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Science in Hinduism-Atmostpheric bands,earth,Heaven,hell
Posted By Sarin on Jul 29, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

This is in continuation with the rest of the series SCIENCE IN HINDUISM. Till previous article, we saw creation of this universe, various living and non-living entities, types of lord Vishnu, structure of universe, and description of various planetary systems. If you haven’t gone through these articles, then please find the link below for the respective articles.
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In previous article, we saw various planetary systems of the upper lokas. In this article, we shall see the remaining planetary systems of upper lokas, middle lokas and lower lokas. Let us start with the loka next to Chandra-loka.
Siddhaloka, Charanaloka, & Vidyadharaloka

these planets spreads from above the Antariksh to the moon orbit. Inhabitants of these planets are naturally born with all the mystic magical siddhis, including the power to commute to other planets without using mechanical gadgets or device.  
Vidyadhars/Angels visit Earth as messengers
As seen in the image above, Vidyadhars are winged-creatures. This concept of Vidyadhars is similar to western concept of Angels who can travel to other planets using their large wings but compared to western concept there is one significant difference that these angels are not from heaven (Swarga loka). Like Vidyadhars, Siddhas are also advanced beings but do not need wings to travel to other planets; instead, they travel on account of their mystic Yogic powers. Chaarans spends majority of their time in moving across the various planetary systems, praising the Lord.

18 sages who attained sidhas (Names are according to tamil literature)

now if we compare these three lokas to modern science, then we can relate these three lokas to different bands of our atmosphere. i.e Layers of Atmosphere between Sun and Earth

Layers of Atmosphere between Sun and Earth
All these entities exist in an ethereal form. So, it is quite possible that the three Lokas actually refer to the Atmospheric layers of Thermosphere+Exosphere, Mesosphere and Stratosphere+Troposphere  
The sky is called Antariksh in Hindi/Sanskrit and is the lowest of the higher Lokas. As we all can see, this loka lie immediately above the Earth realm. Antariksh spread as far as the wind blows and as long as clouds float in the sky. Within these are the residences of Rakshashas(Demons), Pisachas(Ghosts), Yakshas, and other ethereal beings.

3 Handsome Rakshasas
Since these are ethereal living beings and have the power of invisibility, their presence cannot be felt by everyone but there are many incidents all across the world where many humans claims to see some ethereal(Airy) type of ghosts, demons etc.

Photographer claiming to take snap of some ethereal ghost on his camera. If you think photo is fake then curse the photographer not me
Now we are done with the higher planets, so let's move on to the Middle Earth-like lokas known as Bhu-Loka or Mrityu-Loka.

MADHYA-LOKA or The Middle Planets
The Bhumandala comprises of SEVEN Planets giving rise to the Mortal Realm. These are:
JAMBUDWEEP refers to our planet earth. The other six planets exist in a concentric fashion around the central planet Earth.

Six Dvipas and their orbits with Earth in the Centre
Six dvipas are more or less similar to earth and are said to have land surrounded by huge oceans (Bigger than our oceans) and inhabits Humanoid species. So, according to srimad bhagvtam, earth is not the only planet inhabiting humans, there are six more planets which inhabits species similar to humans. However, the denizens here live longer and are materially more advanced and opulent than the denizens of earth because right from Plaksh-dvipa to Shaka-dvipa, there is a perpetual Treta-Yuga, which is spiritually a more conducive age than our present Kailyuga.
If you are not aware of what the yuga means, then please go through the below article to get a short explanation on various yugas:
Darwin theory of evolution is false


Probable denizens of six humanoid planets other than earth
I hope most of you grasped the significance of this information. If astronomers/ scientists are able to locate these planets, than probably, we would have access to advanced intelligent species similar to us as well as abundant resources of their planet.  
Unfortunately, we can’t do much here and we have to wait till the scientist makes this discovery. Till this happens, let me do my task of giving you some more spiritual gyan(Lessons) by explaining about lower lokas.

