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Science in Hinduism-Creation of universe and its being
Posted By Sarin on Jul 08, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

This is in continuation with part 1 of the article-Science in hinduism-Extraction-Contraction and creation of universe . In previous article, we saw the scientific concept of extraction-contraction, Big bang and also the first two types of lord Vishnu. In this article, Second and third forms of lord Vishnu will be discussed in detail. This will give us the deep insight on the structure and various mysteries behind the formation and existence of this universe. We will also see how lord shiva and other dieties came into existence. Note that I will just go through what is written in ancient scriptures. So, It’s up to you whether you wanna believe it or not.
In the previous article, we saw that the second form of lord Vishnu, Shri Garbhodakshayi Vishnu, is the First immortal living being in each Universe. After a period of 1000 Maha-Yugas, a lotus bud emerges from the navel of the Lord, from which brahma is born, the First mortal being in each Universe. Note that Lord Brahma is the first mortal being whereas Vishnu is the first immortal being of this universe and technically, lord Vishnu is the father of Lord Brahma.
In scientific term, the stem of the lord cosmic lotus connecting Brahma signifies the Umbilical Cord that binds a baby to its mother. This is why; Lord Garbhodak-shayi Vishnu is also called as the Father and Mother of ALL creation, beginning first with Lord Brahma.

Now what happens when the baby is first born? The baby cries until he/she open his eyes. Once the baby opens his eyes, he/she stares at everything around and seems to be scared. Such was the plight of lord brahma when he opened his eyes for the first time. Being born in the dark and unknown environment, he was totally scared and clueless like a new born baby coming into this world

Lord Brahma did not know the purpose of his existence. Trying to look all around him simultaneously, he sprouted 5 heads to see even a hint of any kind of activity in any direction but all he can see was complete darkness.
Lord Brahma, First MORTAL Living Being in EACH Universe
Note that in television serials, lord brahma is shown with three heads. But in reality he had five heads-one in each directions (North,east,south,west) and one above.  

To get the hint of his existence, he decided to explore the stem of the Lotus from which he had emerged but came to a dead-end and found nothing. Then, he went into meditation for a 100 Maha-Yugas. After 100 maha-Yugas, lord Vishnu decided to clear brahma confusion and provide him guidance. Lord Garbhodak-shayi Vishnu made Himself VISIBLE to Brahma.  

Shri Garbhodakshayi Vishnu becomes visible to Lord Brahma  

Lord Brahma was enchanted with the divine appearance of the Supreme Lord glorious in Blue and Gold, lying on the huge serpent with a thousand hoods on the mighty waters of the Garbhodak -Ocean!
Shri Vishnu then told Brahma his purpose of existence and the task he needs to do. Realizing the magnitude of creative work that lay ahead of him, Brahma was fascinated and was left speechless
It’s like my project manager asking me to develop creative software on my own without defining any requirements/Specifications
J. Fortunately, the BOSS here was Lord Vishnu, the Adi-Purush who is generous of all, asked Brahma to use portions of Lord's own body and energy for beginning the process!

This set the stage for Lord Brahma to begin the creation in this universe. This is the fourth phase of Creation known also known as Mukhya Sarga.

Creation within EACH Universe
Now the creation process of Lord Brahma has been explained in one of my previous article. I will be explaining in details in this article. For short explanation, you can refer the below link
Living in an illusionist world-Part 1

Worthwhile point to note here is that there is one vishnu and one brahma for each universe. This means that there are billions of shri Vishnu (Second form) and lord brahma, one for each universe, taking care of Creation in their OWN Universe!!
Lord Brahma begins Creation
Brahma first created the Immovable objects such as Planets, mountains, river, etc. which do not have any intrinsic power of Motion (Note that Planets moves due to Gravity and do not have an underlying motion of their own).  
Then begins the next(Fifth) stage of creation called as Tiryak Sarga, Brahma creates 6 different types of Vegetation including trees/herbs/creepers etc. followed by 12 different varieties of Birds and 28 different broad classifications of Animals.
The sixth Phase started with the creation of Demigods and similar advanced species of life and is therefore known as the Deva Sarga. All the important divine beings were created in this Phase of Brahma's Creation.
First came the 4 Eternal sanaatan Kumars. The divine significance of these lovable kids where that they remain the same in look and appearance throughout their lifetime hence their age is same as the age of Brahma himself!  

