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Why you should not trust foreign funded news channel
Posted By Sarin on Aug 16, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

On independence Day, when I posted my article ‘Why I am proud to be an Indian’, I got a query by one of the visitors on the atrocities against Hindus in their own country and the anti-Hindu propaganda of media channels. Well, I don’t indulge in politics and like to write articles only on spirituality but given the current economic condition of our country and the level of degradation of Indian media channels; I would be writing couple of articles on the cheapest level of politics played by foreign funded media channels. Before I start, I would like to mention that this article is based on true facts and is not biased or against any religion, organization, media channel or political party.
The main role of media channels and reporters is to collect news from different geographical regions of the country and report it out ethically, without being biased to any community, religion or political party. Quite opposite to this basic responsibility, owners/reporters of news channel have now switched to crude or cheap journalism, so as to increase the TRP rating and maximize their funds/profits.
Why you should not trust foreign funded news channel
To give you an example, let us first have a small overview on the owners and funder’s of major media houses of India.

Indian media houses funded by politicians and foreign missionaries
  1)   NDTV: Said to be funded by Gospels of Charity (Spain). Owner of NDTV is Prannoy Roy (a Christian with a Hindu name).  
      2)   CNN-IBN: Subsidiary of Network 18 and  Time Warner Inc, CNN-IBN is said to be funded by Baptist Church. Get almost $800 million from Baptist church for promotion of their vast network of channels. Headquartered in US, their offices are spread all around the world. In India, CNN-IBN is managed by well known journalist ‘Rajdeep Sardesai’ and his wife ‘Sagarika Ghosh’.  
    Why you should not trust foreign funded news channel
Rajdeep Sardesai and his wife Sagarika Ghosh

      3)   TIMES GROUP: Navbharat times, Hindustan times, economic times, times of India, Times Now channel, Stardust magazine, Vijay times etc. are owned by Bennet & Coleman. First owned by the british, TIMES GROUP was later managed by an Indian Jain family. Times now receive 80% of the funding from world Christian council and remaining 20% are held by an Italian and English businessman. Accordig to unconfirmed reports, Roberto minto, who has a 10% share in times group, is a close relative of Sonia Gandhi.  
4)   STAR TV: All star channels are owned by an Australian, who gets massive funds from St.Peters Pontificial Church(Not confirmed). Melbourne.
5)   The Hindu: One of the oldest newspapers, ‘The Hindu’ was recently acquired by Joshua society, Switzerland. Joshua society is very active in Indian rural areas (successful in Andhra Pradesh) where they aim to convert more than 50% of the tribal population to Christianity.  

Joshua project in rural india
6)   Statesman and Kairali TV: Owned and controlled by Marxist CPI party.
7)   Deccan Chronicle & Asian Age: Owned by Saudi Arabian Company. Chairman of DHCL, Venkatram reddy, is a congress MP from rajya sabha.  
8)    News24, a Hindi news channel, is owned by rajya sabha congress ‘Rajiv Shukla’. Due to his loyalty with congress party, he has been awarded the post of ‘Union minister’, ‘BCCI vice president’ and ‘IPL chairman’.
9)   Lokmat, a Marathi newspaper and news channel, is owned by two brothers Vijay Darda(Congress MP) and Rajendra Darda(Congress MLA and minister in Maharashtra).
    NDTV, the most corrupt media channel
Owner of NDTV is Prannoy Roy (a Christian with a Hindu name). His full name is ‘Prannoy james roy’ and his only role in NDTV is to maximize his funds from Christian missionaries and create confusion among Hindus and thereby, ease the Christian missionaries task of converting Indians into Christianity. He is well supported by his cousin, Arundhati roy, a well known anti-Hindu social activist. Like his brother, she is also a Christian with a Hindu name. Her real name is ‘Suzanne arundhati roy’.
Why you should not trust foreign funded news channel
Prannoy Roy and arundhati roy

  She is the same woman who insulted anti-corruption heroes like ‘baba ramdev’ and ‘anna hazare’. She even termed ‘anna hazare’ a corrupt non-secular person. In her books, she has written openly against Hinduism, supported naxalites, Kashmir freedom and communist rule in India. If you blast Hinduism, you get international awards and all the books and drama of arundhati roy are just for international recognition and awards. Check out below videos

