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AUM- the primordial sound that creates this universe
Posted By Sarin on Mar 18, 2014     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Symbolism of AUM has been handed down to us since time unknown by the Himalayan sages. According to scriptures, everything that transcends in this universe is manifested by sound vibrations of AUM. Aum is a single, indivisible sound that is the seed of the universe. Through this sound, gods set the motion of all the planets of this universe.  Every second, AUM chant maintains this materialistic existence. Without AUM, there is no birth. Without AUM, there is no death. AUM existed, exists and will forever exist till the end of eternity. Also read AUM- the primordial sound that creates this universe

Everything in this universe is pure energy
Everything in this universe is pure energy. It is important to realize that even matter is energy at a sub-atomic level. All matter of this universe and whatever you see vibrates at a certain frequency. They vibrate at a frequency different than ours and so, we feel ourselves separated from the matter lying around. We are living in the network of energy where all matter is connected to each other. This is scientifically known as unified field.

AUM is the supreme energy that creates this universe  
According to srimad bhagavatam, this universal creation is because of the precisely sequenced sound vibrations into the primordial substrate called pradhana. This pradhana is the supreme energy of the creator which does not affect the materialistic space and time as long as it is intelligently influenced by sound vibrations created by supreme personality of godhead. Under the sound vibrations generated by god, Pradhana takes the form of our present universe.
Universe does not work on its own, it is controlled by vibration of the AUM sound. AUM is also referred as “Adi pranava Nada” which means the first vibrating sound that created this universe.

How Deities creates this universe
According to Vaishavism belief, when lord Vishnu blows the conch, AUM sound produced from the conch fills the universe and modifies all energy and matters of the universe.AUM- the primordial sound that creates this universe
According to Shaivism belief, when lord Shiva plays the hour-glass (Denoting eternal time) shaped drum in his right hand during his TANDAVA dance, he produces the AUM sound that fills the universe and modifies all energy and matters of the universe.
AUM- the primordial sound that creates this universe
Lord Shiva with drum that produces AUM sound

AUM sound vibrations caused big bang that created this universe
When the sound AUM was projected in Vacuum, it caused the empty space to respond to this pattern of vibrations (Sound). As a result, massive disturbance is created at the source of projection. Accumulation of massive amount of energy at a single point caused the vibrating energy to turn into particles. Over the period of time, many such masses were formed in this finite empty space. After all the space was filled with such energy, these masses started colliding with each other thus creating more and more energy. Finally, a point reached where there was no room of any more creation of energy thus resulting in serious spatial distortion. From the centre of this heavy spatial distortion, a massive blast called as big bang occurred that led to the creation of this universe composed of various planets, stars and galaxies. This process may have repeated many times which is the thesis of multiple universes. It is believed lord Vishnu lies in the centre of this main energy and all the other objects revolves around him.
AUM- the primordial sound that creates this universe
AUM-The sacred sound that caused big bang
According to Mandukya Upanishad, Seven horses of lord Surya (Sun) gains energy from the explosion of anahat nada”  
This implies that this universe was not created by the collision of particles but by the repulsive behavior of particles moving away from each other. Particles exerting equal pressure on all adjacent articles created a massive energy explosion that led to the creation of this universe.

Modern string theory confirms formation of universe from sound  
Formation of universe from AUM sound can be easily understood by latest scientific theory called as string theory. According to string theory, a high energy created by a single string expanded to create millions of such strings, each of which itself acted as a source of infinite energy. Due to infinite sources of energies, there came a point when there was no space for any expansion. At this point of time, this accumulated tremendous amount of energy caused a massive explosion called as big bang which led to the formation of this universe.
According to string theory, all energy and matter in its extreme reduced form is made of infinitesimally small strings of vibration. Aum is one of the sounds that vibrate the strings of the objects.

