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Science in Hinduism-Structure of universe and various planets
Posted By Sarin on Jul 22, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

In my previous articles, we saw the creation of brahma, many universes, earth, living beings, non-living beings etc. If you haven’t read it then please go through the below link

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In previous articles, we saw that each universe has a shape like an egg and there is millions of such universe.  In this article, we shall see the various division of our universe. In each universe, there are 14 planetary systems consisting of the three Lokas. These three lokas are:
  •   Urdhva-loka (Highest abodes),  
      •   Madhya or Bhu-loka (Middle ones), and  
Adho-loka (the Lower realms).  
There are various divisions within these lokas (which we will be discussing in this article later) and below these lokas, there exist 28 different Hells  
Brahmand and its Lokas
top lokas are abodes of Angels, Spirits,Manes and Devas; Middle Planets (Bhu-Loka) are realms of living beings like animals,aliens, Humans etc; and the last one, Lower planets are inhabitated by lower living species like the Nagas and demons(Rakshas).
As you see in the above image, at the bottom is the resting place of shri garbhodakshayi-vishnu but his essence is across the whole universe. Higher lokas are at the top, middle ones at the middle and the lower lokas at the bottom.
Since the names of the lokas in the Image are not clear, I am mentioning it below:
Higher Lokas  
1)   Satyaloka
2)   Tapoloka
3)   Janloka
4)   Maharloka
5)   Swargaloka
6)   Bhuvarloka
7)   Bhuloka
Lower Lokas:
1)    Atal
2)    Vital
3)    Sutal
4)    Rasatal
5)    Talatal
6)    Mahatal
7)    Patal

All these planets (Lokas) exist within the material world, under the control of Goddess (Devi) Durga. So, this Material Creation (Universe) is also known as Devi-dham.
Now if you analyze the above image, then you should understand that humans being are the sole of this universe. Humans attains the higher lokas based on the level of their spiritual enlightenment they attain or they attain the lower lokas depending upon the level of bad activities and wrong deeds they do in their life.
I.e. Development of higher consciousness (Spiritual enlightenment) starts with human beings and it goes on rising among the divisions of higher planetary systems. Our Earth is situated approximately at the middle of these planetary systems (slightly on the below side), thus symbolizing the Mortal Realms known as the Bhu-Mandala.

Human meditation for higher consciousness (Spiritual enlightenment)
Even jain scriptures (which are offshoot of Hinduism scriptures) describe a similar form known as the Cosmic Man (Lok-purush) but their scriptures have some more details.  
According to Jainism, inside the head of the Cosmic Man, lies a series of heavenly realms where all the habitants experience lives of happiness and pleasure. The leg of the cosmic man symbolizes the series of seven hells, which are source for endless forms of torments.

Lokas in Jain cosmology

For humans, the most vital part of the universe is the half-egg shaped disk at the Cosmic Man waist, symbolizing the middle world, where humans live and great sages (Souls) are born.  
Having discussed these, Let us go through the 14 planetary systems starting with the higher lokas first and slowly degrading to the Lower ones.
URDHVA-LOKA or the Higher Planets
The Higher Planets are abodes of, semi-divine, super-human, super-intelligent and spiritually advanced beings. They are the abodes of demi-gods, divine creations of lord brahma and may be implied as the Heavenly planets compared to the exactly opposite lower Hellish realms and middle region of Earth-like planets.

Comparative arrangement of the Lokas
The top seven planetary systems shown in the above image constitutes higher lokas. The lowest of these is the Bhuvar-Loka, which lie immediately above the middle Bhu-Loka (Earthly Realm). Let us see these lokas in details:

This is highest of all lokas and abode of Lord Brahma, the creator of this universe.  Other entities present with him in this loka are his consort Saraswati, narad & other sons, and other spiritual entities who, after eons of spiritual penance and meditation are able to liberate from the illusions of Material world and reach this loka by traversing through the Milky Way.

When the material planets ascends to the time of final dissolution, the inhabitants here transform their subtle bodies into spiritual bodies and traverse to the eternal Vaikuntha planets which lie 26,300,000 yojanas above the Satyaloka.
Satya-Loka or Brahma-Loka

This is the abode of the four ever-young Kumars, created by lord brahma named Sanat, Sanak, Sanandan, and Sanatan .  
The Kumars preaching Supreme Knowledge
These kumaras collectively, were the first incarnations of Lord Vishnu and symbolises the Gyan-shakti (power of knowledge) of the supreme Lord. As discussed in one of the previous article, these four young looking kids are collectively called as the Kumars because they are immortal and retain their appearance of 5 year old kids for the entire duration of universal time. Because of their pure, calm, serene nature, they can anytime have access to the Brahma-Loka; regularly visit Lord Vishnu in the Vaikuntha, and also the Spiritual Realm.
This loka is situated 120,000,000yojanas below the Satya-Loka.

