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Science in hinduism-Stem cell technology
Posted By Sarin on Nov 08, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Mahabharata, world longest epic is casually termed as mythology. For a very long time, Mahabharata was believed as crap or mythical by most of the historians and philosophers but in the 21st century as the science is progressing in leaps and bounds, there is a growing skepticism among the scientists and historians on the authenticity of Mahabharata. Most of the strange events and medicinal treatments of Mahabharata that was widely regarded as mythical is slowly turning out to be true as those theories can be proved scientifically in this modern era of science and technology. In this article, we will see one of such medicinal treatments of Mahabharata that has been proven in laboratory. (Also read Science in hinduism-Test tube babies ) Others medicinal treatments would be discussed in upcoming articles. 
Stem cell technology of ancient sages
For ancient Indian sages, Stem cell technology is a very old medicinal process of developing a baby outside the mother body. Millenniums or perhaps 10000+ years ago, Ancient sages perfected the science of genetics, cloning, test tube baby and stem cell technology. Mahabharata description on the various stages of stem cell technology includes the process of harvesting and processing embryonic stem cells, exactly similar to modern science.  
So what are embryonic stem cells? Check it out in the below video
Stem cell technology in mahabharata
When sage Vedvyas(divine test-tube born sage who narrated Mahabharata) visited Hastinapur, Gandhari(Wife of king ‘dhritarashtra’) took earnest care of  Vedvyas scrupulously and ensured his pleasant stay in Hastinapur. Pleased by his care and devotion, Vedvyas requested her to ask for a boon. Science in hinduism-Stem cell technology
Sage ved vyas-narrator of Mahabharata

Gandhari desired for hundred sons, all of them as mighty as her husband ‘dhritarashtra’ and powerful enough to defend her kingdom from all enemies. Vedvyas granted her boon and over the due course of time, she got Pregnant.  
Why Gandhari struck her womb repeatedly
But all was not well. She was very disturbed because while kunti gave birth to a child, she has no signs of delivery. Since kunti was the wife of King ‘dhritasrashtra’ younger brother ‘Pandu’, birth of kunti son before the birth of gandhari son meant that Kunti elder son would take up the throne of hastinapur kingdom. Throne of Hastinapur going to none of his sons was not acceptable to Gandhari and king ‘dhritarashtra’. Frustrated and burning in rage and anger over her long gestation period, pregnant gandhari struck her womb repeatedly and consequently suffered a miscarriage. As a result, she gave birth to lump of flesh, called ‘pinda’ in Sanskrit.  
Gandhari hitting her womb can be seen in below video from 15 mins 25 sec
Why Vedyas was forced to use stem cell technology
Realizing her irresponsible action, she recalled the boon of vedyasa and pleaded for help from Vedvyas. Now that vedvyas has given the boon of hundred sons to gandhari, it became considerably significant for vedvyas to honor his boon. Saying that his boon cannot go in vain, he requested Gandhari to arrange for hundreds pots of ghee.  He decided to use the stem cell technology that was strictly forbidden in those days just like cloning is forbidden in this 21st  century.  
Sage Vedyas initiates the process of stem cell technology
His process of stem cell technology was as follows:
He divided the lump of flesh that came out from the womb of gandhari into 101 pieces, each piece of thumb size. Each piece was kept separately in 101 pots, filled with ghee and some ayurvedic herbs. These 101 pots were then handed over to sage Dwapayan.  
Sage Dwapayan completes the process of stem cell technology
Covering all pots with a piece of wet cloth, sage Dwapayan kept those covered pots in an enclosed hot chamber inside a man-made cave. This was done to intensify the process of fermentation and to keep the cells in lump of flesh alive and healthy. These 101 ghee pots were regularly incubated by trained morphic field resonator called as ‘parichaarakas’. Parichaarakas ensured the formation of Morphogenetic fields due to which the main seed (one pot) resonates to make all other seeds in 100 pots to a similar form. (Morphogenetic fields guides the formation of new system by tuning it to some other system)
Science in hinduism-Stem cell technology
Morphogenetic fields... very similar to chakravyuh

