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Floating stones of Shri Ram Setu
Posted By Sarin on Feb 17, 2013     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

When the monkeys and the deities  
Joined their hands together
Constructed a massive edifice,
Became symbol of Indian culture
Wide bridge several kilometers long  
Was Constructed using floating stones
Still stands today mighty and strong
Bewilders & surprises scientist of all zones
Above is the small poem I have composed for the engineering masterpiece Ram setu. For those who don’t know, Ram setu, also known as Adam Bridge, was a bridge made of floating stones by Sons of lord vishwakarma (Nal and Neel) under the supervision of lord Rama.  
Was Ram setu built by lord Rama?
According to epic Ramayana, this bridge was built more than 1.75 million years ago to assist lord Rama in crossing the Indian Ocean to reach sri lanka where he fought the war with King Ravana to free her wife ‘sita’ incarcerated by king Ravana.  
This bridge made of floating stones can still be seen between India and sri lanka from Rameshwaram, the place where Lord ram prayed to lord Shiva and started the construction of the bridge. Since this story is very old and unproven, many historians, scientists and archaeologists deny accepting this bridge to be built by lord Rama but at the same time they are unable to explain the concept of floating stones found in rameshwaram. There are no proofs of this bridge being built by lord rama but there are many evidences for the same which can be found in the two article listed below:
Rama Sethu-Proof of India great ancient science
Strange floating stones of rameshwaram
Strange fact about these floating stones is that they are found only on the coastal regions of rameshwaram. These stones are similar to any other stone and possess the same features, physical and chemical composition like the stone you may find in your locality. Seeing these stones from a far distance, you may feel that this stone is made of corals but on physical examination, it is found that this is not a coral stone and it has same 40 kind of chemical compositions, like you find in a normal stone

In above video, you can see the floating stones shot by a group of youngsters traveling through rameshwaram
Scientist has been claiming far and wide that the stones of ram setu are actually coral formation.  Nasa scientists even release the photo where they claims the Ram setu underwater bridge to be coral formation. Below is the image release by their space shuttle ‘endevaour’ in February 2000.
In the above image, sri lanka is shown as a giant tear drop falling from the southern tip of Tamil nadu(South Indian state). They claim India and sri lanka to be separated by the 50km wide Palk Strait, along the side of a series of stone coral islets known as Ram setu that almost form a land bridge between the two countries
  G Mohan Das, a historian, priest and caretaker of the stones, said the following words on this stone.  
“We believe there is no difference in these stones. Both the stones do not have air in them. The composition is the same and it has 40 kinds of chemicals”.
Coral stones don’t float on water
Even the scientist claim of floating coral stones is not true since coral stones don’t float on water. Corals are marine animals (class Anthozoa, phylum Cnidaria) who typically lives in compact colonies called "polyps". Corals include the reef builder who secretes calcium carbonate to produce a hard Skelton which doesn’t float on water. There is nothing like floating coral in this world because coral is calcium carbonate, and its chemical composition is too dense to float on water. Geologist claims that after years of formation of layers on ocean bed, coral stones are formed within the layer, but when they were asked why these stones were formed only in rameshwaram and nowhere else on other sea bed or ocean bed then they were speechless and called it as the act of nature. However, other geologist disagrees with such views since coral stones doesn’t occur naturally in the sea, they occur only on land/hard surface.
One more false claim of comparing floating stones with pumice
Some archeologist compared this floating stones with pumice which is a kind of volcanic rock which floats on water. But according to me, this comparison is very foolish and juvenile. Pumice is a kind of rock made from water and lava (of volcanoes) and is very lightweight. Such kinds of rocks are usually found near volcanic regions like the recent one in New Zealand. (Check the link below)
Mass of volcanic rocks floating off New Zealand

