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How many species on earth?
Posted By Sarin on Feb 03, 2014     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

In the last few article, we saw the false claims of Darwin theory of evolution and a brief explanation on transmigration of souls. We went through a brief explanation on Vedic theory of adaptation and evolution of souls. According to Science, there are around 9 millions species on earth though they have been able to find only 1.3 million species approximately. In this article, we will glance though what Vedas says on number of species on earth and how it is close to modern scientific estimates.

How many species exists on earth?
In modern science, animals are classified into various groups according to the pyramidal structure established by Swedish scientist ‘Carl Linnaeus’. According to this structure, researchers predicted that there are about 7.78 million species
That includes 612,000 species of fungi, 36,500 species of protozoa and 27,600 species of algae and other water micro-organism. The number of species on earth is expected to increase significantly as there are many species yet to be identified, studied, named and listed. As per the latest research, scientists have estimated 8.7 million species with an error of ±1.3 million (Read below article).  
How Many Species? A Study Says 8.7 Million 

How many species did scientists found on earth?
Till date, modern biologist and anthropologists have found around 1.3 million species of living organism on mother earth. Out of the total 8.7 million species, only 7 percent of fungi, 72 percent of plants and 12 percent of other species have been found. More than 91% of all water species and 86% of all terrestrial species are yet to be discovered, studied and catalogued. Marine biologists Boris worm consider each of this species to be ecologically very important for the sustainment of the world. He said “If you think of the planet as a life-support system for our species, you want to look at how complex that life-support system is. We’re tinkering with that machine because we’re throwing out parts all the time.”
This means that there are more than 6.5 million species yet to be discovered, named and catalogued. Since the biodiversity and ecology of earth has changed drastically over the last few millenniums, many of the species may not be found due to mass extinction.

Vedas says 8.4 million species on earth?
Since the last few centuries when the taxonomists have started calculating the total number of species on mother earth, every year more than 15,000 species are discovered and added to this scientific list of species. While the taxonomists are still calculating, ancient Vedic sages have already calculated the total number of different species on earth. Many Indian scriptures including sacred bhagavad gita states the total number of species on earth as 8.4 million.
Last of the sacred Hindu scriptures, Bhagavad gita says “Just like the one give up his old clothes and wears a new one, soul gives up an old body and take birth in a new body. Soul can evolve or devolve to any one of the 8.4 million species of which the greatest life form is that of human.”
How any species on earth

Puranas details exact classification of species  
Another 5000+ year old Indian text ‘padma purana’ gives a brief description on various classifications of species and total number of species in each group.
Classification of species along with total species count is as follows
Manavah (human-like species) - 0.4 million approx
Jalaja (aquatic life forms) - 0.9 million approx
Pakshinam (Birds) - 1.0 million approx
Sthavara (Immobile life forms: plants and trees) - 2.0 million approx
Krimayo (Reptiles and amphibians) - 1.1 million approx
Pashavah (terrestrial animals) - 3.0 million approx
below is the verse that explains the exact classification of species
jalaja nava lakshani, sthavara laksha-vimshati, krimayo rudra-sankhyakah, pakshinam dasha-lakshanam, trinshal-lakshani pashavah, chatur lakshani manavah
Species in other Hinduism Scriptures
Even the Ramayana and bhagavad gita confirms 8.4 millions living species. Hindus scriptures are full of exciting and enchanting stories. In Hinduism scriptures, there are mention of innumerable species that includes dinosaurs and sharks. Each deity demons, sages and even human beings had an animal of their choice as their vehicle. As an example, consider the below verse where the animals of deities participate in a war against the animals of demons.
Chapter 8, Verse 10-12, Bhagavad Purana 
grdhraih kankair bakair anye syena-bhasais timingilaih 
sarabhair mahisaih khadgair go-vrsair gavayarunaih 
sivabhir akhubhih kecit krkalasaih sasair naraih 
bastair eke krsna-sarair hamsair anye ca sukaraih 
anye jala-sthala-khagaih sattvair vikrta-vigrahaih 
senayor ubhayo rajan vivisus te ’grato ’gratah
“O King, some soldiers fought on the backs of vultures, eagles, ducks, hawks and bhasa birds. Some fought on the backs of timingilas, which can devour huge whales, some on the backs of sarabhas, and some on buffalo, rhinoceroses, cows, bulls, gavaya [jungle cows] and arunas. Others fought on the backs of jackals, rats, krkalasa, rabbits, human beings, goats, black deer, swans and boars. In this way, mounted on animals of the water, land and sky, including animals with deformed bodies [vikrta-vigraha], both armies faced each other and went forward.”  

