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Binding Database columns with apostrophe
Posted By Sarin on Nov 26, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

In one of my project, I faced a situation of binding a database column to datagrid with apostrophe in its name.In such cases, the normal way of binding columns does not work.  
Normally we bind the database column to the grid as

Text='<% # Bind("[Salary]") %> '
Where Salary is the database column name.
Now suppose if I have a column name with apostrophe like Salary’s in the above case then binding the columns as  
Text='<% # Bind("[Salary’s]") %> ' will not work. It willl throw an compile time error as shown below

To solve this issue, simply bind the columns as  
Text="<% # Bind('[Salary's]') %> "
Having an apostrophe or any other special characters in the database column name is not a good naming convention. But in some primitive application, you might interact with such column names. Hope this article and attached sample code helps you in such scenario.

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