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Science in Hinduism-Theory of evolution
Posted By Sarin on Dec 02, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

When Charles Darwin came out with his book “Origin of species”, it rocked both the scientific and religious world. Scientist danced like monkeys as they now had the answers to the formation of life on earth, thus claiming an upper hand over religion. Churches/religious institutions and leaders were obviously very displeased as his theories were against the teachings of their prophet and religious books.
How scientists fooled the world on theory of evolution?
When the world came to know that Darwin theories were based on his observation of variation in different species of Galapogas and ‘Patagonia’ islands, paleontologist and archeologists from all around the world lined up like evolutionary monkeys to explore the different parts of the world in search of the fossils belonging to the pre-Cambrian era. Science in Hinduism-Theory of evolution  
Taking inspiration from Darwin theory on natural selection, Ornithologists, Geologists, Anatomists and Zoologists joined hands to conduct research on specimen’s excavated from different parts of the world. Almost every other year, they came up with many beautiful and enchanting discoveries on evolution of life.
Thought the scientists around the world were busy excavating the earth, Indians were not interested in such theories as they had their own evolutionary theory that cannot be proven false. Since the Indians leaders/scientists were actively focused in Indian independence movement, they must said “Let the fools excavate the earth, we shall make good use of their excavation by burying the British soldiers in the pits dug by them”J
Enough of Darwin!! (Also read Darwin theory of evolution is false)Not wasting any more time, let me directly trigger the gun on Vedic theory of evolution
Hindus believe in Theory of Evolution
Most of the modern religions discard theory of evolution because not only it states against their religious beliefs but also questions the existence of creator (God). Religious fanatics don’t like if some white coat retards (scientists) write theories that disregard their faith/books? So, how Hinduism differ to all other religions? What is the Hinduism take on evolution? As far as the evolutionary theory is concerned, Hindus believe in evolution but not in the way the scientists do.  
Hindu Theory of Evolution v/s Darwin theory of evolution
Hinduism theory of evolution is very different to scientific theory of evolution but is believed to be more close to truth when compared to scientific theory of evolution. While the scientists believe in evolution of materialistic body (composed of five elements), Hindus believes in evolution of souls that goes through 8,400,000 births and death to finally take birth in a human body. Soul that took the human body in this life may be born as some of the other 8.4 million species in his next life. This process is called Transmigration of souls.(Also read Scientific explanation of Hindu cosmology and reincarnation)  
Science in Hinduism-Theory of evolution  
Transmigration of Soul through different Species

Transmigration of souls refers to endless travel of soul from several materialistic bodies to fulfill the fruits of its karma. Soul is born again and again across different species to strive for a human birth with an ultimate aim of moksha(Salvation). A spirit soul within each organism leaves the dead body and gets a new body in accordance to his desires and past deeds. So if you like bone meat and shouting on others like dogs do, then you will become kutta(dog) in your next life. Why? Because you desired to live like a dog and the merciful god would fulfill your desires in next birth.
Science in Hinduism-Theory of evolution
Compared to Darwin theory, Vedic theory has one more vital difference. Vedic theory of soul evolution is applicable to only an individual and not to the entire species. Each soul independently decides only his evolutionary form in next life.  
Thus Compared to Darwin theory of materialistic evolution, Hindu theory of evolution is emphasized by the spiritual and mental evolution of life on earth.

Verses on evolution from Hinduism scriptures
Many Indian scriptures including the world oldest epic ‘Ramayana’ and Hinduism most sacred book ‘bhagavad gita’ confirms the axiom of 8.4 millions living species. Manu smriti, one of the foremost ancient Hindu texts says  
"The first germ of life was developed by water and heat. Man will traverse the universe, gradually ascending and passing through the rocks, the plants, the worms, insects, fish, serpents, tortoises, wild animals, cattle, and higher animals. These are the transformations declared, from the plant to Brahma, which have to take place in the world." -Manusmriti - Book I, sloka 8
Another verse states “Water ascends towards the sky in vapors; from the sun it descends in rain, from the rains are born the plants, and from the plants, animals. - Manusmriti” - Book I, sloka 9
  “As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.”- Lord Krishna, B.G 2.13
Science in Hinduism-Theory of evolution
Vedic Evolution of soul across different species  