Also read Dinosaurs in ancient hinduism scriptures <>
Who decides the structures and life span of species?
Shapes, structure and size of the species is decided by Manu (the first man born on earth in each manvantara (creative cycle). Present cycle is called Sweta Varaha Kalpa and the manu, who designed our body structures and shapes, is named as Vaivasvat Manu. In Next manvantara, all living forms including humans and animals world would look drastically different. Human may look like alien shown in Hollywood movies in next manvantara.  
According to the will of manu and need of nature, some species manifest or goes extinct in due course of time. Whole material world including manu acts under the direction of the supreme lord, we are like a puppet tied to a string.

How any species on earth
Do member of all species have soul?

This is the question that has troubled the mind of all western theologians and religious gurus. According to Vedic theory, god does exist in lowest of all species but the association with god is at a very lowest level. So, they die very fast to take a new form that is more closer to god. As their promotion to higher forms continues, their life span increases and they become more and more associated to god. Ultimately in the human form, soul desire to merge with the ever merciful god is fulfilled provided it does not indulge in any inauspicious activities and illicit acts.  
If you check out the avatars of lord Vishnu, you will find that he was born in all life forms, starting from aquatics (Matsya) to amphibians (Kurma)èTerrestrial(Varaha) èSemi-Human(Narasimha) and different humanoid species. This kind of reveals his association with all life forms of earth. The play of the supreme lord is magnificent ad beyond the understanding of the human mind. How, what and why he is doing is known to him alone but what we know is that he is doer of everything and everything he does has a purpose and significance behind it.

How 8,400,000 species is linked with evolution?
Hindus don’t believe in Darwin evolutionary theory but they believe in Vedic evolutionary theory called transmigration of soul. According to this theory, individual life form is a soul covered with a material body. Soul evolves or devolves to take birth in any one of the 8,400,000 species before taking birth in a human body that is the highest and elevated of all life forms. This process of evolution or devolution is called Transmigration of souls.
How any species on earth
Transmigration of souls refers to endless travel of soul from several materialistic bodies to fulfill the fruits of its karma. Soul is born again and again across different species to strive for a human birth with an ultimate goal of moksha(Salvation). A spirit soul within each organism leaves the dead body and gets a new body in accordance to his desires and past deeds. Thus Compared to Darwin theory of materialistic evolution, Hindu theory of evolution is emphasized by the spiritual and mental evolution of life on earth.
If we misuse this life form and fail to attain higher level of consciousness, we will fall back to the animal or plant kingdom. Then again the soul has to transmigrate through many evolutionary cycles, moving from one species of animal or plant kingdom to another before gain landing in the human form.
“As the embodied soul continuously passes, in the body from childhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.” Lord Krishna (Bg. 2.13)
“As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones.” Lord Krishna (Bg. 2.22)

To conclude, we evolved from animals as stated by Darwin in his theory of evolution but not by evolution of body, but by the transmigration of the soul from one body to another.  
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Vedic Definition of species
Vedic Definition of species is also little different than scientific definition on species.
For example, modern science describes many species of bacteria but in the spiritual definition, bacteria is just one species since the classification is based on the consciousness level of the species, and not on the size or the cellular composition of the species.  
How atheists are more superstitious than theists?
Everyone says religion as a belief system but I say even atheism and agnosticism is a belief system. Unlike Hinduism that is supported by many sound evidences, atheism has no proof for its ideology. They cannot prove non-existence of god. Also it is found that most atheists are immoral, unconscious living beings who easily dwell into illegitimate activities and wrongdoing as they are not afraid of their bad karma. Claim that “religion has caused most of the killing and bloodshed in the world is empirically false as atheists are responsible for triggering most of the violent activities.” 
How any species on earth
Human life is precious, make full use of it
According to Vedic evolutionary process, soul evolves from aquatics to amphibians and then to plants, insects, bird, animal etc in the sequential order. Human form is best and only form to attain self-realization. The activities of the animals are eating, mating, sleeping and defending. Since life human form is very rare, one should make right use of the human body and should devout his life in acquiring the right knowledge, service of the society and performing deeds with the ultimate goal of moksha
Bhagavad gita, verse 14.15
rajasi pralayam gatva
karma-sangisu jayate
tatha pralinas tamasi
mudha-yonisu jay ate

When one dies in the mode of passion, he takes birth among those engaged in fruitive activities; and when he dies in the mode of ignorance, he takes birth in the animal kingdom.

Irrespective of whether the scientists find the remaining 7 million species or not, count of 8.4 million species truly represents the deep spiritual insight and analytic temperament of our ancestors. This article once again proves that the ancient Vedic age was the first highly advanced civilization in the world. Vedic sages knew about astronomy, astrology, mlky way, solar system, mathematics, DNA, chromosomes, nuclear weapons, surgery, nuclear fission etc. They had the knowledge that is beyond the perception of modern scientists.
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