AUM- the primordial sound that creates this universe
AUM sound vibrations-Creator of the universe

Einstein theories confirms the above string theory
According to Einstein theory of relativity, Particle travels at speed of light in Vacuum or the place where there is no gravity. As the mass increases, the speed of the particle decreases. Spatial distortion can happen only when the heavy massed particle collides with its borders.  
Einstein theory of unified theory is proved by AUM as the central sound of the universe. Theory of relativity describes this universe as unimaginably large. Theory of Quantum Thermodynamics describes the universe to be very small. Radiation from black hole was one of the foremost results that combined quantum principle with Einstein theory of relativity. Modern String theory bridges Theory of Quantum Thermodynamics with Einstein Theory of relativity.  
AUM particles around the sun
Dr. William Robertson and his team from Middle Tennessee State University proved that sound travels faster than speed of light.
Similarly, there are AUM shaped particles that travels at the speed greater than speed of light and hence, not visible to the human Eye.
Researchers at the University of Sheffield recorded musical vibrations in the outer atmosphere of the sun and found that huge magnetic loops vibrate like a string in the sun's atmosphere. Scientists recreated this sound by speeding up the frequency of vibrations so as to make it audible to the human ear.
Huge AUM shaped objects can be seen near the corono of the sun in the images puclished by Dr James Horak.  
AUM- the primordial sound that creates this universe
EMVs in the Corona of the Sun
All planets vibrate AUM at different frequencies
Sound is just a vibration or a perturbation in any medium. Frequency of Vibration depends upon the size of the object. More the mass, less is the frequency of Vibration. This is why all planets vibrate AUM at different frequencies.
This may sound surprising to you but not for Indian sages who have read the following verse  
“A, u, m [=Om] is the sound form of the Atman, wind, sun: it is the light form. Brahma, Rudra, Vishnu: it is the Lordship-form. Bhur, Bhuvah, Swar: it is the World form. Past, present, future: it is the time form ...Hence, these are praised, honored, and included in saying Aum.” (Maitri Upanishad, tr. Hume, 1921)

AUM sound in the universe
Like I said AUM is the primordial sound that vibrates the universe. AUM sound has been recorded by spacecrafts and satellites travelling in outer space. Each Planet vibrates their specific sound at a different frequency, some of them, NASA recently recorded.
In the above video, tiny particles of sand spread on the smooth disk takes several perfect geometrical forms on being exposed to different kind of sound vibrations.
Hear AUM like sound vibrations at Earth surface

Sound of the sun cannot be heard by human ears as the human ears has the physical limitation of hearing sounds only in the range of20-20,000 Hertz. Sound of sun as recorded by NASA is of a very lower frequency. Sound of Sun is very similar to the Hindu Mantra king ‘AUM’
AUM: The real Sound of Sun
AUM - Music of the sun recorded by scientists
Sound of the Sun
AUM sound vibrations from Jupiter
Sound of the Jupiter
Mars sound

Aum is the sound that emanates this universe
AUM is the buzzing song of the god. Aum, being venerated as the sound of the supreme Brahman, is believed to be the first sound of the universe. AUM is continuously played in background while the god creates this materialistic universe. This word is still considered to be the sound that emanates this universe in ultra-high frequencies which is inaudible to the human ears. Aum is the sacred sound that holds all the objects together in space.
"Aum stands for the supreme Reality.
It is a symbol for what was, what is,
And what shall be. A U M represents also
What lies beyond past, present and future."
                                                      -    Mundakya Upanishad  
0Bhagavad gita, verse 8.13
o ity ekâksòaramì brahma vyâharan mâm anusmaran 
yahò prayâti tyajan dehamì sa yâti paramâmì gatim
After being situated in this yoga practice and vibrating the sacred syllable AUM, the supreme combination of letters, if one thinks of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and quits his body, he will certainly reach the spiritual planets.  
AUM- the primordial sound that creates this universe