Darwin was not the first atheist to write modern theory of evolution
Darwin was not the first to propose theory of evolution. For EX: Svabhava-vada is the thousand year old Indian text that’s states the natural formation of cosmos, life and all biological species without the handiwork of any creator. However, Indian sages and theologians refuted this theory very easily by bringing in the Vedic philosophy and claiming that intellectual design cannot be the byproduct of inert matter and lifeless entities.  
Most of the western theories already exist in our ancient texts but modern materialistic Indians like to have their mind brainwashed by absurd western theories written by mindless scientists.
On western theory of evolution, founder of ISKCON ‘Srila Prabhupada’, said "Although Westerners accept that Darwin first expounded the doctrine of evolution, the science of anthropology is not new. The development of the evolutionary process was known long before from the Bhagavatam, which was written five thousand years ago." (Purport from Srimad-Bhagavatam, verse 3.29.29).

Quotes on Vedic theory of evolution
Bengal Advocate General and Legal member of Govt. of India, Sir John Woodroffe (1865-1936) said  
“Ages before Lamarck and Darwin, it was held in India that man has passed through 84 lakhs births as plants, animals, inferior species and then came the ancestors of developed man existing today. The theory was an act of brilliant deduction in which observation may also have had played part!”
On evolution, Swami Vivekananda said:
“From the lowest protoplasm to the most perfect human being there is really but one life. Just as in one life we have so many various phases of expression, the protoplasm developing into the baby, the child, the young man, the old man, so, from that protoplasm up to the most perfect man we get one continuous life, one chain. This is evolution, but we have seen that each evolution presupposes an involution. The whole of this life which slowly manifests itself evolves itself from the protoplasm to the perfected human being-the Incarnation of God on earth the whole of this series is but one life, and the whole of this manifestation must have been involved in that very protoplasm. This whole life, this very God on earth, was involved in it and slowly came out, manifesting itself slowly, slowly, slowly” (Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Vol. II, p. 228)”
Science in Hinduism-Theory of evolution
Referring to Darwin incapability in understanding the soul, Srila Prabhupada said, "Darwin's theory of evolution is nothing but a partial explanation of the transmigration of the soul. Darwin has ... no conception of the soul."  
Evolution of lord Vishnu avatars
Vedic evolution is not a theory but a reality that can be easily understood by avatars of lord Vishnu. Note that these ten incarnations are just a subset of the 24 avatars of lord Vishnu listed in srimad bhagvatam but as they knew about evolution, they glorified the ten incarnations of lord Vishnu in evolutionary chronological order.
Ten Avatars of lord Vishnu are as follows
  1)    Matsya: First incarnation of lord Vishnu was a huge aquatic fish that saved the world species from extinction. English Movie 2012 is derived from story of Matsya avatar.  
2)    Kurma: Second incarnation was an amphibian tortoise that led to the legendary churning of the ocean. World largest gathering/festival on earth, kumbh mela is based on this incarnation of lord Vishnu. (Also read Symbolism of story behind kumbh mela-world largest gathering on earth and Why Kumbh Mela is celebrated)
3)    Varaha:  The third avatar was a terrestrial Boar that brought the earth from the milky ocean back to its original place in the galaxy.  
4)    Narasimha: Fourth incarnation was the semi-lion, semi-human  animal which indicates the gradual transmigration of soul from animal to human. Note that the head was that of a lion which indicates the undeveloped brain and the ability to walk on two legs. (same as what is said in Darwin theory of evolution). Narasimha preached “Humanity will be born only after the obliteration of our demonic tendencies”
5)    Vamana: Fifth incarnation was a dwarf human whose soul is completely human but the intelligence is still under progressive development. Such dwarf human are called as elves in western mythologies
6)    Parshurama: Sixth incarnation was a completely developed forest dwelling human who use Stone Age tools like axe and bow for attack and survival. (Similar to stone age man/homo sapiens of Darwin theory) This was the stage when human brain evolved to develop a desire of making better tools and living a civilized life. Parshuram founded the state of kerala(God's own country) and world oldest martial arts kalaripayattu(Also read kalaripayattu- World oldest martial art from india)  
7)    Ram: Seventh incarnation was the completely civilized man ‘Lord Ram’, who is known as the best king of all times. He used advanced weapons like bow, arrow etc and lived in giant beautifully carved palaces. (Also read Why lord Rama is called Maryada-Epitome of truth and discipline and Legend of Ramayana across the world and PROVING THE HISTORICITY OF RAM and Proof and Evidences of ramayana in sri lanka)
8)    Krishna: Everyone knows lord Krishna; he is the eight incarnation of lord Vishnu and the most popular deity of India. Recently excavated at western coast of Gujarat, His historic city of dwaraka reveals highly advanced civilization with cities engulfed with lengthy roads and huge palaces, all of which completely built on top of sea. (Also read Proof of Lord krishna existence-1 and Scientific Proof of lord Krishna existence and Proving historicity of Krishna-Birth and names of lord krishna and Proving Historicity of Krishna-Scriptural, historical and archaeological evidences and Proving historicity of Krishna-Archaeological and astronomical evidences)
9)    Buddha: Ninth incarnation of lord Vishnu was a highly peaceful man preaching the tenets of vegetarianism, non-violence and spirituality.10)
10)    Kalki: This techno-savvy incarnation shall mark the end of this civilization. He will arrive to annihilate this materialistic world and begin the new order of creation. While the world would be getting destroyed and re-created again, he will float on a pipal leaf in the milky ocean of infinity
    Science in Hinduism-Theory of evolution
Avatars of lord vishnu