What Kind of pot was used in stem cell technology?
In Vedic terminology, pots used for medicinal purpose were called as Chit-Chamasa. So, Chit-Chamasa is not like any other ordinary pot. It’s a special pot which means “Vessel of conscious life or energy”, named by joining the three words ‘Chit’ meaning ‘Conscious’, ‘Cham’ meaning ‘drink or eat’ and ‘asa’ meaning “To live”. Thus chit-chamasa can be defined in modern medical term as ‘vessel having living cell’ or ‘vessel containing fertilized egg’.

A small part of Ved vyas process of stem cell technology can be seen in the below video from 7 min 15 sec

Finally 101 babies were born
These 101 pieces were kept in 101 ghee pots for 2 years after which 100 sons and a daughter were born. First duryodhan was born, and then over a course of one month, dushashan was followed by 98 other brothers and a sister Dushala.  This is how the single fetus gave birth to 101 babies using stem cell technology.
Science in hinduism-Stem cell technology
Why 101 babies? Sex change?
Why 101 pieces? Because 1 added to any rounded figure is considered as an auspicious number in Hinduism. All Hindus spends an extra rupee in all religious and sacred ceremonies. Any priest or sage will request money in form of one rupee added to a rounded number i.e 51,101,201,501,1001 etc.  To confirm this fact, check any Indian spiritual sites that ask for donation.
Also, gandhari requested Vyas for one daughter after which vedvyas created an extra piece of flesh and subjected this lump of flesh to some genetic process that ensured the child is born as a female.  

What modern scientists says about stem cell technology of mahabharata
Speaking on this ancient stem cell technology, Dr B G Matapurkar, who holds a US patent for an organ regeneration procedure, said “they not only knew about test tube babies and embryo splitting but also had the technology to grow human fetuses outside the body of a woman - something that is not known to modern science."  
Was Stem cell technology forbidden and considered inauspicious?
This is the first instance of stem cell technology in written form. Note that birth of 100 kauravas was called as an ominous event by Vidura(Prime minister of kaurava kingdom), bhisma(Grandfather of kauravas) and other ministers of Kaurava kingdom.
As soon as the babies were taken off the pots, all beasts and animals in the jungle howls and cried. Many other ill omens were seen across the kingdom.
Vidur requested king ‘dhritarashtra’ to take this omens seriously and kill his first baby (Duryodhan) that is going to bring harm to the whole Kaurava dynasty. Though killing of such babies were allowed under the saying that “For the good of the clan, village, country, kingdom or mother earth, an individual or a family can be sacrificed”, King Dhritrashtra and Gandhari declined to do so under the influence of emotional touch and sea of love flowing in their hearts.
Science in hinduism-Stem cell technology  
Naughty naughty Stem cell babies

