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Why we cannot see god
Posted By Sarin on Dec 30, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

To explain on why we are not able to see god, I need to first explain the scientific theory of multi-dimensional universe.  
Modern scientific research on higher dimensions presents a very interesting picture but very difficult to understand for non-scientific individuals. Even those who have advanced degrees and PHD’s in mathematics and science find it very difficult to understand and research the complex dimensions of this universe. According to Einstein, our universe has four dimensions-(Length, Width, Height)+Space. But the modern scientific research suggests 10,12, 26 or even infinite dimensions. Though they are not confident on the number of dimensions, they are quite confident on the existence of more than four dimensions. Long ago before the modern science came into existence, Indian religious scriptures ‘Vedas’ talks about universe in 64 dimensions. In this article, we will try to understand the universe in its different dimensions and based on that, we will try to deduce why we are not able to see god.

Check the below 11 min video for detailed graphical explanation of this article

How many dimensions in our universe
The vast amount of scientific terms and jargons in defining the mathematical models explaining multi-dimensional universe prevents the individuals from non-scientific streams in understanding the present scientific research with complex lingo and definitions. In addition to this, understanding the planes which our eyes cannot perceive (Our eyes can see only in three dimensions) makes it more difficult to understand the dimensions beyond the perceived three dimensions. Let us try to understand the different dimensions up to five dimensions by its very simplest definitions. (Image below will help you understand different dimensions better). I will take up the remaining dimensions in future articles where I will be explaining the 64 dimensions described in Vedas.  
0th - Any single point in space
1st - Single line joining the two points in space. i.e perceiving the object in only one direction(Length or width)

2nd - Intersect two lines in space i.e perceiving the object in two direction (Length and width).  
3rd - Add depth to the two dimensional object. Take a square and drag it upward, downward or sideward to add the third dimension.
4th - Time is considered as the fourth dimension. As a simplest explanation, imagine all the points of space from every possible angle you can see at the single instant of time. We perceive the space around us as three-dimensional. According to Einstein, time and space are inseparably linked. Adding the time axis to our three-dimensional space makes our space-time-continuum four-dimensional.5th- In the fourth dimension, we connected all points seen at a single instant of time. Now consider another person seeing the points in space at the same instant of time. The point seen in space by the first person would be different than the point seen by the second person. Connect all the points seen by these two different persons at the same time give us the fifth dimension.
5th- Fifth dimension is still under research and the above definition is just one way of defining the fifth dimension. Higher dimensions can be defined by perceiving lines in space instead of perceiving points in space at a given instant of time but all that is very complex. So, at this moment, I would like to the focus on the point that the complexities increases as the dimensions increases. Our eyes can view the two dimensional object exactly as it but not the three dimensional object. For example you can view the square easily but not the cube. i.e. you cannot view all points or sides of the cube at the same time unless the object is transparent as shown in the example above. This shows that our eye is insufficient in perceiving the higher dimensions starting from the third one. In fact, our eyes are not even able to see the three-dimensional object exactly.  
Why atheist says I cannot see god
An atheist usually says God does not exist because I cannot see it. Are they right? Yes, they are right but in their own limited perception. They have seen the world in only one dimension or in only one angle and hence, are never able to perceive what exist on the other side. Such peoples see one side of the cube and declare the cube as a square. Since they didn’t see the cubical object from all Sides or all dimensions, that cubical object always remain a two-dimensional square for them. Since our eyes are not able to perceive the universe from all dimensions, we haven’t seen the god yet. What I mean is, god exists everywhere but they are in a dimension not seen to the naked human eye.
I can explain this with a very simple example. You must have seen holograms. Holograms is often used as a logo and can be found in manufactured products, books etc. Holograms are usually in the form of card or sticker where multiple images or pictures are transposed. Just by changing the angles of viewing or by viewing the hologram in different planes, we are able to see different images.
As an example, I will use the hologram type card I purchased from shirdi a year ago. In this two dimensional object, two different pictures of “Shirdi Sai baba” are superimposed. (Forgive me for the background; I took these images it in a hurry)