Thus, incarnations of lord vishnu follows the evolutionary hierarchy as  
Aquatics (Matsya)è Amphibian (Kurma)èVaraha(Terrrestial) èNarasimha(Semi human-semi beast)è Vamana(partially developed human)èParshuram(forest dweller uncivilized human) èRam(Civilized human)è Krishna(Highly advanced civilized age) è Buddha(Non-violent age) è Kalki(End of the world)
Same process continues again in next cycle(Also read Science in hinduism-Evolution in vishnu avatars and Science in hinduism-Evolution in vishnu avatars part 2)
Below is the summary of Vedic Theory of Evolution v/s Darwin theory of evolution
Darwinian theory of evolution Vedic theory of evolution 
Natural evolutionary process created living forms on earth Everything that exist in the universe is the creation of supreme universal Brahman(God) 
There is no creator. First living cell was created from inert matter which later evolved into different plants and animals through natural evolutionary process Brahman (God) is the source of all spiritual and material entities. He is the creator, maintainer and destroyer of all worldly entities. Whole universe along with millions of other universes are just a small subset of his vast creation 
Universe was created due to big bang Brahma dream is the big bang that caused the creation of the universe 
Similar to natural nuclear fission, First life on earth was created by the combination of various chemicals under specific environmental conditions Life on earth is formed by a special element called ‘ATMANwhich is nothing but the subtle energy of the universal Brahman. Soul never dies, it only transmigrate from one body to another. 
Natural processes like genetic mutation and natural selection guides the formation of higher forms of life from a single cellular living organism Higher forms of life are obtained by the soul desiring for higher level of consciousness. Soul transmigrates to lower or higher form of life as per their desires and karma. Soul is unaffected by all environmental factors and genetic mutations 
Illogical concepts like random chance, genetic changes, ecological factors, preference of food, death etc are all part of evolutionary process Soul can either evolve to higher forms of life or devolve to lower forms of life. Evolution is devolution is guided by the soul desires and past karma 
DNA and genes similarity indicates common ancestry. It is possible to design an evolutionary chart using DNA  match of all animals Since god is the creator of all living beings, they are bound to have similarities. Similarity depicts everything to be the plan of one universal creator 
Death is either natural or because of the organism failure to adapt quickly to the ever-changing environment or ecological imbalance Timing of death is decided by the karma of the soul. Everything including death is decided by the action-reaction of the soul.  Ex: Accidental death is neither natural death nor because of environmental changes 
Evolution is a random process that may cause new species or the degeneration of the present species Soul would evolve or devolve to any one of the 84, 00,000 species. There is nothing new or old, total number of species is fixed. 
Evolution was a random process. There was no creator, no plan nor a purpose. All entities are interrelated, inter-dependent and have the relationship with god. They were created by god with sole goal of spiritual enlightenment. 
Science in Hinduism-Theory of evolution
Science is still confused on the basic tenets of evolution, on the other hand, millenniums ago Vedic sages went a step ahead to present the more holistic and complete vision of the whole evolutionary life process that is beyond the perception of the common human mind. All the logic of karma and progressive consciousness beautifully explains the evolution of souls. Vedic theory of evolution perfectly fits this ecosystem which makes this theory irrefutable even by the scientists and atheistic thinkers.  
Grace and peace
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