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Why all gods are born in india
Posted By Sarin on Nov 17, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Recently, one of my friends asked me ‘why all gods are born only in India’.  Initially, I felt amused because his intention was to mock me but later realized that this question is worth an article since many other Indians and westerners must be thinking the same about Indian gods. So, in this article, we will try to address this misconception and faulty thinking.
Before taking about origin of gods, it is necessary to know what is meaning of avatar and why gods takes avatar in human form.
What is avatar?
An avatar is a manifestation or incarnation of a fragment of God on Earth. This means avatar is not the real god but a part of real god. Common perception is that only lord Vishnu is born in avatar forms like Rama, Krishna, Buddha, parshurama, matsya etc. However, scriptures suggest that according to the need of the society, any deity can take an avatar. An Avatar is born in a home of a pure, karmic but ordinary father and mother. Avatar arrives in a human body which is mortal like others but the avatar himself is aware of his divinity and his mission on earth. Avatars may do his task miraculously or may use others to accomplish his tasks. Spiritually enlightened individual like sages and very pure devotional souls can see the avatar present within the human body.  

Lord Krishna- 8th  avatar of lord vishnu
Not all gods were born in modern India
Not all Indian gods were born; only few of them were born in locations situated in modern India. First of all, we should know that the India (Bharat) mentioned in the scriptures is not present India. According to the scripture, whole world was called as Aryavarta. Few millenniums before Mahabharata, King Bharat defeated all demons and brought whole world under one kingdom called as “Bharat”. Even today, India official name is Bharat. After his death, many other kings like Parikshith, Pratipa  etc ruled the whole world. So, avatars of lord Vishnu were born on mother earth or aryavarta and not modern India.  

Vishnu avatar ‘Varaha’ lifting the earth immersed in the cosmic ocean by demon Hiranyaksha, ruler of entire world. This event changed the structure and position of the continents which I have detailed later in this article. Scientific explanation of this event can be seen in English movie ‘2012’

Earth had only two kingdoms
According to Vedic and puranic literature, millions of years ago during the period of Satya yuga, Dwapar yuga and treat yuga, earth had only two kingdoms (Countries). One kingdom (called as aryavarta) belonged to Humans while demons ruled the other one and their kingdom were named as Paatal Desh (Meaning uncivilized country). In this case, civilized and uncivilized was measured in terms of moral values & spirituality, not in modern materialistic advancement and modern pleasures. Also demons means demoniac by acts and not by face, figures having horns, big teeth, elongated tails etc though they had the magical power of changing their face and looks.  
Aryavarta (Ancient India) was the whole world
Due to lack of moral values, demons frequently attacked Aryavarta, captured or killed kings across various states of Aryavarta. In order to save themselves from the tyranny of the demons, sages and kings would invoke gods by performing intense penance and sacrifice. Pleased by their devotion and worship, God would descend on earth in human form to kill all immoral and evil demons. So Goddess kali, Goddess Durga, Krishna, ram all descended in aryavarta and not in India. Lord Buddha was born in Nepal which is not in modern India but was a part of ancient India and so, is still perceived as an Indian god. What I want to stay here is that, Aryavarta covered most of Europe, Africa, Asia and America while demons (Paatal desh) ruled the other parts of the earth. Many Evidences of Indian cultures are found all across Africa, Europe, and America. Many shivling(carbon dated to 1000 BC or prior) are found across Europe, Africa and Asia. Even the symbol of swastika unearthed from Europe, Africa and America is one of the evidences depicting influence of aryavarta culture across the whole globe. Even the science confirms that all the five continents were in a single plate with India in the middle.

