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Dinosaurs in Bhagavad Purana
Posted By Sarin on Sep 28, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

As I assured in my preceding article, here I am with another article on dinosaurs from bhagavata purana(Also read Dinosaurs in ancient hinduism scriptures). Bhagavad purana is an ancient literature that depicts lord Vishnu as the supreme ever-pervading lord and intends to establish the relationship of the human soul with supreme divine soul. It consists of various childhood stories of lord Krishna-the seventh incarnation of lord Vishnu. Out of many such stories, there are two stories that especially indicate some kind of dinosaur species.
Story of Lord Krishna and king Nriga
As usual, cow-herd Friends of lord Krishna namely Pradyumna, Bhanu, Gada, samba and others went near the countryside to play ball game. Playing continuously, thirst entrenched their throat and all of them desperately looked for water. Searching for water, they came across a dry well. Looking inside the well, they found no water but spotted a peculiar creature glancing at them sadly.  
Exact verse is as follows:
Bhagavad purana, chapter 64, Verse 2,
  kridnitva suciram tatra
vicinvantah pipasitah
jalam nirudake kupe
dadruh sattvam adbhutam
Translation: “After playing for a long time, they became thirsty. As they searched for water, they looked inside a dry well and saw a peculiar creature.”
Notice the word ‘Peculiar’ which means the animal was strange and unseen in those days. Now let us go through the description of this strange creature.
Bhagavad purana, chapter 64, Verse 3
  krkalsam giri nibham
viksya vismita manasah
tasya coddharan eyatnam
cakruste krpayanvitah

TRANSLATION: The boys were astonished to behold this creature, a lizard that looked like a hill. They felt sorry for it and tried to lift it out of the well.
Lizard or dinosaur
Notice the statement ‘lizard that looked like a hill’. ‘Kròkalâsa’ is wrongly translated as lizard. ‘Kròkalâsa’ actually means “an animal with a deformed body”. Let us go through all the animal species that looks like a mountain and has a deformed body like a lizard.  
Elephants- ‘No’
Giraffe-No ...No...No ...
OOPS...I have finished list of huge animals found in this era...You see there is no animal that looks like a mountain and has a body structure like that of a lizard. Wait a minute? I found one animal that suits the criteria defined above...Look at the picture below
Dinosaurs in Bhagavad Purana

Ok let us come back to the story
Feeling sorry for the innocent creature stuck in the dry well, they threw woven rope and leather thongs to pull him up but their repeated attempts of bringing him up failed in vain. So, they ran towards Krishna and enthusiastically informed him about this bizarre animal. Krishna followed them and very easily lifted that strange creature out of the well. As soon as lord Krishna touched him, that dinosaur like reptile turned into a handsome man with golden complexion.  
Dinosaurs in Bhagavad Purana
Lord Krishna knew his story but just to inform the people who were scratching their hand in awe, he inquired about his lowly condition. Bowing down to lord Krishna, He revealed his identity as king Nriga- the descendant of ‘ishvaku’ dynasty and ancestor of lord ram. He explained that he was cursed to live a dinosaur like creature until he is liberated by the supreme personality of godhead.
King Nriga belonged to a time when dinosaur roamed on earth
Nriga narrated his whole story to lord Krishna as
Once upon a time when I was the king of my kingdom, I donated many cows in charity to Brahmins but one of the calf in search of her mother wandered and returned back to my cowshed. Unaware of this event, I donated this cow to another Brahmin. At the same time, the first Brahmin came and claimed authority over this cow. Second Brahmin declined to give this cow as it was his property now. Then, the first Brahmin accused me of stealing a cow and willingly gave it to another Brahmin thus showing false charity.  
Unknowingly, a great sin was committed by me and I pleaded innocence and mercy from both the Brahmins. I gave them the offer of 1,00,000 cows in return of one disputed calf but both the Brahmins declined to accept my offer and demanded the ownership over the same calf. Both were right in their claims but I was unable to grant them their wishes. Being usurped of their righteous claim, first Brahmin cursed me to become an animal in my next life.  
Failing in delivering justice, I gave up my throne and body. In heaven yamraj asked”Dear king, what you would like to do first? Enjoy the fruits of your pious deeds or suffer the results of your misdeeds?”
Bewildered and stunned, I replied “O Lord, being a devoted yogi, I would like to first suffer for my sins’. Yamraj responded “So is it. Fall O king!!! You shall live the life of the most dangerous predator of this era in a dark secluded place so that you don’t receive help from any other living creatures”.  
From then, I have been staying in this well in monstrous lizard form. Due to my pious activities towards the brahmanas, I am still able to recollect everything about my previous lives.  
After hearing the story of king ‘Nriga’, Lord Krishna liberated him of his misdeeds and granted him salvation.  
Liberated by lord, king nriga circumambulated lord Krishna after touching his lotus feet and then ascended to heaven boarding the celestial plane that especially arrived for him.
Dinosaurs in Bhagavad Purana
Since King Nriga was ancestor of rama, this story from srimad bhagvatam indicates the existence of dinosaur like species during the era before Ramayana.(i.e 18 millions years BP)