Arundhati Roy blasts anti-corruption 'saint' Anna Hazare

She is called Hindu in above video. See her support for Muslims and blasphemy against Hinduism in above video

Kashmir Pundit Issue is just Drama, says Arundhati Roy

Radhika roy(wife of prannoy roy) is a sister of CPI(Communist party of India) leader ‘Brinda karat’. ‘Brinda karat’ is wife of ‘Prakash Karat’, General Secretary of CPI. In 1962, when china attacked India, CPI was the only political party that supported china war on India and never apologized for anti-national remarks. Furthermore, they support illegal Bangladeshi immigrants to strengthen their vote bank. 32 years of ant-national CPI rule in west Bengal was the core factor in transformation of Bengal from a heavy industrialized state to one of the poorest state of modern India.  

Criminal charges against NDTV
Do you know NDTV has many criminal charges against them? On January 1998, CBI charged ‘Prannoy roy’ under section 120-B for criminal conspiracy due to which doordarshan went through the loss of 35.2 million. In November 2010,NDTV journalists ‘Barkha Dutt’ and ’Vir sanghvi’ were charged by CBI for accepting bribes from businessman and influencing the appointment of ‘A Raja’ as telecom minister.

Listen and judge the conversation of nira radia and barkha dutt yourself
 Later in 2011, ‘Sunday guardian’ exposed the NDTV financial malpractices and alleged NDTV of violating Indian tax and corporate laws. NDTV along with CNN-IBN were accused of malpractices in obtaining the broadcasting rights of commonwealth games.  
It is said that to escape from the cases pending against them, NDTV owner ‘Prannoy roy’ supports current congress government. If this is true then Pranoy Roy and his reporters like barkha dutt are like a market commodity for sale. Bribe them to suppress the news, generate news, and skew news. They exhort money from corrupt officials, businessman and politicians to influence the public with false news and propagandas. NDTV claims of honest journalism and ethical reporting are easily shattered by their own journalists.

Corrupt reporters of NDTV
Barkha dutt :
  In 2008, Barkha dutt was honored with ‘padma shri’ as monetary compensation by(you know who). Vir sanghvi and barkha dutt, reporters of NDTV were caught red handed in Radiagate scandal in 2010.  

Protest against anti-Indian barking dutt. NDTV didn’t cover above protest nor did any other major Indian media houses

Both of them are known as congress paid spokesman of electronic media. Barkha dutt was also responsible for the killing of innocent army soldiers in kargil war and 2008 Mumbai attacks. Radiagate scandal proves Barkha(Barking) Dutt, a cheap shameless journalist and the stooge of ruling party. After reaching a new high in media industry, Barkha dutt turned out to be the broker of industrialists and political party.  
Just for your knowledge, Barkha(known as Burqa) dutt is a converted Muslim -after her marriage to separatist ‘Haseeb Drabu’. Still, she has kept his Hindu name to fool all Indians. She is one of the ‘Ummah’ of kashmir and frequently hurts sentiments of Hindu kafirs. She didn’t have time to cover story of kashmiri pundits but found ample of time for Kashmir terrorists and separatists.  

Barkha Dutt - Completely Exposed  

Her sister, Bahar Dutt is also a television journalist working for CNN IBN. In 2002, barkha dutt(NDTV) and rajdeep sardesai(CNN IBN) covered the atrocities on Muslims victims but they didn’t find a single Hindu victim in godhra riots.
Nidhi  razdan:  Another high profile anchor of NDTV. She is the girlfriend of Omar Abdullah (chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir). Omar Abdullah divorced her wife and mother of his two children, Payal, to have a relationship with nidhi razdan. Recently blasted nice and hard by Britain MP ‘Gardener’, Nidhi razdan(Kashmiri pundit) is famous for her pro- congress campaign against BJP. She triggered a controversary by saying that ‘She has the rights to challenge Supreme Court judgement’. Despite of being well educated, she doesn’t know the meaning of word ‘Supreme’. She was criticised for teaching democracy to Britain MP despite of the fact that Gardener himself is living in a democratic britain.(I guess nd hope that no news channel would protest my democratic rights to question ethicality of media houses)
Nidhi Razdan of NDTV ripped by British MP Barry Gardiner over Narendra Modi being invited to UK

Sonia Singh: Another reporter, Sonia Singh, is the wife of R. P. N. Singh, a rising congress MP from Uttar Pradesh. As expected, she is highly biased towards congress and can be frequently seen with anti-BJP propaganda.
Before broadcasting the news, such anchors develop a pre-conceived opinion biased to their political affiliations. On one side, NDTV acts as the agent of political parties and on the other side; they fool all Indians by their campaigns like 'Go Green’, ‘Save tigers’ etc.

