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Response.Redirect throws _Thread was being aborted_
Posted By Sarin on Nov 18, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

While working on a project, I got this error on doing a Response.Redirect operation. When I searched for reasons behind this error, I got the following results:
  1)    Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect methods redirect users to another page and internally call Response.End method.  Response.End immediately ends the page execution and shifts the execution to the Application_EndRequest event in the application's event pipeline.  
    2)    By design, .Net automatically throws a ThreadAbortException  on a Response.Redirect operation. To avoid this, set the 2nd parameter (EndResponse ) of redirect operation to false. Since we are bypassing end response, ThreadAbortException method will not be called.
  3)    Move Response.Redirect method outside the try/catch block. If there is a need to handle exceptions then first catch ThreadAbortException exception and do nothing in that catch block. Put your other exceptions blocks below ThreadAbortException block.
    // Do stuff.
    // Do nothing. ASP.NET is redirecting.
catch(Exception ex)
    // Log other exceptions.
  4)    Write your own custom redirect function like the one shown below
               Private void Redirect(string url, bool hasErrored)
                If (hasErrored)
                  HttpContext.Current.Response.Redirect(url, False)
            Else  {
                HttpContext.Current.Response.Redirect(url, False)
  5)    None of the above solutions worked for me. In my case, error was due to wrong page path. I was redirecting to the page above the root directory .i.e. I added extra.. In the path of redirect method. Using ~ sign for root directory worked. Make sure you are redirecting the page to the valid location.
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