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How america was discovered because of india
Posted By Sarin on Sep 22, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

After Indian American ‘nina davuluri’ was declared miss America this year, she was flooded with racist remarks by some of the Americans who were not happy with the title of ‘Miss America’ going to an American whose ancestry does not trace back to America. Most of the Indians were offended by this act of racist Americans but I was somewhat amused by this racist attacks on ‘nina davaluri’. I was amused by the fact that such Americans, who are not even aware of their ancestral links to India, are dumb enough to make cheap remarks against ‘nina davuluri’. It is a sad irony that such Americans, who themselves are outsiders, are irresponsibly questioning the ethnicity of ‘nina davuluri’. In this article, we would see the ancestral linkage of Native Americans with Indians and how the America was discovered because of India.  
Indian influence on all ancient civilizations
Six centuries ago in 1400 AD, entire earth was divided primarily into India, China and Europe. Continent of America and Australia was unknown to the ancient world. China was heavily influenced by India for spiritual guidance.  Martial arts (Kung fu), religion (Buddhism) and spiritual philosophy was introduced in china by Indian sages. Read kalaripayattu- World oldest martial art from india
On the introduction of Buddhism in china, well known Chinese historian and ambassador to USA, Hu Shih quoted “India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border”.
Not only China, Europe also ran on Indian fuel and was heavily depended on India for spices, diamonds, silk, science, mathematics etc. India was the only source of diamond in the ancient world. Referring to the massive trade of India with other civilizations, King Peter-the great said “Bear in mind that the commerce of India is the commerce of the world and he who can exclusively command it is the dictator of Europe”.
How america was discovered because of india
Land and sea routes of India with other ancient civilizations

European Land route to India blocked by tyrant Turks
Life is not always smooth, difficulties and problems are a part of everyone life. Increasing trade of Europeans with India was not likened by Ottoman Turks. They captured Constantinople and blocked the land route between India and Europe. India was a self-sufficient prosperous nation and so, was not bothered by the blockage compelled by Turkish rulers but this blockage turned out to be the major blow to the European who relied heavily on India for trade of various commodities.  

European countries opted for various possible routes
Some of the European countries started following the lengthy sea route going around Africa to reach India while other European rulers thought of finding other alternate routes to reach India. The first sea route between Europe and India was founded by Vasco-Da-Gama in 1498 but before him, there was one man who thought of a slightly different approach to reach India.  

While most of the scholars in those times believed the earth as flat, this man named ‘Columbus’ was convinced of the ancient Indian literature that said the earth as round.  
How america was discovered because of india
Vasco-Da-Gama route to India circling africa

Columbus voyage to eastern India that discovered America
In 1492, under the guidance of Spanish queen ‘Isabella’, Columbus followed a western course through Atlantic Ocean to reach eastern shores of India. Unaware of the great continent (America) lying between India and Europe (Via the western route), he embarked on the journey to reach India. He sailed on three ships named ‘Neena’, ‘Pinta’, and ‘Santa Maria’, along with 100+ crew members. After sailing for ten long weeks, he reached western shores of America and wrongly interpreted this vast continent as eastern India.  
How america was discovered because of india
Columbus believed North America as eastern India
Columbus named Native Americans as Indians
Since the Native American looked alike Indians and spoke a language not understandable to him, he was convinced that he has finally reached eastern shores of India. His belief was further strengthened upon seeing the gold and other precious items of Native Americans. He called all Native American as ‘Indians’. This is the reason why we have many Indian titles in American continent like ‘Red Indians’,’ West indies’, ’Indiana’ etc.  

Columbus urged her queen to attack America
Many Native American regions were technologically backward. After being informed about huge gold mines by Native Americans, Columbus took gold and other precious items along with some Native Americans in his return journey back to Spain. When Columbus informed about his discovery to queen ‘Isabella’, Queen of Spain immediately sought this opportunity to colonize regions of India unknown of the fact that those regions in reality was areas of America. Queen of Spain sent three voyages to attack North America, fought wars with Native Americans and colonized more or less whole of North America.  
How america was discovered because of india
Spanish voyages to america

How Spanish and English became widely spoken language of America
Queen ‘Isabella’ colonization of America made Spanish the national language of America. Even today, Spanish is the most widely spoken language of USA after English. Spanish is the national language of Mexico. Why Spanish is number two in USA? Because, when Spanish rule attenuated, British attacked America and brought entire America under its control. In 1776, when the Americans got freedom from British rule, English was chosen as the national language by most of the Americans, ahead of Spanish by just few votes.

