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Why I am proud to be an indian
Posted By Sarin on Aug 14, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Official name of India is ‘bharat’, derived from the legendary king Bharata(ancestor of lord Krishna), who defeated all kings of ancient world and brought whole India under one rule. The entire stretch of land from Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia was the part of his kingdom.
When the west were living as nomadic tribes in forest caves, eating off the meat of animals, Land of India nurtured a great civilization with bountiful palaces, silk clothes, rich luxuries, and seers singing soothing mantras, meditating for years and writing wonderful divine theories/mantras in Sanskrit. These genius spiritual scientists influenced our culture, philosophy, psychology, art and way of living life. They were the first to tell theories on this universe, medicine, mathematics, science etc, all of which we take for granted today. Now let us see how the theories of these remarkable conscious sages makes all Indian proud of their motherland. In this article, I will first discuss the glories of ancient India and then some of the achievements of modern India. Let us start then
  1)    India is the world oldest, largest, continuous civilization which never invaded any country in the recorded history of 10000 years.  
2)    Varanasi- World most spiritual city, is also the world most ancient, continuously inhabited city, that attracts devotees from all around the world.
        Why I am proud to be an indian
Varanasi-World oldest city
  3)    India is not only the world’s oldest democracy but also the world's largest democracy. Though democracy existed even during the era of Ramayana and Mahabharata, Democracy of India is recorded in western historical records from the times of king ashoka. Why? Because Vatican says only bible is true, rest everything is mythology. ‘Vaishali’ city in Bihar is famous for democracy. In 4th century BC, King Nabhaga abdicated his throne after being accused of Human Rights violation. Citizens declared themselves a Democratic Republic (Prajatantrik Ganarajya).
4)    All Indians must know how chanakya united all Indian kings to fight against the immoral invading Alexander army. Check out the video below
Alexander before leaving Persia for India encouraged his army saying that they are going to loot endless wealth of golden India, and what they have seen in Persian riches, is nothing compared to riches of India.  
Seeing the strength (Army) of united India, Alexander pissed in his pants (or whatever the apparel he was wearing) and ran away like a rat running away from a cat.
Why I am proud to be an indian
His dream of looting India remained a dream, thanks to chanakya, the best diplomat of all times.
  5)    Indians are very proud of Aryabhatta, spiritual sage who founded zero. When I hear zero, the first thing that comes to my mind is joke of peter Russell’s (Indian born Canadian comedian). Check out below video
Beside zero, Aryabhatta laid out many advanced mathematical concepts, and hence is rightly known as father of mathematics. When the west was using fingers to count one and two, he correctly predicted the circular orbit of earth round the sun.  
  6)    Takshila in punjab(700 BC) was the world oldest university. More than 10,000 students from different parts of the world came to India to study more than 60 subjects. Nalanda of bihar(400 BC) was the world largest university.  
        Why I am proud to be an indian
Ruins of Takshila University

  7)    Sanskrit is the mother of all the European languages. According to Forbes magazine dated July 1987, Sanskrit is the world most perfect language and the most suitable language for computers. To quote, Mark Twain said, “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grandmother of tradition”
8)    Ayurveda is oldest medicinal science of the world. Charaka is the world oldest doctor and so, is known as the father of medicine. Sushruta is world oldest surgeon. Three millenniums ago, he performed  complicated surgeries like cataract, urinary stones, artificial limbs, cesareans,  fractures, plastic surgery and even brain surgery. Usage of anesthesia and up to 100 surgerical operations using 125 surgical equipments is well documented in his book “Sushruta Samhita”.  There are abundant of other ancient books on physiology, embryology, anatomy, metabolism, etiology, digestion, immunity and geneitcs. These books can be found in bhandarkar oriental institute and patanjali yogpeeth.
        Why I am proud to be an indian
Sushruta operating complex sugeries

