances of transforming yourself according to your desires.
How chanting AUM or mantra changes your DNA
Chant AUM can transform your two stranded DNA to twelve stranded DNA

In the coming times when the science would prove that the reprogramming of DNA through chanting mantras we shall realize the highly scientific knowledge of Vedic sage. Just like the effects of yoga has been proven today, effect of chanting mantras would also be proven one day. One thing you should compulsorily take away from this article is that stay away from negative thoughts as doing so will not only affect your DNA but also the DNA of surrounding organism and environment.

I would like to end by advising "Everyone out there, Come on the floor and chant AUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" :)
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