Image hypothesized by Alfred Wegene
Later due to tectonic movements, seismic earthquakes, and ocean currents, continents gradually started separating and today, all continents are located drifted far away from each other. Incidentally, this tectonic movement is recorded in Ramayana. Though not much descriptive, Ramayana says Ravana attempt to move kailash mountain (Abode of Shiva) changed the landmass of the surrounding continents. Sages knew about this tectonic movement and moved into present India along with their disciples while the uncivilized nomadic citizens were unaware of these tectonic movements and hence got separated from modern India. As a result, much of the Indian culture was lost and only some of the Indian culture was retained in these continents.

Continental drift in 500 millions years range
Demons attacked humans and deities to rule the whole world
If you read the Indian literature (Puranas), then you will frequently read the stories of demons ruling the three worlds. First two is aryavarta & Paatal desh and the third one is kingdom of Lord Indra (Heaven) which is said to be a celestial planet located millions of miles away from the earth. Contrary to western concept of heaven, Indian scriptures regard heaven (Residence of deities) as the celestial planet where the soul goes after death to enjoy materialistic pleasures proportional to their karma. After fulfilling their materialistic enjoyment in heaven, soul returns back to earth in a new body (Reincarnation). This cycle continues until the soul is enlightenment and liberated (Moksha or nirvana).  

Human souls in heaven
In Ramayana, Ravana of Sri Lanka is said to be the king of three worlds not because his kingdom physically stretched over the whole world but because he defeated kings of all other nations. If you go by puranas then many other demons like Bali, Mahisasur, prahlad, Hiranyakashipu , Hiranyaksha ruled the three worlds.
Lord Indra is said to be the most egoistic god and killer of many powerful demons. Seeking materialistic pleasures and revenge, demons would use their magical powers and boons to attack Lord indra. Many times, they were successful in defeating him. After claiming victory to heaven, demons would kill deities and humans thus spreading evil, ignorance, fear etc. After losing to demons, lord Indra accompanied by sages and kings would request one of holy trinity (Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva) to save them. This would be the time when Lord Vishnu or any other deity descends on earth either directly taking a manifested form or taking human form. In his avatar, he would kill all demons, would shower his blessings on humans and would return back to his source.
Only few incarnations born in modern India
For the first few incarnations, there is no fixed birth location. Scriptures says about lord Vishnu incarnated in aryavarta, not in india, Africa or America.
For lord Krishna and lord rama birth location being situated in modern north india, you need to know why they were born. Lord Krishna was born to kill demon kansa, who was the king of Mathura kingdom and also to help the pandavas in their battle against the kauravas, Both of these kingdoms were situated in north India. Why should lord Krishna take birth in Africa and come all the way to north India? He was born in India because it was the need of that time.  

Lord Krishna killing demon Kansa
Same was the case of lord ram who took birth in ayodhya to kill demon ravana and bring back the lost glory of ishvaku race. Moreover, lord Vishnu was cursed to be born as ram and live his life with suffering and pain. If this short explanation is not enough and doesn’t satisfy your conscience, then read Mahabharata and Ramayana to understand their need of taking birth in north India. Besides, God would like to be born among his devotees and not in some uncivilized land.
Indian god worshipped in other ancient civilization?
If you compare other ancient civilizations with Indian civilization then you will find many contrasting similarities. All of them worshipped idols; all of them worshipped natural elements. Many of them believed in god and goddesses. Etc. In fact, Indian civilization encompasses the concepts of all other ancient civilizations and thus, is believed to be the base of all other civilizations.  For ex: Zoroastrian god Ahura mazda is Indian god ‘Agni’. Greek god ‘Apollo’ is equivalent of Indian god ‘Surya’.  

Greek god Apollo (Doesn’t he look similar to Indian God Surya). Only difference I can see is number of horses. Indian God Surya has seven horses symbolizing the seven senses.

