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Living in an illusionist world-Part 2
Posted By Sarin on Mar 25, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

illusionist Read part 1 before you read this part
We are living under the illusion (Maya) of lord Vishnu?
This world is an illusion (Maya) of lord Vishnu and he enjoys by trapping us and making us dance to his tunes though his various illusionary pleasures like sex, greed, love, enmity, attraction etc.  
This is validated by lord Krishna himself through the following verse:
Krishna says in this verse, "I am the enjoyer of all sacrifices because I am the supreme master." Without acknowledging this fact,less intelligent persons pray to demigods or natural enitities for easy and temporary benefit, thus falling down to material existence and going away from the desired goal of life.
Definition and explanation of this Maya (illusion) of lord vishnu in various religious scripture is as follows:
Maya (Sanskrit meaning "illusion") is the most fundamental concept of hinduism, specially the orthodox Non-dualist(Advaita) school of Vedanta. Maya means the power of illusions through which a God traps human beings in believing what is in reality an illusion; by this, maya mean the powerful force of the supreme creator creating the cosmic illusion in such a way that this phenomenal created world seems real.
More precise meaning of Maya, as per Hindism philosophy, is illusion of what mankind believe to be real is in fact the dream of meditating Brahma. Brahma can be called as the great magician- the creator who manifests creation of this universe in his dreams. This dream is further maintained by the supreme lord Vishnu-the Preserver, who uses his web of Maya(illusion) to trap human beings in believing this temporary world as real. This world is not an illusion, but the perception of our eyes and mind through which we see this world is an illusion. Only the true, great yogi after years of penance can feel this ultimate reality. we believe the universe to be a combination of many living and non-living objects, structured and non-structured objects with various events revoloving around this object but the concepts of Maya states that all things are one. Just our eye under the co-ordination of mind is not able to percieve this diffrent object as one.

Lord Vishnu spreading his maya(illusion) in the form of beautiful fairy ‘Mohini’
Why does all this worldly illusion exist?
Great saint Ramakrishna brilliantly explained the reason behind our existence by stating this universe as "Great Play of the creator of this World." The whole universe we see is actually the "play" of Matter-material world. All materialistic objects are creatures of spirit kept hidden with many coatings of matter. The more we do good karmic roles for spiritual enlightenment in our life, more the coating of matter is removed to experience the inner light present within us. More the light we experience within us, the more we acknowledge the light present in other living beings and entities. Actually, this whole worldly play exists to achieve God Consciousness. Every human being are either hiding from the light or striving hard to experience it. One who is hidden from the light is caught up in illusionary web(Maya) of supreme lord. So, everything that exists in this universe, every entity of this mother earth is Maya. It will not be wrong to say that "Everything is Maya; everyone is trapped in maya and spiritual enlightenment is the only way of release from this maya." 
How Maya affect our daily life? 
All our activities are under the influence of Maya. Depending upon the karma we do in our daily lives, the web of Maya become intense, mild or less. Let us take an example of Maya of love or sex under which most of the humans are trapped:
Suppose if a girl/boy come in your life and offer Love (sex), then there are three possibilities,
  1)    You will accept that offer and get trapped in various illusions like thinking about her, eagerness of love(sex), hiding your illegal activities from society, distraction from your daily work etc, thus making the web of maya(illusion) more intense.
2)    Reject the offer and then curse yourself every day for rejecting the good offer (opportunity),. This only reduces the effects of Maya but not eliminate it entirely.
3)    Reject the offer, Control your mind and concentrate on your other work, thereby eliminating the web of Maya.
    This means that the more wrong you do, more you fall under the web of Maya and more dissatisfied, unhappy and discontent you are. In short, Maya affects the choices we make and therefore the Karma, we make for ourselves as a result of those choices.  
Lord Vishnu avatar as mohini validates the above example.
how to deal with this Maya?
Keeping the maya aside, one should look for the truth behind our existence. Infinite Transcendental Essence is the primary energy that pervades all existence. In simple terms, everything of this universe is a gradation or differentiation of Primal Energy.  
In simple terms, get free from all materialistic pleasures, find a bonafide spiritual guru to understand more about your/other religion, search for the absolute truth and do all your activities thinking about your family, society and the things you believe in (God).

Pic depicting stages of enlightenment

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