ADHO-LOKA or the Lower Planets
About 70,000 Yojanas below the earth begin the seven lower planetary systems.
Important point to mention here is that although these planets ranks lower in their position (spatial co-ordinates) but are more abundant materially than even the Higher Planets hence they are rightly called as the Bila-Swarga! Lower worlds in the sequence of their spatial order are:
The inhabitants here leisure a higher standard of materialistic pleasures unmatched by even the higher planets because the residents of these worlds are bothered only of Materialistic enjoyment and have very little or no Spiritual inclination.  
These lower worlds are dark planets covered with absolute darkness with no sunshine. Residents here make use of technology to artificially-lit their environment by means of huge reflecting surfaces in the form of gems and crystals.  

Use of advanced technology to artificially-lit environment

  Because of no sunshine, time in these planets are not divided as day and night and so, they don’t have any fear produced by time. Because of less spiritual inclination, some residents here have animal like characteristics like big horns, sharp nails, elongated teeth etc These planets are the residence of all morally bad species like Panis,Daityas, Nivat-kavachs, Danavas, Kalkeyas, Rakshasas,Uragas, Nagas etc. These species are engaged only in illusionary material enjoyment with no thought of moksha (spiritual liberation). All residents here continuously indulge in alcohol, sex and similar elixirs which free them from any physical disease or anxiety, as well as any signs of physical aging.  
Rakshas denizens having their materialistic enjoyment
However the visual beauty of these artificial heavens surpasses even some of the higher planets and hence they are known as Bila-Swarga. Cities of these planets are bedecked with valuable jewels, showcase incredible architecture in their palaces and monuments and are full of natural resources.
As per the scriptures, residents here have this materialistic pleasure because of their sensual desires and captive mind with no thoughts other than those directed toward fulfillment of pleasure. These lower planetary systems are inhabited by demons accompanied by their wives and children all of which are always engaged in sense gratification not fearing of their next births.  

Image depicting sexual pleasures of lower lokas inhabitants
As per the scriptures, humans who were very fond of materialistic pleasures and broke all the laws for their sexual desires, comes to these planets after death, before they are reborn on earth thousands of times as plants or animals.
If you are aware of Avatars of lord vishnu, then you may be aware of Bali Maharaj who was
blessed by Lord Vishnu fifth avatar (Vamana) to become the Indra for the next Manvantar.  
If you are not aware of this story, then please go through the below link to read this story
Science in hinduism-Evolution in vishnu avatars part 2

Sutal was the abode of this Bali Maharaj, the most benevolent and kind king of the Asura(Demoniac) race, who later conquered earth due to his natural materialistic desires.
In the Lower planets of Mahataal and Pataal, dwells the Nagas (Snake like humans as shown in image below) or the semi-human serpent’s humans.  

Male and female nagas
The Nagaloka is an extraordinary place with unimaginable riches and resources. Inspite of no sunshine, there is no darkness because of the massive colorful glowing jewels on the hoods of gigantic serpents. King of the Nagas, Vasuki, lives in this planet in his capital city Bhogavati.
There are many incidents and even old bollywood movies are based on these incidents where snakes (Nag-Nagin) are shown as protecting huge jewels like Kohinoor diamond.
Naga city of Bhogavati
Even the sacred Buddhist texts have mention of eight major Naga kings- Utpal, Anavatapta, Balvan, Sagar, Upananda, Nanda, Takshak and Vasuki. The same kings are also cited as the 'Eight Dragon Kings' in Chinese and Japanese scriptures.
Manes or ancestors who are known as the Pitras, resides below the lowest planet of Pataal
Texts like the Mahabharata have many incidents of Nagas emerging from under the ground (inspired probably by their inclination of living in holes and burrows) and Naga princesses abducting young handsome men from underground, beneath water. So possibly a thorough underwater exploration can help us finding out the possible existence of portals between our Earth and the lower lokas.

Lord ganesha compiling Mahabharata while sage ved vyasa narrates
In the next articles, we will see the remaining lower lokas and massive garbhodak ocean
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