There is one more story that does not exactly represent the existence of dinosaurs like species but a giant serpent like spcies similar to a dragon. This giant serpent was known as ‘Aghasura’. Exact story is as follows.

Story of Lord Krishna and Serpent Aghasura
Lord Krishna and his cowherd friends ventured in the forest to herd cows and play childhood games. (Note: All his cowherd friends were devotees of lord Vishnu in their previous birth who after eons of penance and pious activities got the boon of devotion and love from lord Vishnu).  
Seeking revenge of younger brother ‘Bakasura’ and dearest sister ‘Putana’ death, Demon Aghasura was desperate to kill Krishna. Aghasura was provoked to kill lord Krishna by kamsa, king of Mathura and cruel uncle of Lord Krishna. Seeing Krishna enjoying with his friends, aghasura felt instigated and chalked out a plan to trap lord Krishna.  
Using his mystic powers, he assumed the shape of a giant serpent, stretching up to few metres like a big mountain cave. Aghasura was a very dangerous serpent. Even the demigods feared him and drank nectar to survive the poisonous venom of aghasura. With the intent of swallowing Krishna and all his friends, He lied with his mouth open on the path of Krishna and his cowherd friends. Lord Krishna realized the clever trap of ‘aghasura’ and was thinking of a plan to subdue ‘aghasura’. Dinosaurs in Bhagavad Purana
While he was thinking, all his friends along with their calves went cloyingly inside the giant mouth of ‘aghasura’, thinking it as the big mountain cave. They were not scared as they believed the ever smiling lord Krishna would protect them from all dangers and afflictions. Seeing all his friends and calves inside the belly of demon aghasura, Krishna was left with no other option than to go inside the monstrous stomach of aghasura. Meanwhile, Aghasura did not close his mouth and let all krishna friends come inside as he desperately waited for his enemy no.1 to come inside his mouth.  Meanwhile, all the demi-gods gathered to witness the death of their greatest enemy ‘aghasura’
Dinosaurs in Bhagavad Purana
No sooner did Lord Krishna entered the mouth of demon; ‘aghasura’ closed his mouth and started to smash Krishna and friends. Krishna immediately started to expand himself inside the throat of aghasura. Despite of having a huge body, aghasura choked to survive the expanding form of lord Krishna. Ultimately, his soul bursted out of his body illuminating in all directions before merging into the body of lord Krishna. (Any mortal killed by Avatars of lord Vishnu or lord Shiva attains salvation). From his dead body, out came the lord Krishna like the bright sparkle radiating the sky. Transcendental touch of lord Krishna brought all the calves and friends back to conscious life. Seeing aghasura killed by Supreme Personality of Godhead, all overjoyed demigods showered flowers on lord Krishna. Celebration began, apsara danced, gandharva sang vedic hyms, Brahmanas chanted “Jaya! Jaya” to hail lord Krishna.
In Bhagavad purana, you will find many stories that can be related to science in one way or the other. For example, Einstein theory of relativity, creation of universe and human beings, transmigration of soul, embryology and many more. Bhagavad Purana is one of the most scientific spiritual books that intend to connect our soul with the ever-pervading supreme Brahman. To denote the significance and value-based teachings of bhagavad purana, I took the above stories in a separate article instead of including it in the earlier article on dinosaurs.  
Jai Shree Krishna

Note: Images used on this website are either a production of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust(, Iskcon Foundation or were found in google search under "Free to use and share". If any of the images presented here violates copyright issues or infringes anyone copyright or are not under "Fair use", then please bring it to our notice. Read Disclaimer for more.

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