As shown in the above image, when I changed the position of my camera or I tilted the camera to a different angle, I was able to see the second image. I.e. When I changed the position of camera, I started viewing the object from a different plane or different Dimensions and then only I was able to see the second image of sai baba. Just by seeing the hologram from one angle, I cannot say the other image of sai baba does not exist.  
I bought this hologram for only 5 Rupees. So, it’s a very simple one but few years ago, I had a card where Lord shiva, lord Vishnu, lord Krishna and lord ram were superimposed in the same hologram. By viewing the hologram at a different angle, I was able to see each one of them.  Now my friend who viewed that hologram in only one direction said “Lord Vishnu exist in this card” whereas I said four demigods exist in this card because I have seen all of them by viewing the hologram in all possible angles. Same thing happens with Atheists. Since the atheist think in only one dimensions or sees the world in their own limited vision, they are never able to realize god. So, what I wanted to prove here that God exists everywhere but our eyes have limited perception and so, are incapable of viewing the gods and other objects that exist in different dimensions.
How to see god?
So, now the question arises how I can see god which exist in different dimension. The answer is by increasing your perceptive power to view the object in various dimensions. This happens by yoga and meditation which is nothing but Bhakti(Devotion) and complete surrender to god. To explain, let me take the above example of the limitation of naked human eye of not being able to see the three dimensional object.Humans are not able to view the 3 dimensional objects as a whole from tehir naked eye but are able to see the object in three dimensions with the help of device like 3D glasses. Now what does the 3D glasses do? It functions in such a way that our eyes are able to perceive the object in one more dimension.  

It allows us to view two different objects existing in two different dimensions or allow us to view the same object from two different dimension/Angles. As a simple analogy I will take the example of above hologram. Left 3D glass will give me the perception of left “Sai baba” whereas right side glass will give me the perception of right side “Sai baba”. This 3D glass allows me to see the object in a way my naked eye cannot do.
Indian scriptures are full of examples where the sages are able to increase their power of perception through yoga and meditation. There are stories where normal human beings were not able to see demigods but yogis and sages were able to see demigods.  One supreme example is Lord Krishna Vishwa-roop darshan from longest epic poem of the world ‘mahabharata’.
While narrating bhagavad gita, Arjuna asks lord Krishna to show him his divine supreme god form. Below are the verses:
Chapter 11 verse 3:
Manyase yadi tacchakyam mayaa drashtumiti prabho;
Yogeshwara tato me twam darshayaatmaanamavyayam.

(Now), O Supreme Lord, as Thou hast thus described Thyself, O Supreme Person, I wish
To see Thy Divine Form!

Lord Krishna teaching Arjuna
Chapter 11 verse 4:
Sri Bhagavaan Uvaacha:
Pashya me paartha roopaani shatasho’tha sahasrashah;
Naanaavidhaani divyaani naanaavarnaakriteeni cha.

If Thou, O Lord, thinkest it possible for me to see it, do Thou, then, O Lord of the Yogis,
Show me Thy imperishable Self!
Then lord Krishna says that his divine cosmic form is in thousand forms in different dimensions and cannot be perceived by the naked human eye. However seeing the intense desire of his greatest devotee arjuna, he granted him divine eyes to see his divine cosmic form. Below are the verses:
Chapter 11 verse 5:
Pashyaadityaan vasoon rudraan ashwinau marutastathaa;
Bahoonyadrishtapoorvaani pashyaashcharyaani bhaarata.
Behold,OArjuna, My forms by the hundreds and thousands, of different sorts, divine and
Of various colours and shapes!
Chapter 11 verse 7:
Na tu maam shakyase drashtum anenaiva swachakshushaa;
Divyam dadaami te chakshuh pashya me yogamaishwaram.
Now behold, O Arjuna, in this, My body, the whole universe centred in the
one-including the moving and the unmoving-and whatever else thou desirest to see!
Chapter 11 verse 8:
Sanjaya Uvaacha:
Evamuktwaa tato raajan mahaayogeshwaro harih;
Darshayaamaasa paarthaaya paramam roopamaishwaram.
But thou art not able to behold me with these, thine own eyes; I give thee the divine eye;
Behold my lordly Yoga.
Below is one of verse describing lord Krishna divine form
Chapter 11 verse 8:
Divyamaalyaambaradharam divyagandhaanulepanam;
Sarvaashcharyamayam devam anantam vishwatomukham
With numerous mouths and eyes, with numerous wonderful sights, with numerous
divine ornaments, with numerous divine weapons uplifted (such a form He showed).