There is no volcano near rameshwaram nor is there any evidence which claims the existence of volcano in the areas surrounding rameshwaram over the last few millions of years. Also, floating stones of rameshwarm are not light weighted like pumice rocks and doesn’t have the chemical composition similar to pumice rocks. It might be possible that this is some special kind of heavy pumice rocks found only at rameshwaram but if this would have been the case, then it would have been confirmed by indian archealogists. According to visitors, some of the stones do look like pumice but are extremely heavy to be called as pumice. Also, color of the pumice rocks is white or creamish in color but there are many black floating stones in rameshwaram which you can see in the above videos(one shot from train and another one in patna).
Scientific explanation of Ram setu floating stones is wrong
On immersing an object in a liquid, it displaces the liquid to occupy a small volume of space, earlier occupied by the liquid. An object floats on a liquid only when the weight of the liquid displaced by the object is equal or more than the Weight of the object itself. This also means that the amount of object immersed on the water depends upon the relative densities of the object and displaced liquid. For ex: only 90% of the ice floats on water and remaining 10% can be seen floating outside the water.
This is why only stones which are very light weighted or are hollow or have air inside floats on water. Since there are air cavities inside stone, the weight of the water displaced by stone is more than the weight of the stones and hence, it allows the stone to float on top of water.
A nice attempt but I find it extremely difficult to believe. In the below video you see a 15 kg stone floating on water. Any normal stone of that size without any air cavities also weighs 15 kilograms. Also if they believed that there is air cavities inside Ram setu floating stones then why didn’t they went there and broke one of those stones to see if there are any air cavities inside. Moreover, I am not able to digest the fact that the weight of the water, displaced by a 15 kg stone in a small tub, is greater than 15 kg.

Same news can be read in the below article
One more false claim of uniformity in density  
On carefully examining one of the stones, one of the emerging scientist (Student) made the following claim about this stones.
He said that on immersing the stone into the water, always the same part of the stone stays on the top while the opposite part remains on bottom. This suggest that the stone is not uniformly built and a part of the stone has higher density compared to the opposite part and this is why, even when I throw the stone keeping the more denser part on top, the stones realigns itself and changes it position to float with the less denser part on the top. This situation fits the law of physics which states that stones would always float in a position where its potential energy is minimum. He concluded by saying that the stones don’t have uniform density and has air cavities located near the surface which makes it floats on the water.
One more futile attempt by a scientist, but this was again refuted by Vikasa Swami Maharaj, a devotee of iskcon.  In the below image, Swami immerse a stone weighing about 20-25 pounds from both sides at Rama Kund of Rameswaram temple.  

Both sides of the stones floating on water can also be seen in below video.  

Ram setu was built by Lord Rama
Ramasethu is an engineering masterpiece which was made of floating stones. If this stones were coral then sage valmiki must have mentioned it as corals since there is a precise word for corals in Sanskrit. If any sage says it is made of stones then by de facto, it is made of stones. From scientific point of view, I can say that the technology once existed to make stones float on water and the architect like nal and neel were two advanced in building a bridge from India to sri lanka within 5 days with the help of dedicated work force of million Vanaras. Even in valmiki Ramayana, there is a concept of civil engineering in building this bridge. This bridge was not constructed just by throwing stone with lord name but there were many engineering methods used by nal and neel
Below verse says about cutting of trees to construct bridge
Valmiki Ramayan, Yuddha kanda, chapter 22, verse 53
te nagaan naga samkaashaaH shaakhaa mR^iga gaNa R^iSabhaaH
babhanjur vaanaraas tatra pracakarSuH ca saagaram |
Those army-chiefs of monkeys, who resembled mountains, broke the rocks and trees there and dragged them away towards the sea.
Below verse talks about the mechanical device used to carry wood and stones
Valmiki Ramayan, Yuddha kanda, chapter 22, verse 58
hastimaatraan mahaakaayaaH paaSaaNaamshca mahaabalaaH
parvataamshca samutpaaTya yantraiH parivahanti ca |
The huge bodied monkeys with mighty strength uprooted elephant-sized rocks and mountains and transported them by mechanical contrivances.

