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Science in hinduism-Test tube babies
Posted By Sarin on Oct 20, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

There are innumerable examples of advanced scientific concepts in Vedas that are strikingly similar to modern scientific theories. Seeing such advanced medical theories in Vedic science, modern scientists find it difficult to envisage the advanced technologies of pre-historic era without the use of any advanced sophisticated devices. Last week, when I saw an episode of Mahabharata aired at star plus, I noticed the concept of test tube baby in the incident involving warrior ‘Karna’ birth. In this article, we will go through the concept of test tube babies in Mahabharata but to first comprehend the concept of test tube baby, we must understand what test tube baby actually means?.  
What is test tube baby?
Technology of test tube baby is used in the case where the husband is impotent or the wife has some issue with uterus or other egg-related sexual organs due to which there is a risk involved in various stages of pregnancy. Test tube babies are developed by mixing an egg cell of female with sperm cell of male in a test tube. Protective shell of female cell is removed so that the male sperm cell fertilizes the egg. If the fertilization process is successful, zygote begins to grow inside the test tube. After a certain period of maturity, egg formed in the test tube is implanted into the embryo of surrogate mother. This is the most risky part but if successful, a baby is born after the nine month gestation period.  In short, egg fertilized outside the embryo and then implanted inside the embryo of surrogate mother results in a test tube baby. i.e One can become the mother of husband/donor son without any copulation or physical union.  
Science in hinduism-Test tube babies
Process involved in test tube baby
Traditional process of Test tube baby  
Above process is the modern approach to test tube baby but there is one more way by which test tube babies can be artificially produced. In this traditional approach, sperm of father is injected into another woman (not wife) egg using artificial insemination process. This woman, called as surrogate mother, would carry the egg for nine month gestation period and would then deliver the baby to foster mother. Here, surrogate mother is the biological mother of the baby since she carried the baby egg for nine months. Foster mother treats this baby as her own since he/she carries the genes and blood of her husband.  

Test tube baby in Mahabharata
In Mahabharata, there is a mention of fertilization process just by invoking some mantras. For example, consider the birth of Mahabharata greatest warrior ‘karna’
Kunti got the boon of giving birth to a child from a deity of her choice
When sage durvasa visited kunti-Bhoja palace, daughter ‘Kunti’ served sage durvasa very well. Pleased by her hospitability and care, Sage Durvasa envisioned the future of Kunti. He saw that kunti will be devoid of any child in her married life. So, Sage durvasa gave kunti the mantra of having a child from any deity of her choice.  
Curious Kunti tests this mantra
Curious unmarried kunti didn’t believe durvasa words and decided to test the mantra.  She chanted mantra to invoke sun God. Attracted to chanting of mantras, Sun god appeared and conveyed his compulsion to grant her a child. Fearing loss of respect and dignity in society, she expressed her anxiety in losing virginity to which the sun god offered him the solution of begetting a child without any physical intercourse.
This conversation of kunti with sun god can be watched in the below video

Kunti gave birth to powerful warrior ‘Karna’ without any physical intercourse
Thus by chanting some mantras, sperm of Sun god fertilized with ovum of kunti and over the due course of time, kunti gave birth to a child keeping his virginity intact. Chanting mantra acted like the password to transfer the chromosomes of the sender (sun god) to the ovum of the receiver (Kunti) using her biological address as the means of communication. Indeed a Very high form of advanced fertilization PROCESS.
Science in hinduism-Test tube babies
Sun god ‘karna’ born from kunti womb

Kunti gave birth to three more sons
Similarly, kunti gave birth to three more babies and madri gave birth to two babies just by chanting mantras to invoke different gods. Kunti invoked Deity Dharmraj, Deity Vayu and Deity indra and give birth to Yudhishtir, Bheema and Arjuna respectively while Madri invoked Deity Ashwini and gave birth to Nakul and sehdev.

Draupadi and dhrishtadyumna were test tube babies
Even the birth of draupadi and drupad resembles the concept of test tube baby but it is more advanced than modern theory of test tube baby.
King drupad wanted a son capable of killing his enemy no.1 Dronacharya
King drupad desired a powerful warrior capable of killing the invincible Dronacharya. Sage drupada wandered across the length and breadth of the country in search of a sage who could help him in this difficult task. He first came across sage Upayaja but sage ‘Upayaja’ declined to help him as this was not morally correct and accepted in the society. King drupad then went to sage ‘Yaja’ (sage Upayaja brother) who agreed to help him after some negotiations.  
Watch this conversation between kind drupad and sage Upayaja in the below video