Greek God Zeus is Indian god indra, Goddess Ishtar is Indian goddess ‘Durga’ and so on. God is same, only the name has changed across civilizations. Only name has changed, not its meaning. For Ex: Allah means ever pervading in Arabic whereas Vishnu means ever-pervading in Sanskrit. Such similarities are one more evidence of only two countries existing in ancient world (Aryavarta) and paatal desh. No other civilizations have history beyond few thousands of years. It is only the Indian scripture which says about creation, destruction of this universe and names of kings who ruled Aryavarta millions of years ago. Yeah, it’s a different fact that it is considered as mythology and not regarded as true due to some extra magical advanced technological events.
Only Hinduism believes in god coming on earth
Islam does not believe in god coming on earth and believes Mohammad as their last messenger. So even if the god or his messenger descends on earth, they will reject it presence. Holy Christianity says about only Jesus coming on earth and the second Jesus would come at the stage of final destruction only. But in Hinduism, Gita says “Yada Yada Hi” which means that God will come in Human Form whenever it is necessary.  
Actual Sanskrit verse  
yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adharmasya
tadatmanam srjamy aham  

Whenever dharma declines, O Bharat (Arjun), and the purpose of life is forgotten, I will manifest myself

I am born in every age (yugas) to protect the good, to destroy the evil and reestablish dharma
Actual Sanskrit verse  
For the protection of the righteous, for the destruction of wicked, and for the establishment of Dharma, I am born in every age.
But in this kaliyuga, Hindus have derived its wrong meaning. Even when god doesn’t come on earth and some normal human do some good karma, they believe him to be an incarnation of some god and hence, he is elevated to the status of god. This is not completely wrong since Hinduism says praying to pure and karmic soul is equivalent to praying god. For Ex: sai baba of shirdi spent his whole life in social welfare and did some magical events though not confirmed. Today, he is the most venerated deity of Maharashtra.

Sai baba of shirdi

According to Lord Krishna, praying to such pure souls is not wrong but for moksha(Liberation), you have to pray to the supreme god only.  
Below are the verses from bhagavad gita which talks about deity worship.
In Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 7 Shlok 20, it has been said that because of those material desires, those whose wisdom has been stolen away, they, inspired by their inherent nature, relying on the rule endowed with darkness of ignorance, worship other gods.
In Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 7 Shlok 21, it has been said that the form of whichever god, a devotee wants to worship, I make that devotee’s faith firm in that particular god.
In Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 7 Shlok 22, it is said that endowed with that faith, he worships that god and obtains the objects of his desire from that god, ordained by me alone. Like, a chief minister says that the lower officials are my servants only. I have given them some powers. The benefit which, those who are dependent on these (officials) receive, is also given by me only, but is not a complete benefit.
It is mentioned in Adhyay 7 Shlok 23 that, but that fruit attained by those slowwitted men is perishable. The worshippers of gods go to gods. (Madbhakt) Matavlambi, the bhakts who do bhakti according to the methods of bhakti mentioned in the Vedas, also attain me i.e. nobody is out of Kaal’s trap.
God belongs to everyone
God belongs to everyone and is not restricted to any caste, creed, religion or country. Jesus Christ was born in Jerusalem. So, does that make him an Israel god? Today, Jesus Christ is worshipped all across the world.  Who is wrong? One who labels him as an Israel god or his followers who worships him?  

Jesus Christ

Islam originated in Saudi Arabia. Does that make Allah an Arab god? Today, Allah is the only god for followers in more than 30 countries. Who is wrong? One who labels Allah as an Arab god or his followers who believes in Allah without caring about his origin or influence? Similarly, if lord Krishna was born in a location situated in modern India, it doesn’t makes him an Indian god because god belongs to everyone and is not restricted to any one caste, creed or religion. This is the essence of Hinduism where every god is believed to be the personification of the supreme God (Ishwar) and So, Hinduism doesn’t object praying to Christ, Allah or Buddha and the same is confirmed from above verses of bhagavad gita. If some westerners don’t believe in Krishna or ram, thus indulging in materialistic desires, evil and darkness, then it’s their mistake and faulty thinking, not the mistake of Indians who believe in lord Krishna or lord ram.
Following verse from Upanishads says about submitting ourselves to the supreme god
-He is the eternal Reality, sing the scriptures,
And the ground of existence.
Those who perceive him in every creature
Merge in him and are released from
the wheel of birth and death.