Spiritual learning from above story
In the above story, Duroyodhan symbolizes Ego. Out of emotional love for her blind husband ‘Dritarashtra’, Gandhari ties a bandage on her eyes. Therefore, gandhari signifies blind intellect following the blind mind. When the blind intellect and blind mind comes together, out comes the various sensory desires. We have five organs of perception (ears, tongue, skin eyes, nose) called as ‘Gnanendriyas’ and five organs of action(hands, mouth, feet, anus and genital organ) called as Karmendriyas. There are ten directions south, north, east, west, south east, south west, northwest, north east, up and down.  
When the ten sensory organs under the influence of intellect and mind run blindly in all ten directions, it gives rise to hundred (10 x 10) expectations, ambitions, propensities, thoughts, desires, and dreams. These hundred expectations, ambitions etc are the byproducts of blind mind + blind intellect and are symbolized by 100 sons of Mahabharata. Duryodhan is formed by combining two words "Duh", meaning difficulty and "yudh" meaning fight. Hence, Duryodhan means the one against whom it is hard to fight. Similarly, second son Dusasana, means the one who is hard to control.  
Moral of the above story can be best summarized from the following verse from bhagavad gita
Science in hinduism-Stem cell technology
Perfectionist Aamir khan dream is to produce a film on Mahabharata
Mahabharata is a very lengthy epic and there are hundreds of events that fascinates the mind of many scientists, doctors, philosophers and historians, Even the perfectionist actor ‘Aamir Khan’ said “It is his dream to produce the Epic ‘Mahabharat' on big screen one day. But the project is huge and if I plan to start today, I need at least 20 years to complete this epic production. This is why I am scared and if I decide to make it, I will be spending five years on researching about this great epic."
One more story on stem cell technology
Indian sages had the technology to remove the egg, restructure the fetus and split it to create multiple infants from the single fetus that was removed from the mother womb. This story does not exhibit stem cell technology but depicts the stem cell theory of splitting the embryo to create multiple infants. Like many of the stories in puranas are symbolic in nature, this story may also be symbolic.
Birth of deities and demons
During the start of this ‘Manavatara’, Daksha was the king of entire earth. His two daughters ‘Diti’ and ‘Aditi’ were married to Sage Kashyapa. Aditi gave birth to many sons that became Devas(Demigods) and Diti gave birth to many sons that became asura(Demons)(Birth of demigods and demons at the same time symbolizes duality)  
Battles of step brothers and diti request for a powerful son
Desiring supremacy over the three worlds, these two sects of step-brothers always battled each other. In all wars, Devas would slain innumerable ‘Asuras’ and would emerge victorious. Mother Diti was very upset by her son’s death. Angrily, she went to Kashyapa and complained ‘O Lord, why don’t you give preference to me like you give to aditi. All his sons are born strong while my sons have to live in fear of their lives. Grant me a son that would be greater of all demigods, the slayer of indra(King of demigods) and king of devas’
Science in hinduism-Stem cell technology
Diti addressing her problems to sage Kashyapa
Indra breaks the penance of step mother diti
Kashyapa knew the consequences of such a boon but he was forced to grant this boon to Diti. He granted a boon of begetting a son that would slay indra only if she perform severe austerities and penance during the period of pregnancy.
After few months, she became pregnant. When aditi got the information of diti carrying a child capable of slaying indra, she provoked indra to devise a plan to escape this calamity. Disguised as a mendicant, indra approached Diti and kept looking for an opportunity to break her penance. One day, Diti got very tired and got asleep without washing her feet, thus breaking the vow of strict penance and austerity.
Indra breaks the embryo of aditi in forty nine pieces
Now that her penance was broken, Indra took the form of an insect and penetrated the womb of Diti. Using his weapon ‘Vajra’, He sliced her embryo into seven pieces. In pain and agony, child growing inside became to cry. Indra said “Ma Ruta”, meaning ‘don’t cry’ but the child kept on crying. Indra angrily sliced each of these seven parts in seven more parts. Thus, Forty-nine babies were born to diti who were named as maruts named after the word “Ma Ruta” used by indra to address them in diti womb. Since Diti failed in her penance, Maruts did not slay indra, instead became the demigods of indra kingdom
Science in hinduism-Stem cell technology
Maruts on indra chariot

Below is the verse that concludes the above story
Marutas ca diten putras
Catvarimsan navadhikah
Ta asann aprajah sarve
Nita indrena satmatam
“The forty-nine Marut demigods were also born from the womb of Diti. None of them had sons. Although they were born of Diti, King Indra gave them a position as demigods”
Future of stem cell technology
When it comes to declaring Mahabharata as mythology, all the historians and scientists joins hand together but when the facts mentioned in Mahabharata is proved again and again by modern science, all doctors and scientists hide themselves in scientific laboratories. Just joking but the point I would like to convey here is that all the theories which scientists say as false or mythical should not be taken seriously. Theories/stories cannot be declared absurd just because it cannot be proved under present circumstances. Those were the days when the science was so advanced that they didn’t use any artificial scientific adopted methods to breed stem cell technology. This is the era of technological advancement and those were the days of spiritual advancement.

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