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Capitalise first character of every word
Posted By Sarin on Mar 21, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Capitalise first character of every word in input string

This function will work not only for input string, separated by spaces but also by other delimiters like semicolon , comma, colon etc.
You can add,modify or delete this delimietrs as per your requirement.

 FUNCTION [InitCap]  ( @InputString varchar(4000))
 DECLARE @PrevChar CHAR(1)  
DECLARE @OutputString VARCHAR(255)
 SET @OutputString = LOWER(@InputString)  
SET @Index = 1  
WHILE @Index <= LEN(@InputString)
SET @Char= SUBSTRING(@InputString, @Index, 1)  
SET @PrevChar = CASE WHEN @Index = 1 THEN ' '  
ELSE SUBSTRING(@InputString, @Index - 1, 1)  
IF @PrevChar IN  (' ', ';', ':', '!', '?', ',', '.', '_', '-', '/', '&', '''', '(')    
IF @PrevChar != '''' OR UPPER(@Char) != 'S'  
SET @OutputString = STUFF(@OutputString, @Index, 1, UPPER(@Char))    
SET @Index = @Index + 1
RETURN @OutputString

1)    First, we convert the whole input string into lowercase.
2)    For each character of the input string, Following steps are performed
    For each character, we check if the previous character was some special character like  (' ', ';', ':', '!', '?', ',', '.', '_', '-', '/', '&', '''', '(')    
    • If yes, then we check if there is a special case of apostrophe followed by s. For Ex: Product’s             (If we don’t check this case, then input substring Product’s will be displayed as Product’S which we don’t want as per our requirement)   
    • If above check is false, then we Replace the current letter with its uppercase equivalent.  
      • Increment @Index value so that @Char point to next character in next loop.
              3)    Return the output string.

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