Was Columbus the first human to discover America?
Till his death, Columbus believed America as eastern shores of India. Though Columbus discovered America, it would be unwise to believe that he was the first one to do so.  America was already inhabited by Indians and that indicates us that he was not the first human to land his foot on American soil. There are also some stories on expedition of Arabs on American soil though there are no solid evidences to prove so. Some say that Vikings, who were great traders and sailors, first discovered America but thinking it as an uninhabited island, left America without exploring in detail.
How america was discovered because of india
  Above map of Vinland (Vikings kingdom) shows America as tiny island

Discovery of South America by Portuguese sailors
After Spanish discovered North America, Portuguese rulers sent an expedition to reach North America. However, sailors took a wrong turn and drifted aside to reach Brazil in South America. South America (Brazil) was then attacked by Portuguese explorers due to which Brazil came under Portuguese rule which declared Portuguese as the national language of Brazil.  
How america was discovered because of india
Sudden drifting landed Portuguese sailors in South America
How America got it name
While all this drama was going on, Italian explorer ‘Amerigo Vespucci’, who was the companion of Columbus in his third voyage to North America, felt something wrong about Columbus discovery. He thought how come a mighty nation like India was so easily defeated by Spanish and Portuguese rulers. He decided to explore and started an expedition to reach America again. After his extensive exploration, he came to the conclusion that the place where Columbus landed was not the eastern shores of India. Spanish queen decided to honor his research and named the entire continent after him. So “America” got its name from the first name of Italian explorer ‘Amerigo Vespucci’.  
Native Americans linkage to India
Native Americans were culturally influenced by India and this is very evident from the similarity of Aztec and Mayan culture with ancient Indian Vedic culture.  
Spiritual ideologies like Polytheism, Temples and rituals of Native Americans very closely resemble Vedic culture. Swastika is the sole proof of native America spiritual connection with India. Check out below articles
Swastika - Good luck emblem of ancient america
;Swastika in american antique greeting cards
Use of swastika in clothes and costumes
Swastika in american consumer products and pharmaceutical industry
Swastika in american Food industry
Use of swastika in American manufacturing industry
Swastika signs on american advertisements and banners
Use of swastika by american cowboys and cowgirls
Swastika in Canadian buildings and culture
Swastika in american buildings and historical monumnets
Hinduism Symbol Swastika in american churches and universities>
Swastika good luck quotes in american greeting cards
I have 10+ more articles (to be posted later) on swastika that would confirm the links between Native Americans and Indians. Additionally, I would be posting some articles linking the ancient Mayans and Aztecs to ancient Vedic culture.  
If you can’t wait for my post, then read the book written by H. P. Blavatsky on India and ancient America
Also, book titled ‘Hindu America’ by Chaman Lal, presents thousands of such evidences. According to such books, Indian untouchables, thrown out of the society, crossed the Bering Strait to inhabit regions of south and North America. Such communities of early Asian hunters are supposed to be original Native Americans. Indian epic ‘Mahabharata’ and Puranas describes America as the uncivilized land rich in gold, silver and other precious items. Argentina is the corrupt abbreviation of Sanskrit word 'Arjuna', meaning silver. To know more, read about mayasur(Mayan king) who helped lord Krishna in finding the wealth beneath kingdom of Indraprastha(Modern Delhi).  

Why ancient countries were influenced by India  
Ancient kingdoms were greatly fascinated by the wealth and culture of India. India and china contributed to 75% of the world GDP. This fascination increased after Marco polo narrated his experience of travelling India and china in his travel book. In those days, entire south Asia was called as India and the ocean in this belt was called as Indian Ocean (only ocean named after a country). Entire region from Afghanistan to Indonesia was the part of India. World largest Hindu temple ‘Angkor wat’, dedicated to lord Vishnu, is located in Cambodia. Even today, kings of Cambodia and Indonesian region of bali are of Indian descent. Indonesian national flag still exhibits garuda(eagle)-the vehicle of lord Vishnu.
How america was discovered because of india
Largest hindu temple- Angkor wat(Left) and garuda in Indonesian flag(Right)
  In addition, Art of constructing ships and vessels were borrowed from India.  
"In ancient times the Indians excelled in the art of constructing vessels, and the present Hindus can, in this respect, still offer models to Europe, so much so that the English, attentive to everything which relates to naval architecture, have borrowed from the Hindus many improvements which they have adopted with success to their own shipping. The Indian vessels unite elegance and utility, and are models of patience and fine workmanship."- Sir John Malcolm

Why modern Indians attitude towards America amuses me?
Today, many so called educated Indians are dying to reach America and waits in queues outside US embassy/consulates in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata to reach out to a land that was discovered by an expedition whose sole aim was to reach India.
It’s an astonishing irony that modern materialistic Indians mocks/ridicules India just to reach a far away land that was discovered because of India.  
How america was discovered because of india
Small modern joke to end this article
As discussed above, most of the Americans emigrated from Spain, Portugal and other European countries while Native Americans were immigrants of India and china. So, how much justified is the point raised by some racist Americans on title of Miss America going to ‘nina davuluri’, an American with an ancestral link to India. I guess, being born in America is enough to qualify for the title of Miss America.
Thanks to India and European quest to reach India, continent of America was introduced to the whole world. Falling down to materialistic greed and desires, most of the Indians and Americans are not aware of their rich historical past, courtesy of the moralistic destruction caused by greedy rulers of European countries. Even today, Indians are culturally attacked and abused all round the world despite of contributing so much to the world civilizations. Hope this article reduces the gap between Indians and Americans (at least among my visitors) separated by caste, color, creed, religions etc thus paving the path for global acceptance of Vedic thinking ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’, meaning ‘World is one family’.


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