Assumed Cosmic Divine Form of lord Krishna

Here lord Krishna clearly states no fleshy eye can see the cosmic form of the lord which is spread across various dimensions (shapes and colors (Not perceivable to human eye) are two of them). And he also says he shows his divine form only to his devotee and wordly yogis. I think I have copied many verses. So, I will not be posting more verses but will encourage you to read the further verses to find the concepts of different dimensions of lord krishna divine cosmic form in verse 9 to verse 30.

What is Divya Drishti?
This temporary eye or vision granted by lord Krishna to arjuna is called as “Divya Drishti”, meaning “Divine perception”. What is this Divya Drishiti”. This Divya drishti allows us to view the universe in all dimensions. And so, this Divya drishti allowed arjuna to see the god in his true divine form. Only three humans were able to see lord Krishna divine form. First one was arjuna, second one was ved vyas(Revered sage who narrated Mahabharata) and the third was Sanjaya(Who was granted divya drishti by rishi Ved vyas).  So, here lord Krishna himself says that only those who have a divine perception can see me and one can achieve this divine perception only by pure devotion and complete surrender to god. Even ved vyas got “Divya drishti” after eons of severe penance and meditation.
Through Divya Drishti, one can see the whole universe
You can see the whole universe at the same time with this divine perception. From Mahabharata itself, I will give you one example though there are many more such examples. On the request of king of hastinapur “Dhritarashtra”, “Divya drishti” was granted to Sanjaya(Charioteer of king Dhritarashtra). Before granting Divya drishti, Ved vyas warned Sanjaya not to misuse the power as it will allow him to view the happenings of the whole universe. Using this power, Sanjaya was able to see the happenings in kurukshetra battlefield by sitting far away in his kingdom.  

Sanjaya narrating the events of kurukshetra battlefield to king dhritarashtra
In simple term, Divya drishti allowed him to perceive beyond the physical boundaries, walls, buildings. It means this Divya drishti allowed his eyes to bypass all the materialistic objects just like the wireless technology works. Wireless signals pass though buildings, wood, stones, walls etc. In the same way, Divine perception is not obstructed by materialistic world; it gives you unlimited power of perception to view the whole world at the same time. Actually, our earth is a very small place. We find it big due to lack of perception power. We find it big because it’s the way our eye perceives. We find it big because our eye doesn’t have the vision to view beyond a certain point. We find it big because our eye doesn’t have the vision to view all dimensions of this universe.
Most of the scientist doesn’t believe in god but at the same time they say “Human eyes are able to see less than 4 percent of the materialistic world and remaining materialistic world remains unseen”. I usually hear Science is replacing religion but for me, the latest scientific discoveries are making me more closer to god because whatever the scientist says I find it in my ancient religious scriptures. Only the way of saying is different but the end meaning is the same. Scientist says in scientific terms and OUR religious scriptures say it in spiritual terms.
Using this same concept of multi-dimensional universe, I can explain the concepts of aliens in Indian religious scriptures but before that I need to explain more on multi-dimensional universe and so will take it in a separate post. I hoped you like the post but there is more to come. I am not done yet, there will be at least five more articles revolving around multi-dimensional universes including an even more interesting one “Parallel universe” along with its description in Vedas, bhagavad gita and other religious scriptures.
Jai shree krishna
Note: Images used on this website are either a production of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust(, Iskcon Foundation or were found in google search under "Free to use and share". If any of the images presented here violates copyright issues or infringes anyone copyright or are not under "Fair use", then please bring it to our notice. Read Disclaimer for more.

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