  9)    India was the richest country (30% of world GDP) of the world until the British invaded India (1700 AD) and looted away India wealth. Sunny climate, unmatched fertility, vast mineral resources and world-wide exports made India the favorites among adventurers and conquerors. Fall in Indian wealth was after the invasion by tyrant mughal, british and portuguese rulers.
      Why I am proud to be an indian
GDP of various countries over centuries
  10)    India was the only source of gold, diamonds, perals and other precious stones in ancient times. After demolishing somnath temple, Mohammad ghazni looted immeasurable golden wealth after razing down the shiv-lingam. Even today, Kohinoor diamond (weighing 106 carats) of lord Krishna stolen by British queen Victoria is the most precious diamond of the world.
        Why I am proud to be an indian
First is Kohinoor diamond, second is Crown of Queen Victoria and third is a thief who stole our lord Krishna diamond. What the heck? She stole the diamond (Kohinoor) of India most revered deity (Lord Krishna) and she calls herself a queen.... Disgusting Angrez chor...
  11)    India was the first to formulate an art of Navigation and built the first airplanes and ships. English word Navy is derived from Sanskrit word 'Nou and Navigation from Sanskrit word ‘NAVGATIH’.
12)    India is the founder of maths and science. Bhaskacharya was the first to propose the time taken by earth to orbit sun as 365.258756484 days. Budhayana first proposed value of PI and Pythagoras theorem. Algebra, place value system, Quadratic equations, trigonometry and calculus, large numbers up to infinity, everything came from India. Prof. Jagdish Bose is the pioneer of wireless communication. Indians sages were the first to propose the age of universe in billions of years, a fact accepted by modern scientists. Scientist of the century, Einstein said “We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made!” I have written many articles on this topic. Some of the articles are
    Science in Hinduism-Gravitational force and repulsive force
Science in Hinduism-Einstein Theory of relativity 
Science in Hinduism - Speed of light
Science in Hinduism-Pythagoras or Baudhayana theorem
Science in Hinduism-Motion of earth around sun

Science in Hinduism-Place value and Decimal number system

Science in Hinduism-Large numbers and infinity

Science in Hinduism-Invention of numeral system
  13)    Indians were the first to invent art of irrigation, construction and architecture.
    Why I am proud to be an indian
A masterpiece of magnificent architecture
World oldest artificial lake was built during the times of Chandragupta maurya in Saurashtra by king Rudradaman. Essence of Indian Arts and architecture can be well seen in the beautiful carvings in the Ajanta and ellora caves, khajuraho temple, tallest monolithic statue at Shravanabelagola, konark temple, meenakshi temple etc. Now you may hear shit like khajuraho is a sex or porno temple and so on... But do you know the symbolic meaning of khajurah temple and that tantric sex is a way to raise your kundalini(consciousness)(Will write an article on this topic soon)
      14)    Many games including Chess (Shataranja), polo and snakes & ladders were invented in India.
    Who invented snakes and ladders
  15)    All philosophical religions were born in India. 25% of the world population follows Hinduism or it offshoot religions (Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism). India has more number of muslims than any other non-Islamic country and so, is known as the most diverse country. Hinduism is the only religion to survive the tyranny of invading colonial forces whereas the rest of the cultures like aztecs, Sumerians, incas, Persians etc perished in the pages of history. Mark twain said In religion, India is the only millionaire. The One land that all men desire to see and having seen once, by even a glimpse, would not give that glimpse for all the shows of all the rest of the globe combined”
      16)    India is the birthplace of music and dance. Classical dance forms like Kathakali, Bharathnatyam, Kuchipudi, Dandya is an integral part of our culture.
        Why lord shiva is known as king of dance
Why Dance worship in hinduism
  17)    Christopher Columbus (attracted to India wealth) discovered America in his conquest of finding an alternate path to reach India.
      18)    India is one of the few countries in the world with all geographical features. Dry deserts (Rajasthan), Snowy mountains (Himalayas), wettest place (Meghalaya), serene beautiful hills (Kashmir, shimla, Darjeeling etc), innumerable beaches along coastal areas,  dense forest in nilgiris and western Ghats, backwaters(Kerala), mighty waterfalls(41 out of world top 100 waterfalls), mighty network of rivers (Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra), beautiful lakes(Dal, Periyar) etc. List goes on.....
    Why I am proud to be an indian
Beautiful mountains of Darjeeling

      19)    India is the birthplace of all martial arts. Kalaripayatuu and silamban is the world oldest martial arts. Kung fu is derived from Kalaripayatu.
        kalaripayattu- World oldest martial art from india