Corrupt reporters of CNN-IBN
Rajdeep Sardesai:
  In India, CNN-IBN is managed by well known journalist ‘Rajdeep Sardesai’ and his wife ‘Sagarika Ghosh’. 

Ravi Shankar Prasad corners and insults Rajdeep Sardesai in his own channel

Rajdeep Sardesai accepts that they did not cover Subramanian Swamy Robert Vadra expose in Media

Karan Thapar:  One of the most famous media anchor, Karan thapar(Pro-congress) of CNN-IBN, is biologically related to Nehru family. Karan thapar is son of Ex Indian Army chief ‘Prem nath Thapar’. P. N. Thapar, who led India against china war in 1962, is the brother in law of Nayantara Sehgal,. Nayantara Sehgal is daughter of vijayalakshmi pandit(sister of Jawaharlal Nehru). Karan Thapar had a close relationship with Pakistan president ‘Asif Ali Zardari’ and his wife ‘Benazir Bhutto’. Karan thapar owns ITV which produces shows for BBC.  Sister of Karan thapar, Romila thapar, is a famous anti-India historian, known for polluting Indian history in textbooks by theories like Aryan invasion theory, pro-Marxist communist ideologies etc  
Karan Thapar exposed by IBN7 Journalist Ashutosh
Slap on the face of Congress Agent Karan Thapar
Traitor Karan Thapar got a nice Hard Slap!

Sagarika Ghosh:  Wife of ‘Rajdeep Sardesai’, She is the daughter of bhaskar ghosh, a government officer in prasar bharati(doordarshan) and a loyalist of indira gandhi and Nehru dynasty. Her aunt ‘Ruma Pal’ was Indian ambassador to United States during the regime of Indira Gandhi. According to unconfirmed reports, loyalty of bhaskar ghosh was honored by granting his son-in law, an entire news channel to propagate congress propaganda.

CNN-IBN Sagarika Ghose's religious bias exposed

Internet Hindus Debate: Dr Subramanian Swamy vs Sagarika Ghosh

Biased or communal reporters of other media houses
Shobhana Bharati
: Editor in chief of Hindustan times, she is a congress MP.
Vinod Sharma: Editor of Hindustan times, he seems to be hungry of a rajya sabha seat. He behaves as a congress spokesman in all TV panel discussions. 
Khalid Ansari: Chairman of mid day group, he is also the chairman of M.C.Media. M.C media Ltd shares a joint-venture with BBC on FM radio brodcasting. Father of Khalis ansari is ‘Abdul Hameed Ansari’, a freedom fighter and loyal Congressman.  
Seema Chisthi: She is the Wife of CPI leader ‘Sitaram Yechury’ and Editor in chief of Indian Express.

 Chief Editor of Deccan chronicle and Asian age, he was the congress MP in 90’s. He has worked previously with ‘times of India’,’ Sunday’ and the ‘telegraph’ M.J Akbar was an active member of ‘Forum of Islamic scholars and intellectual’, held in 2005 at Makkha al-Mukaramma

    N. Ram: Former editor in chief of ‘The Hindu’, he was the vice president of SFI (student wing of CPM).  
P. Sainath: Another communist supporter, P. Sainath of ‘The Hindu’, is the nephew of congress leader V. S Giri and grandson of Ex-president congress politician ‘V. V. Giri’. For his loyalty, indira Gandhi selected him as the presidential candidate against her own party.  

Why we have so many corrupt reporters and media channels?
The only reason is Greed and materialistic pleasures. To maximize their funds and expand business, media houses acts as a stooge of political parties. It’s a shame that just for money and business, these partial and cheap journalists influence the news and public opinions in their articles, documentaries and special shows.
After Indian independence, congress party ruled India for more than 55 years. This is the reason why they were successful in infiltrating their loyalists in every small and bigger mainstream media houses, governmental institutions and mass media schools. Most of the well known journalists like ‘Dileep Padgaonkar’ and ‘Shekhar Gupta’, in addition to the name discussed above, acts like paid spokesperson of political parties.