- Shvetashvatara Upanishad
Indian have kept their culture intact
Ram and Krishna are Indian gods because majority of Indians sees the supreme personality of godhead in them while the westerners don’t.  Indians have kept alive their culture whereas the westerners didn’t. Persians, Zoroastrians and Egyptians succumbed to conquest of Islam. Norse, celt, Sumerians, mayans succumbed to conquest of Christianity. Even after 600 years of Islamic rule (mughals) and 100 years of Christianity rule (British), Indian didn’t abandon their faith and have kept their cultural belief intact. History is proof of mass murders, persecution of millions Hindus (Who opposed conversion) by mughal emperors. History is proof of tyranny caused by British rule.  

British soldiers killing thousands of Indians in jallianwala bagh

Ask yourself why the Indian culture is still alive? Why even after thousands of years, Indian culture is still alive while the others have perished in the pages of history? It was because of the strong faith and belief in our Gods, culture and traditions and this is what I am trying to depict through my articles. Mughal and british ruled India because Indians kings were fighting among themselves in the name of caste, expansions etc and these foreign invaders took undue advantage of our weakness and casted further divide by roping in the Aryan invasion theory. We need Kings like Ashoka Maurya who fought when needed, defeated western Alexander armies in Asian territories, brought whole India under one control, embraced Buddhism to spread the message of peace & love and at the end, lived like a wandering Jain monk till his spiritual death.
Many thing happens only in India
India has a diverse culture where people of all caste, creed and religion live in peace and harmony. When Arabs invaded Persia and hilter persecuted Jews, then many parsis and jews migrated to india. They are still living in India peacefully with the top industrialist like TATA and wadia belonging to the Zoroastrian race. India is home to the largest Zoroastrians in the world (Parsis).  

Ratan Tata (Zoroastrian) is the chairman of India largest corporate house 100 billion dollar “TATA” Group

Is there any nation in the world where Zoroastrians, Jews, Islam, Hindu, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, jains live together. Many things happened only in India. India is the only country to get freedom through peace and non violence. Since millenniums, India has been the top most spiritual nation with many centers of spiritual learning and knowledge. Even today, India has highest number of spiritual sages in the world. India has highest number of spiritual centers. India is home to yoga (Spiritual exercise), ayurveda(ancient medicine), mathematics, science etc. India was the only country where many animals including cows are not killed because they believe even animal has souls and killing animal will transmit their bad karma to them. Hinduism claims vasudevan kautumban (the world is one family). Hinduism doesn’t have any origin and no one knows when it originated. Historians say it is the most ancient and at least 10,000 years old. Therefore, India is considered as the best spiritual nation for spreading the spiritual message of yoga, love and peace.
Message to readers

Our ancient spiritual sages have given us extreme repository of knowledge and learning through Mahabharata, Ramayana and Bhagavad gita and other hundred of scriptures, but blinded by ignorance, Greed, ego and materialistic pleasures, we try to find faults in this scriptures instead of taking the scriptures in a right context to understand its deep spiritual message.  
If some Hindu sees any Christian praying to Jesus, then see the image of Krishna in Jesus and imagine he is praying to Krishna. Similarly, if some Christian sees Hindu praying to Krishna then imagines he is praying to Jesus and so on with other religions. As long as we don’t imagine this way, we will keep fighting each other’s endlessly on the name of god and the end result will be nothing but destruction, violence, hate, all piling up our bad karma.
Before ending, below are few verses from bhagavad gita to those, who under the influence of materialistic desires fight with others
When a man dwells in his mind on the object of sense, attachment to them is produced. From attachment springs desire and from desire come anger.
From anger arises bewilderment, from bewilderment loss of memory; and from loss of memory, the destruction of intelligence and from the destruction of intelligence he perishes"

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