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Bhagavad gita Chapter 1,verse 1 english and hindi poetic translation with learnings
Posted By Sarin on Dec 03, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Bhagavad gita, verse 1.1
Bhagavad gita verse 1.1 english and hindi poetic translation  
My English poetic Translation:
O sanjaya, see across the venue of war zone,
Where assembled are my sons and sons of pandu
Narrate me the events of kurukshetra battleground
Yearning to fight each other, what did they do?
Bhagavad gita verse 1.1 english and hindi poetic translation
My Hindi Poetic Translation
ओ संजय, देखो कुरुक्षेत्र की पावन धरती पर
एकत्रित हुआ है संपूर्ण कुरु और पाण्डु कुल
कुरुक्षेत्र युद्धभूमि का तू हाल बयान कर
क्या किया उन्होने, जो मारने को है व्याकुल

Learnings from this verse
Fighting at a religious place brings enormous harm and destruction  
Before the great war of Mahabharata since time immemorial, kurukshetra was a very sacred place of pilgrimage even for the demigods. The word ‘dharma-ksòetra’ in the above verse signifies the place where religious sacrifices are performed. Since the war was held at such a holy place, Dhritarashtra,father of duryodhana, was very afraid on the outcome of the war as he knew Pandavas were on the righteous path and so, this holy place may favor the Pandavas.
Fighting against a righteous opponent causes doubt, uneasiness and anxiety.
Dhritarashtra always knew that his sons were on the wrong path but out of his love for his sons and kingdom desires, he let his child follow the path of wrongdoing and immorality.  
Because he believed only his sons as the rightful heir of the kingdom, he always discriminated between his son and brother 'Pandu' sons and neglected the opportunities to facilitate a truce between them. Now that the righteous Krishna was in the opponent army as the charioteer of arjuna, Dhritarashtra became very suspicious on the chances of his son victory. Feared by this uneasiness, he asked sanjaya to tell the current situation of the battlefield.
Fear of loss and death make us realize our past mistakes.
Since the war was fought at the sacred place of pilgrimage and the powerful lord Krishna was supporting the opponent army, Dhritarashtra started thinking of all the grave mistakes and bad karma he did in his past life. For ex: At this point, he realized that his sons should have avoided this war by returning half of the kingdom back to the pandavas.

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Bhagavad gita Chapter 1,verse 1 english and hindi poetic translation with learnings

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