Sage Yaja collected the sperm of king and implanted in the womb of a cow
Sage yaja arranged a special yagna to produce an offspring who is born young and has the divine power to kill the mighty warrior ‘Dronacharya’.  Sage first asked king to follow series of instructions and treatments to improve the quality of his semen. Later the sperm of the king was collected and processed by some classified method. Then the queen was requested to participate in the further process of fertilization. However, after following some instructions, she refused to participate further as she was not comfortable with the remaining stages of the followed process.  
Yagna begins
Sage Yaja must have mixed X chromosome of King Drupad with Y chromosome of Queen in a special vessel. (Though the text is not clear on whether the queen semen was used in the fertilization process, some historians claim the use of cow semen in the fertilization process). This vessel was then kept on top of Yagna Kund that was projected to controlled fire.  
Chanting mantras and pouring essential herbs completed the fermentation process
Fire produced the necessary heat to intensify the fermentation process inside the vessel. Mantras were chanted and special herbs/ghee and other ingredients were poured into the vessel to further intensify the process of fermentation. This process was done continuously for few days after which the mighty warrior Dhristadyumna and Phantom Sita(Draupadi) was born from the fire of this yagna.” Both of them were invincible and could not die a natural death. In television serial of Mahabharata, draupadi is wrongly shown as being born from fire. Actually, she was born from a special vessel that was kept on fire.

Lord Krishna brother ‘Balaram’ was born using test tube technology
Concept of test tube baby is also found in the birth of lord Balarama- elder brother of lord Krishna and reincarnation of sheshnag. Balarama grew inside the womb of mother Devaki but just days before the delivery, egg was transferred to the womb of devaki pal ‘Rohini’. Here, Rohini was a surrogate mother of Lord balarama. Despite of taking birth from the womb of Rohini, Balarama was regarded as son of mother devaki and hence, the elder brother of lord Krishna.
Science in hinduism-Test tube babies
Lord Krishna and Lord balarama- divine sons of mother ‘Devaki’
This means that the ancient sages had the technology to implant the embryo of one woman into the womb of another woman.
Ved vyas was born using test tube technology
Before getting married to king Shantanu, Satyavati, being the daughter of a fisherman, rowed boat to carry passengers and goods across river Yamuna. Satyavati was commonly known as Matsyagandha since the odor smell of fish came out of her body.  One day, sage parashar came on the banks of river Yamuna and saw satyavati sailing the boat.  
Sage parashar proposed satyavati
Sage parashara was enchanted to the beauty of Satyavati. Sage parashar was a very intelligent sage who had renounced all worldly comforts and pleasures. He was destined to be the father of a great sage (Ved vyas) whose name would be remembered till the end of the universe. Since satyavati was the only woman who attracted him, he saw in her the mother of his child. On sage Parashara request, she agreed to become the mother of his child but with the condition of not losing virginity.
Satyavati gave birth to ved vyas  
Sage parashara created a fog (no one should see them...Right?) using his spiritual powers and had physical union with her in such a way that her virginity is kept intact and both of them are able to secrete their ‘fluid of birth’. Semen that came out of their sexual organs were collected in a pot which was taken away by sage parashar and over the due course of time, sage vedvyas was born from this special pot. After their physical union, she was given the boon of pleasant fragrance flowing off her body up to the distance of eight miles (1 yojana). This boon gave her the new name Yojanagandha. Later, King shantanu was attracted to this pleasant fragrance of Satyavati and married her thereby giving birth to chitragandha and vichitraviriya.
Science in hinduism-Test tube babies
Beautiful painting of King shantanu and fisherwoman satyavati
Part of above story can be seen in below video

Why the whole process is not written in Mahabharata
Almost all the scientific discoveries are written in various books by different scientists/authors but there are few theories like Cloning, ‘Invention of nuclear bomb’ etc that cannot be written in books to avoid its wrong use and disastrous events that may arise with the continuation of such destructive experiments.
Vedvyas was right in not compiling the intricate details of such highly advanced techniques in his book of Mahabharata to avoid its wrong uses by kings and filthy morons who would have produced sons every other day to seek revenge against their enemies.  
Science in hinduism-Test tube babies
Mass scale production of test tube babies

Children’s created by such process were not shown to general public nor the process of creating such an offspring were described in details as both the ancient sages and modern scientists realized the great dangers that may be superimposed on the society due to its wrong use. Such techniques were not taught by ancient sages to their disciples nor are taught by modern scientists to medical students so as to avoid the destruction of mankind and imbalance of nature.  
Ancient method of test tube baby was more efficient as they knew the way of creating babies outside the mother womb. Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal science that not only has information on many highly advanced genetics theories but also many others that is either discovered or yet to be discovered. In
Ayushakti Ayurveda, there is a mention of technique used by narams to beget healthy normal babies to those couples who would otherwise be childless. All this shows that the ancient Vedic sages knew about chromosomes, sperm and genes, and how to develop a baby outside human uterus.” In next article, we will see the concept of stem cell technology and cloning in ancient Indian scriptures.

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