The next Loka, jana -loka, is the abode of great spiritual sages (rishis). Jana-loka is situated 80,000,000 yojanas below the Tapaloka. Next is the Maharloka which is 20,000,000 yojanas below Janaloka.  Maharloka is another abode of great saints and sages.
These Lokas are inhabited by mystics and illusionist, who can move and traverse between any planets, present within the material universe, at speeds unimaginable to modern Science (xxxx times faster than speed of light). The greatest of all sages, like Bhrigu Muni, live in this place.
Note that bhrigu muni is the one who cursed lord Vishnu to be born as lord ram and live his life with sufferings, till the death of his avatar life. Life span of the inhabitant’s residing here is equal to one whole day of Brahma (4.32 Billion years).

Sages of Mahar-loka and Jana-Loka worshipping the Lord
When the fire of devastation reaches this planet or in other words when lord shiva starts destroying this planet, inhabitants living here transport themselves to Satyaloka, where they live till the fire of lord shiva destruction, reaches Satyaloka. They then convert their subtle bodies to spiritual bodies and enter the spiritual realms of material creation.
This also shows the law of karma.  
I.e a soul can either go higher, up to Satyaloka to become Brahma's associate, or go lower, to the lokas of the demigods (Devas)  
This is the realm of 33 Vedic gods, also known as Trayastriṃ
œa in Buddhist cosmology. This is located at a height of 80,000 yojans, on the top of Mount Meru, the central mountain of the world.
Swarga means heavan and so, this Loka resembles the concept of Heaven described in the Western religious scriptures. Here the King of all demi-gods (Indra) rules heavan along with his brothers, associates and companions. His royal court comprises of Gandharvas, Maruts, Angels,  Vasus, Apsaras and other divine beings.
The Heavenly Realm
This is one of the most luxurious planetary systems with unimaginable riches, pleasures, supersonic space-crafts, wish-fulfilling trees, long life-spans, ability to travel in different dimensions, and freedom from disease and disability. The duty and moral responsibility of these Devas(Demi-gods) are to take care of the affairs of the universe, protecting his lokas from the demons who are always looking for capturing heaven.
Since majority of the scriptures have mention of swarga lokas, I will be discussing swarga- lokas in details:

The capital city of this loka is Amravati - Abode of the Immortals. Indra, his associates and other residents obtain all the liesures of life because of the wish-fulfilling cow Kamdhenu obtained from churning of the ocean. Along with the divine cow, indra also got the Flying Horse Uchhaihshrava (Greek Pegasus), the three-headed White Elephant (Airavat).  
Indra fighting with demon on his  three headed elephant airavata

Kamdhenu emerging from the Samudra Manthan

Flying horse of indra
Inspite of having lot of pleasures, life of indra and other 32 gods residing here, were full of ups and down. They were frequently challenged by demons who were of the thinking that the heaven belongs to them since demons came before devas(Demi-Gods).
These lokas can be taken as equivalent to Islamic Jannat or Biblical Heaven, wherein after death,  the good pure souls goes to enjoy the fruits of their good Karma.
Inhabitants residing here can advance to one of the higher Munilokas through their higher spiritual devotional service but if they become attached to materialistic pleasures, they will degrade themselves to a lower position of a semi-divine being or even a Human again.
This planetary system roughly resembles our Solar System and comprises of five major planets in addition to the Sun-God.  
Semi-divine beings that are one level higher than Humans inhabit this loka. Duty of these semi-divine beings is to assists the demigods in many ways and sometimes interacts with the humans. Similar to swarga lokas, by higher spiritual or devotional service, they can become a Demigod or by getting trapped in materialistic enjoyment, will be born as a Human on Earth.

Now we will discuss the remaining lokas in my next articles.
But from above, we can confirm the existence of other highly advanced species which we call as aliens. This scripture also says that they come on their vehicle (Spaceships) on earth thus confirming the presence of UFO. So, what we are thinking as aliens is nothing but the advanced powerful creations of Lord Brahma
Before ending, a small poem to conclude and summarize:

Each lord universe has an egg like shape,
14 planetary systems comprises their make
Heavan, hell and earth are just three of them
There are more planets of gods, sages and demon
Highest among all planets, is satya loka
Abode of this universe creator, lord brahma
Next is the abode of four sanatan kumars
Immortal, calm and always young they are
Next is abode of great spiritual saints
Can move across any universal planes
They travel faster than speed of light
Cursing lord Vishnu shows their might
Next is the realm of indra and 32 gods
With them, demons always do frauds
They have luxuries riches and pleasure
Reason why demons always fight to capture
Next loka roughly resembles solar system
There dwells Semi-Divine beings stardom
All these lokas have highly advanced species
Confirming aliens and their UFO spaceships
Note: Images used on this website are either a production of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust(, Iskcon Foundation or were found in google search under "Free to use and share". If any of the images presented here violates copyright issues or infringes anyone copyright or are not under "Fair use", then please bring it to our notice. Read Disclaimer for more.

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