  20)    India is the first country to gain independence without violence. Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated as ‘international Non-violence day’.  
21)    India is the largest English speaking nation in the world.
22)    India has the largest pool of Scientists and Engineers in the World.
23)    Other than US and Japan, India is the only country to build a super computer indigenously.  
        Why I am proud to be an indian  
  24)    Even today, India leads in modern science and scientific research. Thanks to the corrupt administration and ruling class of India, most of the modern scientific inventions are done by Indians in US and European labs.  Some of the examples are Designer of Pentium chip, co-founder of sun Microsystems, founder of Hotmail, inventor of Bose speakers etc. Indians lead the immigrant list among the scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers and professors at google labs, NASA, Silicon Valley and leading American universities. 
25)    India is the hub of IT industry. Half of the world’s IT services is outsourced to India. Walmart alone outsources projects worth $1 billion to India.
      26)    India leads the race in gasifier systems, producing 3000 mega watts (MW) of electricity and is predicted to be 30000 MW by 2020.
27)    With more than 1000 channels, India has the world’s largest number of television channels.  
  28)India is the fastest growing telecom market with lowest call rates on earth.
29)    With 3 MW of power generation, India is the 3rd largest producer of solar photovoltaic cells in the world
30)    India is 4th  largest producer of wind power.
      31)    India is the 9th  largest producer of solar thermal power in terms of million units per sq. m. By 2022, India will have more than 20 million solar units and will be among the top five in solar power generation.
32)     India is the second largest producer of small cars in the world.
33)    With more than 500 newspapers in 50+ languages, Indian newspaper market is largest in the world.
34)    India has the largest electronic ID system (Aadhar) in the world.
35)    With more than 400 films per year, Bollywood is the largest film production unit of the world. Counting regional movies, India release three times more movies than any other country in the world.  
    Why I am proud to be an indian
      36)    India is the largest producer of many commodities like milk, coconuts, ginger, tea, pepper etc. India has the world largest cattle population. India is among the top five nations in largest production of other commodities like rice, wheat, sugar, inland fish, groundnut etc.
37)    NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) is the largest public employment guarantee program in the world. NREGA opened more than 20 millions of bank and post-office accounts to facilitate timely payment to workers. This is probably the largest ever opening of bank accounts under a single a development programme.
38)    World largest petroleum refinery, owned by reliance industries, is in Jamnagar, Gujarat.  
39)    With a single span of 119 feet, world’s widest concrete building is in Jaipur.  
40)    Covering 12 million children’s in 28 states, mid-day meal is the largest school lunch programme in the world
41)    Indian railway is the densest railway system of the world. It is also the largest employer of India and ranks among the top ten largest employer of the world  
42)    India is among the top five pharmaceutical industry is the world and is predicted to be the top pharmaceutical industry is the world
43)    After the successful launch of chandrayan, India is among the few nations to land on the moon. India ranks among the top five countries in space research.
    Why I am proud to be an indian
      44)    Indian stock market is one of the largest and most attractive stock market. Reliance industries have the maximum number of shareholders in the world.
45)    With more than 80,000 bank branches, India tops the banking domain in the world, with many banks in top 500 banks of the world.
      46)    97-year old Randall Butisingh of Indian origin was the world oldest blogger. More info @ <>
47)    India has the largest active army (1.3 million active and 1 million reserves) and is the second largest army in terms of military personnel in the world.  
48)    India is an emerging global scientific and technological powerhouse. It is the second fastest growing economy in the world. India is also the fourth largest economy by purchasing power parity (PPP) and the ninth largest economy by nominal value.  
49)    Around 50% of the tech start-ups in Silicon Valley is owned or co-owned by Indians/Indian-Americans.
50)    India sends more students to foreign universities than any other nation in the world.
51)    After US, India has the second largest network of paved highways.
52)    America is the largest buyer of India’s brainpower. Most educated Indian leave their country to fulfill their dreams in America whereas rest of the patriotic Indians like me choose to stay in India. Because of massive corruption and politics in India, most Indians are happy watering plants in other countries instead of making our own garden beautiful. How Sad? Given the population and talent pool, we can have ten times more entrepreneurs than America. For a change, We need to generate more dhoni’s, ambani’s, aishwarya’s,kalam’s etc. Only then we can lighten up our country like this
Why I am proud to be an indian
India is the only country where the following can happen? Why? Because it happens only in India (Many similar things happens only in India, which I shall take in a separate article) 
    President (APJ abdul kalam) is a Muslim
Prime Minister (Atal bihari vajpayee) is a Hindu
Defense Minister (George Fernandez) is a Christian
Leader of Opposition (Sonia gandhi) is a Christian
Four years later (2007)
President (Pratibha patil) is a Hindu
Prime Minister (manmohan singh) is a Sikh
Vice President (Hamid ansari) is a Muslim
Leader of Opposition (LK Advani) is a Hindu
Leader of ruling party (Sonia gandhi) is a Christian
Present situation (2013)
President (Pranab mukherjee) is a Hindu
Prime Minister (manmohan singh) is a Sikh
Vice President (Hamid ansari) is a Muslim
Leader of Opposition (Narendra modi) is a Hindu
Leader of ruling party (Sonia gandhi) is a Christian

Well, the list goes on. It is not simply possible to write all other achievements in a single article. Yeah, there are many negative points about India, influenced by the corrupt politicians and faulty administration, but I guess we should not be talking about the negative points of our country on the eve of Indian Independence Day. So, I conclude by encouraging you to celebrate this 66th  year of Indian independence with great joy and happiness. Salute the national flag and spirit of India and be proud of being an Indian. Share sweets, love, and awareness among your fellow Indians.
Wishing all Indians over the world a very happy Independence Day

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