Dr Subramanian Swamy exposing Anti-HINDU INDIAN English Media

Those who don’t sell their dignity to politicians and industrialists, are troubled by income tax raids, ED investigations, threats etc and are thrown out of the media industry. Are you not aware of the two times firing of arun shourie from Indian Express by Ramnath Goenka, who was tortured by ED investigations and repeated IT raids? Indian express was the best newspapers in the 1970-1980’s and the reason behind this was honest team of journalists like Ramnath goenka(Owner), Arun shourie(Editor) and S. Gurumurthy (Most honest journalist of all times). This team brought down the then indira Gandhi government, exposed businessman like Dhirubhai Ambani etc (Characters of Mithun Chakraborty and R. Madhavan of Movie ‘guru’, is based on Ramnath Goenka and S. Gurumurthy)
S Gurumurthy : Indians Hate Hindus

What’s the role of modern media channels?
Only job of modern media is to go places to places to find negative news about modi. IF they don’t find any, then they would watch the modi speech again and again, twist out each statement of modi speech to create a communal angle and then blabber their pre-conceived negative opinion against modi publicly. Despite their negative campaign against modi, popularity of modi is not dying like movements of Anna Hazare ‘LokPal Bill’ or Ramdev Baba's ‘Black money’. In fact, his popularity has increase fourfold in both rural and urban India, thanks to his supporters and party. Media houses have no other choice than to broadcast his speech so as to stay ahead in the competitive TRP ratings. No other politicians have made the media so helpless like ‘modi’ did. Knowing that they can’t trust sold media houses, opposition parties choose to abandon Indian english media and are more active in social networking sites like face book and twitter.
Why you should not trust foreign funded news channel

How many english media channels have reported realities of muslims like shown in the above video. Instead, Paid english news channel divide hindus and muslims by creating a rift between them. Paid english news channels are the sole factor for most of the modern riots between hindus and muslims.

Why the media criticism of modi is wrong?
When reports declared Gujarat's agricultural growth as 10-11%, Indian media said ‘Godhra Riots’, When Gujarat made the Asia's biggest solar plant, Indian media said ‘Godhra Riots’. When reports indicated Gujarat as the only state to provide 24*7 and 365 days electricity in almost all its 24,000 villages, Indian media said ‘Godhra Riots’. When World Bank implied “Gujarat roads comparable to international standards”, Indian media said ‘Godhra Riots’. When reports declared “Gujarat as the first state to employ high speed wireless Broadband service in all its 24,000 villages, Indian media said ‘Godhra Riots’. When forbes magazine reported Ahmadabad as the fastest growing Indian city and world 3rd  fastest, Indian media said ‘Godhra Riots’. When reports suggest massive growth in Gujarat tourism, media said ‘Godhra Riots’. When survey reports “modi as the best administrator and leader accepted by most of the Indians”, Indian media said ‘Godhra Riots’. When central govt report declared “Gujarat having the lowest unemployment rate”, Indian media said ‘Godhra Riots’. When reports suggest the maximum FDI flow in state of Gujarat, Indian media says ‘Godhra Riots’.  When gujaratis says 2003-2013 is the only 10 straight years in Gujarat history with no communal riots, Indian media still says ‘Godhra Riots’.  Best example of Hypocrites journalists and crude journalism.

Since we don’t know the family lineage of all journalists, we have covered only the surface of journalist’s relationship with politicians,industrialists and bureaucrats. Dominated and controlled by powerful politicians, journalist’s of today are worst than the untouchables of ancient India. Not only do they maintain relationship with politicians, they also fool all Indians by broadcasting biased anti-communal news. Such media journalists, with their divide and rule policy, are the driving factor for the lack of unity between Hindus and Muslims. It’s a shame that just for money and business, these partial and cheap journalists influence the news and public opinions in their articles, documentaries and special shows. It is the time for all indians to not trust any of the indian news channel and should do proper research before believing in the facts published in such news channels
Jago india jago

Note: Images used on this website are either a production of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust(, Iskcon Foundation or were found in google search under "Free to use and share". If any of the images presented here violates copyright issues or infringes anyone copyright or are not under "Fair use", then please bring it to our notice. Read Disclaimer for more.

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