4 Eternal sanaatan Kumars
But all of them did not follow Brahma command of beginning procreation; instead they chose to follow the path of Spirituality and meditation.
Their confrontation frustrated Brahma so much that out of his anger, from his forehead (the region of the third eye) emerged a blue and dark red child wailing at the top of his voice. This crying baby was called as
Rudra (The Howler)

Rudra born from Brahma's Forehead
However, Rudra also decided to follow the path of Spirituality (Tapas or Penance). This made Brahma more disappointed and frustrated than before, however this time he decided to sort out the issue by love instead of anger. After a lot of cajoling by Brahma, Rudra decided to help by creating 10 more beings with the same look and appearance as him (Who said cloning or Binary Fission is a scientific discovery. Concept of cloning and binary fission has been mentioned thousands of years ago in Vedas and puranas). All these combiningly were called as the 11 Rudras, one of whom is Lord Shiva

Rudra creating ten more rudras
On the request of Brahma, Rudra again appeared as Ardhanarishwar (Half-Female) and created a female principle which was called as Rudrani. (Who said Asexual Reproduction is a scientific discovery. Concept of Asexual Reproduction has been mentioned thousands of years ago in Vedas and puranas)  
Each of these 11 Rudras followed the above process to obtain a consort thus providing Brahma some happiness to see his creations multiply and grow. However since these Rudras were created by brahma out of anger, all these rudras were fierce and destructive.
Rudras destruction
Seeing that the actions of Rudra was not what he really want the world to populate with, Brahma decided to create 10 Manas Putras  (human sages) by just visualizing them in his mind
The First Rishis - Brahma's Manasputras
These Mind-born ten sons of Brahma were - Atri, Angiras, Atharva, Bhrigu, Daksh, Marichi, Pulah, Pulatsya, Vasishtha and the youngest one Narad.

However Brahma was frustrated once again since all these sons born with positive influence, decided to follow the footsteps of the Kumars and refused to help brahma in the process of procreation.
Brahma again filled up with Negative energy which resulted in the creation of Asuras (Rakshas/Demons). When Brahma created this Tamsik(Negative) Dark aspect of his being, it resulted in the creation of Night time.

Asuras or Demons
  Seeing his destructive creation, Lord Brahma decided to calm down and then after a while, focused his positive energy again to take a Satvik(Positive) form and created the Deities (Devas These deities (demi-gods) decided to help lord Brahma and became the care-takers of different aspects of the Material Creation (Sky, earth, moon, sun etc).Since sun demi-god was also created in this process, this Bright aspect of Brahma's led to the creation of Day-time.  

Devas or Demigods  
Point to note here is that Asuras(Demons) came into existence before Devas(Dieties) and hence, many puranic stories often shows the demons fighting with deities to capture heaven with the motive of becoming the most powerful being of this universe after defeating all the deities. However, demons were defeated every time under the guidance of lord Vishnu/Brahma and this Demons defeat is somewhat similar to the defeat of the Greek Titans who were out casted of Heaven by their younger brothers, the Olympians.
Pitras or Manes were created next by lord Brahma. It is very important to know that the planet of the Pitras has one day and night equal to a fortnight (15 Days) of humans. (This is somewhat similar to Einstein's Theory of Relativity which shall be discussed later)
Pitras or Manes
Brahma then manifested many other divinities such as the Goddesses Saraswati knowledge & music) and Gayatri Education and wealth); the Four Vedas the goddess of deliveries and confinement Prasuti; elements such as Emotions, Music etc.
Prasuti became the consort of the eldest Manas-putra Daksh and from this, the Copulative creation began. Interestingly, the Sanskrit word for parturient labour is also Prasuti, probably signifying her, being the first woman of this universe to give birth to a child by normal delivery.
Thus, Daksha is also called as the Second Prajapati  after Brahma; the parent, Guardian and care-taker of All Creation.

With this, the sixth phase of creation (Deva Sarga) ended and Lord Brahma, who was tired by all this creation process, decided to take a break. He sat in meditation thinking about the direction his work had followed till now, and went on to take a body which was Rajsik (Mode-of-Passion)

Suddenly, from his body, came out a creature who looked similar to him.  This was the First Man and was called as Swayambhu Manu which in English means Born-on-his-Own i.e. one who was born with the Kaya(Body) of his father Brahma (Ka-Brahma, ya-form).  Interestingly, somewhat similar incident is mentioned in Bible verse as well - 'Man was created in the Image of His Maker'
                                                       Swayambhu Manu, the First Man

Now, the rest of the creation process along with its relation to scientific concepts will be discussed in next article.
But before I end my small written poem to summarize and conclude.
From the cosmic lotus bud of supreme lord
Brahma was born, signifiying umblical cord
Lord vishnu is the father of all creation
He is the supreme, no need to mention
Supreme lord resting on Garbhodak Ocean,
Gave brahma the task of universe creation.
First created object without inherent motion
Immovable objects like planets and mountains
In next stage, created types of vegetations
Then created animals of broad classifications
Next came the creation of divine significance
4 eternal kumars born of spiritual brilliance
In anger and frustration, from brahma forhead,
Was born rudra, colour was dark bluish red
After lot of love and cajoling by lord brahma
Rudra manifested 11 forms, one was lord shiva
All rudra decided to give brahma more support
Appeared as half-female to create their consort
Lord brhama then created yen mind born sons
All followed 4 kumars under spiritual influence
Brahma negative energy then created demons
Then Created demi-gods under positive conscience
Then brahma manifested many other divinities
Like goddess saraswati & goddess of deliveries
Tired exhausted, brahma decided to take break
From his body came creature like his own make
Hope this poem gave you knowledge and morals
More we shall discuss in my next articles

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