Earth AUM
Modern law on vibration derived from Indian scriptures?
In science, you may have learnt John Keely’s Law of Corporeal Vibrations which is directly comparable to verse from Chandogya Upanishad. John Keely’s Law of Corporeal Vibrations states:
“All coherent aggregates when isolated from like bodies, or when immersed or confined in media composed of matter in a different state, vibrate at a certain ascertainable pitch ...all coherent aggregates are perpetually vibrating at a period-frequency corresponding to some harmonic ratio of the fundamental pitch of the vibrating body; this pitch is a multiple of the pitch of the atomae (a subatomic unit).”
In direct comparison is a quote found in the Chandogya Upanishad: “As all the leaves are held together by a spike, so all is held together by Aum. Verily, Aum is the World-all.”
AUM- the primordial sound that creates this universe
Morphogenetic consciousness field in each atom of the universe
Each atom of this universe has energy in the form of electrons and protons. This electrons and protons are held together inside the atom by an intelligent conscious force. Electron can change its position inside the atom within a matter of milliseconds but then why it keeps revolving in a circular orbit? What is the force that maintains the movement of electron in a circular orbit? Why doesn’t electron change their position or movements inside the atom to transform in some other object? This is because they are held together by an intelligent force that is the creation of Brahman (God) which maintains the movement of electrons inside the atom. This stable movement of electrons does not allow the changes in the shape of the atom unless influenced by another atom or object. Thus, combination of various such atoms held together by Brahman intelligent force decides the shape of all animate and inanimate objects, be it our body parts or natural objects like tree, plants, minerals, animals etc. This intelligent force is the creation of Brahman that causes the small particles to combine together as nuclei with several electrons revolving around it, thus giving us the various illusions of material objects.  AUM- the primordial sound that creates this universe  
The Sacred Sound OM - AUM - Meditation & Education  

Each atom of this universe produces sound vibrations
Proportional distance of electrons evolving around the nucleus is same as the proportional distance of earth revolving around the sun.
Number of protons and neutrons differs according to the type of matter (Gas, liquid, solid). Spinning movement of the electrons generates a pulse that creates a wave that forms matter. Pulse, wave and matter produces sound but this sound is not always audible to the human ears.  This means whatever our mind perceives as objects is nothing but penetrating electromagnetic fields 

AUM Sound produces Sri yantra
Swiss physician and engineer Hans Jenny performed series of experiments to study the effect of sound frequencies on various matters like sand, water, milk, liquid, dust, plastic etc. Each of these materials was placed on a metal plate attached to an oscillator that was projected to various sound frequencies generated by a frequency generator. One of his experiments involved the projection of AUM sound on sand. The result of the experiment was filmed and photographed. On projecting the AUM sound on sand, he observed the formation of Sri yantra. He named this activity as Cymatics, meaning wave-form phenomena. Cymatics is derived by combining two Greek words, 'kyma' meaning 'wave' and tica meaning ‘matter’. Cymatics in broad sense can be defined as the study of vibrations, waves, shapes and patterns. Further it was observed that even when the plate is titled at an angle, the material defies gravity by not falling down and continues to oscillate but when the frequency generator was shut off, the material felled immediately on the floor.  
Below is the picture of Sri Yantra mandala. Such sri yantra is usually found in all major temples of India.
AUM- the primordial sound that creates this universe  
Beside this experiment, Dr Jenny also invented a machine called Tonoscope using which the human voice can be projected to the plate directly. 'AUM' chanted via the microphone was projected to this oscillator and the result of the experiment can be seen in the image below.
Sanskrit word ‘AUM’ created this universe
Dr Jenny saw concentric circles cross-mixed with intersecting squares and triangles. This geometric representation is a sacred device used for the innovation of the gods. Such a symbolic representation was also observed for other Sanskrit words and Hebrew words like shalom. All modern languages including Latin failed in generating its equivalent symbolic representation. Doesn’t this mean that unlike other languages, Sanskrit is the divine language that is exactly spelt and written as it is produced in the natural environment? Ancient languages like Chinese, Egyptian etc can greatly influence and transform this natural surrounding by the recitation of sacred mantras, verses and songs.
AUM- the primordial sound that creates this universe
Mechanical devices may help in the discovery or invention of some theories but the fundamental concepts of this universe would always remain inaccessible to such mechanical devices. Only divine spiritual perception can reveal the unknown mysteries of this universe. It is better to realize the divinity with an open mind than to ignore the deep science in our ancient scriptures.
More articles to come on AUM

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