Check the above video for scientific construction of bridge as depicted in child animated movie ‘Ramayana’
Below verse talks about constructing poles, measuring bridge, same like we use to construct buildings

Valmiki Ramayan, Yuddha kanda, chapter 22, verse 62 and 63
daNDananye pragR^ihNanti vicinvanti tathaapare ||
vaanaraiH shatashastatra raamasyajJNaapuraHsaraiH |
meghaabhaiH parvataabhashca tR^iNaiH kaaSThairbabandhare ||  
Some monkeys were holding poles for measuring the bridge and some others collected the material. Reeds and logs resembling clouds and mountains, brought by hundreds of monkeys, lead by the command of Rama, fastened some parts of the bridge.
Below verse says about using a string to make sure the rocks are kept on a straight line
Valmiki Ramayan, Yuddha kanda, chapter 22, verse 60
samudram kshobhayaamaasurnipatantaH samantataH ||
suutraaNyanye pragR^ihNanti hyaayatam shatayojanam |
The rocks befalling on all sides perturbed the ocean. Some others drew up strings a hundred Yojanas long.
More such verses can be found in the below link
Thousands of devotees visit rameshwaram daily to see floating stones
Every day, devotees in large numbers from all across the country visit the ancient Rama temple of rameshwaram to worship Lord Rama and to have a glance on the so-called "floating stones". Four to five floating stones, each weighing 10 to 20 kilograms have been kept here since ages and can be seen at this temple even today. Adjacent to this temple is the panchmukha Hanuman Temple where you can find few more floating stones used by 'Nal - Neil ' to build the stone bridge to Sri Lanka
Below is the video (with south Indian background music) which shows a five kg stone immersed on water

A point to note about this city is that India greatest nuclear scientist and Ex President Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam hails from Dhanushkodi area of Rameshwaram. In spite of being an Indian Muslim and a scientist, APJ Abdul kalam regards bhagavad gita with high respect and encourage young scientist to research Vedas. This may be because he has seen so much that internally, he also feels the presence the god.
Scientist and government play politics
Nature is the biggest magical engineer. Our mind is very limited in understanding the beauty and laws of nature (God). Many scientists are of the idea that if all people start believing in god then their theories and discoveries will not be held in high regard as the people will treat their discoveries as the act of god. Hence, many scientists try to make scientific claims behind every event because they believe whole foundation of science will be demolished if all people start believing in god.  
When the lord can create whole planets with oceans and mountain to float in space, then why can’t stones float on water? Scientist can only give you an explanation on how things happen but not why things happen or why it was created that way.
Even when scientist are finding it very difficult to explain the mystery behind floating stones of Ram setu unfortunately, without any research, our Indian government in their initiative of constructing setu samundram bridge, said it very easily that there is no evidences of ram setu being built by lord rama.

Above image shows the evidences of lord ram. First two are the floating stones of lord Ram Bridge, exactly as mentioned in Ramayana. Third image shows the portion of floating stone bridge and the last one show the satellite image of the bridge connecting India and sri lanka.
Unfortunately, we believe in scientific theories like evolution even when there is no solid evidence to prove evolution and at the same time, very easily, we discard our religious theories like reincarnation & karma by terming it as a mythology.
Being a secular country, our constitution doesn’t allow government school to teach ancient religious scriptures. Luckily, I read and learned about Mahabharata and Ramayana at my house and I am very glad that I did so.  
Everything is the creation of nature (God). There is an immediate cause and ultimate cause for each action. Whether these stones float due to air cavities or varying density, it just reveals the greatness of God. Scientist can only make assumptions but cannot perceive this vast creation through their mundane mind because this materialistic creation is beyond any logic and explanation. Only those who meditate and concentrate their mind & senses on the divine soul can realize the supreme and absolute truth. In my next article, we will see the conspiracy behind the destruction of Ram setu.  

Note: Images used on this website are either a production of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust(, Iskcon Foundation or were found in google search under "Free to use and share". If any of the images presented here violates copyright issues or infringes anyone copyright or are not under "Fair use", then please bring it to our notice. Read Disclaimer for more.

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